Polynesian Partnering

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2017 by Tony Tiger

Fiction Sex Story: Copulation needn't be just for your life partner. In some societies it is necessary with others.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Polygamy/Polyamory   Pregnancy   .

Oli looked up at the stars, her eyes picking out familiar constellations. She had seen them many times before when lying on her back with a man moving between her legs, just as now. She wished it were her partner Ku instead of his friend.

She also regretted that he went on long fishing voyages even though they were so important to the livelihood of their village in the Pacific islands. She was pregnant and the urges to copulate were still strong so his best friend sought to fill the need in Ku’s absence.

Yes, he was skilled with his tool to bring her to the big pleasure, and she enjoyed both the rubbing and the shooting of his seed but it was just not the same as her own man.

She thought back to the time when she had first looked at the stars over Ku’s shoulder. It was the dark of the moon ceremony when the unattached people flock to the beach in search of their best partner. In their culture one tried many to find the best. Ever since she’d reached her maturity, she indulged in the monthly ritual and had tried all of the available young men multiple times. None of them felt like quite the right match, but when this man from another village had been there, even though he was the fourth one between her legs that night, she knew he was meant for her.

They spent the rest of the night together and parted in the morning with the request that he return the next month.

This time he was accompanied by his best friend who she welcomed into her body as Ku rested from his vigorous coupling. They alternated pleasuring her throughout the night and in the morning she told him she desired to be his true partner.

He had concurred and brought her over to his island so that his family might meet her. As was traditional his father and grandfather examined the potential new family member, with their own measuring sticks. She greatly enjoyed the test and was accepted.

Now it was her mother’s turn to examine her prospective mate. She watched as he entered and planted seed where she had emerged into the world. It was agreed by all that they would be partners from then on.

These islanders were a practical people. When a man had to be away for an extended time, it was customary to designate a substitute partner since women had equal rights for satisfaction. Thus the man who had repeatedly coupled with her during the mating rituals was a regular visitor to fulfill her female needs.

It was unclear which had fathered the child growing inside her, but in a matriarchal society that was quite unimportant. Considering the amount of time that Ku spent at sea, it was likely planted by his friend.

Trying to spend more time with him, she had tried going on the fishing boat as crew. Usually two women were aboard who took care of all domestic issues including sex with the entire crew of six men. That part was quite acceptable but she found that she could not tolerate the boat’s motion and was so seasick that she was worthless for all duties.

Of course she knew the women who served on her husband’s boat and they would express their envy for having such a fine husband. She would thank them for the compliment but realized that they got more of his fine tool these days than she did. What could she do?

She heard from the other women that the man who was the fish seller was taking another job off island. Without her husband’s knowledge she applied him for that position. He was well-qualified having done well in school and knowing the fishing business firsthand.

When he returned from a voyage, they would couple furiously. Even though both had sex during their separation, it was not the same for either of them. Her belly was swelling nicely, along with her breasts, and he was fascinated with her body.

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