Wildness Family

by Billabong

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Incest Sex Story: Mother teaches her sons well on how to fuck

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Cuckold   Slut Wife   Incest   Mother   Son   Pregnancy   Voyeurism   .

Ray Holisten stood at the window of his family’s small cabin, slowly smoking a cigarette, as he watched the snow continue to fall, isolating them for the winter as it grew to an impassible depth. Their cabin offered the minimum of privacy, it’s two bedrooms having curtains in the door frames instead of solid doors, and as he smoked his cigarette he listened to the sounds of sexual activity coming from behind one of the closed curtains.

Ray smiled as he heard the voices of his two sons, Billy who was 17 and David who had just turned 15, bantering between them for “first mounting” rights, each accusing the other of having gotten “it first” the last time. He smiled again as he heard his wife, their mother scolding them both, “if you two are going to fight over who gets me first, I’ll put my bra back on, get dressed, and neither of you will get first or seconds”. The voices of both his sons begging their mother ... promising they’d wouldn’t fight anymore ... his wife’s voice instructing their two sons to get undressed.

Ray walked back to the curtain covering the doorway and separated them to look in the bedroom, his wife sat propped with her back against the headboard, a son on each side cuddled to her as they each sucked a nipple of his wifes heavily drooped “mother tits”. Both of his sons were already in full erection as they lay quietly dry nursing their mothers breast. His wife looked up at him, laughed, saying to him, “think I’m really in trouble honey, they both seem pretty horny at the moment”. Their oldest son Billy, let his mothers nipple slurp from his lips as he turned towards his father standing in the doorway.

Billy slowly ran his hand over the oval pendulous shape of his mothers drooped tit, pulled it’s thick dark brown nipple, then his hand continued down to caress the pouch of baby stretched skin of his mothers stomach. His fingers lightly danced around the pronounced wrinkles of stretched skin circling her navel before they moved down the slight swell of her lower stomach into the swirls of his mothers pubic hair, searching until they had found and opened her moist folds of womanhood. Ray watched as his wife had opened her legs to the advance of their oldest sons hand and as his finger had pushed into his mothers vagina Billy smiled at his dad. Ray nodded back in silent approval as Billy begin to finger stroke his mother until her hips began moving to meet his probing finger.

Ray was a bit shocked but pleased when Billy backed off and motioned for his younger brother David to move in. Billy moved off the bed to stand by his dad to watch as David crawled between his mothers open legs as she reached down to guide his penis home. Ray smiled at Billy, “that was nice of you to let your brother go first”. Billy replied to his dad, “ahh ... no big deal dad ... seconds after David ain’t too bad ... he doesn’t make a lot of cum yet”. Ray and his older son then stood in silence together as they watched the younger boy expend himself quickly and dismount his mom.

Ray looked at his youngest son as he moved off the bed, his penis quite small and public hair almost nonexistence, his balls still tight and hadn’t dropped with maturity yet. Ray thought to himself, that his youngest son probably wasn’t making much cum yet as Billy had said. Billy moved to the bed as he reached to pull his mother up in a sitting position, moving her to the edge of the bed as he stood before her, his penis erect and hungry. Billy’s hands moved to his mothers breast as he told her, “now that’s better ... let me play with your droopy tits”

Billy’s mom, as part of the rules Ray had set for his wife, was not allowed to object to any desires of their sons nor was she allowed to talk during these “service sessions”. Betty, his wife, had always given in to her husbands sexual demands and at first had fought the idea of sex with their sons, but as usual had been worn down by her husbands arguments. Now she sat silently letting her older son do as he wished with her breast. Betty felt her sons hands pulling down on her heavily drooped breast, as if almost trying to milk her she thought to herself. Although the “family servicing” had only actually began less than 4 months ago, Billy had warmed to the idea of sex with his mother much faster than his younger brother, and in fact felt quite comfortable in “servicing” his mom in front of his dad and younger brother. Since the “servicing” had began, he had now fucked his mom 12 ... maybe 15 times ... and each time his moms pussy felt better and better to have.

Billy placed his hand behind his mothers head and brought her to his erect penis as he stood in front of her, felt his mothers warm wet lips touch, then pull his penis into her mouth. Billy moaned... “suck that cock mom ... oh yeah ... like that ... yeah ... suck your sons cock” ... Betty did as she was told, her lips clamped around her sons cock like a pussy as her tongue gave his cock a bath. Billy was fully matured in his manhood and he took secret pride in the fact his cock was larger than his fathers and though never spoken about he could tell his mother appreciated the length and girth of his cock. After several minutes of his mom sucking him, Billy suddenly wished he had taken first mount with his mom. The idea of going down on his mom after his younger brother had squirted off didn’t appeal to him so he pushed aside his desire for the taste of his moms pussy.

Billy lay his mother back on the bed, on her back, kneeling between her open legs as he began fingering her again. David had squirted off alright, Billys finger finding a boyish amount of watery sticky cum in his moms vagina. Billys other hand moved to his mothers lower stomach, caressing it as he fingered her, the fingers of his hand on her stomach softly brushing the pronounced stretch marks of her motherhood. Betty lay with her eyes closed, softly moving her hips to meet her sons finger, feeling her sons other hand caressing her stomach, and she knew what he was thinking. Betty knew her oldest son had a “pregnant fantasy”, and though since giving birth to her sons she had been very insecure about the appearance of her body, she allowed Billy his pleasure in exploring her stretch marks.

Ray stood watching his older son take great delight with his mothers naked body. He had at first thought about either his wife or his sons using protection during these “family servicings”, but his wife while only 43, had began menopause early and hadn’t had a period in almost 5 months before they had started the “family dates”, so he assumed a chance pregnancy was so remote of a possibility that his sons were allowed to cum in their mother unprotected. Ray heard his older son moan to his mother...”ohh mom ... you are so damn hot ... yeah ... I think you need some cum deep in your pretty belly”.

Billy mounted his mother, his penis hard and throbbing was quickly lubricated by his mothers wetness and the light watery cum of his younger brother, and his cock pushed easily into the wet warmth of his mothers vagina. Betty grunted, moaned with pleasure as she felt the size of her sons cock fill her, feeling the head of his cock pressing the mouth of her uterus as he fully entered her. As much as she wanted to, Betty knew not to break her husbands rule on her talking, and though she longed to tell her son how good his cock felt to her, she remained silent, instead hoping the response of her body to the huge cock filling it told her son what she was feeling.

Billy held himself up on his arms, bracing over his mother, as he worked his hungry cock in his moms wetness. Billy looking down at his mother as his stroking grew more intense, the stroking of his penis fucking into his mother shaking her body, causing her baby stretched tits to softly flop like jello. her large brown areolas riding lazily upon quivering white tits. Billy felt his mother orgasm beneath him and then the spasm begin within his groan, his testicles tightening, his cock flexing and straining as he felt the tingle of cum flowing through it’s shaft, the head of his cock swelling just before the first spurt, then he collapsed down on his mother as he hunched himself forward with each new spurt of his cum. Billy, his mouth close to his mothers ear as his cum drained from his body into hers, whispered to his mother, “I love you mom, I love you so much”. Betty wrapped her arms around her son, holding him to her as she felt her sons excitement flowing into her, smiling to herself as she continued to feel the spasms within her sons cock, “he has so much cum ... it’s a good thing I’ve been through menopause”.

The boys retired to their shared room and Ray climbed onto the bed with his wife, Betty laying still naked upon the bed cover, exhausted but smiling as he lay down next to her. His hand moved to cup the softness of a tit, it’s nipple still swollen from their sons sucking, his voice low asking Betty if she had enjoyed being “serviced” ... Betty laughed back ... telling Ray she didn’t know who was getting “serviced” ... her or the boys. Ray smiled at his wife as he told her it appeared to be a mutual benefit for everyone ... Betty asking how it was a benefit for him ... Ray not answering right away ... Betty smiled saying to her husband...”I think you like watching me getting fucked ... and that it’s our sons makes it that for exciting for you”. Ray replied smiling as his hand caressed his wife’s lower stomach...”so what ... your not feeling happy down there” ... Betty grinned at her husband...”you know ... Billy is getting quite good ... and the way he cums ... he’s going to make some woman a very good husband”. Ray lightly kissed his wife teasing...”well ... he can tell her he owns it all to his mom” ... and they feel asleep together.

Ray awoke to find his wife gone from their bed ... it had been late afternoon when they had fallen asleep and now the darkness outside the window told him it had to be much later. He glanced at his watch, almost 5 hours later, he must have been really tired to have napped for so long. He parted the curtains in the doorway and walked out into the main cabin, the room warmed by a roaring fire in the fireplace, on the couch lay his wife and Billy, cuddled together, their oldest son again dry nursing at his mothers tit. Betty saw her husband, telling him they had eaten and his supper was on the stove. Ray walked over to the couch asking where David was, Billy answering he had gone to bed for the night ... joking to his dad how David wasn’t up to taking full advantage of it being “their weekend”. Ray smiled at his son, joking back, “well you know ... when I made the deal with you two ... on having your mom all to yourselves on every other weekend ... I didn’t think it’d turn out to be a 48 hour marathon with you” ... Betty laughed...”excuse me ... I’m the one who is all sore by Monday”.

Billy laughed at his mothers remark ... then suddenly in a serious tone...”mom ... dad’s in the room ... did you just speak” ... Betty replied yes but that it wasn’t a “service period” ... Ray chided in to his wife...”oh ... your both naked ... Billy was sucking your tit ... I’d call that a “service period”. Billy sat up ... telling his mom...”I think dad is right ... you broke a rule” ... Betty protested to no avail and already topless ... she was made to remove her flannel PJ bottoms and panties, then made to kneel naked on the cushion as she leaned over the back of the couch. Billy’s eyes moved over the two large soft globes of his mothers ass, then to his dad, receiving a nodded approval from his dad before he ran his hands slowly over his mother ass. His right hand drew back and Billy smacked his mothers ass with enough force that her entire ass quivered, much like ripples fanning out from a stone thrown into water, and his right hand rippled his moms ass twice more.

Billy ran his hand slowly over his moms reddened ass, Betty remaining silent as she felt her sons hand move further down to between her legs, just starting to spread her legs when her husband commanded her to get up and stand in front of the couch. Ray sat down and motioned for his son to join him as Betty stood completely naked before her husband and oldest son. Ray was crudely blunt with his son, telling Billy, “son ... your going to have firmer women in your life than your mom ... but I doubt you’ll ever find a better pussy to fuck than the one your mom has ... I just want to make sure your appreciating the good pussy your getting with your mom”. Billy enjoyed talking nasty with his dad about his mother ... finding it a turn on to share remarks with his dad about her body. Billy smiled in reply to his dad...”yes sir ... I can’t think of ever having a better pussy to fuck than moms ... and I think saggy tits like moms are great to suck”. Ray grinned as he stood up and walked over to his wife, running his hand under and lifting a drooped motherly tit, released it to hang again, running his hand down over his wife’s stretch marked stomach as he told his son...”your mom was a good breeder Billy ... she was made for baby making ... she’ll be great practice for you until you ready for your own woman someday”.

Ray stepped back from his wife and motioned for his son to approach his mother as he then moved behind her. Ray took his wife’s arms and held them behind her, telling his son, “Billy ... I think your moms tits need some special attention”. Billy responded to his fathers instructions, his hands circling his mothers saggy stretched breast, squeezing as he pulled downward on them, as if milking the teats of one of their cows. Billy “dry milked” his mother as she stood in silence, her “mother tits” roughly caressed by her sons hands until Ray released her arms and walked away form his wife and son.

Ray sat down on the couch as he watched Billy pull his mother down on the braided rug in front of the fireplace, positioning his mother on her hands and knees as he knelt beside her. Betty obeyed the rule against talking but was softly moaning as her son hands ran down her back, caressing the fullness of her motherly hips before slowly moving over the full soft cheeks of her ass. Ray himself was becoming very turned on as he watched Billy’s hands work his mother into a visible sexual heat. Betty spread her knees as her sons hand moved under her, caressing the soft pouch of stretched skin on her lower stomach, Billy’s hand moving slowing, finding the coarse hair of his mothers womanhood ... Betty moaning louder as her sons fingers found ... opened her ... and probed into her.

Billy ... a grin on his face as his finger discovered his mother was still quite “seeded” ... looked up at his father...”dad ... did you have mom after David and me”. Ray knew what his son was asking ... smiling back at Billy he told his son...”no ... you know only you and David get to have your mother that way when it’s your weekend ... so I’d say either you or David must have been very horny”. Billy smiled as his finger pushed deeper into his mothers vagina ... enjoying the feel of his “seed” from earlier in the afternoon still very evident in his mother. Betty couldn’t believe how horny she was again ... now moving her hips back to meet the probing of her sons finger ... the “dirty talk” between her husband and son increased the heat and desire building between her legs ... catching her breath as her sons other hand closed around the droopy hang of one of her tits ... saying nothing to her son about the growing soreness in her breast from the days abuse they had already endured.

Betty moaned softly but deeply as tits once again were roughly squeezed ... their nipples pulled ... as her sons sexual maleness was now the main force in his thinking ... Betty could sense the excitement and growing male need in her sons actions ... she knew that the fact that she was his mother mattered very little to Billy at the moment ... she could sense how the teenage male hormones were driving her son ... and that she was more “female” to him at the moment than “mom”. Billy had lost control of himself as his eyes and hands explored the female body in front of him ... he stood and finished removing his clothing ... his young cock ... it’s head purplish and swollen ... jerked upward as his need pulsed through the shaft of his cock ... kneeling back down beside his mother ... his hand again mauling a tit ... Billy whispered to his mom...”I wish I could give you a baby”.

Betty again caught her breath ... she had been keeping a secret from her husband ... she knew the rule against talking during sex with her son ... but she had to break that rule. Betty got to her knees and faced her husband...”Ray ... I need to tell you something ... about a week and a half ago ... I had a light period ... this may not be safe ... I may not be completely through menopause”. The news his wife had just told him sent a hard throb through the shaft of his own penis straining in the crotch of his jeans ... Ray said nothing to his wife or son as he unzipped his jeans ... reached in and pulled out his throbbing cock ... slowly stroking himself in front of his wife and son ... he looked at Billy and told his son...”Billy ... your mom might be in a fertile time ... hell it might already be too late ... but if it isn’t ... well ... it’s your decision ... I won’t say no to you”.

Billy turned his mother around to face him ... mom and son both on their knees ... naked ... facing one another ... Billy smiled at his mother ... then his eyes moved from her face to her tits ... sagged and hanging loosely down her chest ... his hands moved to gently caress their shape ... down off her breast to her stomach ... feeling the stretch marks of her stomachs baby skin ... his eyes back looking at his mothers face ... he whispered to her...”mom ... lay down ... I think your belly is going to get a baby”. Betty did as she was told ... but she sensed a difference in Billy as her son mounted her ... the probing and entry of his penis was urgent yet gentle. Billy lay closely on top of his mother as he slowly worked his cock in her ... whispering to his mother...”I know we’ve never ... well ... kissed ... but ... if I’m going to give you a baby ... ugh” ... Betty smiled at her son ... it was true ... they had fucked but never kissed ... and she didn’t ask permission from her husband ... she reached up and pulled her sons face to hers ... lips meeting ... then she parted her lips and took her sons tongue into her mouth. It was all too much for Billy ... no orgasm for her ... but Betty loved the feel of her sons cock strong spasm inside her ... and she lay quietly accepting his seed into her body ... part of her hoping not ... but part of her hoping there was an egg in her belly for his sperm to swim to.

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