Two Girls in One Night During My Fwb's Vacation

by Eivind_Loup

Copyright© 2018 by Eivind_Loup

True Sex Story: A short story of how I somehow fucked two 2 girls in one night after being sexually frustrated since Alice wasn't back till the next couple of weeks.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Heterosexual   True Story   Rough   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Squirting   Big Breasts   Public Sex   .

I currently live in my apartment which has a bathroom, bed, sofa, and T.V. But, it doesn’t have a kitchen. The Kitchen is located outside at the end of the hall of my apartment building. Which meant that the tenants would have to share the kitchen (as well as the laundry) facilities. Most of the times I’d usually only use the kitchen late at night (around 9 pm) to fix myself some food for dinner and the next day. I do this to avoid overcrowding in the Kitchen, and I’m just not a fan of awkward socialization. So most of the time I occupy the kitchen all to myself. Although sometimes, around 3 times a week, one of the tenants usually arrives around the same time as I am to cook her dinner. She’s around the same age as I am, has long blonde hair, and no higher than 5ft 3. We haven’t really talked to other, but we’ve been making eye contacts, smiles, and other sorts of signals as communication, and to avoid giving off an unfriendly presence, every time we’re in the kitchen.

One day when I was in the kitchen cooking some dinner, the girl arrived wearing a red tank top and white sweatpants along with her ingredients and cookware. As usual, we smiled at each other and continued on our activities. I notice that she wasn’t wearing any bra, as her nipples were pushing out her tight top, but I just looked back towards my pan, aware of my food almost getting burnt. She stood beside me, “Can I use this side of the stove?” she asked. I was surprised because that was the first time I heard her voice, but without a pause, I answered, “yes, of course”. We were both cooking and our arms would sometimes come in contact, and every time I’d get a bit tipsy. I kept looking at her whilst she was cooking, my eyes trail from her tied blonde hair up to her cleavage, I was getting turned on little by little. I guess I’m getting sexually frustrated, I haven’t had sex in a week. I’d usually have sex with my friend, Alice, almost every day but she’s been out of town to visit her parents during the semester break. It was hard but I managed to cook my fried noodles without my shaft getting hard. I left my pan in the sink to soak, and when I was about to walk to the table she patted my arm. I turned to her with curiosity, she asked: “Can we eat together?” I thought for a second. “I’m almost finished with mine” she added. “No problem” I replied. She smiled and turned to the stove while I walk towards a table in the kitchen.

She joined me on the table while we had a conversation as we ate. We learned more about each other. I told her I was a still a University student and other details about my course and lifestyle. While I learned that her name was Iben and told me that she was an active person; playing tennis and was always keen on hiking trips. She also told me that she was a German tourist, and she had a flight home 3 days later, and she wanted to make a friend before leaving. Which explains why she’s talking to me now. After the conversation, we sat there in silence with our coffee mugs and empty plates on the table. I studied her form, and I can’t take my eyes off her nipples being pressed against her top. She was staring at the window with a bit of a smile with her mug held casually in front her stomach. I realized that my eyes have been glued from staring at her tits for so long when she turned her body. I looked away and started to gather the plates to wash. She stared at me blankly, analyzing my actions. I stood up with the dishes on my hands, then I heard laughter from her. Dumbfounded, I stared at her in confusion. She just gave me a wink and pointed at my erected shaft. I laughed embarrassedly and continued to walk away towards the sink. She moved from her seat to help me rinse and place the dishes in the dishwasher. “Sorry,” I said, “I couldn’t hide it even if I wanted to. Not with these sweatpants.” “That’s fine, at least it shows that you’re interested in me,” she replied as she stood up and pressed her tits against me with her hand grabbing my crotch. Suddenly in my mind, I was thankful, I can finally release my sexual frustration if I play my cards right. And, looking at the current situation it’ll be difficult to get it wrong.

I leaned towards her as my arms wrapped around her body. I slipped my hand under her pants and grabbed her ass, she wasn’t wearing any panties. She lifted her arms and wrap them around my back as she placed her lips on mine. Our tongue explored each other’s mouths as she rubs her crotch against mine. Finally, were both really into it now. We pulled back from each other and she removes her top, exposing her large firm breasts and her stiff nipples I’ve been dying to suck. I pulled her pants down exposing her fully naked inside the kitchen. Her pussy was wet. It was dripping with her juices, so I gave it a lick, then a kiss. She moaned softly as I insert my tongue into her pussy and caressed her ass cheeks. She moaned loudly as she reached an orgasm, spurting out more juices out of her pussy. I rose up and kissed her again to let her taste her juices. She lifted my shirt and I helped her remove it from me. After that, I carried her and placed on the kitchen countertop facing me. She fingered herself as she eagerly waited while I undo my pants. My cock, rock hard, stood erect as it drips with precum. I placed it on top of her damp pussy, slowly rubbing and teasing her. I reached for her tits and squeezed tightly as I push my cock into her pussy. She moaned and eagerly told me to ‘fuck her’. I started without hesitation, my cock went in and out continuously with my full length thrusting deep inside every time. She squealed as my grip on her tits gets tighter, and as my cock tenderizes her pussy her hands swayed trying to find to hold on to as she reaches such an intense orgasm. My thoughts filled with my lustful desir

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