Using Gabriel 3: the Generals

by ChrisCross

Copyright© 2017 by ChrisCross

Erotica Sex Story: In the third installment of the Austrian baron Wilhelm von Sternburg pimping the fourteen-year-old ripe and randy--and now highly experienced--American-English boy, Gabriel, to enhance his munitions manufacturing deals in the Europe of 1935, the baron gives Gabriel to two Wehrmacht generals and assorted other men at his Austrian chalet.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/mt   Consensual   Gay   BiSexual   Fiction   Historical   Military   BDSM   DomSub   MaleDom   Rough   Sadistic   Gang Bang   Anal Sex   Oral Sex   Size   Prostitution   .

Fourteen-year-old Gabriel Beaventon rolled out of bed on the second floor of Baron von Sternburg’s chalet in the Austrian Alps, wrapped himself in the semen-stained sheet from the bed, and padded over to the window overlooking the chalet’s forecourt. He had been alerted to the arrival of the German generals by the sound of the bells on the sleigh that had brought the Wehrmacht military officers up from the village train station at the foot of the mountain. His mother, Katherine Hardy, was being handed out of the sleigh by one of the generals. There was no doubt they were generals. They were all decked out in their Nazi uniforms, those of the Heer, the German army that had been newly uniformed to emphasize the military might of Adolf Hitler’s resurgent German nation.

The baron, dressed in an Austrian military uniform that Gabriel hadn’t seen him in before, had just come out of the main entry to the chalet below. The baron’s German ski instructor, Horst, who Gabriel was to start working with in the afternoon, learning to ski better being the whole ostensible reason that Gabriel and his American mother had been invited to the baron’s chalet for the week, was standing in the snow beside the entry door. The white ski outfit he was dressed in that almost made him disappear into the white of the new snow that had fallen on the mountain overnight. As Gabriel recalled from a fleeting look at the man earlier, though, he was a real hunk--the model for the master race Hitler’s propagandists had been trumpeting. Gabriel cared more that the man was a hunk and he’d be working with him than how Germanic he was in the current political climate.

That Katherine had gone down with the driver in the sleigh to pick the generals up was no accident, Gabriel thought. He knew she was under the impression that they were guests here of the baron’s, as they had been the previous month, April 1935, in Morocco, because of the affair Katherine and the baron were having. Gabriel now understood, after being initiated by the baron in Morocco beach resort cabana and earlier in the week here being fucked yet again by the baron and used by him as a chit in an arms deal in Italy being brokered by an Italian bishop, that the baron was more interested in him, a fourteen-year-old, no longer virginal, boy than in his mother. Gabriel also clearly understood now that continuing to be made masterful love to by the baron necessitated prostituting himself for the baron in his business schemes.

The German generals were engaged with Sternburg in such a scheme.

The baron had only recently left Gabriel’s bed, fucking him in multiple positions, with several ejaculations each--thus the semen-stained sheet, as the baron barebacked but he withdrew when he could before releasing his seed. Gabriel, young and fit, had arced his releases wherever on the bed they ended up landing. Gabriel now knew he was to give the generals service too.

It had been just before the baron gave up his seed for the second time, when he had Gabriel in the crab position, the baron on his back on the bed, and Gabriel stretched out above him, his hands reaching back for the top edge of the headboard behind the baron’s head, his legs bent, feet on the mattress on either side of the baron’s thighs, the baron holding him by the waist, and Gabriel rising and falling on the cock buried in his passage, that the baron informed him that the two German generals were about to arrive who the baron had business dealings with. At the time Gabriel assumed he was being informed of this as explanation of why the baron, who had masterful control of himself, was going to end the lovemaking with this crab position and give Gabriel his ejaculate.

It was only later, as Gabriel lay sprawled out on the semen-stained sheet and the baron dressed in his military uniform that Sternburg had told Gabriel that the boy had a role in the business dealings with the German generals--that Gabriel was to lie under them individually--or together--as and when they desired and that Gabriel was to give them the same quality of satisfaction that Gabriel gave the baron. There was no question that the baron’s continued attentions to Gabriel depended on Gabriel’s willingness to serve the baron’s guests.

Rather than off-putting, Gabriel found this dichotomy of the baron’s total absorption with Gabriel’s body and sexual needs in bed and his cold-blooded approach to pimping the boy to serve his business interests arousing.

Katherine had obviously been asked to go with the sleigh driver down to the train station to pick the generals up so that the baron could be alone with Gabriel. The sleigh had no sooner started its way down the mountain before the baron was in Gabriel’s bedroom, in Gabriel’s bed--and inside Gabriel, bouncing a willing boy on his cock.

The baron fucked Gabriel for an hour and a half while the boy’s mother was safely away from the chalet, manipulating the boy’s flexible, smooth-skinned body every which way in demanding positions, while the man’s impossibly thick and long cock played the boy’s tight, but resilient passage, entered through a small, puckered hole, which the baron watched, with pleasure, stretch and expand to the sounds of the lad’s moans and groans to accommodate the penetration.

Gabriel was the perfect boy lay for the baron. He had the aspect of an angel, all golden curls, small, but perfectly shaped, smooth and resilient-skinned body on the cusp of developing into a man, and seeming innocence and a tight, slowly yielding fit as the baron penetrated him. Gabriel’s hole and passage had the elasticity to close down after a fucking and thus feel virginal to a man penetrating him for the first time after Gabriel had rested. As a fuck went on, though, Gabriel opened up fully and turned into a wanton whore as he was fucked interminably in multiple positions. It was just these qualities that had prompted Sternburg to pick the lad out and cultivate him as an aid in the baron’s munitions industry business dealings.

There were so many other men in power in munitions deals like Baron Wilhelm von Sternburg as Europe geared up for war. The Wehrmacht generals, Eric Becker and Reinhard von Clausen, responsible for acquiring arms and ammunition for the Heer--the German army under Hitler--were two such men.

The baron had discovered that the two shared his fetish with fourteen-year-old boys too.

As he stared down on the introductions being made in the chalet’s forecourt, Gabriel gathered his first impressions of the generals. They were a study in contrast. One, the one handing Katherine out of the sleigh, was thin, patrician, dark, and had ferret-like sharp features that somehow conveyed that he was both intelligent and a schemer. His hair was slicked back, his dressed was well tailored and impeccably cut and pressed, his long-fingered hands were manicured, and he was wearing a monocle. There was the hint of a saber slice across his cheek, a trophy of military men of an earlier era than that of Hitler. This belied what might have been the initial impression that he was too effete to be a general in Hitler’s army. When he moved, it was studied, like a dancer. He more glided than walked.

In contrast, the other general was a primitive animal, tall, muscular, and broad shouldered--a seeming crude and dull-witted peasant to the other general’s patrician aspect. The large-bodied general moved with power, though, commanding the space, and it wouldn’t take long to jettison the thought that he was in any way dull minded.

He was blond and florid, his features handsome in combination, but raw and crude when observed individually. He was clearly a man of the Hitler era, and it also was clear that he was the more commanding of the two. Gabriel shivered from the thought of how direct and cruel this man probably could be in his taking. It frightened the boy, but it also aroused him. He had wondered where the edge to being taken hard, cruelly would be with the man. He knew he’d never understand where that edge was until and unless he was taken to the edge. This general looked like a man who would do that.

This second general ignored Katherine and went straight to where the baron and the ski instructor, Horst, were standing. The three spoke briefly and then the general entered the chalet and Horst walked off toward the stables and other dependency buildings. Katherine entered the chalet, and the patrician general approached the baron. Sternburg and the general spoke briefly, with the baron, at one point, gesturing up toward the window where Gabriel stood and the general looking up too. The look of lust in the general’s eyes was palpable. The two men entered the chalet.

Less than twenty minutes later, Gabriel only having had time to return the sheet to the bed, shower in the en suite bath, and pull on silk underdrawers, there was a rap on his bedroom door. The door opened immediately without Gabriel having had time to respond, to reveal the baron, at one side, pushing the door open, and the patrician general standing in the doorway, licking his lips, his eyes seeking out the form of Gabriel, and his hand on his crotch. Sternburg gave Gabriel a meaningful look--no other command or direction was necessary--as the general entered the room. The door shut, leaving the general and Gabriel alone.

The baron had told him he would be needed this way--to be used by the generals. But he hadn’t been told would start within an hour of their arrival.

“Take off your underdrawers and sit on the end of the bed, please,” the general said calmly. Gabriel understood German well enough to know what was being asked of him, and, with a sigh, he complied. As he did so, the general, who Gabriel was going to learn was named Reinhard von Clausen, as the other general was General Erik Becker, unbuttoned his fly and pulled out a thin, but long, upcurved erection.

Without further preliminaries, Gabriel was lying back on the bed, staring at the ceiling, his legs hooked on the general’s shoulders, while the general expertly and efficiently sucked his cock to an erection and ate out his puckering hole to the point where Gabriel was moaning and begging for the cock. The general then rose, and still fully clothed, only his long erection curving up from his belly, hovered over Gabriel, the boy’s ankles still hooked on the general’s shoulders, ran his cock up inside Gabriel’s passage, exclamation at first at how tight Gabriel was, but soon at how quickly his passage opened, while the boy arched his back, murmured “Yes, yes, yes,” and moaned. The general proceeded to efficiently and without passion fuck and fuck and fuck the beautiful boy in long strokes of the upcurved, thin cock. It seemed that stamina was one of the general’s strong points.

Gabriel’s eyes bugged out as the general reached deeper and deeper up into him with each stroke. The baron was thick and long, but none of the men who had been inside Gabriel in that last two months had been this long, could reach this deep, dragged their cock heads along his passage walls deep, as this man did. This was a master cocksman.

“Oh, god, yes. Oh shit. Oh fuck,” Gabriel whimpered as he felt the muscles of his passage walls come alive, ripple over the thrusting cock, and drawing it deeper inside him. “Yes, yes. Fuck me! Hard! Deep!” he cried out, no longer on assignment for the baron--wanting every inch of the general. He swiveled his hips, moving the head of the curved cock around on his inner walls. Gabriel’s passion--quite unexpectedly--was in play a long time before the general melted to the fuck, but Clausen couldn’t hold out to the charms and yielding of the beautiful boy forever.

The general stiffened, fighting hard to hold off his ejaculation, and grunted. “You’re a wanton little bitch,” he whispered, and then laughed a guttural laugh coming up from deep inside him. “Well worth the favor. Sweet, yielding. so tight. So sweet. But not the complete innocent you seem. Delicious. A boy whore worthy of my cock.”

Grabbing the general’s head between his hands--the first time the boy had made a gesture to touch the man fucking him--Gabriel pulled the general’s face down to his and opened his lips to the general, who snaked his tongue inside Gabriel’s mouth and possessed the boy’s tongue, sucking on it as Gabriel moaned.

Coming out of the deep, accepting kiss, the conquering General von Clausen, hands gripping Gabriel’s waist and pulling the lad into him with every deep thrust, laughed and fucked on. Surrendering wholly, with a sigh, completely captive to the general’s cock, Gabriel relaxed, opening his channel up entirely to the mastering general and allowing the victorious cock to possess him ever deeper. Fully into the fuck--it no longer being about what the baron wanted him to do--Gabriel raised up, wrapped his arms around the general’s chest, set his pelvis in counterthrust, and swiveled his hips, taking the caressing cock head on every surface. He cried out his passion at each deep thrust inside him. Using exquisite timing control, the general managed to bring them off nearly simultaneously, and, exhausted, Gabriel fell back onto the sheets, the semen stains there now augmented.

He looked up dreamily into the general’s eyes. He was conquered and the general knew it. Von Clausen held there, deep inside Gabriel’s passage, recovering, smiling a cruel, but satisfied, smile at the boy he was controlling, who he had mastered. After a couple of minutes, he was hard again and once more started the long strokes, sliding more freely now in the ejaculate from the previous taking. The general was barebacking Gabriel and he had not withdrawn before ejaculating. Sighing and moaning, Gabriel turned his head to the side, concentrating on being as fully open to the thrusting, mastering cock as possible, letting the general have whatever he wanted. And the general wanted everything--total submission.

General von Clausen left the fourteen-year-old boy, Gabriel, lying, entangled in the semen-stained sheet, arms and legs akimbo, panting lightly and moaning softly at having been completely--and unexpectedly--conquered, pillaged, and gloriously ravished.

Gabriel joined the others for lunch an hour after General von Clausen left him. It was a tribute to his youth and vitality that he had been able to recover that quickly.

The general was all smooth conversation and fawning attention, although that attention was going to the baron and to Gabriel’s mother, Katherine, who was soaking the praise up, although she occasionally looked over the baron with a questioning look. This elicited nods of approval and encouragement. For the first time, Gabriel got the idea that his mother was as ensnared by the baron’s charms, charisma, and schemes as he had been--and that she too might have an assignment in helping Sternburg land a munitions contract with the Wehrmacht. Clausen, although polite to the boy, gave Gabriel no special attention--certainly nothing life the attention he was giving him an hour earlier, when his was rhythmically pumping him with his cock.

For his part, Gabriel had difficulty not to melt at General von Clausen’s feet after the total ravishing he had received from the general. Gabriel wasn’t so experienced that he could be indifferent at having been used by a master. He had trouble hiding the awe he now accorded the man. Knowing that the general had had his way with his protégé, the baron looked at Gabriel’s reaction to the man now with mixed regard--and perhaps with a bit more appreciation and wariness of Clausen than he initially accorded the man. The general obviously had been pleased with Gabriel’s services but the baron needed Gabriel to worship him above all others. He would have to walk around this general--and possibility the other as well--with greater respect.

The attention to Gabriel came from the other general, Erik Becker, who sat, mostly silent, wolfing down food and glowering at Gabriel like he wished to eat the boy too. Gabriel smiled shyly for the man and lowered his eyes in submission. Gabriel well understood by now the code of those with animal tastes. The lowering of the eyes and head were a sign of submission. The general gave him a smile of understanding. They both knew that the general’s feasting on Gabriel would have its time.

“Gabriel has a ski lesson later this afternoon,” the baron said. “It will be a strenuous workout, so it might be best for him to retire for a nap before that.”

“I too think I will retire for a nap,” Katherine said, giving General von Clausen a small smile.

“I too,” Clausen said, returning her smile.

“I have come for the skiing,” Becker said, gruffly. “I will be out on the slopes.” His intense stare at Gabriel challenged that remark, though.

As Gabriel went to his room, he was wondering if Becker would go directly to the slopes or arrive there via Gabriel’s bedroom. He more than half expected to be visited in his room directly by the general. He wasn’t, though, and having been exhausted by the cocks of both the baron and General von Clausen, Gabriel was grateful and drifted immediately off into sleep.

When Gabriel woke It was time for him to have his skiing lesson with Horst, the German ski instructor. Bundled up, Gabriel stopped by his mother’s room, where he’d been told she’d retired for a nap, to check on whether she was all right.

She seemed more than all right. She was lying on her back on the bed in just her petticoats with her bodice flapping open. She was taking care of the apparently varied needs of the monocled General von Clausen, as Gabriel somehow thought she’d be expected to do, if the general’s preferences were broad, which they obviously were. Her legs were spread and bent, and her fists were gripping the rungs of the headboard above her head. Her luxurious blonde hair was streaming out in all directions from her head. Her back was arched, her pendulous breasts jutting up into the general’s hands, which were rhythmically squeezing them to match the thrusts of his cock inside her cunt. He wasn’t as deep inside her as he had been in Gabriel; if he’d had been, he probably would have ruptured something. Katherine didn’t seem to mind how deep he was inside her, though. His knees were pressed in under her raised buttocks. Gabriel couldn’t see the movement of the cock because of the frilly piles of crinolines bunched up around Katherine’s waist, but he could tell by the flash in her eyes and the slackness of her mouth that she was being vigorously and deeply fucked. He felt his asshole pucker up and the muscles of his channel wall ripple in remembrance of what the general could provide.

Gabriel just shook his head, silently closed the door, and went out to the top of the ski slope. The baron and the other general, obviously expert skiers, were already racing down the slope. They returned by a sleigh driven by one of the outside workmen, and then went down the slope again. They did this several times while Gabriel was receiving his lesson from Horst. While he was getting this instruction, other men of the outside staff gathered around to watch, including the master of horses, a groundskeeper, and the woodsman, a giant of a man, nearly seven feet tall. Sometime during the lesson Gabriel noticed that the men were gone, and he vaguely remembered that they had piled into the sleigh and gone down the mountain road for what he presumed was another pickup for the baron and General Becker.

This was about the same time Gabriel noticed he was creating sparks with Horst, the ski instructor. Horst was holding him closer to show ski positions and moves, and despite the thickness of the white ski pants, Gabriel had felt the hardness of the instructor’s cock when he’d stood close behind Gabriel to show him how to lean with the skis as he moved downhill--sideways and forward and back. About the time Gabriel noticed how intimate this closeness had become, it became more intimate. Horst came in for a kiss and the motion of his hips against Gabriel’s rump no longer was demonstrating ski moves. Gabriel was being dry humped.

“Horst, please,” Gabriel murmured.

“Leave off,” Horst said, with a growl. “I know you open your legs for the baron and anyone he points to. I can show you what a young man can do with a willing boy.” He brutally attacked Gabriel’s mouth with a kiss and Gabriel slowly gave in to him. Pulling out of the kiss, the German laughed. “I thought so,” he said.

Horst was a beefy, handsome man. Gabriel had become a randy submissive, wanting and needing attention frequently. He went with the follow-up kiss and made no effort to stop the dry humping. They stood there for several minutes, the ski instructor bent over Gabriel’s back, embracing him close, moving his pelvis against Gabriel’s buttocks.

Sighing, Gabriel whispered, “If you want, you can. Not in the house, though. The stables are nearby. Take me on the hay, like an animal. You are treating me like an animal in heat. You may fuck me like an animal, if you please.”

Surprisingly, Horst answered. “No need. In a little while you will have all of the animal fucking you can handle.”

If Horst had wanted him to go on all fours and for the two of them to rearrange their clothing, Gabriel would have been happy to take the instructor’s cock right there and then, in the snow, at the top of the novice ski run. Rutting like two animals. The baron was right. He was a wanton whore. He’d take the cock of any man who wanted him. The baron had conditioned him to this. He had no real care how nice it was; if it could get inside him enough to work his prostate, stretch his channel, and sink deep in his passage, that would be fine with him.

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