Plight of an Illegal Teen

by DBwriter51

Copyright© 2017 by DBwriter51

Sex Story: A teenage Mexican girl's mother pays to have her daughter smuggled to America only to have her taken advantage of by an immigration officer. An American wife and daughter are kidnapped in Mexico by a drug lord. The young teenage girl is forced to spend her nights in the drug lord's bed while her mother is sent to work in a house of ill repute.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Blackmail   Coercion   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   NonConsensual   Rape   Reluctant   Rough   Sadistic   White Male   White Female   Hispanic Male   Hispanic Female   First   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   Needles   Caution   Prostitution   Violent   .

John Beckman had been an ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) officer for twenty years. He had been married but, like so many other officers, the job cost him his marriage and he’d found himself divorced. John had been a straight arrow his whole career. He’d never taken a bribe or accepted sex from the women and girls he’d deported over the years.

This particular day John had gotten a tip on a couple of illegals living in a small two-bedroom apartment on the slum side of town. When Beckman knocked on the door, a gorgeous young Mexican girl opened the door. She looked to be nineteen or twenty years old and had beautiful thick, wavy black hair that hung just past her waist. The girl had dark brown eyes and cute dimples when she smiled.

She had come barefooted to the door and was wearing a simple little long sleeve dress. She had a very nice figure with ample breasts and pretty legs to go along with her nice rounded ass. Beckman found out later she’d just turned eighteen and her name was Maria Sánchez. She lived with her older brother, Louis. Her mother had spent her life savings to have Maria and Louis smuggled to America. They had only been in America for six months.

Louis had a job at a factory while Maria stayed home and fixed their meals. It’d been another illegal that had turned them in. He’d wanted Louis’s job at the factory. Maria and Louis came from a small, poor town deep in Mexico. Their mother, once upon a time, had been a schoolteacher and her dream was to one-day see her children go to America, so they could have an opportunity she never had. She forced them to learn English from the age of six and made them speak it at home when no one else was around.

“Can I help you?” the beautiful Mexican girl asked, in perfect English.

Beckman held up his ICE badge and credentials. Big tears immediately formed in Maria’s eyes.

“Am I under arrest?” the Mexican girl asked.

“Yes. You are under arrest for Immigration violations,” Beckman told the young beauty, and went through the ‘Miranda’ bit and told her to turn around and put her hands behind her back.

As she was softly crying, she did as she was told. Beckman snapped a set of handcuffs on her small wrists. He then took her by the arm, guided her over to the old worn sofa, sat her down, and stepped back. Beckman took a good look at the young Mexican girl. She was younger than he’d originally thought as she was sitting there softly crying.

With her hands cuffed behind her back it made her firm breasts stick out even more. Beckman could plainly see the outline of her nipples pushing against her bra and dress. When he’d sat her down, the hem of her dress had risen high on her beautifully tanned thighs; and with her hands cuffed, it prevented her from pushing it down.

“Where is your husband?” Beckman asked the young girl.

“I’m not married,” she whimpered.

“Where’s the boy you’re shacking up with then?” Beckman asked her.

“It’s not like that. He’s my brother,” Maria said, crying.

“Then where is your brother?” Beckman asked.

“He’s at work, he had to pull a double shift today and won’t be home until after 10:30 tonight,” Maria said, afraid of being alone without her brother.

“How come you speak such good English?” Beckman asked the young Mexican girl.

“My mother taught me and my brother from the age of six. She wanted us to be prepared for when we came to America,” the young girl answered.

“How old are you?” Beckman asked.

“Eighteen,” she replied.

“What will you be willing to do if I don’t deport you and your brother?” Beckman asked the beautiful young Mexican girl, but couldn’t believe he’d actually asked the question.

This young beauty was so sweet and innocent, not at all like the illegals he was used to dealing with. Something about this young Mexican girl, besides her gorgeous looks and extremely sexy body, immensely turned him on. He knew other officers had taken liberties with their arrestees, but he never had. However, he had to have this black-haired beauty.

“I don’t understand,” Maria said, as she continued to cry and was getting more frightened.

“I think you do,” Beckman said, as he ran his fingers through Maria’s long, soft black hair, and then grabbed her by the arm and pulled her to her feet.

“Let’s go see what your room looks like,” Beckman said, as he forced her down the small hallway.

He looked in the first room. It definitely belonged to her brother. The next room was Maria’s, it was neat and clean. She had a double bed with an old-timey iron-railing headboard. There was a pretty homemade quilt on the bed.

“Please! You can’t do this. You’re an officer of the law,” Maria sobbed.

“That’s right and you’re an Illegal that nobody is going to believe. Everyone is used to you people saying anything to try to keep from being deported,” Beckman told her.

He unlocked the handcuffs on one of her wrists, and then shoved the dark haired beauty on the bed. She was sobbing as he pulled her arms above her head, put the handcuff around one of the iron rails, and then snapped it back around Maria’s wrist. She was now lying on her back. During the struggle of being handcuffed to the headboard, her dress had risen enough that part of her white panties were showing. Beckman could see the dark shadow of the black hair on her pussy. Some of the hairs were sticking out of the edge of her panties.

“Please! Don’t do this. I’ve never been with a man,” Maria sobbingly begged.

“Look at the bright side. You might have an American baby,” Beckman told the young beauty.

“O god! No!” she sobbed harder.

Beckman pushed the teen’s dress up further, completely exposing Maria’s panties. He then grabbed the waistband and pulled them down, exposing the thick black hair all around her pussy.

“No! Stop!” Maria sobbed, as Beckman slid her panties down her legs and off.

The beautiful Mexican girl pulled at the handcuffs as Beckman kicked off his shoes and dropped his pants and shorts. He stepped out of them and climbed on the bed with the young beauty. She begged him not to defile her as he forced her legs apart and crawled between them. Beckman was already rock hard with anticipation of taking this young Mexican girl’s virtue.

Maria’s last hope of saving her virginity went away as she felt Beckman hard cock at the entrance to her womanhood. He gave a tremendous shove with his hips, sending his cock tearing through her maidenhead. She was extremely tight, but the blood from her torn hymen was lubrication enough that Beckman’s cock slid in-and-out of her without too much resistance.

The dark-haired beauty laid there being violated by a man old enough to be her father. Beckman fucked her with long hard strokes. He knew he should pull out of the young girl before he ejaculated in her pussy. He knew that she was unprotected because she’d been a virgin and could get pregnant, but her pussy felt so good. He just couldn’t make himself pullout before he’d emptied his entire baby making sperm into the beautiful Mexican girl.

Maria laid there crying as Beckman withdrew his deflating cock out of her and laid beside her. He laid there looking at her, amazed at the sheer beauty of this Mexican girl as he ran his fingers through her beautiful long black hair. It was so soft lying there in long waves. She had quit sobbing and was just whimpering now.

“Are you going to deport me and my brother?” Maria whimpered.

“I haven’t decided yet. A lot depends on you,” Beckman answered.

The young beauty was afraid she knew what the ICE officer meant by that. He might not deport them if she would continue to have sex with him. Maria laid there softly crying as Beckman dozed off. It was only a little after two o’clock in the afternoon. He still had another eight or nine hours before her brother would be coming home.

Beckman slept for a couple of hours before he woke up and looked over at the young Mexican girl with her arms stretched high above her head and held there by her handcuffed wrists. Her dress was bunched up around her waist exposing her pussy and beautiful legs. Beckman felt himself get hard again. Maria had stopped crying and was just lying there.

She didn’t struggle as Beckman rolled back on top of her. Knowing it would do no good to try to resist, she spread her legs and let him between them. The way Maria looked at it; she was already ruined and no longer pure from his earlier defilement. No man would want to marry her now, knowing she’d already had another man inside her.

Beckman slid his hard cock back into her tight pussy. Maria let out a groan as she felt his cock shoved into her. She laid there with her legs spread as he humped her for the second time. When Maria felt Beckman release another load of cum into her unprotected pussy, she started crying again, knowing the danger it posed.

As she laid there softly crying, Beckman told the young girl if she didn’t give him any trouble, he’d take the handcuffs off her. He got up, got the little key out of his pants, and unlocked the handcuffs. Maria rubbed her wrists and told Beckman she needed to go to the bathroom. He told her to go ahead, but don’t try anything and to leave the door open.

Maria eased off the bed, stood up, pushed her dress down, and went to the bathroom. The beautiful Mexican girl sat on the toilet and peed. She then squeezed her vaginal muscles, forcing what she could of Beckman’s cum out of her. When she came out of the bathroom, Beckman told the girl he was hungry and wanted to know what she had to eat. She told him that when Louis wasn’t going to be home for dinner, she usually just had a sandwich and chips.

Beckman told her that would be fine and she went in the little kitchen and made them a sandwich. Sitting down at the small table, they ate as Beckman asked her about her family in Mexico. She told him that her father had been a drug lord that had bought her mother when she was fifteen and that her mother had been forced to be his mistress. After her father’s untimely death her mother had found a way to smuggle her and her brother to America.

As Maria was washing off the plates, Beckman walked up behind her, moved her beautiful long black hair out of the way, and then unzipped her dress. She flinched, but stood there as he unhooked her bra. He then slid both hands inside her dress and around her. Slipping his hands underneath her loose bra, he felt her nude breasts in his hands. They were nice and firm, he could feel her nipples were semi-hard and sticking out.

He rolled them between his thumbs and fingers as they hardened even more. An involuntary moan escaped Maria’s lips. Beckman removed his hands from inside her dress, grabbed a handful of her long wavy black hair, and walked her back to the bedroom. Once there, he told the beautiful Mexican girl to take off the dress. She reluctantly slid it off her shoulders and arms. Maria then pushed the dress past her waist and hips, letting it fall around her ankles so she could step out of it.

Standing in front of the ICE officer in only her loose bra, the young girl couldn’t help from starting to cry again. Maria didn’t resist when Beckman reached out and pulled her bra away from her magnificent breasts. The beautiful Mexican teen was completely nude, in front of a man, for the first time. Tears were rolling down her pretty cheeks as she wanted to cover herself, but knew that wasn’t possible.

Beckman took off the rest of his clothes. When he was naked, he shoved Maria on the bed and climbed on top of her for the third time. This time he could feel her nude firm breasts against his bare chest as he slid his cock into her wet pussy. As before, the young Mexican girl laid there and let him use her. She was rewarded with another load of cum deep in her fertile pussy. After Beckman had finished with her, he got up and put on his clothes.

“You were very good today. I’ve decided not to deport you and your brother; and I suggest you keep your mouth shut about this,” Beckman told the beautiful Mexican girl.

“I’ll be stopping by from time to time while your brother is at work to check on you. Do you understand?” Beckman asked Maria.

She nodded her head, “Yes,” as tears rolled down her pretty face.

Maria knew what he meant by stopping to check on her. She’d be forced to have sex with him or he’d deport her and her brother. After Beckman left, Maria took a long hot bath. She washed as much of his cum out of her pussy as she could. Maria was lying in bed when her brother got home. She told him she just wasn’t feeling well, but didn’t say anything about being raped by the ICE officer.

Beckman started stopping by once or twice a week to fuck the beautiful Mexican girl with her absolutely gorgeous mane of long wavy black hair. The second month after Beckman started making weekly visits to Maria’s bed, she’d missed her period and was pregnant with his baby. She didn’t know how she was going to tell her brother that she was going to have an ICE officer’s bastard child.

Maria kept it a secret until her belly started to swell and it became obvious that she was with child. She confessed to her brother that she’d been having sex with an ICE officer to keep them from being deported and it was his baby she was carrying inside her. Maria didn’t tell her brother that Beckman had forcefully raped her the first time before he started blackmailing her. She’d known if her mother could endure what she did to raise her and her brother, and get them to America, she’d get through it somehow.

Maria’s mother, Carmella Sánchez, had lived in a small out of the way village deep in central Mexico. She was a very beautiful young girl with long flowing black hair. Her parents were poor peasants with no formal education. When she was fifteen, she caught the eye of a drug lord. He paid her parents a thousand pesos for her. She was taken to his compound where he raped her the first night. The young beauty was a virgin and extremely tight as he forced his hard cock into her pussy.

He forced Carmella to become his mistress. She was forced to sleep in his bed where he ravaged her almost every night. She had her first child with him at the age of sixteen and a second child a year later. After that, she was allowed to take birth control. Diego had her formally educated and had guards watch over her all the time. Carmella turned out to be a very smart girl. She even got her college degree majoring in English. By then she could speak it fluently. Diego let her teach at the local school, but she was guarded the entire time.

Carmella was the drug lords beautiful sex toy. He liked to flout her in front of his men. Many times, he’d forced her to perform oral sex while they watched. As she got older, and he lost interest in her, it had gotten common for Diego to have Carmella entertain his lieutenants as he watched. She hadn’t been sleeping in Diego’s bed for a while, except when he wanted her. She’d become nothing more than a whore, with a hot mouth and pussy, for them to use when they were horny.

Lorain Puller and her daughter, Lisa, were at the Mexican resort waiting on her husband to meet them there in two days. They’d already been there for three days. Her husband’s plane had been delayed. Lorain was a beautiful thirty-six-year-old. She had thick, long, wavy blonde hair that reached her waist. It was parted in the middle, framing her pretty face, and hung down past her nice set of D-cup breasts. She had a fairly wide, but well-rounded ass. The sexy blonde had a natural gap between her thighs. Lorain’s legs were long and shapely.

Her daughter was a very cute little fifteen-year-old. She had straight blonde hair that hung half way between her shoulders and her ample breasts. Lisa had a sexy little body with a nice little ass. She had pretty blue eyes and a sexy smile. She was so young and innocent she hadn’t noticed a man watching her and her mother. The man was a drug lord and had noticed that the two American beauties were there alone.

The day that he saw them both down by the pool in bikinis, he’d decided he really wanted the young teen and definitely wouldn’t mind having some fun with her mother. With a bribe here and there, he was able to find out their names and room number. It was amazing what a little bribe could accomplish in Mexico, he even had a key to their room.

That evening, when they were out having dinner, Diego and four of his men slipped into their room and waited on them to return. As soon as they came into the room and closed the door, the men grabbed them. One man grabbed the young girl and put a chloroform rag over her mouth and nose until she passed out. The other three of Diego’s men wrestled the struggling blonde woman to one of the beds. One of the men held his hand over Lorain’s mouth so she couldn’t scream.

The other two held her down. She was frantically trying to get loose. The man that had chloroformed Lisa laid her on the other bed and came over to help. He grabbed Lorain’s arm and pulled it out straight as the other two men held her.

Diego tied a rubber tube around her upper arm and then took out a hypodermic needle that he had already prepared for her. Knowing she was about to be drugged, Lorain frantically renewed her struggling, but the four men held her down as Diego found her vain and inserted the needle.

He emptied the syringe, withdrew the needle, and then released the rubber tube around Lorain’s arm. Diego watched her eyes gloss over and her pupils dilate as the drugs went speeding through her body. The beautiful blonde wife had quit struggling and was just lying there looking at Diego, her mind unable to reason and focus.

“Ok guys, you can turn her loose now. She’s not going to be any more trouble,” Diego told his men.

They released their grip on the American wife and she just laid there looking out into space. Diego told two of his men to wait until after midnight, when everything settles down and most people were in their rooms, to take young Lisa out of the hotel. He told them to take her to his compound and lock her in one of the special rooms and that he’d be there in a couple of days. Diego still had some business he had to attend to before returning to his compound.

He told the other two men to take the beautiful blonde wife to the penthouse that she was going to be his entertainment for the night. They helped her up off the bed and to stand up, the drugs had taken away any resistance she might have had. She just stood there as Diego looked over her sexy body.

“You are an absolutely beautiful woman,” Diego said, as he ran his fingers through Lorain’s soft, long blonde hair and then kissed her on the lips.

Under the influence of the drugs, her automatic motor function was to return his kiss.

“She’s going to be one hot number,” Diego said, and told his men to take her.

Lorain didn’t resist when they guided her out the door and down the hall to the elevator. Diego followed behind, watching the natural sway of her hips as she walked. Lorain got on the elevator with the three men and rode it up to the penthouse.

Once it the penthouse, Diego sat down on the sofa. The beautiful blonde wife was standing facing him, her arms at her sides. One of his men was standing on each side of her. Lorain’s brain was mush due to the drugs. If she turned out to be as good as he thought she’d be, he was tempted to take her to his compound and reunite her with her daughter.

“Strip her,” Diego told his men.

One man unbuttoned her blouse. When undone, the other man, now standing behind her, pulled it off her shoulders and slid it down her arms and off, letting it fall to the floor. He then reached up and unhooked her bra. Lorain just stood there as the first man pulled the bra away from her magnificent breasts.

“What a set of jugs this American bitch has,” Diego said.

Her D-cup breasts were nice and firm. Not a hint of sagging, she may have been in her thirties, but she had the body of a twenty-year-old. The men then unfastened her skirt and let it fall around her ankles.

“Let’s see what she’s hiding underneath them panties,” Diego told his men.

They pulled her panties down, revealing a natural blonde pussy with its thick hair growing on her pussy mound, and then helped her step out of them. The American wife was now standing in front of Diego completely nude except for her high heels. She hadn’t worn any hose, and didn’t need them on her perfect lightly-tanned legs.

Diego let his mind wonder, how many men had she had, was she a virgin when she got married, he thought not. He wondered who took her virginity and how old she was. He surely would have liked to have had this beautiful creature when she was fifteen or sixteen, his favorite ages for young girls.

Lorain’s friends had talked her into competing in a teenage beauty contest when she was sixteen. It was a well-regulated and chaperoned event and Lorain was the odds-on favorite to win the contest. However, that didn’t happen. Two days before the finals, an unscrupulous male judge managed to slip the gorgeous young blonde and her roommate a date-rape drug.

When the sixteen-year-old woke up the next morning, she knew something was wrong. She was completely nude and felt soreness between her legs. Lorain looked over at her roommate’s bed, she was sound asleep and Lorain saw that she still had her nighty on. Easing over to the side of the bed, Lorain sat up. She noticed her nighty and panties were lying on the floor by the bed. Someone had left a note with them.

As she bent over to pick up the note, Lorain realized her breasts were sore. She was starting to have vague memory flashes, “One of the male judges was mauling her nude breasts and she was standing there letting him.”

The note read: “I have lots of photos and a video of our time together last night. If you don’t want copies sent to your parents and posted on the internet for all your family and friends to see, you’ll keep your mouth shut about last night.”

Lorain had another memory flash, “The judge had her on her back and was on top of her driving his hard cock in-and-out her young pussy.”

She ran her fingers along her pussy slit. Her lips felt puffy and tender to the touch. Lorain eased a finger in her very sore pussy and when she pulled it out, it was coated with male cum. She knew then for sure she’d been drugged and raped. The judge had spent several hours viciously fucking the incredibly beautiful blonde teen while her roommate lay passed out on the other bed. Lorain quit the pageant without an explanation and went home.

A month later Lorain got the shock of her young life; she’d missed her period and was pregnant. The boy that lived next door, for as long as she could remember, was her best friend; or so she’d thought. They were the same age and had gone to school together ever since kindergarten. Lorain thought she could trust him and confided her predicament. She told him about her rape and that she was pregnant and needed an abortion.

Lorain had never had any romantic feelings about the boy. He, however, had lusted after his beautiful blonde neighbor ever since she’d started to develop at thirteen. He agreed to help Lorain, but only if she’d give him a blowjob and have sex with him. Having no other choice that she could live with, she reluctantly agreed. That night they went supposedly on a date, where she performed oral sex for him for the first time.

They were down by the lake at a secluded spot where teenagers parked to make out. The boy had Lorain in the back seat of his father’s car. She was reluctantly returning his kisses as he kissed her and ran his hands over her magnificent, already well-developed breasts. Lorain rubbed the bulge in his pants with her small hand.

The beautiful young blonde forced herself to live up to the agreement she’d made with the boy. She unzipped the boy’s pants, reached into his shorts, and pulled out his hard cock. Lorain lowered her head, wrapped her lips around his cock, and began moving her head up-and-down as the boy ran his fingers through her long blonde hair.

The boy was so excited at having the sexy little blonde from next door giving him a blowjob that he blew his load almost immediately. Lorain gagged but swallowed his cum and had a flashback, “She was on her knees between the beauty pageant judge’s legs. He had ahold of her long blonde hair, forcing his cock in her mouth as she gagged. She heard him say, ‘Suck it, you slutty little bitch‘.”

Later that night, the sixteen-year-old slipped out of her house and snuck over to the house next door. The boy was waiting on her. He opened his bedroom window so Lorain could climb in.

“I can’t stay long. My parents might miss me. Is your door locked? We wouldn’t want your parents catching us,” Lorain asked, as she pulled her t-shirt over her head and off her long blonde hair. She then reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. As the boy watched her, Lorain removed her bra exposing her nude breasts to the boy for the first time.

She then unfastened her shorts and, along with her panties, shoved them down her legs until she could step out of them. The beautiful teen was now standing in front of the boy, nude, except for her tennis shoes and socks. He was spellbound by her sheer beauty, from her wavy blonde hair that hung to her waist, to her firm large breasts for a teenager, and her already thick patch of blonde hair on her pussy mound.

“I can’t stay long. Get undressed,” Lorain told the boy, as she sat on the side of his bed and took off her tennis shoes and socks.

Lorain then laid back on his bed and spread her legs. The boy quickly undressed and joined her on the bed. He was already rock hard as he crawled between the sexy young blonde’s open thighs. Grabbing ahold of his cock the boy guided it to Lorain’s pussy. With one shove, he was completely in her. She let out a loud moan when she felt his cock slide deep into her pussy.

“Not so loud! My parents might hear,” the boy whispered in Lorain’s ear.

“Sorry, I couldn’t help it. I’ll be quieter,” she whispered, as the boy started sliding his cock in-and-out of her pussy.

Lorain had another flash back, “The beauty pageant judge was on top of her. He had her legs draped over his arms as he drove his cock into her as hard as he could and said, ‘This is all you little bitches are good for‘.” She was brought back to reality when she felt the boy release his cum in her.

Being she was already pregnant, Lorain had allowed the boy to fuck her without a condom and cum inside her. Fulfilling his part of their agreement, he took her and waited by her side as she had the abortion. Lorain had sworn the boy to secrecy and never told anyone herself. Not even her husband after she was married.

Lorain continued to fuck him and perform oral sex for the boy throughout high school as she dated other boys. They didn’t quit having sex until Lorain fell in love with Samuel Puller and got engaged. She did, however, give the boy something he’d wanted all along. She spent the entire night with him in his bed. They never had sex again.

Diego stood up and took off his clothes as he looked over the nude body of the drugged American wife standing before him. He had to admit she had an absolutely fantastic body. He couldn’t wait to get back to his compound to see what her young daughter would be like. He’d bet the little bitch was as fine as her mother, but for now, her mother was his plaything.

“Put her on her knees,” Diego told his men, as he sat down, opened his legs, and stroked his hard cock.

The two men forced the beautiful blonde wife to her knees between their boss’s open legs. Lorain’s sexy mouth was only inches away from Diego’s hard cock. He reached out, put a hand on the back of her head, and pulled it forward until her lips touched the head of his cock. In her drugged state, Lorain opened her mouth and let Diego’s cock slide between her lips.

Lorain was somewhat used to giving head. When her husband had been wounded in Afghanistan several years back, he’d had to wear leg casts on both legs for nine months. While he was recuperating, his wife frequently performed oral sex for him. By the time the casts came off, she’d gotten very good at swallowing his cum and continued to give him head regularly.

Unaware of what she was doing, Lorain willingly gave Diego a blowjob and swallowed his cum. That night the beautiful blonde American wife spent the night in Diego’s bed. Lorain didn’t resist when the drug lord climbed on top of her sexy body and rammed his hard cock into her pussy. In her drugged state, his cock felt good and she started willingly fucking him.

When Lorain woke up in Diego’s bed the next morning, she was showing signs of the drugs starting to wear off. Not wanting to take a chance, Diego shot her up again. While her husband was in the hotel looking for her, she was in the penthouse lying on her back, nude, in Diego’s bed with the drug lord on top of her pounding away at her hot pussy again. Lorain was loudly moaning in her drugged state as she willingly let Diego fuck her. After he finished with her, he had to go to a meeting and even passed Lorain’s husband in the lobby.

Diego left Lorain in the penthouse on her back taking on his two men, one right after the other. He’d told them that he’d had his fun with her and that they could have her while he was gone. They’d just finished taking turns on the beautiful blonde wife’s sexy body when Diego returned. Lorain was lying there moaning, her large breasts rising and falling as she breathed. The men’s cum was oozing out of her well-used pussy. She’d had all three men deposit their cum inside her.

“I better shoot her up again, just to make sure she doesn’t cause any problems,” Diego said, and then took out another syringe filled with potent drugs.

The beautiful blonde wife didn’t resist as Diego prepared her arm and then shot her up. Lorain let out a loud moan and her head rolled as she floated on a new high, not caring what they did to her.

“I’ve had my fun with her. Take the bitch to Sal. I know she’s a little old, but she’s definitely beautiful and sexy enough he can use her. Tell him I sent him a present, but he’ll owe me one,” Diego said.

Salvador Alvarez ran a house of ill repute. Protected by corrupt officials, he was always looking for American girls to add to his stable, especially a natural blonde like Lorain.

“Tell Diego I definitely owe him one,” Sal said, as he ran his finger through Lorain’s beautiful, long, natural blonde hair. It felt so soft as his finger went sliding through it. She stood there like a zombie and didn’t flinch. Even when he felt her large firm breasts, she just stood there. The drugs had total control of her mind.

Lorain was much older than Sal was used to dealing with, but she was certainly beautiful and would be sought after in his whorehouse. Being she was an American blonde, he could still get several years out of her. Sal decided it was best if he kept this one on drugs. He knew she wouldn’t last as long on the drugs, but it would be safer and she wouldn’t resist performing for his customers. Most of the time she’d be on her back with her legs spread anyway.

When Diego’s men left, Sal decided he’d keep the beautiful American wife for his own pleasures for a few days before having her turning tricks. He took her by the arm and she didn’t resist as he guided her to one of the private rooms at the whorehouse. It would be where she would be living until she outlived her usefulness.

Sal could tell this blonde had been well kept. She was wearing a very expensive set of wedding rings on her finger that he was surprised that Diego didn’t take from her. Lorain had been well dressed when she’d been taken; she was wearing a nice blouse and skirt that she’d worn to dinner with her daughter.

“I’ll bet your husband is really going to miss you,” Sal said, as he unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it off her shoulders and let it slide down her arms that were hanging by her sides. It fell to the floor, as he looked the blonde wife directly in the face. He then reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. Sal pulled it away from her large breasts. They were firm and flawless.

“I’ll bet your husband had a fantastic time playing with these tits,” Sal said, as he reached out and pinched both her nipples. Lorain only slightly flinched as she stood there as Sal mauled her fabulous D-cup breasts.

“Let’s see what she has to offer under that skirt,” Sal said, as he unfastened it and let it fall around her ankles, Sal immediately saw that she wasn’t wearing any panties and her blonde pussy was exposed. He knew Diego had already enjoyed the pleasures this American wife had to offer and probably some of his men too.

Most of his girls were made to shave their pussy clean, but Lorain had such a pretty, thick, patch of blonde hair on her pussy mound, Sal decided it would be an additional calling card for her. Most of the men deep in Mexico hadn’t even seen a real blonde pussy. The only ones they’d seen had been in magazines. Lorain still had on the high heels she’d worn to dinner.

For the next two nights, the beautiful blonde American wife was brought to Sal’s room where she spent the night. In her drugged state, she willingly performed oral sex for him. Her husband and daughter were only a vague memory somewhere in the far distant corner of her drugged mind, as she now willingly fucked whoever was on top of her.

On the drugs, Lorain was a submissive little kitten and allowed Sal, and whomever he gave her to, to do anything to or with her that they wanted. Sal had a standing rule for all his girls. No john was allowed to scar them in any way. They weren’t to be punished or beaten without his prior consent. He would, on occasion, let very influential clients abuse his girls. The worst one was a very powerful politician that liked to use and abuse his girls.

“I just had a report come across my desk about a missing American wife and her daughter. I’m looking at their photos. The wife is beautiful with long blonde hair and blue eyes. The daughter is a sexy little teen. Do you have them?” he asked Sal.

“I have the wife, but not her daughter. I’m planning to put her to work in a week or two,” Sal answered.

“You need to keep a tight rein on her for a while. Her husband is an American Navy SEAL and he’s looking for her,” he told Sal.

“Don’t worry, I have her on drugs. She’s completely under control. I’ve spent the last two nights with her. So far, she’s given me head and let me fuck her without resisting and I must say she’s one fine piece of ass.”

“I want her for a weekend,” the politician said.

Sal hated to let the beautiful American wife be beaten by the politician. Not because he had any sympathy for her, but because she had the potential to be his top moneymaker; and she’d be out of commission, recuperating, for up to two weeks. The last girl he’d let the politician abuse was beaten so badly she had to go to the hospital. However, the politician was too powerful an ally to refuse him of his enjoyment of abusing girls.

When he got through with the beautiful blonde American wife, Lorain couldn’t turn tricks for two weeks. She had a black eye and a busted lip. There were bite marks and red welts on her breasts. Also, red welts on her back and ass. She had been beaten up pretty good.

On her first night at the whorehouse turning tricks, Lorain had seven johns visit her. There was an old woman that looked after her. She changed the sheets on Lorain’s bed after each john and made sure Lorain was clean after each use. If the john didn’t use a condom, she’d help her douche. The old woman brushed out Lorain’s beautiful long blonde hair and made sure she was pretty for the next john.

All seven that night wanted to try out her blonde pussy. Lorain’s mind may have been blank because of the drugs they were giving her, but her body knew what to do when it felt a hard cock in it. She’d given each man a good ride that night and far exceeded Sal’s expectations. It wasn’t long before the beautiful blonde wife was taking on ten to fifteen john’s a night.

Sal knew at that rate, Lorain would be used up in six months. He wanted to get five or six years use out of her sexy body, so he limited her to five johns a night with the exception of infrequent weekend parties where she was gangbanged. Sal availed himself with her hot mouth at least once a week.

Carmella saw the cute little blonde teenager as Diego’s men dragged her into the compound. She found out later she had been kidnaped and was a young American tourist that was on vacation with her mother. She knew Diego liked young girls and if they were virgins so much the better. Carmella had heard the young girl screaming as she was being raped her first night that Diego was back at the compound. It brought back the terrible memories of her first night there.

She knew what the young American girl was going through as she’d heard her gagging and choking. She knew Diego was forcing his hard cock into the teen’s mouth and making her swallow his cum as he ejaculated. He’d then rest awhile, regaining his energy so he could take the young girls virginity, as she screamed, begging him to stop.

The next day Carmella was called to Diego’s room. When she went in, the young blonde was lying nude beside Diego. Her eyes were red and puffy, like she’d been crying all night. Carmella could see dried cum on her lips and in her hair. There was dried cum on her thighs and globs of pink cum on the sheets, which told Carmella that the cute little American blonde had been a virgin.

She felt sorry for the young girl and had no idea that she’d end up being the downfall of Diego Morales and his entire organization. He had made a fatal mistake, when he thought he was untouchable, and was so bold as to take a young American teen girl for his pleasure. It just so happened that this cute little blonde, which he’d so boldly kidnaped, was none other than the daughter of an American Navy SEAL team captain.

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