Sometimes It's HARD to Get to Sleep

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2017 by Tony Tiger

Sex Story: New wife overcomes some challenges and enjoys the outcome a lot

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Slut Wife   .

She was pissed, figuratively and literally. Her husband of three months was out drinking with pals instead of being with her. She’d really gotten into “fucking”, as she now bravely called it, and hadn’t had any today. Her husband’s ‘shine was ok if mixed with orange juice and she was a bit juiced up herself when he staggered in the door, followed by a young man she didn’t recognize. Before she could protest her husband announced loudly and slurred, “This here’s Tommy he ain’t got a place to stay I gotta piss!”

That sprang her into action because when he was like this he couldn’t hit the toilet. She took his arm and led him to the bathroom as he struggled to get his penis out. She grabbed it and aimed as he filled the bowl with beer residuals.

When he finished she heard, “I gotta piss too!” Turning around she saw Tommy with cock in hand. Husband was pushed aside and she reflexively grabbed for this new hose and aimed it just in time. She barely noticed that something was different about it. Hell, she’d never even seen a male organ besides her husband’s, let alone holding another one. When he finished it started to fill like hubby did when he was getting ready to fuck. Tommy turned his head to face her, “Feels real good. Can you rub it for me?” She quickly pulled her hand back but there was a twinge in her crotch that she couldn’t miss. As she glanced down she saw that the head was partially covered with skin, unlike her circumcised husband.

Hubby was collapsed on the couch, snoring loudly. Tommy was in better shape and asked for a cup of tea or coffee. They visited a bit. After that brief intimacy at the toilet she wasn’t self-conscious about being in her flannel nightgown and nothing else. He seemed to give her approving glances from time to time and she stuck out her chest a bit, knowing that her erect nipples would make noticeable bumps in the soft fabric.

Tommy finally said, “I’m worn out. Where can I sleep?”

She looked around the tiny apartment. “Hubby has the couch and the floor is too hard. I guess if you leave some clothes on you can sleep in our bed with me.” She added half-heartedly, as evidenced by the wetness she felt in her crotch, “But no fooling around!” He nodded agreement.

All was fine after lights-out and both fell asleep. She was still horny and had learned to snuggle with her husband if she wanted to get laid in the night. With the sleepiness aided by the residual alcohol, she snuggled against Tommy and he responded as any normal young male might. Once he got his hands on her horny body and her responses kicked in, all she could do was whisper, “Be quiet!”

Her own advice was difficult to keep as he skillfully explored her treasures and soon positioned his ready rod at her pussy’s gate. She bit her tongue as it entered and those delicious sensations, together with the whole wickedness of the situation hit her. Damn it was good!

She’d come once when she felt a mouth sucking and nibbling on each breast as her cunt was being ploughed. Her eyes popped open and in the dim light it was apparent her husband had joined the party. Shit! But he wasn’t complaining! Double shit!

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