Sir Smiley and the Quest for the Scepter of Life

by Smiley Smith

Copyright© 2017 by Smiley Smith

Fantasy Sex Story: Sir Smiley's quest for the Scepter of life. Inspired by Monty Python Quest for the Holy Grail but entirely different.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Teenagers   Consensual   Fiction   MaleDom   Spanking   .

Inspired by: Monty Python’s, ‘Quest for the Holy Grail’ but it is very different.

In a parallel universe to ours:

Sir Smiley the Steel Handed, Knight of King Arthur’s Round Table, crawled out of the Black Swamp to the door of the Castle Black Plague and pounded on the door!

BANG!! BANG!! “Open up! Open up! I seek the Scepter of Life!”

Soot, dressed in a white nun like habit opened the door’s window, looked around and then down and said, “Oh there you are!! Oh, you are injured! Let me help you! I am Soot. Welcome to the Castle Black Plague. We don’t get many visitors here at Castle Black Plague, something about the name.”

Soot opened the door and helped Sir Smiley stand. She dragged Sir Smiley into a bedchamber and two young women, about twenty and wearing white night gowns, appeared. They were beautiful. Soot said, “These are Doctors Carrie and Ann! They will tend to your wounds and your every need.”

Sir Smiley looked at the doctors and said, “They look too young to be doctors, are you sure?”

Soot said, “They are well trained to see to your every need!” The doctors began removing the knight’s trousers.

Sir Smiley jumped off bed and said, “I am not injured there!”

Soot protests, “They must check every inch of you!”

Sir Smiley jumped up from the bed saying, “I saw the scepter! Where is it?!”

Sir Smiley ran into the next room where he finds a room of full of many young women in various stages of undress. Instead of screaming like Sir Smiley expected, they looked at him in awe and whispered, “A man!” Some of the women were naked; others were dressed in only a bra. Still others were dressed in a bra and bikini briefs. The rest were dressed in plain white night gowns like the doctors. The ones that were dressed started circling Sir Smiley with big smiles on their faces. Sir Smiley felt a stirring in his under garments. The rest of them dressed and joined the ones circling Sir Smiley.

Sir Smiley broke though the encirclement yelling, “I must find the scepter!” When he arrived at the door, he encountered a woman looking identical to Soot. “Out of my way Soot, I must find the Scepter of Life. I’ve seen it here! Where is it?!”

The woman says, “I am not Soot, I am Toot, Soot’s identical twin sister. We are seven score and ten women between the ages of eighteen and a half and twenty-two who are charged with protecting this castle. There is no holy scepter here though.”

“Yes, there is! I have seen it on the castle parapets!”

Toot replied, “Oh no! You saw the Castle’s beacon! Only Soot and I have the keys to that room! Bad Soot! Dirty, naughty, Soot! She must have set a light to the beacon. She must be punished! There is only one punishment for setting a light to the Castle beacon! You must find her and spank her!”

The ladies all started jumping up and down chanting, “A spanking! A spanking!” They acted like it was the event of a lifetime that they all wanted to see.

Sir Smiley bellowed, “No Scepter! How can she do such a thing! She should be spanked at least!”

Toot said, “Yes, you are right! You must find her, tie her to her bed, strip her and spank her. You must use your hand, a paddle, a switch and a strap. You must punish her well!”

Warming to the idea, Sir Smiley said, “Yes, she has earned a good spanking, paddling, switching and strapping!”

Toot continued, “Yes sir, she has earned that and more! When you are done spanking her you must have your way with her!”

“I should?”

“Yes and since at Castle Black Plague we all share the guilt of our sisters, you must punish me equally too!”

“I should?”

One of the other ladies said, “And me!”

The ladies each started saying, “And me!”

Toot said, “Yes, you must punish us all and well! Then you get to have your way with all of us!

“Then you should have us perform oral sex!

“Then we will have the orgy!”

Sir Smiley said, “We will?” His questioning look turned into an almost devilish wide smile. “Yes, I will!”

“You must do it right and do us one a day! Then you may start over and over again! You are the new Master of Castle Black Plague!”

Sir Smiley thought, ‘To hell with the scepter, let other knights pursue it! I have a new, more fun, job to do!’

At that point Soot entered the room. All eyes were on her! She smiled and said, “It looks like my dirty nasty sin has been discovered!”

Sir Smiley said, “Yes it has.”

Soot says, “You have decided on the traditional punishment?”

“Yes, I have!”

Her own devilish grin appeared, “Good, but you are going to have to catch me first.”

Soot dashed out of the room and she headed to the dungeon, where she knew everything was ready for him. Sir Smiley, in hot pursuit, bounded down the stairs two at a time, with the other ladies following. He was just steps behind her but he slowed to allow her time to get to the bottom floor of the tower. He did not want to rush her into tripping and falling down the stairs.

When she reached the bottom floor, she ran to the wall where she turned and faced Sir Smiley. Out of breath, she said, “Please stop for a second and let me remove the habit. It took so long to make. I don’t want it hurt.”

Sir Smiley came to about three feet from her and looked deep in her eyes. He could see she was telling the truth. “Very well remove it, but be quick about it or I will add to the strapping.” She was trembling as she tried to unbutton the back of her habit.

He looked at the other ladies and saw that they had all found seats in a gallery to eagerly watch the punishment and sex that was about to happen. “Toot, help her!” Toot ran to Soot’s side and assisted her with the unbuttoning of her habit. It did not take long before Soot was standing in her bikini briefs and bra. Toot took the habit and folded it as she returned to her seat.

The delay gave Sir Smiley time to consider the situation and glance around. Soot was brave, he gave her that. She and her sisters had obviously set this all up. They needed a man for their castle. He was originally mad at her, but now began to see things more clearly. The grail was supposed to heal all. Right then, he felt no pain. He walked up to Soot and told her to turn around. He loosened the buttons of her bra and pulled it off, tossing it into a corner of the room. He swatted her butt for the fun of it and told her to face him. She turned and shyly covered her breasts. He allowed her that modesty and then pulled down her briefs and let them fall to the ground. She was naked except for her slippers and socks. He initially intended to grab her by an earlobe and drag her to the bed. Since she was cooperating, he reconsidered that. He told her, “Go to the bed and take off your slippers and socks”.

Soot was naked and still trying to cover up. She walked over stiff legged and sat on the bed, then took off her slippers and socks. Sir Smiley said to her, “Lay face down on the bed and spread eagle.” She did so. He then secured her with the restraints. He did not make them too tight or stretch her more than needed. He left her a little room to move as she was punished. He said, “Feel free to put your head on the side if you are more comfortable.”

“Thank you, sir!” was Soot’s response.

Sir Smiley then took off his remaining armor and clothes, except for his lower garment. As she watched him undress, she could not help but notice his well-developed arms, hands, back and chest. She also had a good view of his hard, long, thick penis tenting his under garment and pointed straight at her. Sir Smiley mounted the bed behind, her, between her legs, and sat back on his heels. He rubbed his hands over her superb ass and squeezed. She shuddered.

As Sir Smiley began spanking her, her eyes went wide! This was nothing like when the girls did it when she was in training. It really hurts, she was to learn that he was being light with his slaps. He was using both hands and they were reddening her ass nicely. He increased the tempo and strength of the swats every so often. She was sobbing, in tears, as he worked over her butt.

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