Fishing for Genies

by Lance C

Copyright© 2017 by Lance C

Fantasy Sex Story: A life-changing encounter with an Afrit.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Genie   Cream Pie   Oral Sex   .

I stepped out of the shower and began drying off. My wife, Linda, was still asleep in our bed. That’s one big advantage of being retired; you can get up whenever you wake up. We hadn’t used an alarm clock in nearly a year.

As I combed my hair, I unashamedly admired my body. At age 56, I looked like an Olympic gymnast, except that I was too tall and few gymnasts were as healthy and injury-free as I was. My body wasn’t the result of hours working out, although I did hit the gym three times a week. It wasn’t due to genetics, either. Both my parents had died of clogged arteries in their early 70s. I’d carefully arranged to have just the body I wanted. The trick to getting the body you want is in finding the right person to ask.

Linda had kicked off the sheet and was laying there nude when I walked into the bedroom. She was my age, but looked 25 or 30 years younger. Her skin was flawless, without an age spot, mole, freckle or wrinkle. Her face was unlined and her dark hair had no hint of gray. She never shaved, yet there was no hair anywhere on her body. Her stomach was as flat as a swimsuit model’s, her abs well defined, with just enough softness to maintain her femininity. Her breasts were perfectly symmetrical, wonderfully firm and her nipples were, in my opinion, the ideal size, a little longer than they used to be. Her figure was, again in my opinion, perfect. Luckily, it was my opinion that counted.

I stood near the bed, watching her. She was gorgeous. Magnificent. Totally sexy. I’d carefully arranged for her to have just the body I wanted her to have.

I’d done a hell of a job.

Linda’s breathing changed. She sighed and opened her eyes. “Morning,” she whispered. “You look all nice and clean, but you missed a spot with the towel.” She reached out and lightly touched the spot, which happened to be my scrotum. With her fingertips, she gently wiped at the moisture and smiled as my cock swelled. “Come closer,” she said. I moved to the side of the bed and she rose on one elbow. Her hand went around my cock and she pulled me to her, taking the head of my cock into her mouth. Her tongue slid around me and licked the underside of my shaft as she began to pump me slowly with her hand. I put my hands on her head, not to guide her, but just because I loved having them there when she sucked me.

“I love it when you do that,” I sighed. “Your mouth feels so good, I can hardly believe it.” By this time, she had me all the way down her throat and I could feel her tongue sliding against me, moving with just the right pressure. As she blew me, she swung her legs around so she could sit on the side of the bed and use both hands on my shaft and balls.

After a few minutes, she pulled her head back and grinned at me. “Are you going to cum in my mouth, or do you want to fuck?”

“Both,” I said. “Why settle for one? Actually, I want to cum in your mouth and then I want to eat you and then I want to fuck you.”

“What a great plan,” she said. “I like the way you think.” Her mouth went back to my cock and I relaxed my control. After all, there was no reason to delay my orgasm. Maintaining an erection and cumming several times wasn’t a problem for me. I’d carefully arranged to have that ability.

Linda stroked me and licked me and sucked me wonderfully for the next five minutes. She could tell from my breathing and the way my hips were moving that I was getting close, and she deep throated me at precisely the right time. I came, still holding her head and feeling my cum shoot into her throat. Swallowing wasn’t a problem for her and she held me with her lips pressed against the base of my cock until my orgasm stopped. Then she let me slide out until just the head of my cock was still in her mouth and continued to suck and stroke me gently, the way she knew I loved.

After a minute or two, I pulled out of her mouth and pushed her back on the bed. “Is this step two?” she asked. “Are you going to eat me now and make me cum?”

I smiled at her. “Right after I kiss you.” I scooted her back on the bed, moved her legs apart and lay between them with my cock against her pussy. I kissed her softly, tasting my cum and her unique flavor.

She moaned. “God,” she breathed, “you’re making me wet.” Her eyes closed, her arms went around me and her heels pressed against my ass. I moved up and down slowly, rubbing her outer lips with the length of my cock while we kissed. She increased the pressure of her heels, but I resisted. It wasn’t time to fuck yet. Better stick to the plan.

She pressed harder with her heels and I could tell she was getting frustrated with my teasing. I broke the kiss and moved to her neck for a while. She loved having her neck kissed and I stayed there until I felt her arch her back. I moved to her breasts, licking and sucking each nipple in turn while I gently pinched and twisted the other with my fingers. She moaned steadily and ground her crotch against my stomach. Soon, she put her hands on my shoulders and pushed me down toward her pussy. I made the trip slowly, kissing her beautiful belly and spending some time licking her navel. My hand left her breast and went to her pussy. Using my two middle fingers, I stroked her outer lips until she raised her hips, and then slipped my middle finger into her. Her butt cheeks tightened and she kept her hips raised while I slid a second finger in and found her G-spot. She gasped. “Oh. Yeah. Right there.” Now my mouth was on her pussy and my tongue on her clit. She was as wet and slippery as any horny seventeen year old. I sucked and licked her clit while pressing firmly and rhythmically on her G-spot. She raised her hips further, clutched at the sheets and came, moaning and gasping. I kept at it, not changing a thing as her next orgasm shook her, then the next and the next. I could see her face now and then as she arched her back with each orgasm, and then relaxed a bit before a new one carried her off. The look of total ecstasy on her face was wonderful.

Eight months earlier:

My canoe glided slowly over the calm water of the Banana River. A little over two miles to the east, the shoreline of Kennedy Space Center was still invisible in the pre-dawn darkness. While I couldn’t see them, I was sure the security troops at KSC knew exactly where I was.

This area had been declared a manatee sanctuary and wildlife refuge decades before. Anyone caught there in a motorized craft would quickly find themselves slapped with a $5,000 fine and their boat and motor confiscated. But if you wanted to sail or row or paddle into the area, no one would bother you. That changed after 9/11. Now, the whole place was off limits, period. I was, technically, committing a Federal felony, but there was an unwritten agreement between KSC security and the local fishermen. As long as we stayed close to the string of small islands to the east of the main channel, we wouldn’t be considered a threat. If we got within two miles of KSC, we’d be hit with a powerful spotlight and if we didn’t move damned fast, we were going to have lots of heavily armed airborne company in a hurry.

I stayed close to the island I was passing and scanned the surface of the water for signs of redfish. The water was only a foot or two deep. Reds like to grub along the bottom looking for crabs and shrimp and baitfish. Their tails break the surface and that’s what I was looking for. Twenty minutes before dawn, I saw a tail waggling off to the right. I cast my surface lure about 30 feet in front of the red and gave it a soft twitch. The fish’s tail disappeared and a large wake formed, heading for my lure. I twitched the lure again to keep the red on course. Suddenly, the lure flew into the air as the water exploded from the strike. The red had hit the lure, but missed the hooks. When the lure hit the water, I popped it. The red hit again and missed again. The third time was the charm and I set the hook. The red took off on a fast run, heading toward KSC. The fish was big enough to pull my little canoe pretty far, so I held my rod tip up with one hand while dropping a small anchor off the stern.

Twenty-five minutes later I had a very nice 28 lb red next to the canoe. I quickly weighed it, took a digital photo and released it. As the red swam away, I rinsed the fish slime off my hands in the brackish water. Most of the bottom was covered in sea grass, but my canoe was in the middle of a bare spot. Poking out of the sand was the side of a smooth object that looked like it didn’t belong there. It was a bright, smooth, polished white with distinct red and gold markings. I tossed my bow anchor out and tightened the line to hold my canoe in place. The water was only knee deep and I stepped out onto the sand with my paddle in my hand. Sweeping rapidly with the paddle, I blew the sand away from whatever it was until most of it was revealed. Dropping the paddle back in the canoe, I dug my fingers under the object and tugged it loose. I swished it back and forth in the water, getting the last of the sand off. It was about twenty inches long and twenty-five inches around. It weighed maybe thirty-five pounds. It was so smooth it seemed to be Teflon coated. Red and gold patterns and swirls covered the flawless white surface. Its shape was really odd. If you took a bronze statue of a man in fetal position, heated it until it started to melt and then finished it with a very high quality ceramic coating, you’d get the object I was holding. I set the thing in the bottom of my canoe and climbed in.

I pulled my anchors in and paddled around to the north side of the nearest island. After anchoring again, I picked up the object and examined it closely. There were no real details to see except the red and gold markings. They were beautifully done. I couldn’t feel any ridges where they had been applied. I turned the object over and examined the back. In the middle of the upper back was an intricate design, all in gold. It seemed to be slightly raised above the surface and I rubbed it with my thumb.

The damned thing moved.

I quickly set it on the middle seat of the canoe and instantly regretted not throwing it as far as I could. Too late now. The thing writhed and stretched, like a man waking from a deep sleep. Thoughts of running away or hiding on the other side of the tiny island flashed through my mind, but escape didn’t seem possible. I sat, scared shitless, as the thing shifted and grew into a short, powerfully built man with long black hair. He wore nothing but red and gold tattoos over skin that looked like it belonged to a professional surfer. He opened his eyes and looked at me. What’s the correct procedure for something like this? I tried to smile. “Welcome to Earth,” I said stupidly.

It was a long series of orgasms, even for Linda. Eventually, she pushed my head away and I pulled my fingers out of her. “I want you,” she said forcefully. “Inside me. Right now.”

“My pleasure,” I said. “You know I’m always ready to fuck you.” She scrambled to the middle of the bed, lay on her back, opened her legs and reached for me. I knelt between her legs for a moment and just looked at her. My hands went to her breasts and felt their amazing shape and firmness. I looked into her eyes and saw the lust and need. This beautiful woman, who I loved with all my being, loved me just as much and wanted me as much as I wanted her.

I lined up my cock with her pussy and pushed in slowly. As wet as she was, I could have entered her completely with one thrust, but I took it easy. After half a dozen strokes, I was fully inside her and we began to move in the ancient rhythm. This was straight missionary-position fucking. Nothing fancy. That might come later, but for now we concentrated on our pleasure. We moved slowly at first. As I pulled out of her, I flexed my cock, then relaxed as I thrust into her. She responded by tightening her inner muscles as I pulled out and relaxing them as I pushed in. The result was waves of pleasure for both of us. I kept my orgasm under control, which did nothing to interfere with the wonderful sensations her pussy was giving me. Linda simply enjoyed herself, increasing our speed as her orgasm neared. Within minutes, she was there. Her back was arched, her head was tilted back and I knew what was going to happen. I moved my head to the left just as she bucked hard, snapping her head past my right ear. She came, moaning and shaking. We were fucking at full speed now and I kept up the pace. The wet sounds of my cock in her pussy and our bellies slapping together were loud in the quiet bedroom. I concentrated on giving her everything I had and felt her come again and again. She was gasping and mumbling incoherently. We both had remarkable endurance and it took quite a while for her to begin to tire. I didn’t even try to count her orgasms. They seemed to run together into one long, delightful chain.

Finally, she slowed and lay almost still. Her breathing returned to normal and I could feel her pussy muscles squeezing my cock. “I didn’t feel you cum,” she said. She grinned. “Of course, I was kinda distracted for a while there.”

“No, I haven’t cum yet,” I said. “I wanted to wait until you were finished. I’m ready now.”

“Pull out for a second,” she whispered. “I want to taste you.” I pulled out with a smile and rose to my knees, still between her legs. She sat up and took my cock in her hand. I was slippery with her juices. She stroked me slowly, looking at my cock with an expression of fascination. “I love your cock,” she said. “It’s so hard and smooth. I love feeling you cum inside me and in my mouth and in my hand.” Linda smiled up at me. “Are you going to cum inside me soon?”

“Oh, yes,” I said. “Are you going to suck me a little before I do?” She smiled and nodded, then took my cock into her mouth. It’s a good thing I was still fully under control. Her mouth and tongue were doing fantastic things. I let her continue for much longer that I’d intended. She knew exactly what I liked and was determined to give me the best blowjob she could. I was seriously considering cumming in her mouth when she released me and lay back.

“Time to fuck,” she said. “Time to cum in my pussy.”

Within seconds, I was inside her. She knew I sometimes liked slow fucking when I was ready to cum. I pushed hard into her and stayed there, feeling her grip me, massaging my cock as only she could. I flexed back at her, matching her rhythm. We looked into each other’s eyes and, except for our flexing and squeezing, we didn’t move. “Damn,” I whispered, “your pussy is so strong. That feels so damn good.” Her response was a long moan. The steady pressure of the base of my cock against her clit, plus the stimulation from inside was getting to her. Her mouth was open and she was breathing hard.

“Shit,” she gasped, “I was supposed to make you cum, but, aaahh,” she sighed, “I’m going to cum first. How the hell do you do that?”

I smiled. “Cum for me. Look into my eyes and cum hard. Then I’ll cum for you.” Struggling to keep her eyes open and on mine, she did as I asked. I released my control and in seconds I was cumming with her.

We lay together for a few minutes, kissing and holding each other. My was still fully erect, still inside her. I pulled out and rolled off her, stretching out on the bed. Linda turned on her side and wrapped her hand around my cock. “It’s amazing,” she said. “When I tell my friends you can stay hard for hours and cum as many times as you do, they don’t believe me. They’re always complaining their husbands cum in five or ten minutes or can’t stay hard long enough to get them off or can’t get it up at all.”

“What do they say,” I asked, “when you tell them you can cum continually for two or three minutes and do it every ten minutes?”

She laughed. “They all call bullshit on me. Seriously, they think I’m a liar. It bugs the hell out of me.”

“Well,” I said thoughtfully, “why don’t you invite them over and let them watch?”

“Let them watch?” she almost yelled. “Are you fucking crazy? Would you really fuck me while my friends watched?”

“Only on the condition,” I said, “that I get to fuck them if I want to.”

“OK,” she said and rolled her eyes, “Now I know you’re nuts. You know we’re talking about Nancy and Pat and Paula and Diane. I know the kind of woman you’re attracted to. Do you really want to fuck any of them?”

“Well,” I said, reconsidering, “now that you mention it, I don’t want to fuck them. You’re just going to have to get some sexier friends or the deal’s off!” She threw herself on top of me, laughing hysterically. The laughing fit turned into a kiss and that led, as it usually does, to her reaching between us and guiding my cock back to where it belonged.

With Linda on top, I could relax and let her do most of the work. She moved smoothly up and down on my cock and I kept myself occupied by kissing, licking, sucking and caressing her nipples. I moved my left hand down between our bodies, palm up, until I reached her pussy. There was lots of her natural lube available. I made sure my two middle fingers were well coated, then began rubbing them in a circular motion over her clit. I coordinated my circles with her movements and soon I could tell she was on the verge of an orgasm. She braced both hands on my chest and leaned back with her mouth open and her eyes closed. She grunted a couple of times and dropped her chin to her chest. She came. I grabbed her ass with my right hand, sliding my fingers into her ass crack at the base of her spine and pressed in, countering the pressure on her clit. She came. She leaned forward and I latched onto her left nipple, sucking hard and flicking it with my tongue. She came. As she lost control, I picked up her movements, fucking her hard. She came. I kept fucking her and she kept cumming. With each orgasm, she lowered herself a little more until she was lying against me with her head next to mine. As she came for the last time, I released my control and whispered in her ear, “I’m going to cum inside you.”

I slowed my pace to the speed I like and she responded by sitting up. With one hand on my chest, she reached around with the other and cupped my balls. She held herself still, allowing me to do the fucking while she used her fingers on my sac. “Is that good?” she asked. “Can I make it better?”

“It’s perfect,” I said. “Your pussy is perfect. Your fingers are perfect.” I cupped her breasts. “Your whole body is perfect. I love you. I love fucking you.”

“Cum for me then,” she said, smiling. “Look into my eyes and cum hard.” I looked into her eyes and came, hard. It may not have been the greatest orgasm in the history of the world, but it was definitely in the top ten.

The creature smiled back at me, showing impossibly white teeth. His head turned and he looked intently in all directions. His expression changed from a smile to amazement. He looked around again, moving slowly. He paused for several minutes, looking toward the Space Center. He tilted his head to one side and then the other, seeming to listen closely to something only he could hear. Finally, he looked at me. I tried to keep a neutral expression on my face while not crapping in my shorts. “Is this your language?” he rumbled. I nodded, not trusting my voice. “I like it,” he said. “It’s ugly, but it has by far the largest vocabulary of any language I’ve encountered.” Except for the basso profondo voice, he sounded like a Harvard professor. Had he just learned the entire English language in less than ten minutes? It seemed that he had.

“Are your people familiar with my kind?” he asked.

I cleared my throat, trying to get control of my voice. “Only as legends,” I said. “We call you ‘Genies’. I’ve heard you called ‘Afrits’, too.”

He smiled. “Yes, we were called Afrits for many years. It’s a derivation of the word ‘frightener’. I’ll try not to frighten you. What have you heard of us?” I was going to have to be careful, now. I certainly didn’t want to offend this creature and I didn’t know what would offend him. I’d have to try to keep it polite and impersonal. Being turned into a thin red mist would be a poor ending to my little fishing trip.

“The most common story is about the ‘wishing game’,” I said. “The idea is that an Afrit grants a human a certain number of wishes, usually three. The human makes a mistake with the first wish and has to use the second wish to correct it. Then he uses the last wish for something stupid or trivial. The moral of the story is that most humans are morons who don’t take the time to think through their wishes or else they phrase their wishes in a way the Afrit can turn against them if he wants.”

The Afrit laughed. “That’s not far off the mark,” he chuckled. “I’ve played that game many times. It often ends as you say.” He grew serious. “I’ve been at rest for a very long time. There were few humans in this area when I came here. They were very primitive, using only stone and bone for their tools. Across the ocean, humans had covered the land. They fought constantly. Communication with them was difficult. They rarely had anything interesting to say. My own people aren’t very sociable. I grew bored and came here for a rest. I didn’t expect to be awakened for a long time, but it’s been much longer that I’d planned. I’m pleased that you found me. The next storm might have washed sand over me and buried me again. I don’t sense time passing when I’m at rest. I might not have been found for centuries, if ever.”

The Afrit smiled at me again. “Usually, I play the wishing game with those who awaken me. They’re almost always dull, crude, greedy, uninteresting folk. Often, I’m not happy to be disturbed and I allow them to make their mistakes and end up with nothing or nearly nothing. Sometimes they end up dead. After the game has ended, I look around and, if nothing interesting presents itself, I find a secluded place to rest. This time is different”. He waved his arm in a circle. “The world has changed almost beyond recognition. Humans have developed technology and governments that I wouldn’t have believed possible. They’re still often stupid and greedy and mad for power, but they’ve made enormous progress in spite of that. You’re a pretty normal man, but you’re well educated by your standards. I’ve looked into your mind and you’re totally without superstition or belief in any ‘supernatural’ beings.” He grinned at me. “Until now, that is. Such a thing was virtually unknown when I came here.”

“So,” he said, “I’m going to grant you wishes in a way that’s never been done before. I’m going to give you a certain amount of time to make wishes and I’ll grant all of them. How much time do you want?”

I was stunned. How long did I want? How about 50 years? How about 100 years? Hell, I’d settle for ten minutes. Or two. I certainly didn’t want to appear greedy. He might get pissed and call the whole thing off. Would he agree to a week or two? I didn’t want to push my luck. Maybe a few days.

I took a deep breath. “How does 100 hours sound?” I asked.

The Afrit laughed long and merrily as I sat there hoping I hadn’t asked for too much. “That was a good answer,” he said. “You’re more intelligent than I thought. It’s too long, though. I’ll give you 10 hours. Starting now.”

Linda kissed me and then slid my cock out of her. “Gotta pee,” she said and trotted into the bathroom. I followed more slowly. I turned on the shower and stepped in. A minute later, Linda joined me. We soaped each other, making sure to get all the good parts clean. Linda squirted some liquid soap onto her hands and began stoking my cock and balls. She sat on one of the built-in seats and pumped me steadily. “I want to watch you cum,” she whispered. “I want to feel you cum in my hand.”

I gripped the towel bar and put my other hand on the glass wall of the shower. Her hands were doing a well-practiced dance. She knew exactly how to give me the most stimulation and it took just a few minutes until I was ready. The first rope of cum hit her on the collarbone, the next just below it and the third on her breast. She continued to stroke me and I groaned as I came. “Don’t stop,” I gasped. “Keep going. Don’t stop.” She scooped some of my cum off her chest and added it to the slippery soap. She pumped me, using her thumb on the underside of my cock and her fingertips on my balls. She blew lightly on my wet cock, producing a tingling sensation. The sight of her jerking me off was tremendously erotic and in a few moments I was cumming again, grunting hard and barely able to breathe.

Linda’s movements slowed and she laughed like a delighted child. “I hope that felt as good as it looked. It looked fantastic!” I could only nod.

We rinsed the soap and cum off our bodies, dried each other, brushed our teeth and headed downstairs to the kitchen.

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