Julia on the Casting Couch

by harry lime

Copyright© 2017 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Julia repeated to herself over and over again, "It's only soft porn" and not the hard core stuff. Now her daughter knew exactly how she made the money for the rent and all their other expenses. If only the photographer minded his manners and kept it all pretend and not the real thing.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Coercion   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Uncle   Niece   Humiliation   Rough   Spanking   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Petting   Squirting   Tit-Fucking   Voyeurism   .

It was supposed to be a final selection process for the supposed “soft” porn video.

Julia was told by her often drunk agent, Billy Gallagher that all she had to do was show up and show them a few angles to see if she had what it takes to be a make-believe porn queen showing lots of skin, but not really doing anything during the take. The ass shots were easy because she had the thong to cover her anal private parts and her feminine folds were really far too deeply buried to be part of the shot from the rear unless she got down on her knees and bent all the way over to the white fluffy carpet placing her ruby red lips close to the surface without getting any lipstick on the pristine white strands that had a chemical smell that made her eyes water a little bit.

It didn’t bother her at all to lose the top because she had paid a lot of money for the boob job and the more people that scoped it out the better from her personal point of view. Her sensitive nipples were already a little erect from the cold air coming out of the high efficiency air conditioner made to withstand the desert heat and keep people from sweating when things got hot and heavy in the studio.

Just before she was to catch the taxi for the short ride down to the casting studio, she got a call from her sister to inform her that her sister was taken to the hospital with an appendicitis attack and that she would have to pick up her daughter Tiffany right away. It was the most inconvenient time for such a crisis and she knew it would mean she would have to take her daughter with her to the casting appointment down near the strip. She was in a position that forced her to do just that because the rent was due the following week and she had no funds to do anything about it unless she got the check for the soft porn film that would feature her getting it from behind from a giant of a man with the ugliest face she had ever seen in real life. She knew for a fact that this was the real thing and not some fake casting scene where the director was just some scammer looking to get his rocks off on the cheap by pretending to have a viable assignment that involved a nice chunk of change. Her daughter was seventeen now and able to make her own decisions about life and love, but she was still under her jurisdiction until she turned the magic age of eighteen and officially her own boss. Until then, she would have to follow Julia’s orders even when they didn’t make much sense.

She knew her daughter was aware that she made a lot of her income from the soft porn films that all the hotels showed around the clock to keep the customers happy. There was no hard sex being done as advertised. All she had to do was keep her face twisting and making all those contortions that showed she was getting it bad just out of sight of the camera and that at some point she lost all sense of reason and logic because she had fallen into a gigantic orgasm that made her a frenzied hunk of female flesh on the end of some nasty man’s demanding cock buried to the hilt in her sensitive passageways. Sometimes it was in her female parts and other times it would be in her anal channel digging in deep to spray her gut with male juice that back-flowed from her puckered opening. Usually, they just showed her face and then a close up of her humping buttocks being battered by lots of masculine muscle from the rear. The oral business was generally just shots of the back of her head bobbing up and down in some guy’s lap like a sex toy sent for his playtime without a single word of dialogue unless it was something like, “Oh, my God!” or simply a long sexy, drawn out “Yessss!” The writers were not really writers, just hacks that stuck some words in to support the visual candy of bare skin and open mouths galore.

The first thing that hit her eyes at the casting studio was the huge sign that said,

“All models are certified 18 years old or older and have signed release forms for photographic exploitation. Please do not use cell phone cameras on the premises.”

It was a reminder that there was still a lot of pirating going one in the industry and she had to be on her toes to avoid being taken advantage of.

Tiffany was unusually quiet and that was not normal for her. Normally, she was a veritable chatter-box of details gleaned from the internet and her texting buddies that never slowed down even when they were not feeling good or so tired that sleep was long overdue. The only other clients were a boyfriend/girlfriend team probably trying to break into the soft porn business the easy way by recording their copulation techniques. The girl looked like she was just barely over the legal age for such activities and the guy was not exactly the “hot date” that female porn watchers liked for their pleasure. Still, they were young and in all honesty the only thing a guy needed for a job in the industry was the ability to stay hard for a long time and be able to get ready for a shot with just a little fluffing before swinging into action. That was a whole lot more important than “Rock Hudson” looks that simply hooked the dames into watching the video. The investors knew it was the guys that made the profit margins and right now the big ticket item was taking it from behind with a close up of the female’s face taking it down low and dirty.

Julia knew how to make the right faces for the camera at such times and she was one of the highest rated soft porn stars in the area. The sleazy photographer was almost drooling looking over Tiffany’s shoulder at her budding breasts and the short skirt that displayed her perfect legs and part of her thong covered buttocks. The casting agent reminded the young stud that the young girl was not the model and that she was not yet eighteen and unable to audition for any role. Julia could see the photographer was disappointed and he kept throwing looks at her daughter that made his interest so transparent it made her jealous of her only daughter and the fact that her seventeen year old daughter was a lot more tantalizing than her mother at thirty-six. Fortunately, Tiffany was buried in her cell phone texting endless messages to her internet pals like she was writing an introduction to “Gone with the Wind”.

She stretched out on the sofa and the male half of the other client team ogled her creamy white thighs that ended in her fire engine red thong hiding her closely shaved pussy like a sentinel on duty.

The female half of that duo was not at all amused.

They were unable to contact the male model for the shot with Julia and the casting agent told the photographer,

“Lose the clothes, Jake, we need you to fill in. I will man the hand-held camera to get some shots of Julia taking it from behind. Be sure to make it look like you are humping her nice and hard and pretend it is in the ass and not the pussy.”

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