Three Blondes

by Richard the Third

Copyright© 2017 by Richard the Third

Sex Story: Three blondes: two sisters and my mother. Need I say more!

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Group Sex   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   Petting   Pregnancy   Voyeurism   Big Breasts   .

I just had another fight with my mom and dad, with dad telling me to move out on my own and my mother trying to talk him out of being such a bastard about it.

My name is John, actually John Junior, but I hated that!

After going through school until I was four years in college, this was my shit or get off the pot moment in life.

I had a car, but not a job.

With two full suitcases, my backpack, my checkbook and my keys, I decided to do what my dad asked me to. Fortunately, I had nearly a full tank of gas.

The cheapest hotel I could find was Motel 6 but I only had enough money to stay there maybe a week?

So, I did the unthinkable and drove seventy miles to where my two sisters live together.

Susan is 27 and Sandra is 25.

I had just turned 22

They might take me in at least for a while. I had no idea if they had room for me. I was expecting to sleep on the carpet if I had to.

Taking my stuff to the door, I rang the doorbell and Susan opened the door.

I must’ve looked pretty pathetic because the first thing she said was, “What happened this time?”

“Dad wanted me to leave, mom didn’t, so I packed everything I owned and ... here I am.”

“Did daddy hit you?” she asked looking at my face.

It was tempted to say yes and get some sympathy out of this, but I didn’t bother.

“We haven’t gotten along very well since you guys left,” I remarked.

“You put up with him for over two years?”


“Well, you are welcome here for as long as you need. We have an extra bedroom, just move in!”

“I don’t want your pity, I could pay you something maybe some kind of rent?”

“If that’s what you want, then go ahead,” Susan said.

“Thanks,” I said walking in with everything I owned in two suitcases and the backpack.

“Hey stranger,” I said to Sandra.

She actually walked up to me and gave me a hug and a peck on the lips.

“What was that for?”

“That was for my little brother who must of had another fight with daddy, which is why you’re here.”

“I never could get anything past either of you, could I?”

She tried to take a suitcase from me, but I pulled back and said, “If I’m supposed to make something out of myself I need to carry my own suitcases!”

“Oh boy,” she said

“What’s that mean?”

“You just found out what we already knew ... that our father is a stupid sonofabitch!”

That made me feel good that they felt the same way I did.

“Show me the way to my room, I could use a shower.”

With Sandra leading the way and Susan on my arm I asked, “Shouldn’t you girls be out on a date with some good looking guys?”

“Actually mom called us and told us to possibly expect you.”

“Am I that predictable?”

“You must be to her,” Sandra said. “She doesn’t plan on telling daddy where you are.”

“Us moving out over two years ago and now you moving out made her finally realize that he is a prick.”

“Truer words have never been spoken,” I said. “I’ll try not to be too much underfoot!”

“Nonsense, take your shower and we’ll have something for dinner by the time you come out, how does that sound?”


In a matter of minutes I was in a nice hot shower washing my grungy hair. Do I need a haircut?

Hopefully presentable, I walked into the living room seeing the piano that used to be back at the house.

It had been a few years, but I set down and just began to play some instrumental piece that was floating around in my head!

They walked in setting up the table and I started to stand up, but Sandra said, “, that sounds so nice, what was that called?”

“Until It’s Time For You To Go,” I said.

“It has words doesn’t it?” Susan said putting out a big bowl of salad. “If I remember correctly you used to have a beautiful voice, little brother!”

They were both trying so hard, so I played it again this time singing along, changing the lyrics for my sisters...

You’re not a dream,
you’re not an angel
You’re a woman
I’m not a king, I’m a man
Take my hand

We’ll make a
space in the lives
That we’d planned
And here we’ll stay
Until it’s time for you to go

Yes, we’re different worlds apart
We’re not the same
We laughed and played
At the start like in a game

You could’ve stayed
outside my heart
But in you came
And here you’ll stay
Until it’s time
for you to go

Don’t ask why
Don’t ask how
Don’t ask forever of me
Love me now

This love of mine
had no beginning
It has no end
I was an oak,
now I’m a willow
Now I can bend

And though I’ll never
In my life see you again
Still I’ll stay
Until it’s time for you to go

Don’t ask why
Don’t ask how
Don’t ask forever of me
Love me, love me now

You’re not a dream,
you’re not an angel
You’re a woman
I’m not a king, I’m a man
Take my hand

We’ll make a space
in the lives
That we’d planned
And here we’ll stay
Until it’s time for you to go

With the final chord on the piano, I got up to my beautiful sisters having fixed fried chicken for me.

My mother once told me that fried chicken was something called comfort food, food that makes you feel better.

There was even some ice cold milk to drink with it.

Passing around the food, Susan said “Excuse me for saying that you ‘used to sing, ‘ that was really good Johnny!”

Smiling at her then Sandra I responded by saying, “It’s funny I don’t really like being called Johnny but just now when you said it, I remembered how much I liked it when either of you called me that!”

“It sounds like our little brother is coming out of this funk,” Susan remarked.

Sandra said, “You know Johnny, there is a place looking for a singer/piano player downtown. You are pretty good and if I remember correctly the job pays $500 a week to start”.

“Yeah ... me singing and playing music, Dad would really like that!”

Instead of saying anymore, I got into the food serving myself a heap of salad.

“This may sound strange,” I said, “do salads have recipes or do you just put in wherever you want and hope it tastes OK?”

They both giggled and Susan said, “We could teach you how to cook, then you would have girls wanting to jump your bones all the time.”

“Exactly ... what does one have to do with the other?” I asked.

While eating a bite of salad Sandra said “Girls want three things in a guy: good looks, tight pants and if you can cook ... then, he is husband potential!”

“Is that why you two are still single, you couldn’t find a guy with tight enough pants!”

“That’s only so much you can get an idea of what he’s packing!”

That made me laugh for maybe the first time in a month.

“Well that begs the question, I was wearing rather tight pants when I walked in. Do I pass any of your standards?”

Quietly, but I still heard Susan say, “Maybe!”

After dinner was over they asked me to go back to the piano and play something else.

For some reason the song ‘Volare’ crossed my mind...

Volare, oh oh
Cantare, oh oh oh oh
Let’s fly way up to the clouds
Away from the maddening crowds
We can sing in the glow of a star that I know of
Where lovers enjoy peace of mind

Let us leave the confusion
and all disillusion behind
Just like birds of a feather,
a rainbow together we’ll find

Volare, oh oh
E cantare, oh oh oh oh
No wonder my happy heart sings
Your love has given me wings

Penso che un sogno
così non ritorni mai più
Mi dipingi con le mani
e la faccia di blu
Poi d’improvviso
venivo dal vento rapito
E incominciavo a volare
nel cielo infinito

Volare, oh oh
E cantare, oh oh oh oh
Nel blu, dipinto di blu
E che dici di stare lassù
E volavo, volavo felice più in
alto del sole ed ancora più su
Mentre il mondo pian
piano spariva lontano laggiù
Una musica dolce suonava
soltanto per me

Volare, oh oh
E cantare, oh oh oh oh
No wonder my happy heart sings
Your love has given me wings
Nel blu, dipinto di blu
Felice di stare lassù
Nel blu, dipinto di blu

While I was singing, they were clearing the table and ended up next to me on either side and joined in on the chorus.

We all laughed and I played and we all sang together until it was midnight.

This used to happen all the time, only mom was playing the piano and we all sang, even dad!

I wonder what had happened?

I got up and said, “It’s my bedtime. I might just go into town sometime tomorrow and check out that job you guys talked about.”

“Goodie,” they said to me as Sandra took my hand and led me into my room.

“Thanks Johnny that was a lot of fun. Can I sleep with you tonight, please?”

Something in her voice told me that I shouldn’t say no – she had never said that to me before, at least the way I thought I just heard her say it.

“Well, change into some PJs why don’t you?”

“I sleep naked, Johnny ... is that OK with you?”

“Whatever,” I said stripping down to a T-shirt and boxers and climbed into the very comfortable looking bed.

She waited for me to be settled and then she started to sway to an unheard melody and began to strip!

Did I pack any condoms?

It was nearly five minutes later when my younger older sister crawled into bed and laid her head on my chest and move her hand down inside my boxers!

“Good night, Johnny,” she said.

“Good night Sandy,” I replied seeing that she clearly wanted a good night kiss!

Reaching back into my memory, I touched her cheek and we had kissed unlike any we have had ever before!

I pulled away and she said clear as day, “Would you please make love to me?”

“I’m your brother.”

“Why should that matter?” she remarked, grabbing my now blood filling sexual organ.

“I don’t know, it just seems like the right thing to say.”

“Then, let me fuck you!”

“What’s the difference?” I asked.

She threw back the sheets pulled off my boxers and stuffed herself full of my fully hyperextended dick.

And she slid down filling herself, she said quietly in my ear, “I want to you to fuck me for a very long time Johnny!”

“What about... ?”

“Don’t worry silly boy, why would I let my good-looking baby brother fuck me unless I was on the pill?”

“Are you on the pill, I think I have condoms with me just in case!”

“Johnny, just let me satisfy you, please?”

I gave her a silent OK and she began to ride me, I mean really ride me.

I’ve only had two women in my entire life and neither of them felt like this was feeling!

As she was dropping, I was returning the motion but upwardly!

Neither of us were making any noise at all probably because Susan was likely in earshot!

I was getting very near my orgasm but I don’t think she wanted to know when that was about to happen.

After a solid twenty minutes my ejaculations began, and she moaned loudly she fell asleep still connected.

Susan walked in as naked as her sister and said, “It took you guys long enough!”

“Leave her as she is,” I asked wondering when this dream might end.

“As long as I get you tomorrow, Johnny boy!”

“Tomorrow ... why do we need to wait? I want you right now?” I said surprising her.

“Are you sure?”

“I found out a few years ago that I could masturbate four times a day and every load was as big as the last one.”

“Now that I’m living with you two ladies I would like to keep the four times a day going if you could handle it!”

I rolled Sandy off of me, and she stayed asleep, it appeared.

Susan stripped right there and got on her back, “Fuck me little brother just as hard as you fucked your sister.”

First thing I did was to fuck her mouth so she could taste my cum and her sisters juices at the same time.

I pulled away and slammed right into her starting a very serious fuck!

Most guys need an hour or more to recharge, but I don’t and within five minutes I filled her pussy full of my Johnny Juice! That’s what my first girlfriend called it. She looked just like my sisters, blue eyed blondes with great tits.

She had fallen asleep, so I got in between them and pull the covers up.

My phone woke me up, it was mom asking, “Where are you?”

“Somewhere Dad will never find me all alone, but i have a girl in my room and she’s ready for seconds, goodbye!”

Now, that was fun!

Sandra woke up first and said, “If you will do that multiple times a day ... you don’t need to pay any rent.”

“I agree with that” Susan added.

“That was the best fuck I’ve had in my entire life and that’s saying something,” Sandy said...

“Who called?” I was asked.

“Mom called on my phone and I told her I couldn’t talk because I had a hot girl in bed with me!”

“She could figure that out, you know?” Susan said, holding my resurgent dick.

“Figure what out?” I said.

“If she assumed that you would come to us, and said what you just said...”

“She would figure out I was fucking my sister. Wouldn’t she?”

There was a knock on the front door

I pulled on my boxers open the door to see my mother Sarah, who said, “Hello Johnny.”

She walked in and I checked behind her and she said, “No, your father’s not with me.”

“Come and sit down you are welcome here,” I said.

The girls walked in wearing only panties with Susan saying, “Hey Mom!”

Standing up, the remarkable Sarah said, “Would it be presumptuous to assume that I caught you three fucking each other!”

“Actually, I just finished with Susan, or was it Sandra!”

“John, would you please get my suitcase from my car?”

“Suitcase?” the girls said together

“Your father blamed me for you leaving so I left him and all I have is one suitcase of stuff.”.

“So you just assumed you’d move in with us?” Susan said still only in her panties.

“Would you girls please put something more on?”

“This is the outfit of the day, mother,” Sandra said. “You need to get just like we are, or we are not going to let you stay here!”

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