Prom Night for Peggy Sue

by harry lime

Copyright© 2017 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Peggy Sue had planned her loss of virginity the entire senior year. Now, she was about to give it up to Rocky, the premiere quarterback of the football league. It was to be her last fling before surrendering to a stuffy future as a minister's wife with high moral standards.

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Long before Peggy Sue Johnson came close to prom night, a meeting took place at the local prayer meeting headquarters with her parents, the new minister from upstate and the bishop from the upscale residential section on the other side of the river. They discussed the fact that the new reverend was in dire need of a spouse to attend to his urges of the flesh and it looked like Peggy Sue was nominated since she was decidedly nubile and headed directly to the road to perdition unless they intervened with urgent haste and got her hitched to the new minister without delay.

Actually, Peggy Sue had no inkling of their covert plans for her future nocturnal duties and clear-cut plans for her homemaking skills.

In fact, she was so focused on Rocky Madison at that point in time that nothing else around her seemed to matter anymore until she consummated her promised loss of virginity to the star quarterback of the high school varsity football team. Rocky was all onboard with that program and he would often wave his little collection of condoms at Peggy Sue whenever they were alone and could discuss how deep he was going to plow her private parts in all sorts of interesting positions illustrated in Rocky’s handbook of Kama Sutra favorites. Rocky had navigated her feminine channel with his fingers and his over active tongue on more than one occasion and Peggy Sue could barely wait for him to initiate her into the mysteries of actually becoming a woman with a heavily pounded vagina and lots of cream filled condoms to confirm her training sessions.

Her supposed resting room booked at the local motel was to preclude any dangers from drunken drivers after the prom and meant she would be safe from boys with nasty intentions toward the somewhat clueless girls from the graduating class.

She had a complete ensemble of French undies to push young Rocky into passionate embraces and insure that he shattered her hymen with a surge of youthful enthusiasm. He hadn’t seen them yet, but she had shown them to her study partner John-boy Jefferson and he assured her that they would drive Rocky “absolutely insane” with macho aggression. She even allowed the shy John-boy to pet her backside the way she liked it and invited him to lick her crack because she knew he had a thing for doing shameless things like that to any female. He was so good this time that

She experienced a full-fledged orgasm that sent little signals of anticipation deep into her vaginal recesses where she knew she needed it real bad. It felt so good that she came close to granting him the opportunity of being the first explorer inside her most secret place. Then, she chickened out because she knew Rocky would be devastated at not being the first in her new territory.

The prom was a huge success and the chaperones were buzzing with joy that there were no incidents of sexual misconduct like the previous year when several of the girls admitted boys had interfered with their posterior entryways during a frenzied dance. The whole thing was swept under the carpet when it turned out that most of the boys involved were dark skinned and the girls were supposed little white angels with religious upbringing. Actually, the worst thing that happened was staining of the girl’s prom dresses with copious lines of spurting boy-juice drained by the girl’s over-active behinds.

Peggy Sue had heard all about that debacle and made certain her prom dress was fitted in a way that it could not be raised beyond her hips protecting her nether regions from unintentional anointing by rambunctious rampant shafts flying every which way but loose. Of course, Rocky didn’t get into such foolishness and she knew the focus of the evening would be when he dropped his considerable weight right down on her petite torso with her wearing her French undies in understandable sensuous temptation. She hoped Rocky had one of his advertised condoms handy for immediate use because she felt certain once he got between her knees, she would not be able to stop him from scoring a quick touchdown and making the point after with consummate skill. She might be hot as a three dollar pistol but she was still smart enough to know a prom date is not the ideal place to start a family.

Rocky handed her the cream filled condom right after her initial breaking in session and she sighed with relief because the last thing she wanted was to raise a little devil with Rocky’s brand of macho selfishness that considered females an inferior breed of human. Still, he was a valuable commodity for a prom date and she realized her good fortune when he presented her with the second spunk filled condom retrieved from her painfully stretched rear door. She was still recovering from the accompanying spanking and mauling of her heart-shaped bottom in tandem with the drilling of her tightly clenched sphincter. Still, all in all, it was a fun-filled evening and she could relax with a hot shower and maybe even give her practice partner a shot at her goodies if he was a good boy.

As a parting shot, Rocky made her condom collection a trio of cream-filled latex memento’s after a memorable replay of his first touchdown in her pretty snatch earlier in the evening.

The next morning, she ate two helpings of pancakes at the International House of Pancakes, not at all concerned over Rocky’s absence because she had her girlfriends to exchange notes about their nocturnal activities in the Motel Six on a prom night they would all remember for the rest of their lives. She showed Gloria and Monica her souvenir condoms and they all giggled as they touched the things with their fingers.

“Did he have a big one, Peggy Sue?”

She wasn’t certain which girl asked her the question but she just smiled and nodded her head in reply not wanting to spoil the moment with unnecessary words and meaningless enhancement of an almost perfect physical experience. She did mention how he had taken her ass cherry as well and the girls were aghast that she allowed him to do that to her and not propose marriage at the same time. That made Peggy Sue laugh because the last thing she had on her mind was getting married to Rocky. He would probably expect his wife to crawl around on the floor with a dog collar and take it all the way up her ass whenever he snapped his fingers for her to assume the position.

Peggy Sue did her best to cover up her confusion at finding the new good-looking minister sitting in their sitting room when she returned from the prom night still wearing the wrinkled prom dress and her tattered French undies. Thankfully, her undies were out of sight and she could still present an innocent front to all assembled speaking only of the dancing and the wonderful music provided free by the donations of the parents of the graduating students.

She looked the new minister straight in the eye and told him about her intention to go to college in the fall providing she passed the entrance exam at the local community college. It was the cheapest way to go for the first two years and her family was not exactly rolling in cash like some of the families with land holding from generations of family and relations. Peggy Sue was surprised that the minister had attended an Ivy League college and she made the correct assumption that his family had oodles of money and connections in the right spots for his place in the sun.

She sat on the edge of the high-backed chair hoping that her stained undies were well hidden from view. The very last thing she wanted was to be found out as the type of girl that would spread her legs for a low-life like Rocky and allow him to sodomize her in the bargain. Rocky was certainly not the sort of boyfriend one could take home to parents and he was just barely civilized enough to hang on his arm in public. It was almost like walking a trained watch dog but with the leash reversed in his favor.

Rocky’s recent deposits brimmed her openings on both ends and she knew it was only a matter of time before gravity defeated her youthful “rubber band” rims and allowed the sticky stuff to run down the insides of her legs with guilty visibility. She hoped that the minister and the other visitors would be long gone before that was a fact. Her hope of a nearing bath was foremost on her mind and she kept her knees tightly together in the interim determined to see her ordeal through to the bitter end.

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