After Leahs Wedding

by Mick2016

Copyright 2016 to Mick2016

Erotica Sex Story: This addendum to Nick Scipio's "Summer Camp" is fan fiction and not canon. Since the Summer Camp series is Paul's story, many side stories never get told and always left open questions for me. This story is one I needed to hear told. Big Ed Magnusson's series is following Chris Coulter. This is my version of what happened after Leah's wedding and is published with the permission of Big Ed and Nick.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Father   Daughter   InLaws   Swinging   Indian Female   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Oral Sex   Tit-Fucking   Nudism   .

This addendum to Nick Scipio’s “Summer Camp” is fan fiction and not canon. Since the Summer Camp series is Paul’s story, many side stories never get told and always left open questions for me. This story is one I needed to hear told.

Big Ed Magnusson’s series is following Chris Coulter. This is my version of what happened after Leah’s wedding and is published with the permission of Big Ed and Nick.

The wedding rehearsal had gone off without a hitch and the wedding itself even more so. At the reception in the Coulters back yard, there was much drinking and dancing, but no nudity or sex since there were so many “civilians” attending the event from Marks side of the family. Without the sex to occupy him, Chris had gotten very drunk and when he and Elizabeth went to bed they were both to out of it for sex.

Apparently the same applied to all of the Coulter women and their husbands. Even Leah and Mark seemed to be too pooped to pop as they retired to the guest house, while Kara and Victor slept in Leah’s room and Gina and her husband slept in her old room and the house was eerily quiet as it quickly darkened after the last guests had left.

The following morning everyone seemed to be up and moving around at a reasonable hour. Coffee was being made and breakfast was coming together by ad hoc committee. Surprisingly the last to stir out of their bedroom had been Chris and Elizabeth. During an early trip to the bathroom, Kara had heard the sounds of a quiet, yet slightly heated discussion coming from her parents’ bedroom. The eldest Coulter daughter listened quietly, but could only make out the emotion of the exchange but not its content.

No one had taken the time to dress and the girls and their spouses were sitting on towels around the kitchen table chatting softly trying to ease the pain of their collective hangovers. When her parents came to the kitchen, Kara eyed them with concern. Elizabeth caught her eldest daughters’ eye and made a slight smile.

After all had eaten breakfast, and consumed an amount of coffee that had chased most of the tiredness and some of the hangovers away, Elizabeth asked everyone outside into the beautiful Spring morning air. Chris removed the cover from the new huge hot tub and he and Elizabeth sat down in the soothing water and asked the kids to join them.

Mark and Leah walked arm in arm to the tub. They acted like they had just shared their first night together. Kara and Victor moved in behind the youngest couple, hugging their coffee cups like an old married couple. Gina reached to her husband, took hold of his morning wood and led him to the tub. He allowed himself to be lead with feigned reluctance. When all four couples were comfortably nestled into their places, each sitting next to their spouse, Elizabeth spoke.

“Well here we all are!” She paused to take a sip of her tea. “Over the years we have always marked our special occasions with some sort of get together and shared the joy, and each other, with our closest friends.”

Chris piped in, “We also made rules, and made changes to them, so that as the girls got older and more grown up, they could join in if they so choose. Sometimes it led to problems, as some of you remember from a few years back when Elizabeth and I were having a rough patch.”

Kara looked at Elizabeth with her concerned daughter face being undetected by the other family members. Elizabeth looked Kara straight in the eye and said “The night that I broke the rules with Kara, I did so because I felt that since she was married, she could handle the situation. Your father did not like it, mostly because he and I had not spoken together about changing the rules beforehand.”

Chris softly added, “In the news gathering business, I have seen too many children come out of sexual situations with their families and be damaged for life. The last thing I wanted to do was to hurt my girls. I love you all more than life itself and I was not about to do anything that might hurt any of you. I also feel that you needed a father more than you needed another lover.”

“Over the years”, Elizabeth continued, “we allowed Kara and Victor to join us in our get-togethers as equal adults. We did the same after Gina and you,” (she looked at Gina’s husband as she gave him an elbow), “got married, although Chris mostly remained separate as an observer where you girls were concerned.”

“But there was that time when Daddy was fucking Beth from behind while she was going down on me and after he had pulled out of Beth he came on my tits” Gina explained.

Chris explained, “That was after your Mom and I had agreed that some activity was allowed from the waist up but if you remember I still did not touch you”

Elizabeth continued with her presentation, “Many of the early knock-down, drag out fights between Leah and I were based around her being left out of our get togethers, especially back when Paul was not around”

“That and your insistence that she become a doctor” Chris chimed in shortly before Elizabeth elbowed him for butting in.

“Noisy old goat!” Elizabeth seemed serious, until a smile broke her stern face; she continued, “Where was I? Oh, yes, our get togethers. Chris and I spoke last night before the reception and the weekend just did not seem right without all of us getting together to mark this special occasion. Since so many of last night’s guests are not involved in the lifestyle, Chris and I would like to share this occasion just inside the family and this morning seemed to be the best time to do it.”

“So without any further ado, I propose that all of the Coulter women give their men a good time, especially since I am now the only woman in the family still named Coulter!”

Without another word Elizabeth sat up on the tiled edge of the hot tub and pulled Chris’s head between her legs. As Chris eagerly began to lick and suck his favorite pussy, Elizabeth urged the other women to do the same. Kara, Gina, and Leah looked at each other quizzically and finally complied, mimicking their mothers’ actions.

The husbands all took to their duties in an orderly fashion taking the time to add their own special little touches, learned over the years of ministering to the Coulter women’s pussies. Chris knew that Elizabeth loved to have her clit suckled; while Kara liked to have hers nibbled. Gina enjoyed it when her husband used his tongue to run around between her outer and her inner lips pausing to wiggle his tongue at her clit.

Mark just liked eating Leah. He loved smearing his face all over her dark and beautiful pussy. He loved the taste and the color and the smell and the shape and had learned that Leah loved that he did not just use the act as foreplay but enjoyed the fact that he could just make love to her pussy for hours.

At different times each couple switched places and the women each gave their man an equal amount of oral love. Elizabeth used her decades of experience to drive Chris right to the edge but she stopped just before he could finish. Kara had learned to take Victor all the way down her throat and she used the muscles in the back of her neck to massage the head of Victors organ.

Gina could still not take her favorite dick into her throat because of its thickness but she made love to it better than any other woman ever had and her husband would always show his love by shooting huge loads into her welcoming mouth.

Leah enjoyed making love to Mark’s throbbing cock as much as she enjoyed the love he made to her pussy. She enjoyed the feeling of rubbing his member around her face and cuddling it against her cheek while it was still slick from her mouth.

As if by plan all of the men started to groan and breathe hard and, as if being lead by an orchestra leader, all, except Chris, came within seconds of the each other shooting their loads into the appreciative throats of the Coulter women.

After a short period of recovery for the men, each of the women stood, turned and bent over the edge of the hot tub, spreading their legs and opening up their inviting pussies for their men. One of the common traits of a Coulter-loving man, other than the love of coming in their wives mouths, was that they all remained hard after their initial orgasm. Chris placed the head of his cock at Elizabeth’s inviting opening and pressed into the mother of three. Her pussy nearly as tight as it had been when he placed the seed that would be Kara in her womb when she was a nineteen year old school girl in England.

He moved in and out of her delicious sex with the same love and passion that he had the first time all those years ago. He cherished the feeling as her wonderful wet inner walls caressed his cock with each movement. He relished the feeling of his balls slapping her clit and the warmth of her skin as he pressed his hips against the wonderful soft brown skin of her ass as he probed to her depths. Kara and Victor were just as deeply in touch with each other and Gina, as always, just loved the feeling of having her husband’s organ split her and make her feel filled again and again, with not just lust, but with a long felt love. Leah and Mark had been having sex for the fewest number of years, only since their junior year in high school, and were really still trying to figure out just how deep their physical love could be. It seemed that each time they made love their souls touched in a deeper and more intimate fashion that before.

Mark came before the other men and he loudly shot his come deep into the womb of his new bride. He had been using condoms for the last 30 days while Leah got off the pill. They decided to get pregnant on the wedding night and Mark had shot the Magic Bullet into her and set the seed of their first child the night before with the great relief that not using a condom brings.

In turn, Kara and Elizabeth took their husbands offerings deep in their pussies pushing back hard against their man’s hips and trying to get the tip of their cocks as deep as possible into their bellies. Leave it to Gina, however, to feel her husband swelling and pull off of him and dive onto his cock just in time to savor each hot drop in her mouth.

They all settled back into the tub in their shared afterglow and Elizabeth spoke again.

“Chris and I have been considering this for awhile. After the drama of the past few years, between my adventures and Chris sometimes having to find solace with some of our friends, we have had some hard times, but it was not until this morning that we both finally agreed and have come to a comfortable place. Since Leah is now under the care of her very own husband and is now a woman fully grown, and our nest is officially empty, Chris and I have decided...”

“Oh no! You’re getting a divorce!” The outburst came from Kara.

“What!” “No!” “Are you nuts?” exclamations where flying out of everyone’s mouths.

Kara quietly and hesitantly continued, “I’m sorry, I heard you two arguing this morning while I was walking to the bathroom.”

“Hush! All of you!” Elizabeth raised her voice, exerting the motherly control she had mastered long ago.

Chris spoke first, “We are not getting a divorce! Kara, my love, you completely misunderstood what you were hearing”

“Chris and I are not getting divorced, ever!”

“I would rather have my dick ripped off than even contemplate leaving your mother.” Chris continued very calmly and then he paused for effect.

“Since all of you girls are now adult women and since you have all expressed your wants over the years, I have decided that I should join the small, very exclusive and satisfied group of men who can honestly say that they have had all of the Coulter women.”

The silence was deafening. The men just looked around at each other. The women shared glances until Kara finally exclaimed, “Daddy!” and jumped across the tub at her father embracing him with a firm hug.

Gina and Leah got it next.

“As I said, I love you girls with all of my heart and I would never do anything to hurt you. You have all grown into fine, strong, intelligent, professional women. You have made your mother and me very proud. Each of you, over the years, has expressed a love for me that I did not feel comfortable with. On a few occasions some of us even came dangerously close to consummating our relationships.”

“It was always in the back of my head that you all needed a father in your lives as a place to go for stability and support; my place was to be a foundation for our family. Each of you now has the base and foundation of your own family. So I am no longer worried about ruining your lives.”

“So”, Elizabeth broke in, “I have been with all of you men, and loved it every time, I might add. You girls have all had a relationship with each other for years. Each of you men has been with each of the girls at your own get togethers. The only one out of the loop has been Chris.”

“And I” Chris interjected, “would like to set some rules.”

Everyone groaned.

“Hey! I am the one making the big change here. I am the one to set the ground rules as to how that change will happen. I am the one that has to feel comfortable here!”

“Therefore, I would like for all of the guys to stay right where they are and take care of the women while I go into the guest bedroom, first with Kara, followed by Gina and then Leah and if at that point I am not dead, I would like to finish with my very own personal sex goddess.”

“Well spoken, you old goat”

“I want to do it this way because this is going to seem more intimate than when I just have sex with friends at our get togethers and I want to be totally focused on each of you, one at a time. I feel like I am losing my virginity.”

Chris got up and stepped out of the tub. He reached down and took Kara’s outstretched hand. Kara kissed Victor very softly and lovingly and got out of the tub. With their arms around each other Chris and his oldest daughter walked into the guest house.

The others remaining in the hot tub looked at each other in a state of awe and disbelief. Elizabeth said, “You men cannot understand how difficult this is for Chris. You girls understand. So while Kara is off with my husband, I would like to have Victor with me. The rest of you can move around the tub as you would like.”

Gina’s husband slid over and joined Leah. Gina was joined by Mark.

Each couple repeated the acts they had done to begin the morning. The women sat on the side of the tub and the men moved to softly kiss and lick each woman’s inner thigh before moving to the warm folds of each woman’s sex. It was almost as if each man was honoring the occasion by being as loving and tender as possible to the woman in their care.

Mark looked up at Gina, “I’m just going to get you warmed up. I don’t want you to come and not be ready for your dad.”

Gina looked down at her new brother-in-law and spoke with a firm determination in her voice, “If you don’t make me come, I will kick your ass!”

That pretty much broke up the solemnity of the occasion and everyone laughed and got down to just trying to fuck their partners silly.

In the guest house, Chris and Kara walked into the bedroom. It was a mess from Mark and Leah’s wedding night. Apparently the kids had not been as tired as everyone else seemed to have been. Kara stripped off the sheets and got new ones from the closet. Chris closed the drapes and helped Kara make the bed.

When the housekeeping was done they hugged closely and Chris felt his erection rise against Kara’s velvety pussy, for the first time without feeling extremely uncomfortable. He was in the arms of his daughter, but also the woman who had broken the barriers first. She was firm and strong and warm and sexy and if he had any doubts that he would be able to perform, those doubts went away as soon as Kara pushed him onto his back on the bed, turned around and sank between his legs. In a moment, Kara had her dads’ dick in her mouth and she savored the feeling and the taste for the first time in years.

Chris pulled a pillow under his head so that he could place his face right up and into Karas’ pussy. Kara let out a gasp as her fathers’ tongue eased its’ way around her sex. He slid it up and down along her labia stopping occasionally to nibble the extended flesh. He spread her ass and slid his thumb into her wet opening and then drew circles around her brown pucker. He dipped his fingers into her and licked her flavor off of them. Kara responded with a deep swallow of his manhood and a groan that vibrated to his balls.

Chris was luxuriating in the magical feeling of his eldest daughter swallowing the entire cock that had placed her inside her mother. Kara swallowed and licked and sucked his shaft. She released it and licked down the length and slathered his balls with her saliva. She held her fathers’ member in her hand, hugged it to her face, while she openly squeezed and fondled his testicles like she had dreamed of doing so many times without the need to hide.

Kara released her grip and swung her pussy off of her father’s face. She slid her mouth back onto her Dads’ hard smooth shaft. Chris ran his slick hands through her dark hair, hair so much like her mothers. He felt her breasts warm and soft against his thighs. Kara’s mouth had moved off of his cock and kissed up his stomach, dragging her tits up and around his erection. She paused to squeeze her breasts together, trapping and fucking him between her large breasts for a few strokes.

She continued to kiss her way up Chris’s chest, pausing to suckle each of his hard nipples. Farther up his body, she felt her pubic hair contact his balls and she stopped to wiggle her short trimmed growth around on his cock and balls and spread her own wetness around his manhood.

Kara spread her legs and straddled Chris’s hips. Her labia split and spread her juices along the length of his hard cock as she allowed his hot throbbing member to glide between her wet pussy lips. She could feel it pulsing along her slit and finally she slid forward and looked into her father’s loving eyes.

“Daddy, can I really put it inside me?”


Chris reached down and grabbed his erection and smoothly rubbed the head back and forth along Kara’s wet sex. He found the moist hollow that was her opening and set his head in place. He gently placed his hands on Kara’s hips and pushed his first little girl’s pussy back and onto his cock. With a moan, Kara just relaxed as her father slid into her to the hilt. She sat up and made sure that Chris was fully seating into her. It felt even better than she had dreamed.

She began to slowly grind her pussy back and forth, pushing her clit down hard on Chris’s pubic bone. She could feel her father hitting her G-spot with every grind, causing her to groan.


Kara ground her pussy around her father’s dick and felt it swell thicker and hotter. Her clit was engorged and seemed to seek Chris’s hard shaft and crush itself against it. Kara came with a growl and continued to grind back and forth causing wave after wave of pleasure to rush over her.

Kara panted as each thrust of pleasure rushed through her. “Daddy, please ... fuck me ... from ... behind.”

She raised herself off of her now second favorite sex organ and crawled to the head of the bed. She laid her head and chest on the pillow and stretched her arms out, pressing her hands against the headboard. When she arched her back, her pussy spread open, like a dark brown flower with a pink center and petals. Chris gently placed the head of his dick into her flower and leaned forward fitting into her pussy like it was a soft wet glove.

He pressed all the way in and then pulled out, slowly at first and then faster and harder. Kara was twisting and pinching her nipples very hard and was moaning in time to his thrusts and as he felt the pleasure welling up in his groin he moaned, “Where do you want me to come?”

“Oh daddy, come in my mouth. I have wanted a firsthand load of yours in my mouth forever.” Kara had always enjoyed the taste of her Dad’s semen but it was always mixed with someone else’s pussy juices mixed in.

Pistoning in and out of Kara for a few more minutes was all it took and Chris pulled out with timing achieved from decades of doing the same for Elizabeth. He offered his cock to Kara’s other dark lips and pink tongue and used his hand to bring himself off. He shot spurt after hot spurt into the waiting mouth of his eldest daughter. She swallowed and swallowed and swallowed again.

Finally, when Chris was spent, she took him deep into her mouth and gently sucked him dry of every drop. She took her father in her hand and rubbed his penis around her face and pressed it against her lips in a loving snuggle.

Moving up to snuggle his body, she laid there for awhile just sharing the afterglow with her father. He held her close and caressed her dark nipples with his left hand while he ran the fingers of his right hand along her back and side. After a long time, Chris could feel his manhood coming back to life. When Kara felt his cock coming to life again she rose and helped her dad stand. They kissed and shared a long hug.

They walked back out to the hot tub with Chris’s arm around his eldest girl and with Kara stroking his almost resurrected cock in her hand. They would not have to cover up their feelings any more.

As they approached the hot tub, the family stopped their fucking and just looked at the couple. There seemed to be a glow around them. Kara kissed Chris on the cheek and got into the hot tub next to Elizabeth, gave her a kiss and then moved to give Victor a long, deep French kiss. The mother and daughter shared a loving look. Kara had the look of a woman who had found a long lost treasure.

Chris then reached down and took Gina’s hand. The middle daughter looked at Kara and Kara smiled a big glowing smile and wiggled her eye brows. Gina stood and stepped up and out of the tub. She shook off the excess water, sending her tits flying in multiple directions, and wiped any excess water off of her shaved pussy. She looked down at Chris’s semi-rigid manhood and took it in her hand and with a big grin she lead Chris off to the guest house without a backward glance.

As Chris and Gina walked away Leah slid into Victors arms, Kara sat down next to Mark and Elizabeth embraced her favorite son-in-law. Of course only she knew that he was her favorite and that it was a spot he had earned, intimately. Everyone just started to play with each other and fool around and get down to the pleasure of the occasion. Kara looked down at Mark as he began to suck on her inviting tits.

“You are going to have to work hard to be as good a father to your kids. Dad is quite a father and a hell of a man.”

Mark stopped what he was doing and held Kara close, both silent in their thoughts.

Gina led her dad into the bedroom, playing with his cock the entire walk. She had watched her dad fuck her mom, and Susan and Beth, and had fantasized feeling his dick inside her. Like each of her sisters she had seen his beautiful organ up close many times. She had seen it hard and powerful, and soft and flaccid.

What she joyfully held in her hand was the former.

Gina’s body had become a bit more voluptuous after she had her first baby. Her hips were a little wider and she was rounding out into a perfect copy of her mother; a point that was not missed by his eyes or by the erection in Gina’s hand. She was kneading the hot flesh in her hand just like she had done so many times with her husband. He always enjoyed her hand jobs and she always enjoyed his dick spitting onto her face and into her mouth, she figured her father should be no different.

Her father was not as big around as her husband, but he was longer. It was an almost perfect size. Gina wondered if she liked her husband’s dick because it was like her dads or the other way around. She grew up in awe of her father’s penis. She saw it wiggle from side to side as he walked around the house and around camp. She saw it grow and change as her mother had teased it to attention.

She had lusted after his morning wood when he walked to the bathroom, the shaft standing proudly. She used to wonder how he peed every morning. Now she understood the concept of morning wood (boy did she ever!) and she knew that if she teased just right that she could bring exquisite pain to her husband, and she knew from a surprise experience one morning, that in times of dire need, her husband could stand in the shower and pee up and keep his morning wood intact!

Chris sat on the bed and Gina dropped to her knees to nurse his manhood to absolute full strength. He reached down and fondled Gina’s wonderful tits; their firm roundness and dark nipples, an almost exact match to her mother now that she had nursed her first baby. Maybe this was why Gina was the daughter that he fantasized about the least, because she was so like his wife.

Chris’s cock was fully recovered and he was again ready to perform for one of his girls. Which Gina noticed as she immediately engulfed it with her mouth. After several minutes of slow work with her tongue and throat muscles, Gina slowly withdrew her father allowing her tongue to linger against the underside as long as she could.

She moved to lie on the bed and spread her legs, “I have always loved watching you eat out Mom. Would you please do me like that?”

Chris got down on his knees and scooted Gina’s pussy to the edge of the bed. He began to kiss her inner thighs and then up and around the hair that barely covered her mons while the labia and surrounding skin were shaved smooth.

Chris pressed two fingers into Gina’s warm pussy and began swirling around her inner labia. She was wet and he did not need any more than her own juices to keep his fingers lubricated. He flicked her outer labia and rolled the inner labia between his thumb and forefinger. As he did this Gina’s clit began to poke out of its hood and beg for attention.

Chris began sucking on the little pink bud growing out of Gina’s brown wet lips and it was not too long before she thrust her hips up with her first orgasm. She moaned out loud and began to pant in time to the rhythm of his finger stroking her G-spot. As he stroked her G-spot, he took the time to admire the movement of Gina’s breasts as they jiggled and danced along the sides of her rib cage, and after several minutes he felt her vaginal walls begin to open wide in preparation for her orgasm.

Gina hissed as she accepted the gift of an orgasm from her dad and the walls of her pussy collapsed and tightly squeezed her father’s fingers and drenched them in her juices. Chris paused for a moment to enjoy the taste and heat of his middle girl. She was breathing hard and he was still hypnotized by the movement of her heaving breasts.

Gina sat up and dropped to her father’s erection and began tasting her own familiar juices on her father’s cock for the first time. She savored the flavor and the feeling of this wonderful organ. Gina reached between her legs and opened her pussy wide to expose now open and ready path to her womb.

She laid back on the bed and grabbed hold of Chris’s shaft, pulling it to her, placing his erection between her swollen pussy lips. Chris pressed forward drawing a slight yelp and then a quick gasp from Gina. Chris pressed his fatherly organ deep into his second daughters’ tight and clutching sex. Gina gasped in pleasure and savored the feeling of finally having her father drive repeatedly into her. Repeated pulses of pleasure washed over her causing her to shiver and shake between the rolling orgasms and the power of the thrusts being administered by her father’s loving cock.

Every thrust pushed his cock all the way to the hilt as he further enjoyed the mesmerizing movement of her tits jiggling and shaking in the balanced rhythm of their coupling. When he pressed his pubic hair against Gina’s pink bud he also made a point of rubbing side to side with Gina’s shaved vagina and exposed clit.

With her sex split by her father’s member and the feeling of her clit being massaged by Chris’s pubic bone, Gina’s orgasm damn burst again and sent her rushing over the edge for her third straight hard orgasm. For several long minutes Chris continued to thrust into her until her inner walls began to relax and open again.

“I’m going to come dear, do you want it in your mouth?”

“No Daddy. I want the first one in me.”

With long deep strokes Chris finally came with a powerful rush. He almost blacked out and allowed himself to lay on top her with his full body weight. Gina moaned with lust from the heat of his entire body pressing down on her.

They lay there quietly for a few minutes until Gina softly whispered in her father’s ear.

“Daddy, are you still good to go?”

Chris looked her in the eyes and said, “Gina, for you anything!”

She rolled over and got on her hands and knees. “I want you to come in my ass.”

“Honey, I don’t know. That might be more than I am ready to take emotionally.”

“Daddy, you said anything. You are not any bigger than I am used to, so I should be ok. I know my heart can handle it. Besides, I want you in all of me.”

Chris went to the bedside table and opened the drawer. Knowing what the room was so often used for came in handy, since he knew exactly where to find a tube of KY. Gina assumed a position on her elbows and knees. Her large breasts were touching the bed sheets causing her nipples to harden from the friction.

Chris moved behind her and pushed his dick into his daughters’ wet pussy. He began to pump in and out getting coated and more lubricated and trying to get harder. As he fucked her he put the lubricant on his thumb, got it good and slick and pushed it into her brown rosebud. Slowly he pushed past her sphincter and into the loose open space deeper inside of her, spreading the slippery ointment around in preparation for bigger and better things.

Gina’s moans let him know she was really ready and he pulled out of her pussy, applied more lube to the entire length of his dick and placed the head of his manhood against her pucker. Gina let out a long low hiss as he smoothly pushed the head of his erection past her already relaxed opening. He paused to allow Gina time to get adjusted and then pushed in a few more inches. Pausing again he took a breath and pushed deep into her body. His thrusts were slow and smooth and tender. He kept an eye on her to be sure that he was not causing any pain, but her love sounds were growing, with no signs of discomfort.

Reaching around his daughter he pressed his fingers into her sex mining her honey pot for samples of his spunk. After loading their juices onto his fingers he pulled them out and offered them to his daughters waiting mouth. She sucked and tongued his fingers with lust and he returned to her wet well several more times, scooping out the white juice that Gina craved, good Coulter woman that she was.

Chris drilled her ass faster and faster. She began to press back against his efforts, her ass almost sucking his length deep into her. Gina’s breathing was getting quicker to match Chris’s thrusting and as she came, her sphincter almost crushed her father’s cock. With the tight grip of his second daughter’s ass around his cock, Chris could hold out no longer. Gina’s mouth sucking on his cum soaked fingers and her ass clamped down on his cock brought him to another edge. He enthusiastically dove into Gina’s tight ass and let loose a load into her bowel.

As he quickly softened, Chris pulled out of her, rolled her over and dropped his head between her legs and kissed her pussy with deep loving kisses. He rubbed his face all over her lips and inner thighs. He coated his face with their combined juices and then returned to Gina’s face and began kissing her forehead and cheeks and even the bridge of her nose. As she began to smell the aroma of their juices smeared on her father’s face, Gina began returning the kisses and between girlish giggles, started to lick her dads face, cleaning up every drop of their combined essence. Gina stopped every few kisses to look into her father’s eyes and cherish the true depth of his love for her.

After a few minutes of this, the two of them stood and walked to the shower and cleaned up. As Gina washed Chris, she dropped to her knees and took his manhood into her mouth and began to use her talented mouth to caress and fondle her daddy’s dick. Chris stood in the warm stream of water and felt it wash over him and down between his stomach and his second daughters face.

Chris came in Gina’s mouth with a weak spurt which Gina caught in the back of her throat and pulling back from her efforts she stood and opening her mouth, showed the load to Chris before she swished it around in her mouth and swallowed it.

Chris softly washed his second daughter’s hair and face and then cleaned her pussy and used his soapy finger to deeply wash her anus until the soap ran white.

Heading back to the hot tub, Gina, still giggling, held her father’s hand, their arms swinging in a joyous tempo as they light heartedly returned to the others.

Under the attention of Kara, Mark had shot a couple of loads into her mouth and onto her dark chest. Elizabeth’s favorite son-in-law was sharing the love by launching huge loads into his mother-in-laws mouth. Joining with him revived memories that lead her to a sexual walk down memory lane. Victors cock had taken Leah to the edge several times before he slowed down, leaving her hot and waiting for her time with her father.

Chris and Gina returned to the warmth of the tub. Chris let out a long sigh and asked for a glass of wine from his wife. Elizabeth got out of the tub and walked to the patio bar. She uncorked a bottle of red, poured it into a glass and returned to the tub.

“I have always loved the way your tits shake when open a bottle of wine. I don’t know if I say it as often as I should, but I love all of you. I love your mind and your heart and your tits and ass and pussy and the whole package. You have given me three of the sexiest women I could ever imagine.”

“How do you know we are ALL sexy? You haven’t had me yet.” Leah sounded just like the great reporter she was becoming. Unknown to her, she was going to be taking a short maternity leave in about nine months, but for now she felt sexy and wanted to fuck her dad.

Chris had to steady a slightly shaky Leah when she stood up. His hand found her ass to allow her a chance to get her balance. He took advantage of the opportunity to squeeze the firm ass and enjoy the texture of his baby’s skin. Leah took her dad, as he stood, in her arms and gave him a long bear hug, still breathing hard from Victor’s efforts.

Of all of the girls, Leah had been the one that had pressed Chris hardest to share a sexual bond with him. She had been the one that Chris had almost fucked during a game, stopping with the head of his dick just inside her inner lips. Leah was the one Chris was most worried about. She was the one he felt could have been the most hurt by breaking the rules.

Leah released the hug and began walking to the bathhouse leaving Chris behind. She seemed to be in a world of her own. Chris followed her all the way to the house, watching her ass jiggle as she moved. He had often watched her walk around nude, and had fantasized about her once she had made her intentions known to him. His lust for her was the reason that Erin Hughes had become the daughter he could fuck.

In the bedroom, she sat on the bed with her legs parted just enough so Chris could see her soft lips extending out from her pubic hair and the moisture glistening in the morning sun. She motioned for her father to sit beside her, he complied and she put an arm around him, leaned her head against his shoulder and sat for a few minutes before she spoke.

She began to stroke his penis, as Chris enjoyed looking down at her breasts and wonderful hard nipples. He reached up and fondled her tits, gently tweaking her nipples and hefting the weight of his baby’s breasts. Her nipples were not thumb-sized like Karas but not as subdued as Ginas’. Her areolas were smaller than Ginas’ but larger than Karas’. She was the youngest but seemed to fit in the middle. With a sophomoric thought he was looking forward to fitting into her middle.

Leah’s reporter instincts deemed to kick into gear and looking into her dad’s eyes she queried, “So after all of this time, what made you change your mind? I’ve wanted to fuck you since I knew what sex was, and you made a great speech out there, but what is the real reason?” Kara was the oldest and Gina was the most impulsive. Both were doctors and married to successful professional men; but Leah, was the thinker. She was the one that always wanted to know all sides of an issue and understand it so completely that she could argue either side equally. Her status as an up and coming television reporter was beginning to be known throughout the industry.

Chris thought about the question and the reason for the question. He considered bypassing the answer and moving to just kiss her, but her body language had changed. The confident young woman walking proudly and with purpose towards an obvious end was now looking like the professional woman with just a hint of his youngest daughter, his little girl, showing.

“You know how your mother and I had been struggling with the rules in the past few years. Your mother allowed Kara to join her without my input and that caused a problem for me. Your mother felt that Kara was old enough and was able to handle it. I ended up agreeing with the results, but not the path we used to get there.”

“We allowed you, Gina and Kara to party with the adults, but I just had to be separate. We, I, enjoyed watching all of you share with each other and, honestly, it was quite a turn on for me. You remember that time when Gina talked us into letting her and her boyfriend join us, and you will remember what a disaster that turned into.”

“That was not Gina’s fault!” Leah corrected. “He wasn’t ready to watch Gina have sex with any of us girls, let alone with the other guys.”

“True, but that only pointed out that your mother and I had not considered all of the issues. That was the point where your mother reconsidered her view of the rules.”

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