The Fight

by It's a Kilt, not a Skirt

Copyright© 2017 by It's a Kilt, not a Skirt

Romantic Sex Story: Kitty and her husband Bran have been disagreeing about when--or whether to--have children. Kitty wants to wait; Bran wants them now. They part on cool terms and Kitty banishes her husband to the sofa. However, Bran has other ideas and wants to be forgiven. As they make up passionately for their fight, the problem of "when" to have children is solved once and for all...

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cream Pie   Petting   Pregnancy   .

Kitty was seething. She and Bran had an argument but an hour ago--albeit about stupid things, but she couldn’t let her dignity go, now could she! So Kitty had banished her lover, her husband, to the sofa for the night.

It was so difficult to stay angry with Bran for very long, and while she was still cross with him, she missed the comforting cuddle of their bodies together.

The fire of anger was still burning bright when Kitty heard the door open. Her back was to the wall, but it was unquestionably Bran. It was at that moment she realized that there was another fire burning--in her stomach. A fire which she would not give into no matter what. Not tonight.

Bran slipped into bed behind her, pressing his body into hers, spooning. His arm automatically fell over her hips, and his fingers unintentionally brushed the bare skin exposed by her small top. She shivered.

Bran’s lips went close to her ear, and he whispered sensually, ‘Kitty, I’m sorry.’

She ignored him.

‘Let’s kiss and make up.’

Kitty sniffed. ‘I don’t feel like it, ‘ she said childishly.

‘Please?’ He begged.

No reply. ‘I know you want to forgive me. I hate fighting as much as you do, ‘ Bran plied, his hands trailing in her top to cup her soft breasts and to pinch her nipples gently, just a tweak. ‘I know you’re still angry.’ His hand began to snake down her pants. ‘But I also know you’re overjoyed to see me, ‘ he finished, his fingers dipping into Kitty’s pussy. He moaned at the state he found her in. ‘Oh, sweet heaven, you’re SO wet for me.’

Bran could hardly help it as he instinctively rubbed his hard cock against her ass. The thin layers of boxers and flannel were hardy anything. He could almost feel her wet tightness grasping him deep inside already.

Leaning over and pulling her shirt down to expose one breast, Bran’s head went down, his mouth opened, and he sucked hard, very slightly chewing on her nipple. When he moved to the other breast, Bran smiled mischievously at the strangled sound of tortured pleasure which escaped his wife’s throat. Pulling Kitty’s pajama bottoms down to her knees, Bran slid two fingers deeply inside her, stroking her clit firmly with his thumb. Then, abruptly, he removed his fingers and began to rub everywhere but her clit. Kitty made a strangled sound of frustration.

‘Mmm, do you want something?’ Bran teased. ‘Do you want something, Kitty? If you tell me what it is, I’ll give it to you.’

She didn’t respond.

And then Kitty felt cold, because Bran moved away from her. But a second later he was back. As he got close to her again Kitty could feel his bare cock brush against her ass. Bran grasped it and rubbed her pussy with the head, his cock kissing her clit teasingly.

‘Is this what you want?’ He taunted, keeping it up.

Kitty moaned in affirmation, but it wasn’t good enough for her husband. Impatient, she arched backwards. His cock was SO CLOSE to being where she wanted it to be...

Bran allowed her to rub her clitty against his cock, but backed away with a chuckle when she tried to slide it up inside her.

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