Cuckolding My Boyfriend With Bbc

by Brittni4u

Copyright© 2017 by Brittni4u

Sex Story: A young couple drives to Texas for a few weeks and while there, Brittni meets up with some big black cock and she cuckolds her boyfriend while she gets her fill with it.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   Cuckold   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Anal Sex   Analingus   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Enema   Oral Sex   Spitting   Squirting   Water Sports   .

It was late June, in the middle of the day, and I’m on my knees in the back seat of my boyfriend’s brand new convertible. The top is down and Jay, a sexy black man I met on the internet is behind me, ramming his large cock inside my ass. It was such a tight fit that it was causing me some slight discomfort but the pleasure was trumping the pain. Thank goodness we had plenty of butter for lubrication. Jay was still wearing his dress shirt and tie and every so often, I could feel it drag on the top of my crack during a thrust while it swung front to back like a sideways pendulum.

“Damn ya got a tight ass, girl. You gonna make me nut soon! I’m bringin it with authority and you takin every inch of this dick with no problem,” Jay grunted overtop the slapping of his front thighs to my fair skinned, toned booty.

“Oh ... oh ... ow ... yesss ... give it to me ... just like that ... oh ... oh ... don’t stop ... pound my ass, daddy,” I was wincing and gasping while trying to take it deep in my bowels.

We were both sweating profusely in the muggy, 96 degree heat and because we were both basically fully dressed except for our pants, our clothing was sticking to us like we had been rained upon. Jay, put one foot down on the floor and one foot up on the seat so he could maneuver himself higher above me to get that downward angle. I was about five pumps away from erupting in orgasm. How did I get in this position? I need to rewind my story for just a second.

Even though I had dated my boyfriend Tim for nearly a year, I liked to get naughty online without his knowledge. That is how I met Jay. A fit, classy, dark skinned professor and even though Jay nearly doubled my 22 years, we shared a lot of the same kinky ideas when it came to sex. We had a mutual respect for one another but also would chat about some of our dirtiest fantasies without judgement and when Tim and I planned a three week visit to Dallas, Texas, it was a perfect time to finally meet Jay face to face.

Tim’s family was from that area and when asked to help his uncle with his store, we saw that as a perfect vacation. To my surprise, Tim bought a new black corvette convertible for the drive. It was so sharp and drove so smoothly. We drove leisurely and enjoyed the four days it took to get to the Lone Star State.

We stayed in a nice RV type camper parked outside his uncle’s house. It was new and had all the amenities. During the day, Tim would work, helping his uncle get caught up on the inventory. That left me with true solo vacation activities and those became either tanning at the pool, exercising, shopping, or hanging out online. We hadn’t made the trip from our southern California homes for nothing and I was determined to grab some “R and R.”

On the second day, Jay’s wife was working, and he had two hours between the summer classes he was teaching, so we planned to have lunch together. I was already seated at this cute little cafe when Jay walked in. For a guy in his early forties, he looked like a guy in his early thirties, with a sexy, thin, precision shaved goatee. He was wearing a suit with a stylish lavender dress shirt with a dark purple and white tie to match.

I stood up and gave Jay a large hug, “Hi you. I’m finally glad to meet you in person. Don’t you look so handsome all dressed up.”

Jay’s hug was bearlike when he pulled back with a warm greeting, “Wassup, baby girl? You look even hotter in person. I love that hair style. Turn around and let me see that phat ass I’ve been dreaming about.”

I was wearing my long blonde hair in double French braids that ended with little pigtails on back of my shoulders. Dressed pretty casual for lunch, I was dressed in cut off jean shorts, a white scoop neck top, strappy sandals, and silver hoop earrings with my toes and fingers painted cherry red. Jay held my hand and twirled me like a dancer so he could visualize my entire body.

“Mmm mmm, you fine as a muthafucka. You ready to get something to eat? I know what I want,” Jay smirked as he was referring to me.

I playfully smacked his arm, “Stop it. If you are a good boy, that might be dessert.”

Jay retorted, “Shiiit, my wife doesn’t get kinky at all. She don’t get her freak on like you. If you and I were together, we’d never leave the house.”

I laughed as we sat down and got to know each other in person while we waited on our food. Jay had his doctorate, so he was articulate and well-spoken but he also knew I liked when he spoke “street black” or as he says, “code switching,” when we got our online naughtiness going. He told me about teaching, his wife, and his life in general. I shared with him about me attending pharmacy school, my life in Cali and my boyfriend Tim.

Looking at Jay, fantasizing about his big black cock and that muscular body, I was in such a teasing mood. While eating, he looked up to see me slowly and sensually put my lips around the straw protruding from my Diet Coke. Jay’s eyes widened as my pouty lips took forever to close and even longer to slide up and down the straw a few times, simulating one of my signature blowjobs.

Jay’s mouth opened and his fork dropped, clanging onto the plate, “God damn, that shit made me hard!” He shook his head side to side as continued, “Fuck this, I can’t wait no more. I’ve got to have that ass. It’s all I can think about for that last 3 months. Let’s get outta here.”

I took my foot from under the table and gently pushed on his crotch. Jay was telling the truth as his bulge felt like it was about to explode through his zipper. Using the bottom of my shoe, I rubbed it up and down through his slacks, making me extremely horny. At that moment, I knew I was going to be fucking Jay very soon and with his fixation on my booty, I wanted anal. From our conversations online, he knew that anal sex made me cum very hard and the fact he was aware of that, made him want my ass all that much more.

While I continued to slide my puckered lips down the straw, I had descended until my mouth was inside the glass, trying to show off my deepthroating skill. With continual eye contact, I stared, winked and lifted up so he could see my wide smile. I reached down, grabbing the small dish of soft butter we used on our rolls. Clicking the lid closed, I put it in my purse. I knew if he was going to be pounding my asshole with his big black cock, I was going to need lube.

I offered, but like a gentleman, Jay picked up the check before we walked out the door. We embraced for a long, soft kiss that eventually led to our tongues exploring each other’s mouth. Jay reached behind me, placing his hands firmly on my ass and pulled me closer, jabbing me in the stomach with his encased erection. In addition to the stifling heat outside, our lust for each other made us even hotter.

I walked over to Tim’s car as Jay blurted, “Is this your ride? Damn, that’s nice.”

I giggled, “It’s Tim’s. So what are you waiting on? Are you coming with me or not.”

“Damn Skippy, I am,” said the excited Jay as he did not allow his dress clothes to hinder him placing his hands on the top of the door, leaping over it and landing in the passenger seat.

We drove around until we saw an abandoned building, then pulled into the parking lot around back. Weeds and vegetation were growing through the cracks in the blacktop, but the rundown area was secluded except the interstate overpass off in the distance. My desire was willing to take that chance to get some of that black cock.

After the car was parked, Jay and I hopped into the back seat and began to make out with the sun beating down upon us. He was rubbing my boobs through my top while I was doing the same with his hard bulge. When his kisses moved down to my sweaty neck, it was more than I could take. My lust was now in overdrive!

I unbuttoned Jay’s slacks and he lifted his muscular ass so I could yank them and his boxers down around his ankles, allowing his erect, thick eight inch dong to smack him on his shirt covered stomach. It was smooth looking, yet veiny. I leaned over his lap, taking it into my mouth. It tasted salty from the precum and sweat but it was just erotic flavor to me. I slowly worked my way down the shaft and back up, sucking it softly like I had done to the straw earlier. When my rhythm was finalized, Jay leaned back, put his hands behind his head to get comfortable, completely enjoying the deepthroat head he was receiving.

Jay groaned, “Aww shit, I don’t know where you’re puttin all those inches but you weren’t lyin about your dick suckin skills.”

I really wanted him to explode in my mouth but I had other plans for that gorgeous hunk of meat. When I sat back up, Jay quickly pounced on top of me like a panther, kissing and hovering above my face. It was his turn to the be aggressor as he began to unbutton my jean shorts and tug them off me in a flash, exposing my turquoise, silk thong.

At that point, Jay still had his pants bunched up around his ankles, so it made it more difficult for him to shuffle himself backward so he could pull my legs, causing me to slide down to my back. With his strong hands, he pushed from under my knee caps, lifting my legs nearly over my head as his face dove into my panty covered pussy. He was not worried about the heat and how it might effect my aroma because he mashed his face into my crotch like a dog shaking a toy.

Even though it was covered, I could feel the outline of his tongue, lips, and nose on my clit and labia. Jay was putting the perfect amount of pressure on them. He would kiss, inhale deeply, then sigh as he continued his facial assault on my slit, through the panties. At one point, I put my hand on the back of his head so I could grind onto his mouth.

Using his lower lip, he vibrated my clit until I screamed in orgasm, “Oh! Oh! Oh! Ahhhh!”

From my juices, the silk crotch was soaked through. Jay, pulled the material off to the side and dipped his tongue deep into my pussy. Now I was in heaven! He was tongue fucking me like a snake trying to smell the air. Just as I was about to cum again, he stopped.

“I need that ass baby. I need that shit now!” Jay demanded.

Helping me flip over, he had me on my knees, positioned perfectly for his oozing, stiff, black hard-on. Jay bent over and showered my ass cheeks with kisses and an occasional soft smack with his hand. He eventually moved on to using both hands, kneading both cheeks like dough before moving my wedged G-string out of my ass crack. Jay licked the top of my crevice before plunging his tongue into my asshole with a resounding, “Mmmmm!” You would have thought he was dining on his favorite meal.

“Put it in me, I can’t take it anymore! Don’t forget to get the butter out of my purse, cause you’re gonna have to lube that monster up,” I lustfully ordered.

Leaning over the front seat, Jay took my purse and retrieved the little cup of butter. In the sweltering heat, it was like pudding. Scooping a large glob with two fingers, he greased his dong up where it glistened like a diamond in the sunlight! Using the excess butter, he held my thong string to the side with his fresh hand and carefully worked those same two oiled fingers in my sphincter, twisting them around so to spread the lube evenly against my rectum walls. Jay took his slippery cock and pushed it until the head penetrated my asshole. I flinched from the initial pain but needed to be filled up, so I pushed back at him. With the back of my thong pushed to the side, the front was now wedged in between my pussy lips.

In no time, his entire dick was buried in my ass. Jay began to pump and the greasy sliding in and out was just what I needed. To position himself better, he pulled one leg out of his bunched up pants which brings us to where we started. Jay was nearly standing as he drove his throbbing manhood deep in my ass.

I was rubbing my pussy through my panties. I needed to cum again! I was going to cum again! Anal sex always reverberates shockwaves through my anus ending up in my vagina and this was no different. I needed that size to get the job done and Jay had plenty of it. He was bringing the hammer as the slapping and slurping drowned out all the other noises around us.

“Just a little harder, daddy! Give it to me! Almost there!” I pleaded.

Poor Jay was dripping with sweat and working so hard. He knew I was close and needed that powerful orgasm. He began to give a little extra slam at the end of each thrust and I quickly squealed as I erupted in an euphoric climax. It felt amazing! I moaned and groaned from the ass reaming of Jay’s thick, black cock taking me from behind. Jay slowed down his thrusting while I came for several seconds. Still shuddering even after I finished, Jay needed to cum and cum hard.

Feeling like a complete submissive slut, I continued in my hoe, role play fantasy lingo, “It’s ok daddy. I’ll take your nut now. Unload in my booty! Mark your territory, daddy. Spray all that nut inside my ass.”

Jay stopped, pulled his cock from my ass, and tried to pull my panties down but because of all the sticky sweat, they just rolled instead of slid. Looking now like a string instead of underwear around my thighs, he used his teeth to start a small rip, enabling him to tear them off me and lay them on my back. Jay put is greasy cock back in and got back to screwing my butthole like a car piston.

“Fuck, I’m gonna nut baby! You want it? Tell me you want this cum! You want it deep in that ass? Whose ass this? Whose is it?” Jay forcefully asked while the car rocked back and forth.

“Oh, it’s yours daddy! It’s your ass! Fill it up, the way you like! Fill...”

And before I could finish my next sentence, Jay put my panties up to his nose, inhaling the inside of the little triangle cloth that had absorbed all my female juices and the scent caused him to let out a war yell that could be heard ten blocks away, “AUUGGGHHH FUCK! I’M FUCKIN CUMMIN IN YOUR ASS! AUUGHHH! TAKE MY NUT BABY! TAKE ALL THAT SHIT! AUUGHHH!”

Just feeling his thick dick throb as it filled me up with sperm caused me to cum again. After Jay had finished depositing his load in my bottom, he just semi-collapsed on top of me for a moment to catch his breath. My shirt had worked its way upward, allowing me to feel the sweat from his forehead dripping on my lower back along with is dangling tie.

Jay pulled his deflating cock from my stretched ass, causing a huge glob of buttery cum to plop down on Tim’s new black leather seat.

“Oh no!” I gasped while jumping over the seat, looking for some napkins in the glove box.”

While I tried to wipe up the oily slime, Jay was still recovering, “Whew! Damn baby, that is one fine piece of ass right there. I ain’t nutted that hard in forever. Sorry about leaving cum stains on your boyfriends new ride.”

I did the best I could but it would definitely leave a spot. We dressed and I took Jay back to get his car. We exchanged numbers and I told him that I would call him soon and he could have the panties for a souvenir. I put the top back on the car and that is when I noticed our anal sex had replaced the new car smell with what smelled like burned buttered popcorn and cum. I was just hoping the leaking spunk from my ass wouldn’t soak through my jeans and stain the front seat before I got home.

When I walked into the camper, Tim was sitting at the little kitchen table staring at the television, not even acknowledging that I had entered before I broke the silence, “Hi babe. How was your day with your uncle?”

“Fine,” he quickly responded.

I could immediately tell something was wrong, so of course we played our little back and forth with me asking him what is wrong and him responding with, “Nothing.”

Finally, Tim turned and looked at me before angrily snapping, “You want to know what’s wrong? I will tell you what’s wrong. I saw you fucking that black guy in my car of all places. In my new car!”

Knowing I was caught, I couldn’t deny it so I assumed a different approach preparing for the worst, “Oh you saw that huh? I’m so so sorry baby, I was weak. How did you see us?”

“With this!” Tim held up his phone. “I wanted to surprise you, so I used, ‘find my iPhone’ just in case you were shopping. Driving uncle Bob’s truck, I come up that alley, and there you were with him! I saw everything! You sucked his dick, he ate your pussy, he fucked your ass ... everything!”

I was confused about a few things when I cocked my head and put my hand to my chin, “Hmmm, then why didn’t you stop us? You sat there and watched the entire time? Why aren’t you so pissed that you are screaming and storming out the door right now? Did you like seeing him fuck my ass with his big black dick?”

“Hell no!” Tim snapped. “Why would I want to see another guy fuck my girlfriend? That’s insane!”

“Really?” I asked in my condescending way. Then I tilted my head further down to look under the table before asking, “If you hated it so much, then why is your dick hard right now talking about it? It’s making a tent in your shorts.”

Defensively, Tim countered, “My dick’s not hard,” before jumping up, turning away and getting a bottled water out of the mini fridge.

My eyes and imagination lit up as I walked toward him, “Really? So you are saying, watching Jay pound that huge black cock into my tight asshole did not get you turned on? Not at all? And you are not hard thinking about it even though I can see that you are?”

Tim sat down defeated, “I don’t know what’s wrong with me. You fuckin cheat on me and you are right, I should be so pissed that I leave but I can’t. Here I am about to cum in my pants thinking about it. Am I sick or what?”

I took him by the hand, led him over to the built-in bed, and helped him sit down on the edge before consoling him, “No baby. You aren’t sick at all. We are in love and it’s just sex. You love me so much, you want to see me pleasured and satisfied. It’s normal.”

“I’m afraid that you won’t like mine anymore. I’m not near as big as him. So what if you leave me for him?” Tim worriedly asked.

I chuckled trying to assure him, “Honey, I’m not going to lie, it was huge and hurt me but oh my god, it hurt so good! He made me cum three times! You’re not going to believe it but Jay shot the biggest load in my ass! I’m not kidding, it is still leaking out. But, like I said, it’s just sex, you and I have so much more. I’m not leaving you.”

“So you won’t leave me for him?” Tim asked with those big puppy dog eyes.

“Of course not. I love you too much. But I’m so glad you don’t care if Jay fucks me. He is so kinky. No offense baby, but because he is so much bigger than you and I need to feel him in my pussy,” I eased Tim’s anxiety.

Tim answered uncertainly, “I never said I wanted him to keep fucking you.”

I reached over and patted his lap, feeling his hard cock through his shorts while enticing him, “Sure you do baby. Your mouth says you don’t, but this thing says you do. You love when I get fucked hard, especially from a thick black cock.” I signaled a large circle by putting my thumbs and fingers together as a model, “Jay’s cock was this big around,” then quickly shifting my hands about eight inches apart, “ ... and this long.”

I seductively continued, “Get up on the bed and take your pants off.”

When Tim removed his shorts, his cock was leaking so much that a string of clear cum stuck to the elastic waist band and stretched out about a foot before breaking. I had an evil idea that I was going to apply to the situation. Tim was lying flat on his back with the precum starting to pool on his abdomen under the head of his five inch prick.

I took hold of it and smeared the clear, sticky fluid all up and down the shaft while whispering, “You are so horny aren’t you baby? Look at all that precum. You are just leaking everywhere thinking about Jay’s cock stretching my asshole aren’t ya?”

Just by saying those words, Tim’s cock twitched and other pearl of fluid oozed from its hole. From the side, I slathered it around his cock and even smeared some on his balls before stroking his hard-on. My fist was moving up and down when I stopped and took off my jean shorts before sitting on his chest, facing his cock. Some of Jay’s cum was still squishing around in my rectum and starting to ooze on Tim. Straddling his chest, I slid back until my ass was touching Tim’s mouth but leaning forward enough, careful not to lose my grip on his prick.

“There you go baby. Taste him. I want you to taste Jay’s sperm. I bet it is sooo good. Sorry, it is mixed with the butter but I needed something to help me fit that huge black dick in there,” I encouraged Tim to feast on my anal creampie.

At first Tim moved his head back and forth in resistance before sticking his tongue in my gooey, stretched asshole. He succumbed to his own excitement and began to lick Jay’s tacky seed that had been deposited not less than 30 minutes before, in the searing heat.

I continued, “See, I told you that you would like it. That’s a good boy, clean it up for me. By the way you are slurping that cum up ... it must be good. You need...”

Once again my sentence was interrupted, only this time by my phone ringing and as I wiggled my ass onto Tim’s face to get him deeper inside, I asked, “Baby, would you hand me that? I can see that it’s Jay calling,”

I knew it was Jay because the caller id was registering Cassie as part of my original decoy. Tim handed it to me as I stopped jerking his cock to sit up on his face and answer it while Tim continued to rim my sweaty, cummy asshole.

Pressing the button, I answered excitedly, “Hi daddy!”

“Sup baby girl? Sorry to be calling you like this. Hope I didn’t fuck your shit up with Tom,” Jay smoothly said probably mispronouncing Tim’s name on purpose.

“It’s Tim, and no you didn’t get me in trouble. As a matter of fact, he is cleaning you up as we speak,” I giggled.

“Whaddya mean?” Jay asked now on speaker phone.

I giggled again, “What I mean is I’m sitting on Tim’s face right now and he is cleaning up your load and he is rock hard while he does it. Evidently you taste real good because he isn’t stopping even as we talk.”

Jay laughed, “Hopefully ya get to find out really soon. Maybe tomorrow?”

I anxiously responded, “Sure! Tim will be gone from 7 to about 3, so any time before 2 would work. I will text you the address. I need that big dick of yours in my pussy, ok daddy?”

As soon as I said that, Tim’s cock shot like a rocket without me touching it! The first wad, hit me on the stomach and startled me into jumping and shrieking on the phone.

“What’s going on baby? Are ya ok?” Jay asked.

Tim’s cock continued to squirt shot after shot of cum all over his chest and stomach while I shockingly informed Jay, “Oh my god! Tim’s cock just started shooting without anyone touching it! He got so worked up from eating your load and us talking about fucking tomorrow, that it just started blasting off on its own.”

Jay laughed, “Damn, maybe I do taste that good. Like I said, you gonna find out soon baby.”

Losing my focus on Jay’s words, I couldn’t believe how much Tim had cum. Tim never shoots that much. He must have really been worked up. I climbed off his face and saw that he had a shiny, wet “mustache” from Jay’s seed, not to mention my own juices.

“I will talk to you tomorrow. Good night daddy. Sweet dreams and don’t forget to sleep with my panties close by,” I finished my goodbye to Jay as I hung up the phone.

Tim was lying there with his entire front covered with his own spunk, shaking his head, “I can’t believe I just did that. What am I doing? Why does this turn me on so much? I hate it.”

“That’s ok sweetie. I’m proud of you. To allow your girl to get breeded by another lover and be masculine enough to clean it up for her is special to me. Look, your cock just blew a huge load all over yourself and it is still hard as a rock. Let me see if I can take care of it for ya,” I reinvigorated him as I stood up and straddled over his pelvis.

I squatted, pointed his cock skyward with my fingers, then sat down on it. With the size difference, it slipped into my ass with no resistance.

“Oops, it fell right in. I guess Jay was bigger than I thought,” I snickered.

As I began to ride it, Tim reluctantly asked, “Can you feel it? It feels really loose to me. I want you to enjoy it.”

As I bounced, my hoop earrings were swinging side to side and I spoke softly to Tim, “I can feel it a little bit. Jay’s cock was too fat and stretched me out. You would not have believed how hard he pounded! That reminds me honey, he put a huge cum stain on your seat but I think we can get it out with some...”

“Auughhh, shit, I’m cummin! Fuck! Augghh! Ahhh!” Tim scrunched his face, curled his toes and cried out in orgasm from listening to me talk.

I wish I could say that I felt him cum, but I would be lying. I really was too loose to feel him but he had a good one and that is what matters. I got up with Tim’s sperm dripping from my worn asshole before taking a long hot shower.

The next morning, Tim was off to his uncles and I needed to get my jog in before it had gotten too hot. The temperature was supposed to top out over 100 degrees and the humidity made it even worse. Even at six in the morning, it was sticky outside and I wasn’t used to it. I was training for a mini marathon in July back home and it was my day to put ten miles in.

Listening to my music, ninety minutes later, I returned, literally drenched in sweat. Letting my running leggings, panties, sports bra, shirt, and socks fall in a pile on the floor, I walked around nude in the RV drinking two bottles of water before showering once again. Feeling good, I was brushing my wet hair when Jay pulls up in the driveway. I was really surprised he came by so early.

I walked out and Jay’s window is dropping, “Hey baby, I’m sorry but won’t be able to come by today. My wife wants me to help pack and get things ready. We are leaving for a long weekend so I won’t be able to swing by until Monday when I teach classes again. Hope ya aren’t mad.”

I was disappointed but not mad as I smiled, “How long do you have right now?”

“About ten minutes, fifteen, tops,” Jay sighed.

I suggested, “I really wanted to taste you today. Maybe you can come in and I can give you a quick blowjob? A Brittni special.”

“I don’t know baby, it’d have to be quick. You better bring your ‘A’ game,” Jay chuckled.

I winked and motioned with my head to follow me. Jay got out of the car and because it was Friday and he didn’t have classes, he was dressed in his shorts and tank top. We stepped up into the RV and I directed him to lean against the mini-fridge. I unbuttoned his shorts and pulled them down along with his boxers, exposing his half hard black snake.

For the second day in a row, Jay’s pants were scrunched around his ankles while I worked on his tool with my mouth. Down on my knees, I eagerly gobbled it up, sucking and spitting, trying to gather lubrication for my throat. In no time, Jay was as hard as a cucumber with me driving his mushroom head well past my tonsils.

Jay was shifting and moaning while all you could hear from me was, “Mmmm,” in between the slurp, slap, slap, slurp, slurp of my lips sucking his black dong.

“Damn Britt. You bringin the ‘A’ game, fo’ sho,” Them lips are off the chain! I’m gonna flood that pretty mouth up if you keep workin that dick like that,” Jay groaned in about two octaves lower than his speaking voice.

I sucked and sucked but we were running out of time. Jay said that he had no more than fifteen minutes to stay there and we were getting close to that time limit when the naughty, brilliant idea hit me. I pulled my mouth of his now wet cock, letting it sway back and forth from the bulkiness.

My bare feet pitter pattered back to the small RV bathroom and rummaged through the pile of wet, sweaty, clothes left from my morning run. I pick up a couple of items and headed back to Jay and his protruding shiny, saliva covered cock. Kneeling down I start sucking it again putting the two items next to me. Jay once again started breathing heavily while trying to find that little something to put him over the edge.

With yesterday’s finish still fresh in my mind, I waited until he was getting very close. I stood up and took my smelly Nike ankle sock and stuffed it into his mouth. I took my pungent white panties and shoved them into his face, crotch first. They were so wet, they looked clear.

“Hold these daddy, and smell me while I’m blowing you. Whew, they are really ripe,” I demonstrated by pinching my nose.

Jay lifted his hand to replace mine, holding my undies to his face. With the sweaty sock filling his mouth, all he could do was mumble. I went back to sucking his dick. At first, I was jerking it while I sucked but it didn’t take long for my tongue to feel those all too familiar cum surges marching up his shaft. Applying those “outside influences” were expediting his climax readiness. In my language, he was about to blow!

Most guys with a big dick don’t get to experience a hand free blowjob very often because so little of it fits in a girl’s mouth, causing them to use their hand to jerk it simultaneously. I wanted Jay to cum really hard the natural way so I held his hips down by the bottom off his ass cheeks while I bobbed my head in and out really fast.

Jay was bellowing inaudibly and shaking before lurching his hips forward, launching a rope of cum that hit the back of my throat, causing me to gag. His muffled yell seemed to get even louder on his second and third shots. I held onto him tight, to slow down his hip thrashing so he could keep that consistent sensation. Not until shots 6 and 7 did he seem to finally calm down.

I stood up with a mouthful of Jay’s sperm and he lowered the panties from his face while spitting the nasty sock from his mouth, before gasping, “Fuck! That was intense! I thought I came hard yesterday but that felt like my dick was exploding, for real! Damn! I gotta get the hell outta here. I’ll text you Sunday night when we get back, ok, baby girl?”

I had just swallowed all his tangy seed and while wiping the corner of my mouth with my thumb, I responded, “I’m glad you liked it. After yesterday, I wasn’t sure how much you would cum but you came a bunch! Be sure you text, cause I need that cock in my pussy before I head back to Cali.”

Jay had already gotten dressed while I spoke and he was jiggling his spent bulge through his shorts, “He is definitely satisfied ... for now. Fo’ sho.’ Don’t you worry baby, I’ll crush that sweet, white pussy when I get back.” He then picked up the panties, “I’m takin these too. I might need them this weekend when the wife is gone.”

Jay left and not twenty minutes later, Tim pulls in, driving his uncle’s truck and as I stepped out of the RV, I projected my voice, “Wow, honey, you are home for lunch very early. You never get here at this time.”

Tim hung his head and kicked the ground, “I was thinking. I don’t think I like you fucking other guys. I have changed my mind. I don’t want you to go through with it.”

I kissed Tim with an open mouth and he pulled back adding, “You need to brush your teeth, you have morning breath.”

“Babe, you know me better than that, I brush my teeth five times a day. I have cum breath because I just sucked Jay off right before you got here. Of course it’s going to smell because he cums so much.”

Tim squinted his eyes, “Are you serious? I don’t know if I like that.”

By that time, his dick was hard in his pants once again as I pointed out with a slight giggle, “That’s not what your cock thinks. He seems to love every minute of it.”

Dejected and frustrated Tim shook his head as I walked over and took him by the hand, “I’ll tell you what. Come in and I will give you a good handjob to relieve all the tension. C’mon, you’ll feel better.”

Once inside, I hadn’t jacked Tim off more than a minute and he was already spraying his belly. He left and I went about my day and we went about our weekend. When Sunday arrived, I was excited when Jay’s text pinged my phone. My pussy needed pounding and thinking about Jay’s big black cock caused me to masturbate several times throughout the weekend. I cut off sex from Tim but I did jerk him off about three times a day just to keep up with his denied excitement about Jay and I.

Tim and I were at dinner when he also heard the text and inquired, “Who is it?”

Nonchalantly, I responded, “Oh it’s just Jay. He’s coming over tomorrow around noon. Goodie, I’m finally going to get to feel that cock in my pussy.”

Of course Tim whined about how he was against the idea but his pleas were half-hearted and would have been futile anyway. The next day, I wanted to dress really slutty for Jay to get him going. I knew his balls were going to backed up and would need a thorough emptying, plus I was ready to get my orgasm on!

After my morning workout and shower, I put on a flimsy beige mini skirt with just a silk cami as a top with no bra or panties. I wanted to surprise Jay and even though they were completely unseasonable, I zipped up my brown, knee high leather boots on my feet.

Jay pulled in at 12:14, fashionably late as always and was wearing dress clothes with a tie again when he complimented me, “Look at you, girl. All dolled up for me? You look so fuckin fine right now! I missed yo’ sexy ass.”

Once inside the camper, I thanked him, then fixed us a drink while we made small talk. He told me that his trip was just alright and was so looking forward to being with me. I leaned over the booth style table and pulled him by the tie until our lips met. We made out like a couple of teenagers. His tongue felt good in my mouth as I passionately sucked his lower lip. My pussy was getting wet and I knew it was time. We both stood up and peeled off our clothing except for my boots.

Jay reached down and scooped me up like a groom carrying his bride. He laid me down on the bed, facing the opposite direction from where Tim and I slept. We kissed until Jay’s tongue made a trail down my neck, stopping at my nipples. I was moaning as he very gentlemanly gave each breast an equal amount of oral attention. His hand slipped down between my legs and diddled my clit while he sucked, only to eventually plunge his fingers into my wet orifice.

Jay finger banged me so hard while she sucked my boob, it sounded like someone swishing water around in their mouth. Placing my hand on the back of his head, I shuddered in orgasm. Jay then moved downward until his mouth stopped at my pierced belly button ring. He licked inside my navel, kissing all around. After a few minutes of his oral pleasure on my abdomen, he moved down until his face was between my legs. He lifted them back and went down on me with authority.

His tongue was doing tricks I didn’t think possible. He licked my asshole, my pussy, and sucked my clit until I convulsed a second time. I leaked a little female ejaculate but not a full blown squirt. Jay was quick to lap it up like a starving animal. His long warm tongue could be felt as far out as my inner thigh.

I cooed, “I need something in my mouth, daddy. Do you know anything I could stick in it?”

Knowing that I am very oral as a lover, Jay rose to his knees, shifted around, hiked one leg over me like a male dog about to pee, and lowered himself so that his leaking cock tip was at my face. While in this sixty-nine position, I reached up to help guide it into my mouth. He dropped further, allowing his erection to push its way down my throat while he went back to licking my slit.

I was choking on his big dick but didn’t want to take it out of my mouth. Thank goodness he sensed that and started moving his hips up and down like he was fucking a pussy. That was much better as now I had time to breathe while Jay made love to my mouth. We were rocking and orally pleasing each other and then it hit me! I started squirting onto his face while he quickly positioned himself to catch it in his mouth.

With a mouth full of cock, I tried my best to scream in pleasure only to hear gurgling muffles,”Ohhgg ... Gggoggg ... Aughlggg!”

It felt amazing and now I needed that big cock to pound me like the bad girl I needed to be. After tapping on his ass as a signal, Jay lifted up and turned himself around. With my legs spread wide in the missionary position, he plunged that black dong in my wet pussy. While it slid in, I thought I was in heaven. Finally, that full, stuffed feeling that I had been craving all week!

Slowly at first, Jay moved his hips so that I could feel every inch. I spread my legs even wider to allow him to get as deep as he could. I could see the refection of his hot muscular ass moving up and down in the window. His dark skinned cheeks looked very sexy contrasted next to my tanned, but white legs.

“Oh yes! Fuck me daddy! Give me your big black cock! I need it so bad! You have kept me waiting so long for it.” I begged.

Jay was rooting and grunting like a caveman while on top of me. He was supporting himself on his strong arms with his hands mashed into the mattress on both sides of me. He was thrusting like a mad man.

Jay was breathing heavily while he pumped and pumped, “You like that black dick in your tight little white pussy don’t you baby? That shit’s so fuckin tight, I bet your boyfriend’s tiny dick doesn’t hurt this at all. Don’t worry tho, cuz this pussy is mine now and when I’m done, he will fall in that muthafucka!”

From the ferocious pounding, combined with Jay’s vulgarity, I screamed a squirting orgasm once again, “Oh! Oh! Yeesss! It’s your pussy daddy! Oh! Augghhh! Your pussy is cumming haaaaard! Ohhhhh!”

Usually when I squirt, I like for the guy to pull it out but Jay just kept thrusting with my ejaculate spraying all over like a busted soda can. He didn’t mind, he was only concerned with pounding me through the bed. As Jay continued to fuck me well, I heard the truck pull up.

While starting to slow down, Jay raised up and looked out the window, “Speaking of what’s his face, he’s here. What should we do?”

I quickly responded, “What we should do, is nothing, and you keep fucking me like you’re doing.”

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