After the Garden of Eden

by Smiley Smith

Copyright© 2017 by Smiley Smith

Fiction Sex Story: How Adam and Eve come to terms after God expels them from the Garden of Eden

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Far Past   MaleDom   Spanking   .

Adam was standing outside the Garden of Eden listening to God eject him. It was totally unfair. Eve was the one who gave him the apple from the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. How was he to know, all the apples looked the same?

He looked at Eve and said, “How could you do that? It was the one and only thing that God said we could not do!”

“I am sorry Adam. That serpent dared me and I did it. I don’t know what I was thinking.”

“You were not thinking, you always act on impulse. You hurt me as well as you. I am very upset and angry with you. I cannot ever trust you again! Leave me!”

“Adam please forgive me!”

Adam just walked away. He would not speak to her for a month. Soon Adam learned to kill small game for food. He learned to make spears and shoes. While Adam missed Eve, he was of a mind that she was not worth the trouble.

Meanwhile as he watched the animals play. He knew that male animals and female animals had a funny way to play where the male rammed his penis into the female. It did not make sense to him but the male seemed to be overjoyed when he was done. The Adam also noticed how the male animal gathered females to himself and how he protected them and his cubs. He also noticed how the male disciplined his females and kept the female away from other males.

One day, Adam was out hunting, and heard a blood-curdling scream that could only have come from Eve. There was another scream and he determined the direction it was coming from and ran that way. He suddenly felt protective of Eve. He ran into meadow near where he knew the bear had its den. He knew to stay away from it. The bear and its cubs were about twenty yards away from Eve. They had her cornered against a rock out cropping at the edge if the meadow. She was about to be bear food.

The bear was teaching her cubs to hunt and was slowly approaching the prey. It knew it had the fleshy white thing cornered. Adam ran toward the bear and Eve, screaming at the top of his lungs. The screaming scared the mother bear, who first turned to the new threat and then decided to live and eat another day. It quickly turned and ran into the trees with the cubs in hot pursuit. Eve ran to Adam. She said, “Thank you Adam you saved my life! I miss you! I am so sorry!”

Adam noticed a strange stirring in his loins; his penis grew in length just like the elephants did. A strange thought began to enter his mind; he wanted to put his penis into Eve’s front hole. He had no idea why but it seemed like a good idea.

Still this female was more trouble than she was worth. Her furs were torn and she looked very dirty. He thought about why the animals disciplined their cubs. It was because they did something dangerous or ruined the hunt. He noticed how they swatted at the cub’s hindquarters.

He thought about how branches of trees often hit his skin and cause bruising and cuts, but the pain, cuts and bruises went away.

Suddenly he realized that he could do the same to Eve with his hands. He could discipline her for doing dangerous things. He could even use a stick to punish her for getting them kicked out of the Garden of Eden. He decided it was not worth it though. He turned and walked back to his cave.

Eve started to cry and beg him to take her into his cave. “I always feel safe when you are around. I cannot make up to you for getting us kicked out the garden, but there must be some way for you to give me a chance. Please?”

Soon Adam out distanced Eve and after running to catch up a couple of times Eve gave up for the time being. Eve followed him to his cave. She started nagging Adam about letting her back into his life. “We are the only two humans. God gave man dominion over woman. How are you going to dominate me if you don’t let be into your cave. I’ll do anything. Please!”

Adam was not listening; this female had ruined his life. Eventually she fell asleep outside the cave. Adam went to sleep too.

God was watching overhead. He did not like the way things were going. He decided to fix things, so he sent to Adam a dream where Eve was over Adam’s lap getting a hand spanking for endangering herself with the bear. Later that night he sent another with Eve’s arms tied around a tree with a vine. Adam was giving Eve a hard switching for getting them thrown out of the Garden of Eden. God sent another dream where Eve’s ass was a much brighter red than it would normally be, and Adam was pleasuring himself from behind. Adam noticed in all the dreams that Eve was naked and being spanked.

God sent the same dreams to Eve and she understood what she was going to have to endure to make things right. Eve was more than ready to sacrifice her butt flesh. As far as Eve went, if Adam wanted to put his penis there and it would make him happy, she did not care. Little did she know. God was punishing her with that surprise. God sent her an extra dream about using her mouth on Adam’s penis and making him feel good. She knew she was to wait until Adam was done with his plans before trying it.

The next morning Adam went out to hunt and ordered Eve to stay put. She said she would. Adam discovered ten long narrow sticks where an angel of God had left them. Adam, used to naming things, called them switches. In another place, he found a long thin but strong vine that was perfect to tie Eve up with. Adam, called it a rope. He then found a long thin piece of bamboo. Adam, called it a cane. Adam then found strange looking strip of leather that was about four feet long and three inches wide. Adam, called it a strap. He went into the woods and found a flat piece of wood. Adam, called it a paddle. He didn’t immediately know what to with them until he accidentally smacked his hand with the cane and his palm turned bright red and stung like hell. He used the paddle on his hand and it stung too.

Adam decided God had given him enough hints and realized then that it was time to fix the situation with Eve and how to do it. He walked back to the cave.

When Eve saw Adam with the rope, switches, strap, cane and paddle she knew she was in for a long day of pain and lecturing. It scared her but it also thrilled her because Adam cared enough about her to do it. He wanted to put things back together too. She was going to let Adam do anything to her at any time he thought she deserved it. She would even remind him if he forgot to punish her. She was going to cater to his every wish. She would make him happy any way she could. He was her master.

Adam walked up to Eve and said, “If you want to fix this with me, you have to be punished. You are going to be spanked, hard over the next few hours to learn your new condition.

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