It's Me Again

by Phoenixwriter

Copyright© 2017 by Phoenixwriter

Romantic Sex Story: A beautiful young woman enters the lives of a twenty-something couple and leaves a lasting impact upon them. Then she's gone...

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Romantic   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Mystery   Tear Jerker   Group Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Safe Sex   Sex Toys   Big Breasts   .

The Firefly ringtone sounded and I answered my cell phone.

A familiar female voice said, “Eric, it’s me again; Georgia.”

I called my wife over and I put my phone on speaker. We spent the next half hour talking to our old friend and lover whom we had not seen in three years despite spending effort and time looking for our dear Georgia. It was Friday night at 5:30 and my wife Ginger had just got home from her part-time job as a nurse working mostly with area nursing homes, in Durham Region, Ontario, Canada, administering injection medications and duties personal support workers were not qualified to legally perform on aging baby boomers. We were about to get dressed to go celebrate my first year working full time in my chosen career as a History Teacher at a local high school. I was very lucky to get the job as the city we lived in, Oshawa, Ontario, had fewer and fewer children. Fortunately the latest government was very pro-immigrant and low to moderate paying jobs were abundant in the area meaning lots of families with four or five kids or more for every two parents. As the school year ended I also got a part-time job for the summer as relief staff counselor for a large local Mental Health Non-Profit Network using my secondary career, counseling that I was forced into when being a teacher looked impossible. We also had recently closed on a run-down house north of nearby Whitby. We talked for half an hour until my phone battery was about to die.

I finally interrupted my wife and Georgia saying, “Georgia, my phone battery is about to die. We were about to go out and celebrate my first year at my new job and my new part-time summer job. Can you join us for dinner? It will be easy to add you to our reservation at that new restaurant at Queen and Charles Street. It’s an Italian restaurant called “Tivoli”.”

Georgia quickly said, “Yes! See you in an hour in the lobby of the restaurant.”

Ginger and I had a quick shower together. We were a little frisky but we didn’t go past teasing each other. Finally we tore ourselves away from sex play to dress in semi-formal dress for the classic Italian restaurant. Even while dressing I couldn’t keep my hands off of that 5’ 6 ½”, 36 DD -30- 32, red haired body of my beautiful, adorable and sexy wife. It had been almost 3 years since we last saw Georgia with her short natural blonde hair, 5’ 8”, 34 DD - 28 – 32 sexy body. She had vanished so mysteriously and then we forced ourselves to move on. Georgia was often on our minds as the song goes. She would often ignite our lust, deep desires, and passions as she had ever since Ginger met her nearly four years ago.

Seven years ago I had given up searching for a History Teacher Job and had gone back to college to train as a counselor at the college and university in north Oshawa, Ontario. I was in my second year of a three year program when I met Ginger with her long flaming red hair in a class which was common to the Counseling Program I was in and the Nursing Program that Ginger was in. I asked her out on a date that very first day of class. We only had one class together each semester since we were both a little more than half through our diploma. Classes became more and more intense and then there were the placements, but somehow we made time for each other and somehow the stress made making love more intense. When we graduated I proposed to Ginger, we moved in with each other, Ginger got a great flexible job with a Regional Nursing agency where she travelled from the borders of Pickering/Toronto to the west, a bit north of Beaverton in the north, Port Perry and Wesleyville to the east and Lake Ontario to the south. After graduation I got work at one of the local mental Health agencies on a part-time basis akin to my new summer job at the same agency I had worked at for a few years until landing my dream job of a History Teacher that I currently held.

A year of barely eating and living in a mouse infested townhouse in North Oshawa we saved up enough for a modest wedding the first weekend in June at an upscale resort on Rice Lake owned by Ginger’s uncle on her mother’s side. We only had to pay wholesale price for the food, flowers, DJ, and minister. My parents paid for the flowers and both sets of parents gave us a scenic Rocky Mountain rail tour and flight to and from Vancouver, British Columbia. Other Friends and relatives gave us spending money mostly as wedding gifts. It was an amazing week-long honeymoon through mountains, past rivers and waterfalls. We especially loved expensive Vancouver with Stanley Park and other famous landmarks and it’s Chinatown. It was such a great and tiring adventure that we needed a vacation from our honeymoon. We used the three days when we got home to relax and do nothing but make love in the comforts of home taking no calls and talking only to the take-out food delivery people.

A year in the glow of wedded bliss followed and then Ginger decided to take a ceramics class every Saturday afternoon, which is where she met Georgia. Georgia later jokingly quipped that it had been her therapy. They became fast friends and when the class ended and they had made 3 ceramic items they signed up for a Saturday Stained Glass Class during which time Ginger brought Georgia home to meet me and have dinner.

Over dinner things heated up shockingly fast. Ginger and Georgia hungered for each other and as I joyfully watched, they stripped naked and made love. I stripped naked and sat on a chair near the bed hoping to be included. Ginger rested after a very strong orgasm and waved me over to the bed where she grasped my hard dick and began eagerly sucking me until I was close to cumming and, stopped. Then she offered me to Georgia who licked and sucked my balls a few times. She went on to lick my dick and deep-throated me a few times. Then my sexy wife spread her legs and welcomed me. I eagerly took that invitation and easily slid all the way into her depths. Her moans of pleasure were soon muffled by the sandy blonde pussy of Georgia. All this stimulation was too much for me and I came deep in my wife’s very wet pussy.

Ginger was next to reach orgasm followed quickly by Georgia. I lay back and rested, but those sexy nymphos had other ideas and soon double-teamed me licking and sucking my balls and dick; getting me completely hard again. I was lost in the feeling and then I felt cool air and a condom being rolled on me. Ginger had been on birth control for years, so this could mean only one thing. I was getting more aroused by the moment, but a part of me had to voice my concern for the sake of my marriage. My wife making love to another woman didn’t bother me since I knew she was bisexual long before we were married. The opportunity and right woman simply had not come along.

I asked softly, “Ginger, are you sure about this? Georgia, do you really want this?”

They both nodded and Georgia climbed aboard, groaning and moaning as she eased down upon my thick almost 8 inch dick. The tightness, warmth, and novelty of a new and different pussy enveloping my dick was beyond delight. It was even better sharing this wonderful experience and this beautiful woman with my wife of barely more than a year. Georgia had a wild look of passion as she sped up her ride; all of us filled with pure lust and desire. Georgia quickly came and I held back wanting this to last. She got up off of me quickly and for a moment I thought she regretted having sex with a married man. Over dinner we had learned she came from a strict rich family which owned a large national grocery chain with a small international presence; mostly in the States and the UK. Georgia had simply moved to the side of the bed, bent over; spread her legs, and her gaping pussy.

Georgia simply said, “Doggie style?”

I nodded and got into position.

Ginger added, “Me too! This is so hot and wonderful. I don’t know why we never tried this before.”

I slid slowly into Georgia and after a few minutes switched to my wife’s pussy as she bent over the bed kissing Georgia as I made love to both of them. Making love soon turned into raw fucking as my lust built up higher and higher as I barely remembered to alternate between my wife’s hot pussy and this hot blonde 19 year old’s pussy. I finally came deeply in a pussy and it took me a moment to realize I was holding Georgia’s amazing round ass; so it was her pussy my dick was buried in. I filled the tip of the condom as Georgia started to cum again squeezing what little was left in me. When she stopped cumming I pulled out limp and exhausted from the effort. Ginger was behind us, pulled off the condom, and stroked my dick draining any remaining cum from me. My sexy partners quickly got back on the bed and got into a sixty-nine bringing each other to orgasm again. Georgia’s appetite was far from being sated and brought my wife to yet another orgasm.

Georgia started again, but Ginger said, “No more!”

I laughed since I had seldom heard those words from Ginger. Her sexual appetite and desire is above average, but Georgia’s sexual appetite was far beyond both Ginger and I. Georgia looked at the clock by the bed, got up, and quickly made a phone call. She was talking to her mother lying about being too tired to drive and would drive her car home in the morning or afternoon; definitely being home for their ‘Sunday Family Supper’.

Georgia stared at our naked bodies and smiled.

Georgia said, “I hope you guys don’t mind me staying the night? I’m hoping you’ll be ready for more fun later or in the morning or even the afternoon before I drive to my parents’ mansion in Port Perry on Lake Scugog. Sunday Supper IS NOT OPTIONAL in my family; often the only time we see each other.”

She added with a seductive smile, “You really don’t want me to leave do you?”

My eyes bugged out as she posed seductively and then obscenely.

I finally said, “Stay as long and as often as you like.”

Ginger couldn’t speak and merely nodded several times. Georgia crawled into bed between us and began languidly stroking my dick and Ginger’s flaming red furred pussy. My wife and I snuggled up against our friend gently stroking her beautiful naked body until we fell asleep. In the morning I was awakened by the soft familiar moans of my wife as I looked on as Georgia was pleasuring my wife’s pussy. Georgia looked up at me and winked. Georgia moved into a sixty-nine and they began to gently bring each other to a soft, fluttering, quiet, orgasm. It was so beautiful I almost wanted to cry. My hard dick reminded me how turned on I was. My very full bladder reminded me of how urgently I needed to pee.

I gently got out of bed to give these sexy women a little privacy and alone time. I had to do something to take my mind off of the two hot naked women in my bed. I decided to get the morning coffee going. As I measured the Timmies homebrew, placed the reusable coffee filter in the coffee maker, washed some of the dishes long forgotten from last night’s supper due to our spontaneous sexual adventure last night. I thought about whether or not last night and this morning was a one-off, one-night and morning stand? Is this something which will last? Is this moral? Will my having sex with Georgia destroy my marriage? Am I jealous of Georgia and Ginger? Are they jealous of me with either of them? That quick succession of questions came to a stop as the dripping coffee and splashing water was finally too much for my full bladder. I ran to the bathroom to piss.

While I was there I decided to take a shower. I quickly grabbed a large towel from the linen closet, still hearing soft moans coming from the bedroom as I walked past it. I hopped in the shower, got the temperature just right, got my hair wet, put shampoo in my hair and then heard the toilet flush.

“Fuck, DAMN IT!” I swore as the water got suddenly very hot

Ginger said, “Sorry.”

As I rinsed my hair with eyes closed and then felt the shower curtain move. Next I felt shower gel being applied to my semi-hard dick. Then I was enjoying the feel of my dick and balls being gently stroked and massaged. Then a face cloth was rinsing my dick. My eyes were still closed as the face cloth was replaced by a mouth sucking my dick and another tongue licking my balls. Somehow I had missed Georgia joining us in the tiny shower. I opened my eyes in time to see Ginger bend over against a shower wall offering her wet pussy to her lovers. Georgia and I lapped at my wife’s fiery red pussy from behind until she came. As Ginger recovered, Georgia grasped my hard dick and placed it at the entrance of our lovers’ pussy and I slid into the wet familiar pussy of my wife. Georgia helped us reach quick successive orgasms by alternating between licking my swinging swollen balls and Ginger’s clit.

Afterward we slumped to the floor, taking advantage of our position licking and pleasuring Georgia starting with her pussy. After Georgia came a few more times, we finally gently washed her entire body and then it was my wife’s turn to be pleasured and scrubbed clean. When we were finished we were washing with cold water. We got out, dried each other off with the extra towels the ladies had brought. We were reluctant to get dressed and went to the kitchen where I made breakfast for my incredibly sexy lovers. I had to dump the coffee I made earlier and made a fresh pot as I made us all some bacon and a simple omelette with odds and ends from the fridge.

After staring at our naked bodies through breakfast, it was Ginger who suggested we go for a walk and enjoy the lake breezes at the Mc Glaughlin Wildlife Preserve behind the GM Canada HQ which had picnic tables. Ginger and I often took long romantic walks holding hands in the area; enjoying it at all times of the year. We got some cold water in our metal water bottles, our picnic basket and then drove our friend out to one of our favorite places where we tried walking off our breakfast. We enjoyed the herons, cormorants, swans, sparrows, terns, killdeers and even the herring gulls; even the squirrels. Georgia had no idea this was out here so close to a major highway and a nuclear power plant and a corporate HQ of the Canadian arm of a major auto manufacturer. Georgia had grown up in Toronto until age thirteen and then moved to the big mansion on Lake Scugog where her family now lived north of the town of Port Perry. The ceramics and stained glass classes were a way to escape from her oppressive wealthy family.

By 1 pm we were getting hungry again and took a short drive to a nearby chicken fast-food place where we bought some fried chicken and salads; along with some cold water. It was starting to warm up on this early June afternoon. When we returned, we chose to sit at a picnic table on a small hill surrounded by meadows to the north, a view of the lake to the southeast and southwest and a small wooded area directly south. We enjoyed our picnic and I enjoyed seeing the tight fitting and slightly short top and shorts Georgia borrowed from Ginger to wear this afternoon on our hike. It was almost 3 pm as we left for home. Ginger suggested that Georgia had enough time to freshen up and wash her clothes from yesterday using our washer and dryer at our townhouse. It was unspoken, but understood that we would also have time for some love making. I barely knew Georgia, only from what Ginger told me from their ceramics class, yet I found I was starting to fall in love with her. I know Ginger and I felt it was more than simply lust for Georgia which she had.

When we all got home we all stripped naked in front of the washing machine, loaded it, started it, and then walked to the bedroom in an unspoken agreement. The ladies got started on the bed and I began stroking my dick as I sat and watched. When they came, they rested with Georgia on top of Ginger in a sixty-nine facing the end of the bed AND ME. I was rock hard, so I grabbed a condom from the nightstand, tore one open, slid it on me, moved behind Georgia, and slid all the way in on a slow steady thrust. Georgia moaned sending vibrations deep into Ginger’s pussy. I grabbed her hips and started up a steady rhythm we both seemed to enjoy. When Georgia came I paused deep in her until she was done cumming. I eased out of her, took off the condom, walked to the other end of the sixty-nine, and eased into my wife’s pussy. I pumped her and made love to her exactly how she loved it most. Georgia climbed off and watched as husband and wife made love. We forgot Georgia was even there until we heard her in the chair cumming again from masturbating while watching us. That excited me so much that I came, which turned Ginger on and she came milking what little I had left in me.

Georgia glanced at the clock, raced to throw the clothes in the dryer, then hopped into the shower finding it already occupied by us. We tenderly and quickly washed her and we washed ourselves as she dried herself, applied make-up and perfume, got her clothes out of the dryer, dressed and we tossed on shorts and t-shirts minus underwear, kissed Georgia goodbye and watched her drive off into the distance. That was the first of many weekends we spent with Georgia. We often went to movies or out for supper or simply shared a pizza; sometimes streaming a movie. During that wonderful year together with Georgia we explored almost everything sexual a two females and one male threesome could do. Watching my wife use a strap-on dildo with Georgia was a huge turn-on and one of the highlights of that exciting year with Georgia. When my wife and I “double penetrated” it was a wonderful sexy act enjoyed by all; a bit too awkward to be a frequent part of our sex life with Georgia. A couple times we went camping, hiking, or a concert. Then she was gone from our lives, seemingly forever, at the end of June a year after that first night of sex together.

We had planned on a regular quiet evening of take-out Canadian Chinese food on the Friday night. Georgia was expected at seven, and when she did not appear by nine we called her cell phone. We were taken aback when her father answered the phone.

Mr. Frost said, “Georgia has gone away. She’s safe from you perverts and far away from you. I sent her away. GOOD-BYE!”

We never had a chance to say a single word to Mr. Frost. He had already made up his mind about us and due to our unconventional PRIVATE sex life, often involving his daughter, had judged us as “perverts”. Ginger bawled her eyes out and a late supper with Georgia was soon forgotten; only Georgia was on our mind. We talked about possibilities based on the little that Mr. Frost had told us. Being very intelligent people and working as a team we made some sound deductions before falling asleep that night still in our clothes. We had deduced that Mr. Frost had sent her to another province, country and most likely to the States since we knew his company was expanding successfully in the brutal American grocery market. He also had stores as far away as Victoria, British Columbia or Los Angeles, California. We knew from Georgia that she had relatives in those same places and other places such as Winnipeg, Miami, Boston, and Buffalo.

We also strongly suspected Georgia was a person with STABLE Bipolar 1 or 2 disorder. Maybe she had some other mental or physical illness? She had always expertly deflected any such questions when we had asked about her past. Georgia was sexy, intelligent and all about “THE NOW” and not about yesterday as I often had to be as a History Teacher. When we had played board games she often won not due to distracting us with her body, but sheer force of will and intelligence. She avoided drinking alcohol which was a big clue that she was on psychiatric medications. We knew she took prescription medication, but hid well whenever she took her medication. We loved and respected her too much to go snooping in her purse to find out what medications she was taking. We agreed that whatever her problem was and her father’s true reason for taking her from people who loved her and whom she loved dearly, there was nothing more we could do.

We spent the next 3 years barely eating, cutting our cable and every expense possible trying to save up money for a down-payment for a house. Hopefully we would soon be able to start a family. We both excelled at our jobs and put almost all of our sexual energy into work instead of the active sex life we enjoyed with Georgia back when we felt more alive than we ever thought possible.

Flash forward to now and tonight as we drove to dinner. It had been years since we had last been out and tonight we were celebrating the closing of our new home we had just bought and the other slightly lesser job related events. We now made more than enough for a cheap house which we might need to fix up which was far from people. It was a small cozy home on twenty acres on the edge of a speck of land north of Whitby, Ontario called Myrtle Station.

As we got into our car we formulated a game plan for dealing with Georgia. We would be welcoming, loving, and honest; trying not to cry too much. We still loved her and would accept her and any tale she told us unconditionally. As we approached the restaurant Georgia got out of a newer Honda Civic, set the alarm and walked into the restaurant. We drove around the block once and finally parked behind her on the street in front of the restaurant. Georgia now once again was the opposite of my wife with long flowing blonde hair which had been short when we knew her three years ago. Ginger had long red hair three years ago and now had short professional looking cropped red hair. Ginger looked and acted like a tough, yet caring badass at work being a great nurse and advocating on behalf of her clients best health. At home Ginger was still warm, tender, adventurous, and loving; much like the woman Georgia had fallen in love with.

Nothing could stop the energetic blonde goddess waiting for us as she got up from the bench she was sitting on and collided with Ginger ending with a passionate overly long kiss on the lips. Most of the restaurant was watching so I cleared my throat loudly to remind them where they were.

I finally quipped, “What, no kiss for me?”

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