Fantasy Fulfilled

by LOAnnie2

Copyright© 2017 by LOAnnie2

Flash Sex Story: Flash Fiction: Married woman has glory hole fantasy fulfilled.

Caution: This Flash Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Public Sex   Porn Theatre   .

On her knees, Jennifer waited in the abandoned room bathed in the light of the bulb she had to bring with her. Servicing someone at a glory hole had been a bucket list kinky dream of hers, and her husband Derek had found the perfect place. An adult bookstore a few hours from home had a glory hole room that was a relic from a much simpler time.

Last weekend they did a test run to get back to the room. Just a lightbulb and some disinfecting wipes were all that were needed. Back in its heyday the store replaced the usual wall with a one-way mirror. Derek would be able to watch her, but she wouldn’t see him

The door creaked open and shut, and his soft footfalls only served to ramp up Jennifer’s excitement. Predictably her nipples were already at attention and her pussy was getting creamy. Once she heard his zipper she quickly placed her mouth on the wiped-down rubber ring around the hole in the glass.

He wasted no time obliging her fantasy, only a few seconds separated her mouth being ready and the feel of cock sliding against the top of her tongue. She licked around the head like a lollipop several times, her man taking his time to enjoy a move that always drove him crazy. When he pushed further in Jennifer was euphoric, instinctively spreading her legs and feeling her hands drop to her breasts and her pussy. She was disappointed, but it quickly disappeared when he started to fuck her mouth properly.

She squeezed her sensitive nipples to the point of pain and progressed to shoving two fingers inside her pussy while he mouthfucked her. Her practiced fingers combined with her fantasy was too much for the women and she was soon moaning in pleasure on his cock. In response he pulled out and Jennifer slouched back to just enjoy the ride.

When she finally got her senses about her, she realized he hadn’t cum yet, and damned if she was gonna leave him unsatisfied. Getting up on wobbly legs, she turned and bent over, grabbing a support bar and she adjusted herself to line her pussy up to the hole. He was no fool and another moan escaped her as his hot cock thrust into her.

Much to Jennifer’s delight, he wasted no time in getting to fucking her pussy. Still high off her orgasm, she could feel another one quickly approaching even after only a minutes worth of strokes. With each stroke he was increasing his force. She had known from her exploration that there were handholds on the other side, attached to the solid wall so that a guy could really leverage as much force with fucking as he could.

She found it difficult to hold on only because she was already weak at the knees and she wanted to start fingering herself again. When she finally couldn’t take it any longer, she let go of the bar with her right hand and moved her fingers right back to her pussy. Just as she was about to touch the already engorged nub of her clit, he pulled out.

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