Will You Marry Me?

by Richard the Third

Copyright© 2017 by Richard the Third

: Two guys and three girls, that seems right!

Caution: This contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Heterosexual   Incest   .

I went down on one knee and bringing my hand to my pocket, as I recalled the preceding fifteen months!

After two years of college, I was through!

You know - you start school at five or six years old, and you keep going until you are 16 or 20, maybe 26, depending on what you wanted to do with your life.

I headed home 1,400 miles west of where I went to school, to good old Fresno, California.

Back at home there were my mom and dad, my younger sister and my mom’s sister, all living together.

There were very good genes. The women of this family are; Mom (Juliet)(41) with long black hair, my Aunt (Clarice)(43) with short black hair, and my sister (Karen)(18) with shorter and wavy black hair. I’m Joseph (20)!

For the record, Dad had no chance with his brown hair!

All the ladies were between 5’6” or 5’7” with pretty blue eyes, And just the right size proportions.

That’s why I left Fresno for school. All these females turning me on, being flirty, and I was afraid to flirt back with them, especially my sister!

My dick was hard 24/7 hours a day, although I did beat off twice a day at least. Typically, because one of them took their teasing a little too far, even my mother.

At 20, I ended up with Dad’s brown hair, but I’m six feet tall. That makes me, the tallest of the clan.

After coming home in my beat-up Camry, I surprised everybody by showing up unannounced.

Dad shook my hand and gave me a hug. My sister Karen gave me a peck on the cheek. Mom gave me a hug. And, her sister Clarice gave me a massive kiss on the lips, causing dad to snort, Mom to cross her arms, and Karen to giggle.

I was already hard, with no hope in sight!

I went back to my car to get my things; Karen came out to help.

“Thanks, Bug,” I said to her.

“Don’t call me Bug ... that’s not funny anymore,” she said.

“How about I call you beautiful, because you are?”

She blushed, which made her even cuter, and she said, “You can call me that anytime.”

“How about, Beautiful Bug?”

“I like that!”

“Great, I’ll carry everything, except my backpack, could you could take that for me?”

“Sure thing, Big Hunk.”

“Okay, now we have nicknames for one another - nobody else can ever know!”

“Sure thing, Big Hunk,” she said as we came back to the front door.

Standing there, Clarice said looking at me up and down, “You have grown up a lot at school.”

“Well Aunt Clarice, you certainly have stayed just as beautiful as always!”

“You don’t have to call me aunt anymore just Clarice will do,” she said with mom giving her a stern face.

Mom said, “I’m so glad to have you home, Joey!”

“My name is Joseph!” I declared.

“Sorry honey? You’ll always be my Joey,” she said fixing my hair with her hand, as she had done my entire life.

“That’s okay Mom, maybe I’ll start to call you by your first name, Juliet?”

“I’m not so sure I like that or not, Joseph,” she said trying to sound upset.

“My Beautiful Juliet!”

“Okay, turn it off and take your things to your old room,” she said.

I never understood why we had such a big house, with six bedrooms. I guess Mom, and Dad expected to have more kids. I noticed that one of them had become an office for Dad.

As I put all my stuff on the bed, Karen came in with my backpack and threw it at me. She closed my door behind her, came over to me, and gave me a big kiss on the lips.

“What the hell, Beautiful Bug!”

“You’ve gotten so good-looking. I couldn’t keep from giving you a kiss, but didn’t want anyone else to see.”

She turned around and said, “Good-bye, Big Hunk,” swishing her butt as she left.

I started unpacking and there was a knock on my door.

“Come in!”

“Coming in,” closing the door behind her was Clarice.

“Hey, gorgeous!”

“Hey stud, how’s it hanging?”

“Can I help you with something,” I said without turning around?

She came up right behind me rubbing herself up against me, and said, “Did you get any pussy while you were at college?”

“Actually, I was very focused on getting the best grades I could, and ‘no’; I did not despoil any young women along the way,” I replied.

She put her hands around me rubbing inside my shirt saying, “Woo, you sure do have nice abs.” She started to drop her hands inside my pants, but I pulled her away.

I turned around and said, “Are you trying to get me in trouble?”

“No, I just want to find out ... what you’re packing?”

I pushed her hands away, unzipped and dropped my pants, leaving me in my boxers.

She reached in and encased my firmness with her hand. I let her hold on for a few moments, then I pulled her hand away and said, “There - now you know. Please leave!”

She stormed out upset, but I was okay with that.

I decided to take my socks, shoes, shirt and pants off, leaving me in my boxers.

There was another knock on my door.

“Come in?”

“Hello Joseph, I thought I’d fix your favorite dinner tonight. How’s that sound? Why are you in your boxers?”

“It’s a long story, Mom ... Juliet.”

“Okay. I’ll start fixing spaghetti. I’ve got the washer and dryer empty, and available for you.”

“Thanks, Beautiful!”

“You know Joseph, the last two years it looks like you’ve gotten even better looking. You remind me of your father at that age.”

“Not you too, mom.”


“Nothing ... Thanks for fixing spaghetti for me ... you know I love you!”

“Yes, I do, dinner in an hour.”

An hour later we all sat down to a steaming plate of spaghetti with sourdough French bread and cold milk ... my favorite all-time meal.

I had Karen on one side of me, and Clarice on the other.

While passing around the food I said, “Dad, where did all these beautiful women come from, anyhow?”

“Well, I married one. After her sister’s husband left her, I invited your aunt to live with us. Your sister came along because of my ‘getting jiggy’ with your mother.”

Mom slapped Dad on the shoulder. I felt a hand on each of my thighs!

“Are you going into work tomorrow?” I asked Dad.

“No actually, I have a flight out of town to take care some business. I should be back in about ten days.”

“But Dad, you’re going to leave me alone with these three ... Amazons?”

“You had better respect those three Amazons, because if I hear otherwise, I’ll have my belt on your backside.”

“Yes sir!” I responded with a salute.

The ladies all giggled at that.

“Any of them asks you to do anything while I’m gone, just smile and do it, OK?”

“You got it, Dad.”

The next morning came, and after getting a hug from everybody, Dad took a taxi to the airport.

“Joseph, can you help me move some stuff around in my bedroom please?” Karen asked.

“Sure thing, let me get some breakfast, and take a shower first ... OK?”

“All right,” she said walking up to her room.

As I was closing the door, our mail person came up, “Is that Joseph?”

It was the pretty redhead mail carrier that we had when I left for college, what was her name? Nancy - that was it!

“It looks to me like we still have the prettiest mail carrier in all of Fresno,” I said.

She blushed a little, and handed me our mail. “Well, Joseph, it seems as though you’ve gotten better looking since you left for college,” she said beaming.

“So have you, Nancy ... are you married yet?”

“Actually, no! I’ve been waiting for a certain young man to come home from school, first.”

I saw my three ladies; all take a deep breath, as I was conversing with our female mail carrier.

“Bye Nancy, maybe we can go out to dinner sometime this week?”

She was laughing, as she walked to the next house.

“Let’s get inside everybody; it’s cold out here!” mom said.

“That’s a good memory you’ve got, remembering her name,” Karen remarked.

“Well, she’s cute and has red hair - I never forget a redhead!”

We all went on with our day. I had to finish the unpacking I hadn’t started yet. We all had a late breakfast. I took my shower, and then went into Karen’s room.

Per the family rule when the doors closed ... you knock.

I knocked. She said, “Come in, and close the door.”

I did turn around and saw that all she had on was a bra and panty. I started to leave, but she had hold of me. She pulled me towards her and kissed me.

“Do you really have something for me to move?” I asked.

“Yes, I do. I don’t want the morning light to come through waking me up anymore, so I need my bed moved ... please Big Hunk?”

“Yeah, no problem ... I’ll probably need to shower again.”

She didn’t remark to that, as I thought she might.

She gave me her instructions, helping to clear the way for me to move the bed. Moving the bed, made it necessary to move the dressers. Less than ninety minutes later it was all done.

“Thank you, Big Hunk!” she said, having put on a cropped top, exposing her midriff and some short pants.

I said, “I can’t think of a prettier girl to help.”

“You keep saying I’m prettier then when you left. Exactly, how am I prettier?”

“Well, you seem slimmer and your legs look more athletic.”

“What else?” she teased.

“Your hair is longer. I’ve always liked long hair.”

“What else?”

“And you ... filled out since before I left,” I said stuttering a bit.

“What do you mean?” she said enjoying this a lot.

“You know exactly what I mean!” I said walking up to her.

“So ... say it?” she said, taking a partial step closer.

We were two inches apart - at least. Her chest was two inches from mine.

“Your breasts have increased in size,” I said, looking down, then to her face.

“You like big tits, don’t you?” she said looking at hers before gazing back at me.

“I don’t mind them,” I said deciding to call her bluff and get close enough to her to push them up a bit.

Still standing pat, she said, “Clarice has big tits, so does Mom ... now finally I do! Even that slutty mail person has big tits, and she’s got red hair,” my sister said, sounding really petty.

“Anything else, I can do for you, beautiful?” I asked, leaning over to kiss her chastely on the lips.

“Yeah,” she remarked, enjoying the contact, both on the lips and between our chests.

“So, what is it?” I asked.

“Fuck me,” she said pulling me even closer to her.

“Repeat that, please?” I said, more to extend this moment than anything else.

“I said I want you to fuck me,” she responded, pulling us together at the waist as well.

“You do know what that means don’t you, B-Bug?”

I had the reaction she wanted from me.

“Yes, I know exactly what that means,” she groaned pushing back against my expansion.

“Do you have a boyfriend?” I questioned.

“I did, but I only let him kiss me. I’ve been waiting for you to come home ... so we can fuck one another!”

She took her hand and stuck her hand down my pants.

I did the same to her.

“You’re hard,” she whispered.

“You’re wet,” I redirected.

Sounds like a match made in heaven!

Moving my hand away, to put it on the side of her breast, I said, “You know I always thought you were pretty, B-Bug.”

“And I know, that you were the best-looking guy I knew.”

“How about we talk more about this later tonight?”

“Like on a date,” she said grinning big.

“Sure, I’ll pick you up at seven. Wear something accessible?”

Her smile got bigger and her eyes got wide, and she said, “OK!”

“You’re all sweaty, Joseph ... why don’t we take a shower?”


“Sure, it’ll save water,” she explained.

“Let’s wait a couple of days before we do something like that, OK?”

“Oh Alright. I can’t wait for a date; where are we going?”

“Probably to a movie and then maybe park somewhere afterwards, but that’ll be our own little secret, OK?”

“Sure thing Big Hunk, just a minute,” She took my hand that had been inside her panty and licked off all of my fingers, individually.

As I was leaving her room, she whispered, “I’m on the pill.”

Good lord ... what have I done!

I went back to my room to shower and change again. About an hour later I was finally through unpacking, and I put all the suitcases under my bed.

I heard mom downstairs whistling and humming while she was working, so I decided to go down and see if I could help. She was dusting the glass cabinets as I came up behind her, and grabbed her by the waist.

“What ... what! Joseph - stop that!”

“Mom, you used to always love me coming behind you like this ... and hug you.”

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