Strangers in the Night

by Hambone Jones

Copyright© 2017 by Hambone Jones

Erotica Sex Story: Strangers on a train connect.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Anal Sex   Oral Sex   .

Nancy noticed movement across from her in the car.

She had taken the late train home and there were only a handful of passengers in the entire car. When she looked up from her copy of “Fifty Shades of Gray,” the movement was by a man in the window seat across the aisle from her. The movement was the man rubbing his crotch area on the outside of his trousers. As Nancy watched mesmerized the man opened the top of his trousers, lowered the zipper and slid his hand into the opening. Nancy stared breathlessly to see if he was going to expose his cock. Instead he started long. Slow, stroking motions inside his pants as he peered out the window into the night. He didn’t seem to be concerned with his fellow passengers nor did he seem to be in any hurry. Nancy couldn’t see his cock but if his motion was indicative it would prove to be large.

Nancy strained to see if at any time his cock peeked through the opening. She thought she saw his glans but she couldn’t be sure it wasn’t just part of his hand. She shifted her angle of sight but still no cock. As she watched the continued long strokes, she reflexively licked her lips. She was beginning to feel warm from the anticipation of seeing his cock. Nancy was almost in pain as she felt the first signs of dampness in her crotch.

Finally Nancy couldn’t stand it any longer and she got up from her seat and sat by the man. “Here, let me help you with that,” she said as she pushed her hand into the opening in his pants and verified her suspicions.

John had noticed her when he entered the car. He smiled when he saw the name of the book she was reading. She was so engrossed with the sex in the book that she didn’t notice him take the seat across the aisle from her. She was pretty in a young professional sort of way with nice tits and long shapely legs.

He loosened his tie, removed his sport coat, and hung it from the back of the seat in front of him and wondered if she would be available to play. After considering the matter, he arrived at a plan. First he raised the arm rest dividing his two seats and then in exaggerated movements he began to rub his cock through his pants. He turned to look out the window so he could see her reaction by her reflection in the window. When he saw her look to see what he was doing he undid his pants and lowered his zipper part way. Best to save some of the bait to whet her further interest. She pretended to return to her book but as John began rubbing his cock he could see her try to get a look at it but John made sure to keep it from her view save for a quic, d momentary exposure of the head of his cock.

He could see her shift her position and crane her neck toward him, a sure sign she was wet. It was only a matter of time before she would make a move to satisfy her need to see his cock even though she had no idea what it looked like. She would have a need to grasp his cock to bring it into full view. Once she had his cock in her hand he could do with her as he wished. Without turning his head from the window he zipped all the way down but kept his cock covered from her view. John could tell her breathing had changed and could see the red blotches forming on the visible portion of her chest. If she didn’t get his cock soon she would scream. Ah, here she comes.

“Only after you remove your panties and unhook your bra.” At her sign of hesitation he said, “Don’t worry no one cares about us. Most are napping. There is still thirty minutes until we arrive at the next station.” She quickly got out of her panties putting them in the pocket of his jacket and then loosened her bra. As soon as she finished, she was in the seat beside him groping in his open fly to grasp what she imagined in her mind’s eye as a beautiful fat five and a half inch cock. When she brought it forth she almost wept at its perfection, a meaty straight shaft of at least seven inches. She grasped it with both her hands as one would a baseball bat to feel as much as she could while she smoothly stroked it as if committing every inch too memory.

While she was examining his cock John had been busy unbuttoning her blouse. When he pulled it away from her breasts her nipples were already standing firm on her enlarged breasts from the estrus produced by the estrogen coursing through her body. John recognized the symptoms of her being in extreme heat and susceptible to almost any suggestion.

Putting his hand behind her head john said, “Let’s try this, shall we,” as he guided her face down on his cock. As soon as the head touched her lips her mouth opened to fully take this wonderful cock down her throat. She couldn’t get enough as she pushed her face against his body.

Meanwhile John had removed her panties from his pocket and brought them to his nostrils. He could smell the sex on an otherwise sweet scented crotch. He rubbed the wetness against his lips and sucked her juices from her underwear.

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