Second Honeymoon Without Husband

by Salahuddin Rehmaan

Copyright© 2017 by Salahuddin Rehmaan

Sex Story: Couple planned for second honeymoon but unfortunately husband couldn't make for trip, so wife decided to go without him. With series of fucking in the way and in the entire trip

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Cheating   Slut Wife   Gang Bang   Indian Female   Indian Erotica   .

This isn’t my story but submitted to me by one of my reader, she mailed me the whole story and I’m submitting it on behalf of her, you can mail me on rehmaan or contact her directly at her mail address So his story goes in his word...

Myself Jyoti Papani married to Sumit Papani, works as General Manager in a Textile Company, I’m 34 and married for 10 years by now. I haven’t lost my figure as I was at the time of marriage but gained extra weight for sure but it always complemented on me as per my husband. I had a perfect figure of 34 by 34 by 36 and tugged in sari, I looked ravishingly beautiful and no one could resist to fuck me. I am a little whitish by complexion but still have nice face cut, beautiful and luscious lips, big eyes and long hairs which reached till my bums. I usually wore sari all the time. But most of the time I hate to wear panty inside. My boobs are not used to man hand since 10 years but still it’s not wobbly at all. It’s little spongy and yet tight and firm.We are basically from Coimbatore but we now live in Chennai and as per my husband job we don’t travel frequently. So after 10 years of marriage my husband called for a break. He asked me whether I and he could go for another honeymoon trip, a second honeymoon. I was spellbound and agreed immediately. We decided to leave in August end and return back in 3 days, that was 12 hours of traveling one sided and three days and two nights stay. We booked AC’s tickets, but due to less availability of tickets we got the third AC only. He booked a three star hotel for our comfortable stay. A day before I went to parlour and got removed my entire hairs from my body, then I had a skin tone treatment and facial treatments.After getting back to home I shaved my pussy and removed hairs from my assholes. I went to doctor and she gave me a special injection that could stop pregnancy for 5 days, even I get fucked for several times without precaution, I won’t get pregnant.This was because I hated condoms and eating pills daily wasn’t good precaution for me. I was ready for the trip but my husband was still on job, he was supposed to get leave on 7 PM and was supposed to reach by 8 PM to me. His office was an hour long distance from house, same distance was from our home to railway station. At 7 he called me that he would be late and I should move directly to railway station. I left for railway station around 8 in the evening and reached there by 9. The train was at 10 pm, he called around 9:45 pm saying that there was important work to finish at office and we need to cancel the trip. I was so annoyed and we had a quick fight.

I said I needed a break and as tickets are with me I can leave without him also. He liked the idea and suggested to go on. He said that I should go and have outing over there. The tickets are booked and the hotel too. He will transfer few amount to my account and I could stay in touch if any problem. I eased a little and liked the idea, but what an odd honeymoon without husband. Still I thought it would be good to have a little outing. I could go shopping and all knows it is all women favourite outdoor activity. So as train arrived I got in third AC compartment. This was a special train and third AC had compartment too, wooden blocks with sliding door. The train started to move and just then the Ticket Checker showed up. He saw the tickets and asked about my husband. I told him that he wasn’t coming. So he assigned the seat to some else. So a new guy showed up in 15 minutes. Rest seat was already filled up, the top two berth was occupied by some medical representatives around 25. I don’t know whether they were medical representative or something else but they were dressed like that. Among two middle berth one was been occupied by some rowdy looking guy, he was like a hunk, a body builder but had thick moustaches, pointed and twisted upwards like Bihari’s and Rajput’s. Another seat was been occupied by a guy dressed in office suit. He must be around 30 I think.The guy who was allotted the bottom berth was of 35 may be, casually dressed and was very talkative. As soon as he entered the cabin he got introduced with everyone including me. As he was a jolly fellow I was enjoying talking with him. But soon the guy in the office suit objected. So we reduced our volume and were still talking. Rest of the guys went to sleep leaving us to talk. We bended towards each other and kept on talking. I told him much about my family and my plans with my husband. I told him that I was going for second honeymoon with my husband but he couldn’t make it, so I was going alone. He laughed that honeymoon without husband but I said nothing just smiled.

He went to washroom and returned after 10 minutes. Everyone were lying on their seats so I also reclined on my seat. He came back, dress changed, a t-shirt and a lungi, and instead on sitting on his seat, he sat on mine. Just beside my midriff, but I didn’t show any discomfort and we started to talk. But as everyone was gone sleep and as we talked so much, slowly he started to become bolder. He started to flirt a little and as long as it was healthy I didn’t minded it at all. He asked that I must have prepared so much for honeymoon like shaving and waxing and toning. I said nothing just smiled back, so he said that your husband is missing all those preparations. He asked which part of my body my husband likes the most. I looked at my breasts and smiled at him. He looked confused and said after 10 years of marriage still he carves for them. I said cause it special, he did the boldest thing I have never dreamt off. He just placed his both hands on my breasts and started to squeeze them lightly. I was dumb shocked and my mind was off the world now. He said “Hmm, they are still very firm.” My brains got back to normal. I grabbed his both hands which was still squeezing my both breasts. I whispered what the hell he was doing and he should leave me. He shoe me saying that I must relax and shouldn’t make heavy sound as I may attract some more attentions. This was the first man touch on my body other than my husband. I had never been in extra marital affairs and I was just shivering in shame and guilt. I was trying to remove his hands when he asked what else preparation I had made for the honeymoon. Before I could understand, he inserted his hand just inside my petticoat from downside. His hand rubbed my legs and reached thighs. He started to feel my thighs and said, “Hmm, very smooth, then you must have shaved well too.” As soon as he said that he just reached my pussy. I was dead shock, lips sealed and no voice was coming out. I couldn’t dream that he could go so far. He played with my pussy and soon the walls startedsoaking. He said, “It feels good but mind if I see them.”

I tried to pay attention to his words but it was late. He raised my sari along with my petticoat, up till my waist. My legs thighs and pussy was open to view. I was so shameful and horrified, was stunned and stoned. He said, “Just like I thought off.” He continued, “That much preparation should not go waste, come I help you a little.” Saying that he removed his lungi, he was all naked inside, his dick was saluting my pussy. Before I could respond, he climbed on me, spread my legs and pushed his dick in my pussy in a single go. When I realized what was happening he was already inside my pussy, fucking me slowly, kissing my lips, holding my both hands above my head. I was trying to resist but it was of no use. I don’t know whether rest of guys was sleeping or pretending to sleep. But the sound was thumping was not as low as expected. It was hard to so that no one could hear that. He was already in thumping me and slowly my resistance faded away. I let my body loose and let him finish what he started. He fucked me hurriedly, flooding his sperms right inside my womb. He kept on filling my womb until he squeezed his last drop inside me. Then he pulled his dick and said in my ears, “Happy Honeymoon Dear.” He wore his lungi and went to his seat. I was still shocked with what just happened and couldn’t think how to respond to it. I realized my condition and was about to push my sari and petticoat down. Just then I observed the rowdy guy standing nude just behind my seat. He said, “What so hurry, I would like to continue from here.” He climbed on me and just pushed his fat dick inside my pussy. He was ticker then the guy who fucked me before and of course from my husband. My pussy stretched a lot to accommodate his dick but he said in such a tone that I couldn’t say him anything. He raised his body till his waist and said, “Why you have still covered your boobs, open your blouse immediately, before I tore it apart.” I was so terrified that I started to open my blouse buttons. As both side were open he pushed my bra upwards, pressed my boobs so hard that I nearly screamed. He licked and suck my nipples and started to hit me downwards. He kept on hitting me nonstop and indeed he had great speed, thick dick, and great stamina. He kept on fucking me for nearly 30 minutes before exploding inside me. As he was off, he pulled his dick out and started to dress. As he was dressed, he pulled my blouse, bra, sari and petticoat off my body. I tried to catch those pieces of clothes but he managed to pull it out of my hands. He kept my clothes on his berth, he shake guy above his berth and said, “Your turn.” The guy was already naked, he got down and rushed to me. I was sitting and he just pushed me down holding on my shoulders. He said that he has limited time and rest two were also waiting for their turns. He spread my legs wide and he was inside me in a fraction of second. But my pussy was stretched and so he wasn’t making me uncomfortable. He kept on fucking me for short time and just increased the amount of sperm in my womb and went off to his seat. As soon as he was off both the leftover guys got down and came to me. They pulled me and made me stand. The guy from the middle berth sat on his berth and said, “Ten years of marriage, you must have sucked your husband dick many times, suck mine today.” There was nothing left for modesty now, even if I would have resisted it would have been of no use. So I bend down and gulped his dick in my mouth. I started to suck him while the other guy managed to push his dick in my pussy from back. He started to fuck hard and fast. The guy in my mouth was half way when the guy in my pussy shot his load and settled down. He pulled his dick out and went to his berth. The guy in my mouth asked me to stop. He climbed down from his berth and pushed his dick in my pussy in doggy style. He gave one or two thumps and pulled it out. It was all covered with mix sperms of four different species. He spread my butt cheeks and pushed that well lubricated dick in my asshole. My husband loved to fuck me in ass so it was stretched and loose. He managed to get inside easily and started to thump. He said in my ears, “I like to fuck in ass more, and a slut like you, fucking ass if pleasurable.” He kept on pounding me for 10 minutes and flooded my asshole with his sperms. He went off leaving me completely exhausted.

I never let anyone touch me other than my husband, and I lost my modesty today, that too, to five guys whom I didn’t even know. The rowdy guy passed me my clothes and I went to washroom to get dressed. I washed myself, cleaned myself and then wore my clothes. When I entered the washroom it was around 3 am and I stayed in washroom for three hours until it was dawn. I cried there for several time and came back to compartment around 6, they all were up and were looking at me like they didn’t know me at all, and nothing happened between us last night. I sat on my seat and no one tried to touch me. It was around seven when I got off the train. It was two hour journey with bus from here. So I got in bus and was feeling very sorry about what happened last night. I was too much angry on my husband. I thought that it wouldn’t have happened if my husband was along with me. I was blaming him for all mistakes. I thought, what if he comes to know about it. But then my mind hit me, how will he know about it. How will he ever come to know about it, with whatever happens in the trip. That moment Devil took me over and the suddenly a slut inside me woke up. I decided to celebrate my honeymoon now. I thought to leave my modesty aside and enjoy these three days to my core, already five guys have fucked me without my will. What’s difference if few more guys fucks me, with my will? A smiled came on my face and I decided to take control over it now.

I reached to hotel around 10 am, checked in the hotel and ordered breakfast. The breakfast arrived, I had some and just than my husband called. He asked whether I was alright or not. I said I was fine and didn’t mentioned the last night incident. After the talk and breakfast I went to sleep. I was awake whole night so I terribly needed sleep. I slept around 11 am and woke up around 3 pm. I thought to order lunch but I think I had dreams while I was sleeping so my pussy seemedsoaking. So I called the reception and ordered Vodka, along with few Non Veg snacks and Lunch. I knew that Vodka will come from bar, snacks will come from Restaurant and Lunch will come from Hotel main kitchen. I instructed the reception that all stuff should reach to me at a time. So I was sure that there will be three waiters to get the service done. So I got bath first, came out of bathroom and wiped the water. Then I unlocked the door, kept few cash on the side table and sat on the middle of three seat sofa. To be mentioned I sat there all nude. About 5 minutes later there was knock on the gate, I was expecting the waiters so I just shouted that door was opened and come in. Three waiters, age around 22 to 26 entered the room with stuffs in their hand. They weren’t looking at me and so just went to the table and placed all stuff on the table. As they arranged it well, they all turned towards me to take tip and leave. But as soon as they saw me they all were hell shocked. I smiled naughtily and pulled a 100 rupees note and passed it to them, saying thank you with that. No one took the note and kept staring at my boobs and pussy. Purposely I spread my thighs wide so they could get more clear view at it. Doesn’t want the tip was my question. They didn’t say anything, neither moved from their places. I smiled naughtily again and said, “Seems you all are interested in something else. OK I see no issue in it. Come take it what you like.” They still seemed shocked and remained unmoved. I bared at them, “Come on I don’t have whole day, either start if interested or else get the hell out of here.” As soon as I said that they jumped on me, two of them sat on the sofa on either side of me. They both grabbed by both boobs and fixed their mouth on my nipples. The last guy sat in front of me, kept my both thighs on his shoulders, he encircled his arms around my thighs and his lips touched my pussy lips. He started to lick my pussy and as soon as he did that I jerked in pleasure. So both the guys on either side of me grabbed their palms on my shoulders and grabbed it tight. They both crossed their hands on my midriff and hold my waist tight. As soon as I was secured, both guys with my nipples in their mouth started to chew my nipples. The guy at my pussy was also chewing my pussy lips and was licking deeper now. I was immersed in pleasure but whenever I tried to stretch my body, it was hard to do so, due to tight grip. Second by second their torture increased and so was my pleasure within 5 minutes I felt orgasm.I exploded wildly and they released me from grip.

I was little exhausted but they all started to get rid of their clothes. They became nude in no time and I got deposited on sofa itself. One of them spread my thighs wide and climbed above me. He was inside me in a fraction of second and my own juice had made my pussy so slippery that he was in very easily. He started to bang me hard, in meanwhile another guy came to my mouth and kept his dick near my face. I gulped it down and started to suck him, but the pleasure I was getting in pussy was making it hard for me to give him proper blowjob. He too understand that and in next 15 minute the guy in my pussy was nearing climax. He was about to pull his dick out when I left my blowjob business and said to fill me in. He was shocked but made no sign of discomfort, he thrust me few more times and filled my womb. As he was out of my pussy the guy getting blowjob said that he don’t think I was able to concentrate on sucking his dick. I nodded my head so he pulled his dick out and said that will I mind if he fucks in my ass. I rolled and sat on my knees and palms. He took it as signal and rubbed his hand on my pussy. He got gel and he lubricated his dick and climbed on the sofa. He kneel down and was inside my ass in fraction of second. He started to pump me with full speed. But I had gave him blow job for long so he didn’t take long and flooded inside my ass. As I was about to turn the last guy declared that he wanted ass too. My pussy already had two orgasm and was hurting a bit now, so I didn’t mind getting fucked in my ass again. He was inside my ass in few second, thumping me aggressively, he was even pulling my hairs and squeezing my boobs in between. He fucked me hard, rough and took 20 minutes to flood me inside. But the amount of fiction I was getting in my asshole, made me orgasm from my pussy for one more time. They collected their clothes and got dressed. They thanked me and went off the room. I drank some vodka neat and then went for quick bath. Had bath and was in a great mood, my second honeymoon was going great now. I went to bed after the bath and slept peacefully.

I got up around 9:30 pm, thought to get some outdoor fun tonight. I actually planned to go to pub or disco, I thought of picking random guys from there and have fun with them. I opened my luggage and found a very short frock in it. It only covered 30% of my thighs and was of thin fabric. The strap in my shoulders were thin and hardly covered my bra straps, I wore it and found it to be extra tight around my boobs region. It was so fit that I thought I don’t even need a bra inside. So I disrobe and removed my bra, then wore the frock again. Perfectly fitted on my body but then I disrobed again and ripped the straps of my frock. The frock turned in gown now, a short and sexy gown. I wore high heels which has straps around my legs. Then applied nice makeup and thick shade lipstick. I came out of the room and went to reception. Everyone was looking at me and was so proud of myself. I asked the receptionist about the pub. He told me few but for the best he said that it was around 5 KM from here. He gave the card of that place and so I took the taxi to it. As taxi reached the pub the driver asked whether he should stay. I paid him and said to leave. He told me again that it will be hard of me to find any pickup at late night, so it will be better if he stays. He was correct in his statement but I hoping for some guys in the pub. I was supposed to go with anyone of them so I asked him to leave and I’ll manage. He still passed me his card and asked me to call him if required. I took the card and kept in purse, then I entered the pub. It was crowded and so I took a seat and gulped some vodka. I was wearing a slutty dress but still no one approached me. So I thought to give them all a show. I hit the dance floor, rocked on few moves and then came back to my seat. But still no one approached me, I was getting frustrated minute by minute but no use of it. Finally the pub showed sign to close at 12:30 AM. I got out of the pub and stood near a corner, I thought at least someone picks me from there thinking I’m a hooker. But to my bad luck no one did. I walked out of the premises and was about to call the taxi driver when I saw a police van approaching slowing towards me.

I have heard that police guys are rough in terms of sex, so I thought let’s seduce them tonight. So I just waved my hand to the van when they were really close. The headlight tippedto high beam covering me up from head to toe. The van slowed down and stopped just beside me. The side door skated and a police man came out of it. For a fraction of second I saw inside and found three guys in back including the guy who came out. Front seat was occupied by two guys, one was driver among him. The driver had pot belly was short heighted, rest were body builder and with good height. I thought that I had already managed with five guys last night, I thought I could manage with these guys also. But the thing I missed was police guy don’t remains gentle. This thing I skipped that time. The guy asked me the matter, so I told him that I was new to city, and came to pub, now I wasn’t getting any taxi to get back to hotel. He asked to call someone at the hotel to pick me up. I told him that I came all alone to the city. His eyes glowed, he looked at me from top to toe vulgarly and asked the hotel name. I told him the hotel name and he said it was far from here. I request him that if it possible to give me lift to the hotel. He gratefully accepted and asked me to get inside. I sat inside with him side to me and rest two opposite to me. The van started and was rolling on the road. I remembered that it was the same road by which I came but after 2 KM the van took a right turn, instead of going straight. I understood they had changed the route and were going somewhere else. So the fish took the bait, I thought. I decided to seduce them up now, as they were already interested in me now. After few minute drive, I said the climate was too hot today in this city. They said that it normally remains cool but today only is hot.

I told him that I was feeling very uncomfortable inside, so if they don’t mind can I loosen up my dress. They smiled and said to go ahead so I raised my frock to my waist, showing them my entire thighs and waist. They didn’t expected that but I pulled my panty down, showing them my shaved pussy also. I took the panty out of my legs and kept it in purse. I fixed my frock down again and sat comfortably. One of them asked whether I was feeling hot there, I nodded my head and he said to keep it uncovered then. I smiled and pulled by frock up till my waist and then spread my legs wide. I just said, “Too hot over here.” They all smiled and so one of them asked, “Aren’t you feeling hot on the upper region, you are wearing such a tight dress.” I nodded my head and said that yes he was right. So I just lowered my dress from upwards and brought my both boobs open to view. I didn’t wore any bra so I become topless immediately. One of them said something to the driver and the driver took a steep turn and stopped to halt. I looked outside and saw an isolated place. I looked at them and asked what it was? One of them said, “Madam you seem very hot today due to climate, allow us cool you up.” I smiled and didn’t say anything. Both door opened from both side and they all got out. They pulled liquor bottle from somewhere and started to drink it. They offered me but I said I already had few. They pulled some mattress from back of the van and arranged them in the middle of the road, just in front of the van. The headlight was left on and the engine came to halt. They all started to disrobe and were nude in no time. They showed me my dress lying on my stomach and so I pulled it out and kept it on my purse. I even got rid of my heels and earrings. They were talking something and as they finished talking one of them pulled me out of the van. He dragged me to the mattress and I easily went with him. He asked me to get on knees. I got on knees and he pushed his dick in my mouth.

I took it in my mouth and started to give him a blowjob. I was sucking him but he had a thick and long dick, only half was inside my mouth. He looked at my face and I tried to smile back with dick still in my mouth. He caught me by hair and said to me, “What the hell are you doing? Take it in completely.” Saying this he pushed his dick so much that it hit my throat, I almost gaged and to get free my lipstick smeared all over my cheeks. My makeup was all messed up and hair was all messed up. He kept on forcing his dick more and more and it was not cool anymore. He was sincerely hurting me now but he wasn’t caring it anymore. He kept on doing that until he was about to explode. He exploded immediately deep inside my throat and first time in life I drank that. As he was off someone pulled me and deposited me on the mattress. He spread my legs and pushed his dick inside. I wasn’t so wet but he pushed it with a force and was inside. He was hurting me as well and suddenly he rolled and I was on top of him with dick still inside my pussy. Just then another guy pulled my ass cheek apart and pushed his dick inside my ass hole. They both started to fuck me in my both holes and another guy just enrolled to blowjob. He forced me for blowjob while rest were fucking me from both ways. They all fucked me for complete 30 minutes and flooded inside my pussy ass and mouth at a time. The driver who was the last guy who pulled me and made me doggy and got inside me from behind. He was hitting like he was going to rip me apart. He kept on fucking me until he flooded me also. After few minutes rest I got up and walked towards the van. One of them stopped my way and asked where I was going. I told him to van and back to hotel. He grabbed my both boobs, pressed them hard and said that I wasn’t leaving until they are finished. I screamed and said that they already had. He said that they will have few more rounds with me before dropping me back. I said that it was enough for today and we shall continue some other day. He pulled my boobs hard and said that he was telling me not asking me. I was pulled back to the mattress and deposited on it.

Now they started to fuck me talking turns, they fucked my pussy rolled me to fuck my ass but all the time whether they were fucking my pussy or ass, they enjoy squeezing my boobs all the time. They even demanded blow job in between. They kept on fucking me continuously till next three hours, making my pussy and ass sore. But then around 5 in the early dawn they were exhausted. I was already exhausted around 3. They made me stand and asked me to wear my clothes. I wore my frock and panties with sandals and earring. But I didn’t had mirror and the van didn’t had also. I couldn’t see how my face was. They loaded me on the van and we rolled on the road. In the way one of them pushed his hand under my frock and pressed my pussy, I nearly jumped and he laughed and said, “Must be sore by now, don’t worry I don’t think you’ll feel hot for few days.” We reached hotel in 30 minutes. They came along with me to the reception. The manager himself was sitting at the reception. He looked at me with wide eyes. But the police guys asked me the room number. I told him and he asked the managers for the keys. The manager passed him keys and he have it to me. I rushed to the lift and was back to my room. I went to room and went inside bathroom immediately. I looked at myself, all lipstick smeared around my lips and cheeks, eye liner flowing down my cheeks, makeup messed up. A duffer also could also understand that I was been fucked nicely.I thought the manager would trouble me now but then the dark side of me raised her voice. I came here to have fun only, what harm the manager will do, he’ll demand a fuck or few fucks, already 13 guys have fucked me in the trip, what harm in making it 14 or 15 or maybe even more. I thought of the last night, indeed it was exhausting and rough but still I enjoyed it very much. I was cursing the police men after 3 am when it was back breaking for me but now I wasn’t, they fucked me really nice and with my husband, I wouldn’t have tasted this type of rough sex ever, I considered it as pleasurable experience. I look bath and then went to sleep.

I woke up around 2 PM in afternoon, with a knock on the gate. I was still lying nude in the bed so I got up and put a robe on me. There was again knock on the door so I rushed and opened the gate. It was the manager with a three piece suit on him and with a big smile on his face. But he wasn’t alone, he was accompanied by the night attendant whom I asked the pub address and two new faces. I welcomed them inside and we sat on the sofa. The manager was been followed by few waiters, who placed drinks and heavy snacks on the table. I asked him the matter so he said, “Miss Jyoti!” I interrupted, “Mrs Jyoti!” He said sorry and said, “We saw you this morning and I think you were ravished by those policemen last night. Then I inquired about you and three of my waiters confessed me that they fucked you.” I took a peg of vodka and asked him so? He said, “Mind if we could also get the opportunity with you, but sincerely if you don’t mind it.” I got up, opened my robe, let it fall and sat back, I said, “Why will I mind, I’m here for fun only but you all must make it quick, I haven’t slept whole night so have to get nap too.” They all were delighted so I deposited myself on the bed and spread my legs wide. I took a cashew plate with me and kept near the pillow. All the guys disrobe immediately, one of them was in my pussy immediately, fucking my pussy, holding my thighs. I didn’t look at him and kept on picking cashews and eating them. He kept on playing with my boobs and belly. But he was over excited and released his sperms too quickly. The manager was next, he was inside me quickly fucking me the same way the first guy did. He kept on fucking me until he was over inside me. As he got off, I turned around on my fours. I asked them to pass the almond plate and said, “Are you guys not interested in fucking my ass. Next guy climbed on bed and got inside my ass and started to fuck me hard playing all the time with my boobs. I kept on eating almonds. Soon he was off and the fourth guy got inside my ass. He fucked me for 15 minutes flooding inside. Till then I had ate two plates of cashews and almonds. They all got up and were about to get dressed. I asked them to leave if they want to but if they like they can accompany me in the bathroom. They all got inside the bathroom with me, we took shower then they all applied soap all over my body. They washed me clear and was about to grab towel when I stopped him. I bend down and took one dick in my mouth and started to give him blow job. I stopped for a while and said them to fuck me in my ass of pussy, whichever they like from behind. One of them took the clue and started to fuck me hard from behind. Soon I brought the guy in my mouth to climax and so the guy in my pussy. The guy was replaced by the manager and I started to give him blow job and back position was occupied by another guy fucking my ass this time. Both of them didn’t take too long and flooded quickly. I washed myself again and came out of the bathroom. We dried ourselves and they all dressed and left.

I ordered lunch, but didn’t received it naked this time. Had my lunch and went to sleep. It was around 5 PM then and I slept till 11 PM, when the door was been knocked again. I got up and opened the gate, to my expectation it was the manager again. I asked him that his dick elevated very soon. He said that it wasn’t him but the matter was something else. I called him inside and he came inside. He was mumbling and hesitating so to help him down I sat on my knees and opened his pant zip. I pulled out his dick and gulped it in my mouth. He started to shoot his words, in the meanwhile I kept on hearing him and sucking him up. According to him he had an unusual guests tonight, he had a group of young guys, hardly 16-18, and underage school guys. They were dealing with a local whore supplier but he wasn’t ready to supply them a whore, so dejected the came to the hotel counter. So the attendant inform the manager. The manager was in no mood to hear them but he had a strange problem. He said that when he was new to city, he was on a drive to some exterior of the city. So when he took a turn on muddy track, a boy came running in front of the car. He applied brake immediately to save the kid, but instead he realised that the kid saved his life. Due to mud in the air he couldn’t see a big opening on the road. He thanked the kid and then went off. I pulled his dick out and asked that why he was telling the story. He said that among those 6 kids, one kid was also there who saved his life. I gulped his dick back inside my mouth and started to suck it again. He said that he want to return the favour, so he thought I was in the hotel and I could handle four big guys, so it wasn’t issue with me handling six little kids. Just than he shot his load in my mouth, I gulped it down and then asked him to send them in 5 minutes.

It wasn’t like I was giving favour to the hotel manager but it was like a dream to get fucked by underage guy. Though I didn’t thought that I could get 6 at a time.In my city it will always remain a dream for me, this night was last night to fulfil my all dreams before getting back to my town. But I wanted to surprise those kids so I just got rid of my robe, combed my hair, and applied a bright red lipstick. A bindi on my forehead, anklets in my ankles and lots of red and golden bangles in my arms, and light makeup. I was ready just like a newlywed bride just without clothes. Few minutes later the door was been knocked. I sat on the sofa and shouted, “Door is open, come in.” Door opened and six school guys, still in their school uniform entered the room. They were hell shocked to see me like that but still they were trying to hide their hardon’s. Two sat on sofa beside me, two on single sofa and two on bed. For lighting their tension I asked few questions, they told me that they stayed in hostel but tonight ran away to fuck some whore. They will get in the hostel before sun dawn. They also told me that they were virgin, though they masturbate daily after peeping on their classmates, accidental raised skirts. I told them that I need to seem them nude now. They was also in a hurry, they quickly got nude and stood in front of me. Some of them pulled their phones and played some blue films. They wanted to learn something about fucking. I wanted to tell them that I will help them but I thought opposite, I thought to let them try themselves first. They asked me to get laid on the bed so that they could start. I got on the bed and deposited myself on my back. The boys followed me to the bed, they sat surrounding me up. But they didn’t understand where to start so one of them just caught my breasts and started to squeeze my boobs. All of them followed the lead, one caught my other boob, and both started to suck my nipples like babies. Two of them started to lick my knees, thighs till waist, their lickings were giving me a tickling feeling and I was nearly laughing on their action. My pussy was soaking minute by minute and it grew even more when one among them started to lick my belly and navel. The last guy was in too much hurry, he just came between my legs and aimed his dick to my pussy. Though he found the pussy hole but as he pushed his dick it slipped. He kept on trying for 15-20 times but he couldn’t enter inside. He looked at me like a student looks to teacher when he fails his exam. I was feeling so sorry for him but I waited to see what the rest of them does. Another guy told him to step aside and he’ll show how it’s done, he stepped aside and that guy took position. But it wasn’t easy like he thought. He slipped several times too. Now he felt more disheartened, no one else dared to take the initiative so I felt that I should interfere now.

I called the first one to come back the position. He was there so I took his dick and placed it in right position. I guided him how to enter inside and he forced a little. Smoothly it went inside and he was in pleasure. I asked his was he in, and he nodded with immerse pleasure on his face. I pulled him to my face and kissed him deep. After the kiss I asked him to give hit, I told him how to pull and push, how much to be pulled and pushed. He started to give strokes and he was having the most amazing type of the pleasure he ever had. But he was immature and I knew he won’t be able to hold for long. He kept on fucking me for only two minutes and shot his load inside me. As soon as he got aside, I pulled the next guy. He took the position and I started to guide him. But the rest four went off the bed and sat on the foot of the bed. They started to peep between my thighs, they were trying to see how I was guiding his dick in the pussy. As the second guy entered he too started strokes as my guidance. But he was immature too so he took a little more time, around 4-5 minutes and flooded me inside. I just squeezed my pussy to drain him out and he was feeling immerse pleasure in his climax too. He was off, but when the third guy entered me without guidance. I understood how good learner they were. He started to hit me with force and first time I was feeling pleasure. But he was good starter, good learner, that doesn’t mean that he matured immediately. He flooded in four minutes. As he went off, I didn’t needed the next three to guide. They were expert in it but couldn’t hold themselves long. The whole thing was over within 40 minutes and they were lying on bed like logs. I was about to get up when they all got up. I looked at them confused so one of them said that they wanted to fuck my ass too. I gripped his dick and asked whether with will go inside. They all looked at their dicks and started to masturbate but indeed they were humiliated so I thought to help them out. I pulled a Vaseline bottle and applied inside my ass. I put two pillows on each other and then asked him to sit on it. I got on my fours and gulped his dick in my mouth. I started to suck him and in 2 minutes his dick was back to life. I left him and asked him to go and fuck my ass. As he went back I told them that I’ll suck one guy and when he is tight he can fuck my ass and meanwhile I suck the next guy. When he is tight he can go and fuck my ass and I’ll suck the third one and so on. He understood and he was at my ass hole. He pushed in my asshole. Though I’m expert in both holes but still the asshole always remains tighter then pussy. But as they were drained within an hour time so it took each of them 10 minutes to fill my ass. They again were drained in an hour and I was feeling sleepy now. I asked them they could leave if they like or stay and get a nap. They preferred to get a nap. I dozed off in the nude state, legs spread apart. In late hours I felt that someone was inside my pussy. I understood that someone managed for third round. So I didn’t opened my eyes and pretended asleep. I let him finish and when he was done, I dozed off again but on several occasion I found someone fucking my pussy but I didn’t demoralised anyone and pretended asleep all the time and let then finish. Around 5 in the morning they woke me up and asked leave. Though I wasn’t too satisfied with the fucking but they were just kids, so I waved them good bye. They left and I was back to sleep.

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