Lac Lad

by DaddysSickSecret

Copyright© 2017 by DaddysSickSecret

Sex Story: Got milk? One man's journey from boy to cow. Come and join the herd.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma   Consensual   Gay   CrossDressing   Workplace   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   Lactation   Sex Toys   Tit-Fucking   Big Breasts   Body Modification   .

“Jerry, why are we at a tittie bar?” I asked.

Jerry was one of those guys that’s kind of a douche, but basically ok. We’ve been buddies since high school, so I’m mostly used to his bullshit.

Usually, we meet the guys and go get a couple beers at Dan-n-Dave’s over on Water Street, but tonight he said he wanted to take me someplace different. Which was weird since we aren’t that close and neither of us is queer.

“This ain’t just some tittie bar, dude!” He leered. “Trust me. Look, my boss got passes for the upper level, but he can’t use ‘em. So, he gave them to me. So, this a classy place, right? So, I wanted to bring the only guy I know with any class.” Jerry grinned. “But he was busy, so I had to bring you.”

“Oh - ha ha? Ha ha? I see what you did there. Funny guy.”

“Relax, dude. Trust me.”

The line moved slowly, giving us plenty of time to look at the pictures of wings and cheese fries - which I really doubted was the reason anyone was here.

At the desk, a woman with impressively large tits squeezed into a surprisingly small shirt checked our ID. Jerry gave her the passes. She glared at him.

“Where did you get these?”

“My boss.”

“Sure. So who’s your boss?”

“Look, I work for Levit & Stone. My boss got them as a gift from the VP of Sales over at BGR. Who he got ‘em from, I don’t know.”

“Uh-huh. Stay put.” She got up from the desk. Her tits were nicely counterbalanced by her ass.

When she returned, it was with a woman in a cowhide bikini top and a belly revealing mini skirt. Her tits were so tiny, I thought they were inverted except that her nipples were clearly visible through the thin fabric.

“Thank you gentlemen for waiting,” she had one of those throaty I-scream-when-I-come voices. “My name is Bessie. Please follow me.” She handed us black plastic cards and went in a door beside the one everyone else was using.

We got in an elevator. There were only two buttons. I tried to remember how tall the building was, but honestly, I hadn’t look up.

“Have you gentlemen been with us before?”

“No.” I chuckled.

“I see.” She smiled warmly. “I do hope you enjoy your visit. We are affiliated with the bar downstairs, however, Tops serves a more specific clientele. We do understand that some people like a bit of colorful language, but we ask that in general you be respectful.”

“Of course.” Jerry lied.

“You may order by the sip, by the glass, or by the bottle, and each item is priced by the breed. Mr. Grant is one of our most beloved patrons. It was very generous of him to give you our highest gift card.”

“Did he?” Jerry glanced at me and grinned.

Bessie went on. “As you may have guessed, I am still in training, therefore there is no charge for my services. If you would like a sample. We have another minute or two before we arrive.”

She untied her top and exposed the biggest nipples I have ever seen on anything, anywhere ever. They were like those novelty pencil erasers.

And they were wet.

“Please.” She moaned. “I need someone to suck them.”

Jerry hesitated about a second, and then dove on her. She gasped and then moaned like she actually meant it about needing it.

Her eyes were fluttering as she looked at me.

I was torn between the presence of Jerry, the weirdness of sucking a nipple I just met, and the boner that popped when her top dropped. Then I just did it.

It was hard. And sort of creamy. And she moaned like she was going to come any second. Her fingers rubbed through my hair.

“ ... yes ... yes ... oh ... bit it ... bit my nips ... ah! Oh! Yes!”

She shook, and I heard the door open. I pulled away from her, hoping no one saw us.

There was a host stand, like at most restaurants, but the man and the woman standing there either didn’t see Jerry sucking Bessie’s tit, or they didn’t care. They were both wearing the same cowhide bikini top and matching miniskirt.

“Guys.” I prodded Jerry.

He pulled away from her with a wet pop. Her nipple was coated with spit. Her belly button was coated with jizz. Classy guy, Jerry is.

Bessie smiled like she’d had a good one. “Thank you for your service. I’ll be here at the front desk if you need any assistance. Elsie, do we have a table ready for these gentlemen?”

Elsie looked more like who you expect at a tittie bar, with jugs the size of, well, jugs.

“Hey, your name tag says ‘training’ too.” Jerry stared at Elsie’s jugs. “Can we suck you for free, too?”

“Oh, I’m sorry sir. Training services are allowed in the elevator only. When you are finished for the evening, I would be happy to escort you to the main door and you may train me then.”

“Oh hell yeah!”

“Excellent.” She smiled like he didn’t say something sleazy. “As you noticed, breed is noted on our name tags. We do ask that you not bite or pull excessively unless requested. And if an item is unavailable, please forgive us. If you put your card in this slot, your current balance will display here.”

I put the black card in the slot. The display read ‘$.$$’.

“Oh. My.” Elsie’s smile grew brighter. “Well. So when you would like an item, they will swipe their tag,” she had one on her wrist, “and the proper rate will show on the display.” TRNG appeared. “If you approve, tap the display.”

Jerry tapped it. A counter started. She dropped her top.

“They’re all yours, honey. When you’ve had enough, tap the display again.”


She twisted her nipples. “Please bite or pull excessively.”

“Oh shit!” Jerry latched on like he’d never seen a tit before.

I looked around. There were a couple men and a lot of women walking around in miniskirts and bikini tops. Black, white, Asian; the staff was pretty mixed. Some of them were actually serving food or drinks.

Most, however, were having their tits sucked by horny older guys.

“Good evening.” A warm voice surprised me as I was watching a woman let the customer put his hand under her skirt while he sucked. “May I get you anything?”

Daisy, Mature, the name tag read. I admit I stared for a minute because the tag didn’t connect to the face. Mature? Not really, more early twenties, maybe. That, and ‘Daisy’ was a dude.

A dude with tits. He was a pretty guy, one of the ones that probably gets accused of being gay all the time. And his chest was hairless, which helped keep my lunch down. But those weren’t just big pecs. Those were tits.

“Uh, yeah. Can I get a beer?”

“Of course. Preference?” He pointed to the menu.

I picked something, and he headed off, and I felt really uncomfortable.

I’m not a big tit guy. More precisely, I’m not a fan of really big tits. Elsie, who was still entertaining Jerry, was a total turn off for me. But Daisy was perfect. A bit more than a handful. A true mouthful.

But that whole dick thing.

Something chimed and Elsie groaned. “Sir, I am so sorry, but I’m being requested at the front desk.” She pulled away from Jerry and I could see spit dripping from both of her swollen tits before she re-tied her top. She tapped the display. “This records the item name and breed so that if you enjoyed something, you may try something similar. Thank you.” She hurried off.

“Oh shit! This place is awesome!” Jerry was giddy.

Daisy appeared with my beer. His top had obvious giant wet spots over a pair of nipples that seemed to be hard enough to tear a hole.

“Sorry for the delay. I had to fill two glasses. Good evening, sir. May I get you something?”

“Oh, yeah, uh same as he got. Hey, let me ask you something.” Jerry leaned in. “You guys. What’s the deal? You just the waiters, or do you get a lot of chicks in this place or what?”

“Ah.” Daisy smiled. The whole staff seemed to smile a lot. “We have a few female guests. Most patrons have their favorites, but some guests sample from a variety.”

“You ever get a shot with the girls?”

“Well, we all assist each other, especially during training. But once we are classified as Premier, we spend all of our time with you all. I’ll go get your drink.”

“Dude!” Jerry hissed across the table. “Did you hear that? I’ll bet he is totally bonin’ one of these babes!”

I didn’t reply - and Jerry didn’t care - because at the table in front of us a woman with tits the size of my truck tires started filling two glasses at the table.

With breast milk.

Tits. Cows. The whole theme suddenly became clear.

“Ho-ly FUCK!”

She replaced her top when she was done, and then let the guy at the table suck her tits through the fabric.

When she turned around, she had the same big dark wet spots that Daisy had.

Annabelle came over and Jerry sucked on her. Then he sucked on Chestnut, Lulu, and Buttercup.

“You don’t seem to be having as much fun as your friend.” Chestnut delivered another beer as Jerry sucked like a baby from Dixie.

Chestnut actually was a good size. Not too round, not too big. Another pair of visible nips. She was tagged as ‘Ripe’. She had wet spots.

“So, uh, the groups...” I started.

“Our breeds? We start at Training. That’s from pre-milk to consistent producer. Premiers have been producing for less than a year. Matures are up to three years, and Ripes have been producing four years or more.” She squeezed her breast and the wet spot grew. “Most Ripes can work a full shift and still leak at the end of the night.” Tit milk bubbled through the fabric.

It must have been the beer. I was either really drunk or really hard up, because that wet spot looked really good.

“Would you like a lick? Not an actual sip, just a little taste.”

I nodded.

She put her fingers inside her top and wiggled them a bit. When she pulled them out, they were wet. She held them up to my mouth.

I licked tentatively. Then like a switch was flipped, I began licking and sucking like crazy. It was rich and creamy but more savory than sweet, but kind of earthy and meaty and I was gasping when she pulled her hand away.

She smiled gently. “More?”

“More.” I grunted.

She swiped her tag, and I latched onto the offered tit.

Her nipple was like a steel pearl dispensing the sweetest honey cream. She put her fingers in my hair.

“Oh baby! You keep that up, you’ll make me spray every where!” She panted. “Here’s a secret about us Ripes, baby. Nipple play gets most of us off.”

She pushed me to the other side. The nipple there was just as hard. She put my fingers on the first one and made me play with it. Milk coated my fingers.

My dick started throbbing.

“Yeah, baby, yeah,” she panted. “Drink my man milk. Yeah, baby, make me come!” I switched back, sucking the first and squeezing the second. “Oh fuck, yes! Yes, don’t stop! Suck it! Suck it! Oh! Goddddddd!”

I could feel her hips thrusting as she either came, or faked it really well. In truth, I only stopped sucking because I thought I was gonna come to, and that seemed just too lame.

“Wow. You’re good.” Chestnut straightened her top over her still dripping nipples, and swiped her tag.

As she stood up, I saw jizz on her stomach. It had come from the dick that was still peeking over the top of her waistband.

“ ... are you a dude?” I asked when words finally came out.

“Of course.” Chestnut replied. “Everyone here is.”

I looked around slowly. There were a couple guys in drag, but most of the staff were clearly women.

“What the fuck?” I heard myself say.

“Ginger,” Chestnut pulled over one of the girls with mega-knockers. “Would you assist me with this gentleman?”

“Of course!” Ginger swiped her tag. Her tits swayed and sagged like water bags. She, too, was tagged ‘Ripe’.

Chestnut put my hands on Ginger’s tits. They were real, not some silicone implant. They began leaking as soon as Chestnut squeezed. The milk was warm on my hands.

“Look down, sir.”

I looked. Ginger had a bulge as fat as her tits. Chestnut held my hands in place.

“I’m very sorry, sir, that you didn’t know Tops was a male lactation fetish club.” Chestnut said as he rubbed the palm of my hands against Ginger’s milky nipples. “Would you like to leave? Or if you prefer, we can show you some of our other services.”

I glanced at Jerry. He was sucking Annabelle’s tits again while jacking off.

“ ... uh...” My dick hurt. Ginger’s dick was hard and sticking out clearly. It dribbled as much as her tits did.

“Sir,” Ginger sighed. He even sounded like a woman. “For a small fee, I can do a milk shower.”

A shower of creamy tit milk. My brain disconnected somewhere.

He told me to pull his nipples hard. They were longer than they first appeared, and pierced in at least two spots. After a few pulls, milk began flowing fairly freely. He squeezed the two bag together, and I got sprayed with tittie juice. A few people at other tables applauded.

“God damn!” Jerry exclaimed. “Hey, can you do that again?”

“Of course, sir.” Ginger swiped his tag on Jerry’s card and had him pull his nipples for a while.

“Still disappointed?” Chestnut asked.

My brain was still disconnected. My dick was so hard, I thought I might cry.

“Your friend likes the extra large portions, but you prefer something more manageable, don’t you?”

I think I nodded. I was still trying to process how hard being sprayed by milk from a guy’s tits was making me.

Chestnut brought another apple-sized Mature over. “This is Dusty.”

“Good evening, sir.” Dusty said as he swiped his tag. Dusty’s areolas were big enough to show under the edge of his bikini top. He untied the top and pushed a fat nipple into my mouth. “Ooow, you are good!” Dusty cooed. He stroked my chest with his palms. “I bet you got juicy tits, too.”

His milky tit in my mouth and his hand rubbing my nipples through my shirt set me off. I don’t know why. My chest has never been sensitive before.

When he touched my chest, my dick burst like a water pipe at rush hour.

Dusty pulled back and squirted milk in my face. He swiped his tag. “Thank you, sir.”

As he left, Daisy appeared again and swiped his tag. He put a fresh beer on the table, dipped his tit in it, and sat on my lap. “Your drink, sir?”

I groaned. Beer and tit milk. It tasted terrible together, but I was too far gone. And Daisy was rubbing his dick against mine, which felt surprisingly good. When he began actively twisting and teasing my nipples under my shirt, I began biting and teething his. Milk from the nipple I wasn’t sucking coated my cheek.

I got the same treatment from Buttercup, Clover, and Rosie. I came a lot.

Finally, Elsie came back to our table. “Did you enjoy your evening, gentlemen?”

“Oh, fuck!” Jerry gasped. Neither of us could move.

“I’m glad to hear that,” Elsie laughed. “I am sorry to inform you, however, that we are closing for the day. Your cards are good for four more visits, if you would like to join us again.”

My nipples were tingling.

It had been a week since Jerry and I went Tops, and my nipples wouldn’t let me forget it. I had already discovered how much lactation porn was on the web. It got me off, but it didn’t stop the tingling. I finally understood why chicks bitch about cold air.

Finally, I resorted to putting bandages over them.

I found myself staring at tits - chicks and dudes. Especially pregnant chicks. A woman breast feeding while I ate lunch made me nut so hard I had to go bang one out in the office bathroom.

By Friday, even wiping my chest while taking a shower was driving me nuts.

I met Jerry at Dan-n-Dave’s and found him shooting pool with our usual crowd.

“Dude! Here, take my shot. I need a sec.” He pulled me to what passed for a quiet corner. “Dude! You will not believe this shit! That club last week? Those were dudes, dude!”

“Oh,” I tried to look shocked. “Were they?”

“Is that fucked up or what? Right? Look, we both got off pretty hard, right, but I don’t want anyone thinking I’m queer. Feel me? As far as I’m concerned, we went to the tittie bar, got drunk, and went home, right?”

“Right,” I agreed. Then I remembered. “You still have that card?”

“Oh, shit! I forgot about that!”

“Give it. We have a shredder that eats plastic cards.”

He pulled out his wallet and handed it over. I put it in mine.

I stayed long enough for one beer, then left.

I went to Tops.

The woman at the door called Bessie as soon as she saw me.

I trained Bessie as soon as the elevator doors closed.

I didn’t bother ordering drinks, I drank tit milk from the whole ‘Herd’. I drank it from all tits, large or small, any breed.

The tingling became burning.

Daisy was the first one to touch my chest and found the bandages. “You didn’t mention you like toys, sir.” He cooed while I sucked. “You should come to our Wednesday night toy party.”

I drank so much milk, I almost threw up and my stomach felt bloated when I left. My nipples were throbbing even under the bandages.

I came back Saturday and did it again.

I came back Sunday.

Monday, people at the office asked if I was sick. I was a zombie. I finally left early and slept until lunchtime Tuesday. I dreamed I was spraying tit milk all over my office.

When I woke up, I was in a pool of sweat and cum. I touched my nipples and came again.

I spent the rest of the day downloading male lactation porn. I didn’t know that was a thing until I put the search terms in.

I probably should have done laundry. I definitely should have eaten a solid meal. When I realized I was about to delete family photos to have more space for porn, I admitted to myself that I was obsessed.

I deleted the pics and kept downloading.

I did go to work Wednesday and acted as normal as possible. The whole day, I was just waiting to clock out. But at 5 o’clock, I realized that I had four hours to kill before the party started.

Since I missed a day, I figured what the hell, and stayed late. By 7pm, it was just me and the cleaning staff. By 8pm, it was just me.

“Only perverts look at porn at the office.” I said out loud to no one. No one responded. I took a quick walk down to the kitchen, got a late cup of coffee, and made sure all the lights were off. No one complained.

I went back to my desk. The search terms were blocked, so I couldn’t even open a porn site if I tried. “Thanks, safe search.”

Not that I really needed to look at anything. I could close my eyes and see Daisy coming. I could feel Ginger showering me. I could hear Dusty cooing while I came all over his milky tits. I could imagine any one of them spraying creamy goodness all over my desk. I had to get paper towels to clean up the mess I made.

At 9pm, I left the office for the club. I didn’t want to be one of the pervs waiting for them to unlock the door.

Bertie escorted me up. His nipples were in a pair of tubes that looked like they were using suction to pull the milk out of him. Like a portable milking machine.

“An hour or so of this and I’ll come so hard, I can’t stand up.” He confessed. “But they’re great while training.”

Bessie and Elsie were wearing the same things. Most of the others wore clamps, rings or harnesses that squeezed the tits and exaggerated the nipples. Ginger had two nipple piercings in both tits.

Daisy came to the table with an assortment of vibrators. I used one with a curved tip on his nipples and he nearly came on contact.

Then Daisy used the same vib on me. I came, hard, but that wasn’t the shock. The shock was that the vib made my nipples stop tingling.

It started again after my first couple drinks from Buttercup and Clover.

Dusty appeared while I was sucking Rosie. “I have a surprise for you, sir. Hold him still, Ro.”

He unbuttoned my shirt and removed the bandage from one side. I felt something cold and hard being taped down. He did the other side.


I’d seen some of the guys wearing them and making a milky mess. When the vibrations started, I was not ready for the pure blind bliss that shot directly from my nipples to my dick. I jizzed my shorts.

I kept the bullets on all night.

The toy party wasn’t like a normal night. The Herd was mostly topless, and some were basically bottomless. Nipple toys were most of what they used, but there was other stuff too. Dildos. Sleeves. Cock rings. The guests used the toys on the Herd, but the Herd used them on the guests as well. I saw several other guests being fucked with vibrators while they sucked down galleons of tit milk.

Finally, I saw Chestnut. He wore a chain connecting his nipples. It stretched down into his skirt, where the outline of his cock and balls was stronger than usual. His nips were leaking and the chain dripped with milk.

“Good evening, sir,” he said, swiping his tag. “How are you enjoying yourself?”

“I ... uh...” I glanced at the table across from me where Ginger was showering a man as she shoved a thick rod in his ass.

“You’d like to try something new?” Chestnut guessed. “There is an extra fee for that service.”

“ ... uh ... o-ok ... uh...”

He tapped the display and swiped his tag again. “I’ll need to get something. You can approve the charge while I’m gone.”

That cleared my head a bit. The gift cards were prepaid and so far as I could tell, unlimited. The prices flash, but I never read them. I took a minute to scroll through the account history.

Chestnut, virgin fuck, 1500. Buttercup, feeding w/toy, 700 Dusty, feeding w/toy, 700 Ginger, feeding w/toy, 900 Clover, feeding w/toy, 700 Annabelle, feeding, 800 Bessie, feeding, 200 Daisy, feeding, 800

The list went on. The night wasn’t halfway over, and I was already past 10,000. There was no way I could afford this once the cards expired.


Four more visits. My gift card was finished, but Jerry’s was at home. From now on, this place is my birthday only. Christmas, if I can’t wait. I may be obsessed, but I’m not addicted.

I approved the charge.

Chestnut returned with a cowhide box. He pat the table top. “Up here, sir.”

I glanced around. No one was watching me. I stood up, and Chestnut helped me take off my pants and shorts before I sat on the milk covered table.

“Would you like a drink to settle your nerves?”

I latched on to the offered tit. It tasted like heaven. The bullets were still making my nipples feel like heaven.

Chestnut’s hand stroked my cock and balls briefly. Then, his fingers pushed into my ass. They were slick.

It didn’t hurt. Not when he added another finger, not when he started twisting them, and not when he started pumping them in and out.

It felt like heaven.

He added another finger, and that was a bit uncomfortable at first. I tried to lift my hips more. Get him in deeper.

Chestnut took the tit from me. “You seem like you’re ready for more,” he snickered, jerking my cock. “Look at all this baby butter!”

I looked. Pre-cum was drooling all over my stomach and thighs.

“Your boy pussy opened so quick, I bet you’ll like something nasty. Little tits, big dicks. Something like this.”

What he held up wasn’t that long, but it was thick. And oddly bumpy. I was feeling really good, but that didn’t look like it could fit any hole on my body.

“Look at your poor nipples,” he cooed. He squeezed them and I gasped at the unexpected pain. The constant vibration against them had made me almost numb, but the pressure from his fingers sent sparks shooting across my chest.

He turned the bullets off and gently sucked my nipple. I found myself writhing and gasping and moaning and probably coming at the same time. I wasn’t sure what I was feeling, except that I didn’t want it to stop.

But it did stop. Chestnut pushed that big wide thing into my ass, and I hollered like a fucking banshee.

He chuckled and squirted milk on my face. Habitually, I opened my mouth and he laughed openly as he fed me the tit.

Sucking his sweet milk, I could feel him push that fat dildo further. I sucked harder and he pushed more, turning it so I could feel the bumps rubbing inside me. It felt better the deeper in it went. He didn’t pump it like he had done his fingers. Just push, turn, push, turn, push, turn.

My hips were shaking. I could feel that stick in my stomach. My dick was throbbing. My tits were throbbing. If there wasn’t a tit full of milk in my mouth, I would have been crying.

“Ready?” Chestnut cooed.

I must have whimpered something. Gently, he cradled my head against the tit I was already glued to.

The dildo began vibrating. The bullets started again.

I would have screamed, but Chestnut had me in an iron grip. I came. I came fucking hard. I would have choked if it had been Ginger. My tits were on fire. My ass couldn’t stay still. I honestly could not tell if I was coming, or dying, or going insane, or all three at once.

When Chestnut finally turned everything off, he helped me off the table and helped me dress again. He put everything including the bullets into the cowhide box. “A souvenir.” He smiled. “Thank you for your service.” He smeared a finger of jizz across my lips. His.

Sitting hurt, but I was too tired to move.

“Do you need assistance getting home tonight, sir?” Elsie asked. “We have a car service.”

Elsie let me stay there until the car arrived. Then me and another guy who was having trouble standing sucked her tits down to the main door.

As she got me in the car, Elsie paused, “Sir? I’m very sorry, but I must ask you to surrender your guest pass. It expires with this visit.”

I had forgotten. I handed over my card, and reminded myself that Jerry’s was safe at home.

Four more visits, I thought.

Thursday, I called in saying I had a relapse of whatever I had Tuesday. My whole body ached, but my asshole and my tits made me toss back a handful of aspirin. I slept until 5, ordered a pizza, and then slept until my alarm went off Friday morning.

My ass still bugged me, but it was more like that stretched out feeling of a really big dump.

My tits tingled when my shirt slid over them. They were tender to even slight shifts.

“You are still in really bad shape, aren’t you?” Rachel asked as she dropped some files on my desk.

Rachel likes me because I never stare at her oversized tits. Bigger than Elsie, smaller than Annabelle. Dolly freakin’ Parton is smaller than Annabelle. My mouth was watering. I wondered if she had milk.

“Hello?” Rachel gave me a light shake.

“Sorry!” I tried to laugh. “I either need better drugs or more sleep.”

“Or both!” She laughed, too.

I was better by the afternoon. I even went to Dan-n-Dave’s with the guys. Jerry didn’t say anything about Tops or me acting strangely. And over the weekend, I did laundry, and bought some groceries, and acted like a damn adult instead of a horny teen.

Mostly. I had plenty of porn, and I whacked off often. My tits stopped throbbing, but I discovered I got off faster when I pulled them along with my dick.

I made it until Wednesday night.

I am not wasting a free pass, I vowed. I scrolled through my downloads. I searched for more milk porn. Pregnant women reminded me of Annabelle, so I downloaded some of them. A lot of them. Most of the ones I found.

Then, I remembered the cowhide box.

I’d put it in my closet, behind the spare blankets I’d never used. I figured out of sight, out of mind.

Opening it made my heart pound. My dick and tits both nut up. My ass clenched, but it was excitement, not dread.

Inside was a tube of lube, a dildo, two vibrators, the bullets, a bag of small colorful rubber rings, a pair of screw-back clamps, and a roll of medical tape.

Chestnut used the fattest vib on me, but the dildo was longer and shaped like a normal dick. The second vibe had a ring to go around my shaft. I had seen guys wearing the rings and the clamps, and my nipples itched to know how they felt.

I picked a pair of the rings first.

My nipples were kind of small, flat and embarrassingly dark. I squeezed and pulled one until it puffed out a bit. Then I pushed the ring on it. It was a fight to keep it in place, but by the time I was done, it was throbbing, and I was panting, and my dick was hard while I went through the process on the other side.

When I touched the constricted tips the tingling flooded my nerves. I looked at the box.

I pulled out the bullets and the medical tape.

I felt like a total perv as I carefully placed the devices on my tits and taped them in place. Then I pulled out the remote control. On.

The pleasure was instant and intense. I grabbed my dick and rubbed out two in a row. Then I turned off the bullets and lay panting on my bed. I turned on the porn again. I turned on the bullets. I wacked off another load.

I repeated the cycle until I fell asleep.

The rings slipped off overnight, but my tits ached all day anyway. I rubbed them any time nobody was looking. I wondered if I had any milk.

I’d seen flat, titless guys like me online with man milk. A few drops. Some of them were actually hairy, and had big nips and could squirt milk. A lot of them claimed they stretched out their nipples, and trained their tits to milk. I wondered if I could do it. I’d never make Ripe, but Training started at pre-production. I could be Training.

When I got home, I started researching male lactation and nipple stretching. Then, I did some shopping and found some pumps and suction cups. I bought a few pairs.

Then, I taped on the bullets and jacked off until bedtime.

With the exception of Friday nights at Dan-n-Dave’s, my tits became my only hobby. Suction. Weights. Multiple rings. Tubes. Clamps. Nightly, I tried everything.

After a couple months, I noticed that the rings didn’t fall off overnight. I tried wearing them to work, taped in place, so I didn’t lose one if it slipped. I was actually giddy at the idea of how my tits would feel when I took them off. I peeked at them in the train station bathroom before I jacked off on my way to the office. I looked at them again and jacked off after lunch. And again as soon as I got home.

When I took the rings off, the sudden rush of blood made me curse. It was like the feel of my foot falling asleep all squeezed into one tiny spot. But even though it hurt, the tingling and throbbing felt kind of good, too. Touching them made me gasp, but it got me super hard at the same time.

Online, I found a pair of cups that were safe to wear for hours at a time and guaranteed to permanently stretch nipples a quarter inch.

Another quarter inch would make mine visible through my shirts.

I paid for overnight shipping. When they arrived, I put them immediately. My nips swelled to fill the cups. I came from my tits alone.

I slept in them, showered, and dressed. My tits looked amazing under my shirt, but it wasn’t too obvious under my jacket.

I wore them for a week straight.

When I finally took them off, my nips were staggeringly sensitive and very swollen. The swelling went down some, but a week later, they were still crazy sensitive, and both longer and fatter. Coming with tits only was easy, and all my rings and clips were becoming super tight as my tits and nips slowly expanded. I could still get most of them on, but they cut off circulation after only a short while.

Six months after I started my personal training, I was using my tit pumps - which made my whole tit swell - and I found a little bit of moisture in the nipple cups when I removed them.

I decided to celebrate over the weekend.

Friday, when I got home from the bar, I pulled my nips to their full almost one third inch, put on the tightest rings, and the cups. They swelled painfully, but it was the kind of pain that made my dick drip these days. Over all that, I put the tit pumps and tighten them as far as possible. The tighter the pump, the more stretch.

Then, for the first time, I pulled out the lube and the dildo.

I greased up everything. I actually came while I was prepping myself.

When I thought I was ready, I pushed the dick-shaped toy into my ass. It did distract me from my throbbing tortured tits. It hurt, but again it was a good kind of hurt. I couldn’t remember when I decided that was a thing, but I didn’t think about it and pushed the silicone dick in another inch.

When Chestnut did this to me, I thought, I never wanted it to stop. I wanted to suck that tit, drink that milk, and let him fuck me forever.

But that wasn’t reality. This. This was reality. I could make my own milk. I could fuck myself. And it all did feel good.

But I missed Chestnut. And Dusty. I wondered if Elsie and Bessie had been promoted yet.

But I cannot afford to hang out there.

Monday morning, before my shower, I took off the cups. There were a few drops of milk in them.

“YES!” I was almost late trying to get them to leak. I put the cups back on as soon as I finish showering and made myself a promise.

If I could get them to lactate consistently, I’d use one night on the pass.

I looked at my chest in the mirror and grinned.

It had taken a year, a bit more really. I skipped using the pass on my birthday because I wanted to earn my night.

Through a combination of suction and weights, I managed to pull my tits out to a loose A-cup - one inch out from ribcage. They weren’t big, but they were clearly man-tits.

My nipples were big. They’d gotten darker, too. Daily stretching while I slept, and an all-weekend-every-weekend combination of more weights, rings and some incredible pulling stretched them beautifully. Unaroused, they were sensitive bumps on my fun bags. But when I played with them, they puffed out to most of an inch wide, and stretched to almost an inch long.

And so sensitive that I had to wear the cups daily or nut up constantly. It was embarrassing and exhilarating at the office when my boss pulled me aside and told me that he could appreciate that wearing a bra was uncomfortable, but I would have wear one again at the office. He thought my nipples had always been this big and dark, and I’d been hiding it.

I told him I understood, then I went to the bathroom and pulled my nips until I jizzed twice.

But today. Today was the glory day. Today was the tenth day in a row that there was milk in the nipple cups. And when I took the cups off, both tits dribble milk when I squeezed.

Friday, I went to Dan-n-Dave’s. I had one beer and then claimed I had early plans for Saturday.

There was a new surly girl at the common desk. She called new guy Tulip down. I trained Tulip up to the desk where new guys Mint and Peaches greeted me. Peaches took me to a table. As soon as he left, I took the cups off and pocketed them.

Dixie was the first to come over. He didn’t recognize me, but I wasn’t worried. I sucked him down. Then Lulu.

Ginger was the third drink I had. “Oh my God, I would know those lips anywhere! Where have you been?”

“Training.” I grinned. I pressed my shirt down. There were wet spots.

He cooed appreciatively. “May I sample?”

I opened my shirt slowly with trembling fingers. It hadn’t occurred to me that they might want to taste me.

Ginger’s eyes lit up. “My! What beautiful nipples you have!” He leaned forward and sucked the left tit.

I came. No one had ever sucked them and suction from the pumps was not the same thing. Ginger took one pull from the left, and one from the right, and I jizzed my pants.

“Tasty.” Ginger purred, swiping his tag. “I’ll have to tell everyone you’re here.”

I can suck them, they can suck me. The idea was nutting up my dick and nips.

“I knew he was one of us!” Dusty actually hugged me, rubbing his chest against mine, and coating us both with milk. “How did you get them so long?!”

“Move aside,” Daisy demanded, “or serve the guest.”

“Jealous?” Dusty teased.

Daisy rolled his eyes. “Call me when you’re ready, sir. I have a special service for you.” He blew me a kiss and left.

Dusty fed me his tits while he twisted and squeezed mine. He sucked them, too, before he left. So did Bessie, Elsie and Bertie, who had all been promoted to Premier.

Daisy sat my lap, rubbing our dicks together. He showered me, from both tits.

Annabelle made the Trainees come serve me. Then she served me, and sampled me. The whole Herd did, except Chestnut. I didn’t see him all night

Apart from that, my night was more than I could have hoped for. Although my milk ran out early, everyone was impressed with my tits. My nipples were longer than everybody’s. By closing time, I was soaked with milk showers and jizz.

Tulip came to my table. “Do you need assistance, sir?”

“It’s ok, Tulip,” a familiar voice said. “He’s my guest for the evening.”


“I wasn’t expecting to see you again.” He said as he approached me. “You’ve been training.”

His fingertips circled my nips and I shivered. He stroked them, teasing and playing. I leaned back, panting and groaning. I could not possibly come again, but he was making me want to.

He slowly stopped. “Come.” He tugged my nips firmly, convincing me to get up. He lead me by the tits to an elevator in the back of the club.

We went down, but not far. The doors opened in what looked like a dorm common room. We passed a small kitchen, a gym, and a common bathroom.

Ginger came out, wrapped in a towel and yawning. “Goodnight, Chestnut. Goodnight, sir.” He chuckled.

The room at the end was Chestnut’s. I didn’t get a chance to look at it because he pushed me on the bed and dropped on top of me.

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