Jack Introduces a New Game Called "Snap"

by mysteria27

Copyright© 2017 by mysteria27

Erotica Sex Story: An older brother tells his younger brother about a popular game played in his fraternity.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   Oral Sex   Safe Sex   .

Brian Keaton had just finished up his last year of college. He was hanging out with his kid brother who was eighteen. He told his brother about a game that they used to play at fraternity parties. Jack was really interested in the game and wanted to try it out with his friends.

Jack was a popular football player. Hooking up was very popular at school and Brian said that the game “Snap” would be even more popular with his friends. He told his brother about the rules of the game. Jack was very interested and couldn’t wait to tell his friends.

Brian explained that at the beginning of the party, jelly bracelets are given out to all the girls. Each bracelet represents a sexual act. The guy snaps the bracelet of his choice and the girl is expected to do what that bracelet entails.

The meanings of the bracelet were: (Gold Glitter – Make-out, Pink – Flashing, White – French Kiss, Red – Lap Dance, Blue – Blowjob, Green – Cunnilingus, Black – Intercourse.)

Most of the girls wear all the bracelets. If you wear all of them, you must be willing to do what the bracelet means. If you have no intention to have intercourse, then you don’t wear the black bracelet. Those are the rules of the game. Most girls will go all the way. The popular girls are a sure thing. They almost always wear the black bracelets.

Jack was anxious to explain the rules to the girls and hoped that they’d like to experiment with the new game. Jack sent a group message to all his friends on his friends list.

His folks were going out of town and he’d have a party playing the new game. His brother Brian would chaperone while his parents were away. He mentioned he’d get a keg for the party.

Brian showed Jack the website where he could order the bracelets. Jack ordered them in bulk and had them sent to his address the next day. The party would be held on Friday night. The rules of the game would be texted to the party participants.

Jack and his friends were looking forward to the party. As it was now, girls and guys were hooking up for sex. Most girls were down with giving head and some liked to sixty-nine. Some girls would give blowjobs with condoms, while others didn’t.

Everybody wore condoms regardless. Sometimes, the guys would say they didn’t have one, but the girls always carried them in their purses. I guess all the advertisements about Herpes and Aids had sunk into everybody’s brains. Nobody wanted to die having sex.

Brian was cool and bought a keg. The rules were if you planned on drinking, you had to turn in your keys. If you planned on drinking, you had to stay the night. There was a large bowl by the door. Once everybody was there, Brian removed the bowl and put it in a secure location.

When the girls came to the party, they were given a packet of bracelets. Most girls wore all of them. Some of the girls removed the bracelets to the acts they had no intention to perform.

It seemed that word got around and people came. People from other towns came too. The party was a mixed bag. Jocks, cheerleaders, nerds, brains, etc. Brian had a few of his fraternity brothers come too. Anywhere there was free beer was the place to be.

There were kids playing quarters outside by the pool. Some kids were in the pool horsing around. Some were in the hot tub. There were people all over the place. Brian and his friends were upstairs getting high in his room. They would come downstairs sometimes, but mostly were acting like idiots and playing video games.

Jack was at the door handing out the bracelets and collecting the keys. The girls all giggled when they took the bracelets. Jack looked around and most of the girls were wearing all the bracelets. Some girls were only wearing the flashing, kissing and lap dance bands.

Several of the girls were just wearing the black ones. Those were the cooler chicks that had bad reputations. Those girls were the ones where all the boys were hanging around with. Those were the fun girls that were going to have sex.

“Jack, do you want to hang out?” Diane asked.

“Hey Diane. You look so pretty. Do you want a drink?”

“A beer would be great.”

Jack went into the kitchen and grabbed the two of them a beer. He came out and noticed that Diane was wearing all the bracelets. It seemed that most of the girls were willing to do everything. He was hoping to get some alone time with her. She was the captain of the cheerleading squad.

A bunch of guys were sitting on chairs and about six girls stood in front of them. They climbed on top of the guys and moved their bodies on their laps. They were grinding and shaking their bodies. The guys removed the lap dance bands from their wrists. Several of the girls took off their tops, while the boys played with their breasts.

A bunch of people went over to where the action was heating up. More bracelets were being taken off their arms. The girls were passionately kissing the guys while the guys hands were all over their knockers. The party was heating up.

A few girls were on their knees in front of some guys. Their mouths were wrapped around the guys cocks. All you saw were there heads bopping up and down. They would hold up their wrists while the guys took off the proper bracelets.

Some girl was spread eagle on the pool table and some dude was on top of her eating her pussy. She was going to town on his cock. More people were over by the pool table watching them have oral sex.

There were same sex couples making out against walls. They too were having sex and oral out in the open. It could have been a sex orgy, anything was possible. Brian and his college friends were getting blown from some horny girls. It was the hottest party in history.

The music was on, but not loud so that the neighbors wouldn’t get annoyed. Most people were inside having sex or doing sexual activities in open areas. A few were outside in the pool and hot tub.

Diane was hanging around Jack. They drank several glasses of beer and Jack felt confident to make his move. He wanted to get busy with Diane. She looked good and smelled nice. They danced and were enjoying each other.

“We could go upstairs and hangout. I sure would love a lap dance.”

They both giggled and Diane smiled at Jack.

“Sure. Let’s go.”

Diane followed Jack into his bedroom. Jack and Diane sat on the bed. Jack wanted to get busy with her. He took her hand in his and smiled at her.

“Can I kiss you?”

“Of course.”

Jack leaned into Diane and gave her a soft kiss. His tongue pushed his way into her mouth. They passionately kissed. Diane was wearing a white tube top and a mini-skirt with flats. She looked incredibly sexy. Jack wondered if she had panties on. He knew she wasn’t dating anybody and had heard that she had a crush on Jack. They were friends, but never actually fooled around.

Everybody had a crush on Jack. He was the captain of the football team and the star quarterback. Jack liked all the girls, but he did have a soft spot for Diane. Diane had an awesome body and could do back handsprings and all kinds of gymnastics. He thought she’d be fun in bed.

Jack had been having sex since he was sixteen. He had a girlfriend for a while and they were sexually active. He even had a stint with his mother’s best friend. She was recently divorced and horny. She liked oral sex and liked younger men. She showed Jack how to please women.

He was like her protégé for about six months. He still has sex with her, when she’s not away on business. His mother never found out about that, but heard about Jayne’s young lover who had a big dick and could lick her pussy better than any man of their age. She’d flip out to know that it was her son Jack.

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