Danny to Dani

by Corrupt

Copyright© 2017 by Corrupt

Erotica Sex Story: A mans life is changed as he is encouraged by his wife to get in touch with his feminine side.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/Ma   Reluctant   TransGender   Wimp Husband   MaleDom   FemaleDom   Anal Sex   Oral Sex   .

My name is Dani, formerly known as Danny. My life has changed in significant ways since I was known as Danny. I guess I should provide some background to allow some understanding of how I arrived at my current situation. Things began normally enough. I met my wife Victoria (nicknamed “V”) halfway through college, and we seemed to hit it off great. We were inseparable the final two years of school. While we occasionally indulged in sex, it wasn’t something our lives together really revolved around. While I did enjoy sex, V seemed to have a take it or leave it approach. Perhaps V didn’t really see much point in it since I was extremely under-endowed (my equipment looked like someone had swapped a man’s junk with that of an eight year old), and the rest of my body pretty much matched my sexual equipment, as I was small, weakly muscled, underweight and almost hairless. As far as I knew, I had never brought V to the point of orgasm, but despite the limited sex, we loved each other, and knew we were destined to spend our lives together.

After graduation, we went to Las Vegas, tied the knot, and spent a week on our honeymoon. We then moved to a medium sized northwestern city. I took a job at a subsidiary of an international power generation corporation, while V got a job as one of many accountants at a local firm. The first year seemed to fly by, and we had few problems.

Right after our first anniversary, the parent company of the subsidiary I worked at closed down the production facility in our city. While a few long time employees were offered the opportunity to move to the new production facility located in the south, the majority of us were immediately laid off. It was a stressful time for V and I, as we were barely making ends meet when we were both working. With only one of us working, it was almost impossible to get by. I applied for jobs, went for interviews and was continually updating my resume, but nothing seemed to work, and I remained jobless for months on end.

After a couple months I was disheartened about not finding another job. I tried to make up for it by taking care of the housework so V could relax when she got home after work, but I mostly managed to make a mess of things since I had zero experience in cleaning, cooking, laundry and other domestic chores. At first, V seemed to take it well, but after a while she snapped at me, saying I only made more work for her with my domestic screw ups. At that point, I stopped trying to take care of the domestic work and concentrated on my online gaming. If nothing else in life was going well, I could at least take solace in the fact that I had some impressive scores. I noticed that my inactivity was starting to have its effect on my body as I started to pack on a few pounds.

About 4 months after I lost my job V was promoted to an executive assistant position. While this helped relieve some of the financial stress we were dealing with, it also seemed to encourage her to take her natural assertiveness to a whole new level. She insisted I start drinking a weight loss shake twice a day. While the shakes seemed to cause me to lose some of the fat around my midsection, it didn’t do anything at all in regards to my man-boobs or ass ... In fact, if anything, they seemed to accelerate their growth.

About a month later, V called me into the bathroom (actually, it was more of a scream). She said she was tired of cleaning up after me, and that she had had enough of my slovenly ways. She said “If you want to stay in this house, things are going to change”. She was apparently taking offense to the fact that the little hair I did have on my body was collecting in the shower and the rim of the toilet. She had me strip naked in the bathroom, and she pulled me into the shower. Once there, she spread some cream on my legs, arms, underarms and chest ... Pretty much all over my body with the exception of my crotch area. The areas the cream was applied to seemed to burn for a couple minutes, and when V rinsed the cream off, I was hairless. She then took a razor and trimmed my pubic area until only a small triangle of hair remained. She then informed me that if I wanted to stay in her house, I would repeat the treatment on a daily basis. I agreed to do so since I had nowhere else to go.

I continues following the depilatory regimen and things seemed to be going well, until one day V came home from work and went off about nothing. I was in a bad mood myself, as the continual dieting and weight loss shakes seemed to keep me perpetually hungry and somewhat emotional. In addition, the diet was doing nothing about my man-boobs or growing ass (although my stomach was now flat). I stupidly asked her what her problem was, and if she was PMS’ing. This turned out to be the worst possible thing I could have done. V asked if I thought “PMS’ing was funny or a joke”. She then decided that I should experience some of the discomforts of having a period. She directed me into the bedroom, and had me strip naked and get on all four on the bed. I nervously waited, wondering what was going to happen as she dug through the dresser drawers. She came back with a couple items of clothing, a small bottle of some sort of lubricant and a strangely shaped object, which was pointed, fat in the middle and smaller just before the wide base. I saw her spread some of the lubricant on her fingers, and then felt her fingers slide along my crack, and penetrate deep into my ass. After moving her fingers in and out of my rectum for several minutes, She took the strange object and inserted it into my sphincter. There was substantial pain as the object was forced past the ring of my ass and deep into my colon. She then threw a pair of panties and one of her old pair of shorts (what are commonly called “booty shorts”) at me, and told me to put them on. I reluctantly pulled the panties, and the shorts up my legs as she told me I would be wearing all three items on or in me until she decided I had an appreciation of what women went through during their monthly periods. As I appraised my situation, I discovered that the item in my ass (which I have since found out was a butt plug) was not going to fall out, the panties seemed to ride up the crack of my ass, and the booty shorts were somewhat tight around my ass.

I also discovered that for the first time in months, my cock became hard. V joked about it, noting that it was at least two inches long - much longer than usual. To my surprise, she knelt in front of me and wrapped her lips around my cock, gently licking and sucking until I had my orgasm. To my surprise, she kissed me afterwards, and used her tongue to push the results of my orgasm into my mouth. She then insisted that I swallow what she put into my mouth, and actually had me open my mouth wide to verify that I had swallowed the small, salty load.

After a while the pain in my ass subsided, and I became used to having something lodged in my ass. Even though there was no longer any pain, the object seemed to affect the way I walked. I noticed my ass seemed to have a sway to it when the butt plug was in me. V made me wear the butt plug for the next five days, and then had me download a period tracker app, so I would know when I needed to wear the butt plug, panties and booty shorts again.

Things continued at the new normal for my next two “periods”. I was getting really concerned about how large my boobs had gotten, and asked V to schedule a visit to the doctor for me so he could check it out. She let me know that she had found a specialist who was well respected for his abilities in diagnosing “male problems” and had scheduled an appointment for the next Monday.

On Monday V and I arrived at the Doctors office and he did all the usual things, weight, blood pressure, listened to my heart and took measurements of my body. I was nervous about exposing my near hairless body to the Doctor, but he didn’t make any comments about my lack of body hair. He drew blood, and then handed me a cup and directed me to a small room so I could provide a sperm sample. I came out of the little room 15 minutes later with no sample. The Doctor said “There are alternative ways to do this” and had me get up on a table. He pulled stirrups up off the sides of the table and strapped my feet into them. He put on a glove, lubed a couple fingers and proceeded to push two fingers far up my ass. He began an in and out motion, massaging my prostate. Within a minute I was hard, and fifteen seconds later the sperm sample was produced.

The Doctor indicated that judging by breasts, it appeared that my testosterone production was either low or non-existent. He also asked whether I was experiencing any pain. I mentioned that my nipples and areolas (my nipples now extended a good half inch when hard and my areolas had expanded to the size of a large soup spoon) were very sensitive and prone to irritation. The Doctor suggested to V that she get a sports bra for me to wear to both protect my nipples and prevent permanent stretching of my breasts. He then administered two shots to boost my testosterone and gave me some pills, which he told me to take twice a day. He indicated that he was worried about necrosis of my testicles if the situation didn’t improve. He scheduled the next visit for two week later.

It happened that the period tracker indicated that my period would start that day, so when we got home V insisted on applying my “tampon”. After it was inserted she gave me panties and the booty shorts to wear. In addition, she dug through her dresser and found an old sports bra for me to wear. The bra was a little tight around my chest, but my boobs seemed to fit the cups perfectly. I continued using the diet shakes and taking the medicine as directed.

We made another three visits to the Doctor, but the shots he was giving me didn’t seem to be doing much to restore my manhood. On the fourth visit to the Doctor, he gave me a couple pills to swallow immediately after we arrived. He performed the usual measurements and then announced that the necrosis of my testicles had advanced so far that they would have to be removed before I became a victim of blood poisoning. He once again had me get up on the gyno table and administered a local anesthetic to my scrotum. I couldn’t really see anything from my position, and was unable to feel anything either. It only took a couple minutes before the Doctor was standing upright and telling me the procedure was completed. He suggested a couple days bed rest and application of ice on my genitals.

V nursed me while I was recovering from the procedure I endured at the Doctors. She helped me shower and get dressed when I finally got out of bed a couple days later. While helping me put on my sports bra she determined that the A cup sports bra was now too small for me. She said she didn’t have any larger sports bra’s, so she test fitted a regular B cup lacy floral patterned bra. She determined that the cups were a little small, but the rest was a proper fit and I could use it until she found something better. In addition, she gave me a matching pair of panties, saying I might as well match. She also brought out a small skirt, saying the Doctor told her I shouldn’t wear pants or shorts until the stitches were removed from my scrotum. She also gave me a small tank top that barely covered the bra. By the time I was dressed I no longer looked like a man. When I mentioned this, V said it didn’t matter since I was going to be housebound for a few days anyway.

The few days ended up turning into weeks. Most of my old clothes were either worn out, or didn’t fit me anymore, and V wasn’t spending any money for new clothes, saying we should wait until my body finished “adjusting”. I wasn’t quite sure what she meant by this, and hoped she was referring to my diet, but I ended up wearing girls clothing pretty much full time.

It was about this time that V told me she had enrolled in a cosmetology class that would be meeting twice a week. As part of the class, she had to practice both hairstyling and makeup application. She mentioned it was fortunate that I hadn’t had my hair cut in a few months, so she could practice on me. Her classes were on Mondays and Wednesdays, so she practiced on me Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. The first couple months were mostly dedicated to hairstyling, but the third month she also started practicing the makeup application on me also.

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