Her Baggage Delivered

by Midsummerman

Copyright© 2017 by Midsummerman

Sex Story: Troy's day begins badly when his girlfriend dumps him; it gets worse when his stepmother seizes the moment to commence a plan she's had for him for some time, her mind full of admiration for the girl who's put him closer to the place she needs him to be in. Troy learns of the true fate of his departed father, and is shown he has more in common with him than he ever knew - courtesy of some very independent female friends of his stepmother, educating him to his true purpose in life.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Coercion   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Slavery   Fiction   BDSM   FemaleDom   Humiliation   Light Bond   Analingus   Exhibitionism   Masturbation   Oral Sex   .

Troy was distraught when Lisa ditched him; he’’d not known her that long, but had visions of grandeur over their budding relationship, and had masturbated daily over the thought of her allowing him to bed her. Now, here at the mall, and in front of several of her smiling female friends, she had taken a curt pleasure in dismissing him.

“You’re just not up to my standards ... your car’s O.K. but you’re cramping my style ... it’s over.” She left him crestfallen, and strutted confidently away on her heels, her friends giggling and glancing back with smug smiles as he stood, cut down, and discarded like the used coffee cups which rolled in circles between the shop-fronts. He trudged back to the parking area and drove his car home, glancing wistfully at the empty passenger seat. He felt such a fool, and mulled over their last evening together at one of the bars in town, one of those few which were not so scrutinous about age, and was frequented by youthful people; he realised now she’d been a little off with him, and her eyes were elsewhere - he should have known, and now he knew. His eyes welled up, and he fought back his hurt.

He pulled up outside the house where he lived alone with his stepmother, went in, and sat long faced in a chair, staring at the wall. His stepmother, Marcia Hayes was a confident and independent woman who had inherited Troy as baggage when he was five years old; his birth mother had divorced his father a year earlier, citing adultery, and had departed with his younger sister, never to be seen again and leaving Troy with his father. The boy did not suffer any feelings of loss, as he was constantly in the care of nannies and nurses employed at the home, his mother just another person who inhabited the house in his young eyes - he was equally distant and unattached to his father too, as he was farmed out to boarding schools when not in the care of those domestic assistants. Marcia had told him that his father had died when he was just eight years old, though Troy could not recall ever attending a funeral; he had certainly not been made aware of any grave or memorial, though neither could he remember a time before just he and his stepmother lived at the house.

Marcia was checking her shape in the bedroom mirror, snapping a black stocking to her garter belt, then smiling into the reflection with satisfaction as she added a little more red lipstick when she heard Troy arrive. She’d not expected him home this early, and grinned as she guessed on a probable reason for his arrival. She adjusted the black pencil skirt she’d chosen to wear, stepped into her stilettos, and lifted her nose at the mirror as she passed it; she would be as matriarchal with him as ever, though he was now of an age whereby it was time he learned his true purpose in life, and would shortly be put to good use as was his father. Proud of the body she had kept in superb shape despite her years, she sauntered down the stairs displaying the provocative wiggle of her firm and rounded arse, which had captivated so many men whom Troy had no knowledge of.

She received a knowing glance from Beatrice, one of the more mature maids who was leaving the lounge after offering the despondent young man a coffee, which he’d gratefully refused, and returned the look with a smile as she entered the room. Troy didn’t hear her enter, but was made aware of her presence by the waft of seductively sweet scent she used, lifting his head sheepishly to face her. She crossed her arms and avoided asking him directly about the sad face, wanting to hear him make some effort in offering an explanation.

“You’re back early, I wasn’t expecting you till much later.” Troy’s sadness was, begrudgingly lifted in part, the fact that she hadn’t asked why he looked so lost made him a little indignant, so he tried to broach it as though he didn’t care.

“Oh ... err ... things didn’t go to plan, I’ve err ... finished with Lisa.” A slight smirk graced Marcia’s lips.

“You’ve finished with Lisa? ... I thought you were besotted with her, she was such a pretty and confident girl too, whatever made you change your mind?” He swallowed hard, determined not to show his stepmother any weakness in the masculine shell he tried to hide behind.

“It was ... It was her idea, not mine.” As he sat back and took a deep breath, looking like a child who’d had to admit to a prank, Marcia had to stop herself from letting out a contemptuous laugh. ‘Good girl!’ she thought to herself - as meek as he was, he was in need of being shown his place, and this incident would play him right into her hands.

“Oh ... so she dumped you ... maybe she was a little too bold for you anyhow.” Troy glared at her momentarily, before coming to his senses, though her smile told him that she had nothing but admiration for the girl; he’d been put in his place by her, and she wished she’d been there to witness it.

“You’re so like your father, he needed strong women to take control of him, and it took him a while to get just what he wanted ... when I wanted it.” Troy felt a peculiar tingling at her words, the emphasis she put on ‘I’ gave him a strangely sexual excitement, and the likening of him to his father whom she’d belittled was somehow curiously attractive. Her grin remained as she continued.

“That car of yours was expensive, and being as you don’t have anything else to do now that you’ve been jettisoned at the whim of a girl, you’ll come with me to a friend’s house - she’ll have some chores that need doing. I was going to have you there next week anyhow, it’s high time you had some purpose in life, and I know you’ll learn to enjoy the company.” Troy was both puzzled by this approach from a woman who he’d thought had seen him as no more than part of the furniture, and perplexed by his own feeling of obedience to what she asked. She clicked her fingers, and the tingling continued as she led him to her car.

Troy’s mood was now diverted from one of immature grief at his put down by a girl he felt so potently about, to one of an uncomfortable anxiety about an unknown situation - and the fact that it was something his stepmother had apparently long pre-planned for him. He squirmed a little in the seat as she drove the car off the freeway down to an area close to the coast known for expensive properties.

“So ... what sort of chores am I expected to do? ... I’ve ever been that good at err ... practical things.” Marcia just continued her fixed smile, then swept her tongue slowly across her lips; he could see her easing into a distinctly decadent mode, the way he’d seen her on those rare occasions at home when she’d had a few drinks with friends and he’d viewed her covertly through a gap in a door.

“Oh, you’ll see when we get there, and you’ll soon learn to do things correctly ... just as you’re told. There’ll be several women there who’ll be more than glad to see you, and have you show them how courteous you can be ... you’ll soon forget that unsophisticated Lisa, believe me.” Troy repositioned his legs on feeling his cock erect; she may have been talking about basket weaving or potting dahlias, but the mischief in her tone told him something a little more risque awaited him. Her smug look of satisfaction broadened as they drove through tall iron gates which opened automatically, up to a huge mansion-like house, and he was led up marble steps to an ornate art-nouveau door. Marcia rang the bell, and Troys eyes were drawn to a figure distorted through the coloured glass, approaching from within. He turned to Marcia.

“Look ... I ... I’m not sure about this.” Marcia turned to him with a curt smile and closed her eyes, emphasising her words were final.

“Well I am ... you’ll do just as you’re told ... just like your father did.” Troy was left agape as the door opened and a severe looking middle-aged maid in black gave a warm smile to Marcia.

“Hello Ms Hayes, do come in.” Her smile edged a sneer as sharp eyes surveyed Troy.

“Oh this is a surprise, Ms Dominique will be more than pleased with your company.” She led them to a comfortable high-ceilinged lounge, then went to fetch the hostess. Troy twitched uncomfortably in the chair he’d been sat in, as footsteps announced the approach of feminine feet. The maid entered first and stood with her arms crossed near the door, smiling and looking Troy up and down admiringly, then Troy’s cock eased to an unwanted erection as Dominique entered. Dressed in just a tight black swimming costume with a black lace veil about her shoulders, her mature and shapely figure was expressed unashamedly, each contour of her full figure hidden only by skin tight material. Perched on stilettos, her long and graceful legs led up to a graceful camel toe and nipples poking in her excitement at the prospect of a soft male to mentor. The maid barked at troy, waving her finger.

“Stand!” Marcia grinned with satisfaction as Troy rose to his feet without any sign of indignation, the bulge at his crotch bringing smiles from all three women. Marcia crossed her legs and grinned at Dominique.

“I do hope you don’t mind me bringing him earlier than we’d planned ... it’s just that he’s been shown his insignificance by a girl today, so his ego is in a perfect position for the occasion.” Troy blushed at being exposed at so personal a level, and the fact that he’d let himself be manipulated so easily ... and by women, but that in itself made him strangely horny; the command in the maid’s voice had had him immediately bow to her authority, and it kept his erection firm. Dominique’s grin broadened with her curiosity as she stepped closer, her scent not helping Troy’s instinctive arousal.

“Oh not at all, this is a wonderful bonus ... the girls and I were just discussing our need for ... shall we say, a little assistance, by the pool. You’ll leave him with is for a week or so, I take it?” Troy gasped, he’d nothing but what he stood in; Marcia had given no indication he’d be there overnight ... and a week?”

“But ... I...” Marcia stood and gave a cruel smile as Dominique lifted her chin and wore a similar grin, the stern maid stepping closer with a scowl, the challenge of a little masculine resistance bringing out her authority, along with her nipples which now hardened with her demeanour through her satin blouse.

“You’ll do just as you’re told when here - on your knees this instant!” Troy sank to his knees, like a child before a governess, unable to resist the command of feminine power. His cock was now boning at the shame of his weakness, and the emerging pleasure being belittled by women gave him. He now faced the graceful bulge of Dominique’s mature belly, her broad thighs, and the inviting camel toe of her cunt which was now wet and spiced with arousal. As the three sneered with satisfaction at his early progress, she rubbed the back of his head playfully, teasing his nose a little closer to what she knew he’d be tasting sooner rather than later.

“Oh ... he’s SO like his father ... I remember so well when he entertained us here, it’s such a beautiful thing having a genetic re-invention of him in our hands ... and he still has the vigour of youth, which we’ll test so thoroughly.” Marcia stood close and smiled down at him with an air of smug triumph.

“ ... and he’s inherited his father’s genes alright - I’ve seen the image of womanhood that excites him, my maid Ella had no problem in hacking his computer.” Troy gaped at the glistening cunt before him, his face burning with humiliation as the gentle feminine laughs of expectancy pierced his ears.

“ ... mature women in positions of control, with the upper hand ... dominant - his father could have chosen them - no wonder that young lady dealt with him so efficiently earlier, she knew he was too weak for her and will have enjoyed putting him in his place.” Marcia strutted to the door, her satisfaction in delivering and freeing herself of the baggage that had held her back for so long, intense and fulfilling.

“I’m off to pick up Mandy as promised, she’s keen to sample what my husband produced too. I’ll be back with her to check on his progress in a couple of hours - she’s training a little something of her own that awaits my attention, and I’m certainly in the mood for it now.” She stood and took a long look at the kneeling male, already satisfactorily humiliated, locked in suspense at what was to come, an erection bulging to prove he was just where he belonged. She had one more cutting truth to have him know.

“Oh ... you can let him know the truth about his father’s fate, it’s time he knew, and it’s of little consequence to me now, but it’ll set him up nicely for what’s to come.” Troy heard her steps disappear to the door, his already tattered ego now crushed at the thought of Marcia and Ella viewing what he’d masturbated over, and his being on his knees to women who were the living image of those who’d brought his seed pumping so readily from his cock. That exposure was now to be met with a more vivid one, as Dominique eased his nose to the engorged peach in her black swimsuit, and the delightful whiff of her womanhood combined with the mystery of Marcia’s parting words brought his submissive core to the surface as she sighed in a moment of dominant promise. She was longing to have him lick her to orgasm, have him all to herself, but she knew restraint and patience was in order - the others would be keen to see him.

“Let’s prepare him for introduction to his new role Greta, then the ladies will have a nice nostalgic time as we all discuss the fate of the man responsible for this new gift ... I can’t wait to parade him.” The stern maid was in her element in assisting with proceedings; her cunt was wet with the prospect of the favours she’d receive at her behest from a male who was so evidently in need of training.

“Strip!” Troy hesitated for just a moment, shocked but in no way surprised by the command, and allowing Greta the pleasure of retrieving a cane from a stand from the corner of the room. He removed his shirt hurriedly as she stood flexing it, her stern face edged with a little disappointment on seeing him now obey her command, and consoled herself by cutting the air with it as he removed his clothes. Dominique grinned as she saw him flinch in reaction to the sound of its promise, she as eager as Greta to see him squirm in pain under its authority as he stripped down to his underwear.

“That won’t be the last time you hear that sound, we find that men frequently require discipline by the cane for many reasons, and Greta has had many surrender their seed in capitulation to it ... she’s heard that you’ve failed the necessary standards of a young woman today, and that in itself has earned you punishment, but you’ve guests who require your audience first ... underwear off now, or you’ll be viewed with striped flesh!” She smiled with satisfaction as Troy, trembling in a combination of fear, humiliation, and the growing consciousness of the erotic pleasure of submission, slipped off his socks and briefs to let his erect cock air for the women’s cruel amusement.

Dominique tittered with cynical pleasure on Greta handing her a collar and leash, Troy’s exposed masculinity boning as she buckled the collar tight with her manicured fingers, and he watched the broad, firm cheeks of her arse flex seductively in the tight material as she strutted out on her tall heels into the sunlight in triumph; he led like a dog on all fours with Greta teasing the soft cheeks of his arse with the cane he’d soon know in earnest. He followed helplessly, out to a thankfully rubberised surface which edged the perimeter of a sizeable pool, prompted forward by Greta’s spiteful taps to his flesh with the cane as Dominique kept the leash taut and continued her verbal belittlement to ensure the reality of his predicament was brought firmly home.

“So! ... you’ve been deservedly put in your place by a young lady, and you like to waste your seed over images of strong women you’d never have the courage to face? ... you’ve got a lot to learn young man, and you’ll be taught just how to serve womanhood in complete obedience now you’re here...” His watering eyes focused through the gait of her superb legs on hearing the sound of delighted women ahead, his balls tingling as his humiliating exposure was witnessed by a group of five mature ladies, some scantily clad, one with her gently sagging breasts exposed, one completely naked, laying on sunbeds between sun and shade. All showed their grinning contempt for him, and their approval at the humbling of a male, he feeling the pulsing to rigidity of his cock at the lush shame of being seen for what they knew he was.

Dominique paraded him close enough to smell their sweet scents, as they sneered and gave soft cynical laughs, each cooing and pursing their lips as they took in the prospect of a fresh male whom they already knew so much about. Dominique had him kneel centrally before the group, Greta standing close with the cane as the dominant woman pulled his head back to be viewed by them. He was unable to control his cock, which stood protruding high to expose his bell-end in the breeze, and confirmed the inner feelings he could not hide, which they’d exploit with pleasure.

Troy’s humiliation increased to a shameful peak, on recognising at least two of the women as closer friends of his stepmother’s; women whom he’d engaged in brief and passing conversation with in the past, one of whom, Drew Adams - the one who lay naked and openly displayed her shapely mature figure - he’d found very attractive sexually, and had been the cause of some self-inflicted embarrassment for him when she’d stayed a few nights a while back. Troy had liberated a pair of her lacey panties from the maid’s laundry trolley, and had masturbated hard with the soiled gusset over his nose, the scent bringing him to an exquisite orgasm. He had masturbated again later as he watched her strut elegantly across their rear lawn from his bedroom window; she was just like the women on the net who brought the seed pulsing from his fisted cock as he fantasised about being at their strict bidding.

Consumed by his sexual euphoria, he had forgotten about the panties, and when he returned from the bathroom having wiped his cock clean, the maid was there in his bedroom to greet him with a broad smile, hand on ample hip, the panties held high on display in her fingers. Marcia had taken great pleasure in having him explain how and why he’d come into possession of a guest’s panties, while the maid stood witness and enjoyed his humiliation, both knowing full well the base masculine instincts which had driven him. He had been thoroughly shamed before his Stepmother and a maid, but at least Drew did not know of it...

Drew’s eyes met Troy’s, and her pleasure peaked from a wicked smile as she sat up and lifted her graceful arms to the rear of her head in ensuring her auburn hair was secured in its tight bun, the action of her arms making her full breasts jiggle delightfully in teasing his eyes with their poking pink nipples which indicated her own sexual excitement. She sighed softly as she slid the globes of her naked buttocks to the side of the angled sunbed, arched her back high, and parted her superb white thighs slightly to show him her shaven cunt, already glistening with sun oil and perspiration, it was now moistened further by her emerging arousal. She watched with satisfaction as his eyes flicked uncontrollably between her face and her exposed sex.

“Well? what are you waiting for? ... you have a good sniff ... I KNOW you’ll recognise the scent.” Troy let out a little gasp amid the jeers of approval from the other women, hesitating on not quite believing the command, and cut sweetly by the further humiliation that she and the other women were aware of his previous base act, he crouched slightly and felt pressure on the back of his neck. Dominique showed the elegance of her long and shapely legs to good effect, teetering on one tall heel as she she pressed his head down to sniff at Drew’s cunt, her own sex airing its scent as it bulged with arousal in the taut swimsuit; she longed to have that still relatively youthful nose, tight in her own slot, being trained to the obedience of her choice. She pressed her heel down and felt Troy quiver as his nose met Drew’s fleshy labia, and his mind was immediately taken back to his thoroughly shameful but deeply gratifying orgasm at her soiled gusset. Drew edged forward, and rested back on her arms as the other women offered gentle applause while Troy obediently and willingly sniffed at the source of the scent which had seen his now tingling balls surrender their seed.

“There! ... you’ll have plenty of opportunity to sample the smell and taste of womanhood from now on ... we’ll soon have that tongue put to good use communally.” The other women looked on with enthusiasm; Kay Parker - the woman whose bare breasts sagged slightly, somehow enhancing their attractiveness in accordance with her stern maturity - viewed the cowering Troy with sneering anticipation, she too having witnessed his idle and feigned indifference to her when at his home. Beatrice, the head maid at his home, had long been in on the planned future of service the young man of the house was to be indentured into, and kept a covert reconnaissance on his peeping through doors at the women. Now he was exposed, the charade was over, and so was her wait to dominate him.

“He’s so like his father ... I can’t wait to see how he takes correction.” Drew sighed as she enjoyed the heat of his nasal breath on her folds, while he trembled at Kay’s promise; her matronly manner had also given him an annoyingly odd arousal in the past, he now both feared and became excited at knowing the consequences of not being absolutely polite with her in the past. She knew that his abrupt exits to her passing conversation had been down to shyness and his awe of her, but she’d make him pay just the same. Drew was satisfied he’d taken in enough of her scent for now.

“We’ve all been monitoring your development, and waiting for this day when you’d be offered up to be shown your purpose in life ... a purpose which we all know has been determined by your genetic traits.” She smiled at Dominique who lifted her heel as she eased his head up to face her satisfied scorn, and she glanced about her friends with a smug sneer, to emphasise the joy of his exposure was for all ears.

“We were overjoyed to learn of your worship of my panties, it confirmed that you were becoming ready to follow the footsteps of your father, and so many other males who’ve been sampled here...” Her grin broadened to a wicked smirk, her cunt moistening as she savoured her next delivery.

“ ... did you masturbate as you sniffed them?” Troy’s anus now tingled with a blend of fear and acute sexual excitement at being made to humiliate himself by strict feminine authority, the stern sneers of all the women burning into him as he fought to answer in the only way he could.

“Y ... Yes.” A sapping wave of energy passed through him as he released the single word, the contemptuous and cynical chuckling of the women having it followed by the heat of his face reddening. His belittling was to continue.

“ ... and what were you thinking of when you spent for my panties?” They enjoyed his combination of misery and emerging blend of masochistic submission, as he swallowed hard and fought to get his response out ... longing to tell her how he felt, but held back by his own ego at the shame. Dominique licked her lips on pulling the leash tight, as Greta gave him a taste of what was to come, with a sharp stroke of the cane to his cheeks; his feminine audience watched with delight, on the sadistic maid easing her desire to thrash him, by having him wince with pain as the cane rippled his flesh and left its mark on both his body and mind. Greta sneered with satisfaction as the single stroke had him produce tears of bewilderment, confirming he’d be broken oh so easily.

“Answer immediately when you’re questioned!” Troy sobbed like a girl, in full view of each delighted woman, each cunt moistening as the pleasured contempt for the new flesh they’d sample, grew with the tears that he shed.

“I ... I ... needed ... wanted...” Drew sneered and slapped his face, impatient, and her heady sadism in need of sating.

“ ... You wanted to be leashed and naked ... kneeling before me ... and humiliated!” She slapped his face again while the women laughed at his dream having come true, and watched his cock pulse and dribble pre-cum as the weakness of his inner desires showed his true colours through the sting of the slap. Dominique tugged at the leash as she laughed cynically, then her face showed the contempt he deserved.

“You wanted to be DOMINATED! Didn’t you?” He gurgled out his response, the collar high, like a noose as though she were to hang him; the feeling bringing more dribbles from his aching member.

“ ... Yes ... oh yes.” Greta stroked the flesh of his cheeks with her cane as the women laughed contentedly with his admission of what they already knew too well; the satisfaction of having him shame himself openly, sweetly erotic. They had him now, and he knew it - he wanted to come, come hard as his shaming brought a lushly erotic release, his balls and anus tingling at the divine feeling of having his ego crushed by womanhood, but he would endure more before he was allowed to spend. Bella Davies, a pleasingly chubby blonde, slipped her bikini top off and rubbed one of her globular breasts in his face, sighing softly as she worked the erect nipple through the wetness of his tears and across his lips, her wet cunt as eager as all the others to know the servile attentions of his tongue. Her soft tones teased his ears further.

“There my pet, you have a good suckle ... you know your mother rejected you because she could see you were going to be just like your father. Well, we’ll mother you now, just like we did him ... and you’ll be taught the discipline you need now you’re here, you’ll soon yearn and beg for the cane the way he did, and we’ll all take great pleasure in taking turns to make sure you know your place.” Dominique eased the tension on his leash as Bella moved her breast away, while the tall figure of a shapely redhead stepped round, and pointed him to her feet.

“Kiss them!” Troy’s eyes moved down the broad white thighs, between which nestled the prominent lips of her sex in the tight material of her bikini bottoms, down to her graceful feet which stood arched upright in the embrace of tall heeled sandals, her legs close together and emphasising her dominance. Grace Garner placed her hands on hips and sneered contentedly as he bent obediently and placed his lips on her exposed toes.

Grace had her own legal business, and had chosen and processed several husbands, divorcing them after relieving them of the assets that had attracted her to them. She dealt with the legal issues of the women for free, and often procured males for the group through her work. Totally independent, acutely dominant sexually, she had a penchant for publicly humiliating males, and would often drive selected males up the coast to beaches where she was not known, and walk them like dogs on a leash in full view of startled bystanders; the routine of being seen to be in total control of males gave her an immense sexual thrill which she never tired of, and her male victims were humiliated to a level they’d never forget. On the way back to her car, they’d be made to masturbate at her feet in a secluded spot while she discussed the reactions of people who’d seen them. Having licked her feet clean of their plentiful emissions, they’d be taken back to more comfortable surroundings where those tongues would show their gratitude in servicing her arousal.

She shivered at the tingle of sexual excitement on accepting the leash from Dominique, smiling as she felt the warmth of his lips on her toes, and visualising having him out on one of her walks. Greta rubbed his exposed and hanging balls with the cane, ensuring he continued his adoration of Grace’s feet until told to do otherwise, longing to swipe them hard and hear his cries of distress. Grace savoured the feel of his pouting lips on her toes, the sensation so rewarding as he kissed in obedience.

“I’ve had men of twice your stature lick those toes clean of their own semen ... including your father. I so enjoyed my time with him when Marcia passed him on to us to be prepared for selection ... I wonder what he’s doing now?” Troy’s heart missed a beat as her comment registered, making him lift his head, and bringing a cruel smile of satisfaction from Greta in justifying punishment. He heard the swoop of the cane, and let out a cry of pain, his stomach churning, as the stern maid delivered a vertical stroke down the crease of his arse and across his dangling balls.

“Attend your task until commanded otherwise!” As Greta’s cunt warmed to the pleasing sound of his pain his head sank back to Grace’s feet while cynical laughter echoed from the women. Dominique slipped her hand into the crease of his poking arse, and gently fingered his anus, imagining how it would feel when he was treated to her many strap-ons when dressed as a maid, then addressed the present teasing situation.

“Oh your father didn’t die ... at least he was alive when he left here ... Marcia simply tired of his services.” Grace enjoyed watching him pant with expectancy, as he continued to adore the toes that had seen a wealth of surrendered semen, adding her bit to prolong the backcloth of female sneers and chuckling.

“Oh yes ... once the legalities regarding the transfer of house and assets to Marcia’s name had been drawn up and made official with my help, he was of little further use to Marcia.” Drew then enjoyed having him learn the exquisite truth about the man who’d passed on so little to Troy, other than his genetically submissive make-up.

“Of course, his submission to women was wide open before he came here, being thoroughly dominated at Marcia’s whim, but she’d made her decision to have him broken to total obedience ... and prepared and processed accordingly...” She smiled contentedly, turning to the matronly Kay to allow her to add further to his torment ... and growing excitement in resignation to a submissively erotic fate, before stretching her arm between his legs to tease his glistening bell-end with her nails. The seductively Rubenesque Bella spread her legs slightly, and gently played a finger on her oft worshipped clitoris as she aired the perfume of her arousal, longing to have it adored by the tongue of their new property as she took his mind further down into submission.

“ ... Processed and prepared for sale ... oh yes, his level of submission peaked wonderfully when Marcia told him he’d been sold, sold like a once loved trinket, now tarnished and of no further use to her. He attracted much attention at our many functions where males are displayed to female guests ... as you’ll be. He was sold to a Middle Eastern woman, shipped out to a place where on the surface, women are second class citizens - a place where those women who covertly dominate, take their practice to the extreme in showing males their true place ... given that the exact opposite of what should be is seen as the norm in open society there.” Troy’s balls tingled close to spending, at the thought of being exhibited for purchase as a slave to the highest female bidder, condemned to her bidding in an unknown place, his inner submissive desires teased to the fore by Drew’s sharp nail being drawn up and down the underside of his bell, thankfully slipping against his oozing lubrication. Those balls felt the prod from the end of Greta’s cane as she added her sternly domestic opinion.

“Of course, he’s probably been castrated and feminised by now, if he hasn’t expired from the punishment’s he’ll have received ... Western males are prized as pets over there, and the lady who bought him will have enjoyed imposing her authority rigorously, showing him off to dominant friends under the whip, and as her pale-skinned maid. He may have been prized ... but we all know where the sexual whims of a dominant woman can take us ... I expect we’ll see her again at one of our functions shortly, in need of another potential maid.” Troy had to think hard about his surreal predicament, thinking he might suddenly awaken from a vividly erotic dream, going over everything that was said to him twice, but any disbelief dispelled by the cold sincerity and genuine pleasure with which the women taunted him; the sting of a sharp stroke from Greta’s cane confirmed he was well and truly awake, and owned.

“Up!” Grace reluctantly handed the leash back to Dominique with a wry smile, the hostess returning her smile as she read her mind.

“You can take him on ‘walkies’ around the grounds later Grace, have him see some of the delights he can expect - it’s a little too early to take him on one of your trips, and we all want to enjoy his first hours here - I think a little gentler introduction is in order; we all need our toenails painted while we bask ... don’t we ladies?” There was a general enthusiasm from each, and Troy’s erection boned stiff as the leash was passed to Greta, who held his head back to observe while she flicked her cane; he watching as they arranged the beds in a line, and Dominique and the others who weren’t a!ready naked, slipped off their costumes and had his aching cock dribbling as the array of mature femininity was displayed.

His eyes were transfixed by each as he flicked them from one pair of globular breasts, to another pair of delicately wobbling arse cheeks, each woman returning soft and confident smiles as they prepared to have him begin his service of them in earnest; Dominique taking great care to stand with her back to him, and easing her costume down past her shapely hips to drop the material to her ankles, she stepped her tall heels out and then kept her long legs straight as she bent to pick the costume up. Troy gasped as Greta tugged the leash and tapped his cock with the cane as Dominique’s cheeks formed a seductive oval and parted to show him a delicious pucker which would know the services of his tongue on a regular basis.

The women arranged their sunbeds in a line, then lay back and eased their bodies forward and bringing their feet up to have their heels tight up against the flesh of their arse cheeks, Troy panting with excitement at the array of exposed and glistening cunts and delicate arseholes as he was led down the line by Greta to a small table at the end. She pointed to a bottle of red nail enamel with her cane, then gently stroked his arse with the wickedly flexible rod.

“Do your job well and you’ll be rewarded ... any mess and you’ll be rewarded with the cane.” Troy fumbled with the small bottle nervously, the stern maid tapping his flesh with the cane almost continuously, the sight of his flesh rippling making her cunt hot and wet in anticipation of showing him its sting. Keeping the leash taut, he was led to Kay who was first in line, and the leash was relaxed as he approached her feet. He found it very hard to control his hands, his eyes wandering to the glistening lips and silky brown pucker, which she pulsed in and out while laughing softly.

“When you’ve done the tenth toe, you can have a good sniff ... but no licking yet, you’ll be shown how you can earn that privilege later.” Troy nervously applied the tiny brush, concentrating hard and making his cock wain just a little, and wary of the sadistic Greta whose shadow with the cane was in the corner of his eye. He performed well on three of the toes, then a warm and gentle breeze wafted the invitingly sexual whiff of aroused cunt and spiced arsehole to his nose, making his cock bolt rigid and his hand slip with the brush. Greta was unforgiving with the cane; her pleasure at seeing a tiny blob of pink on flesh rather than on the nail was exquisite, her cunt tingled as leash was pulled taut, and cane delivered with a venomous swipe which cut the air deliciously before impacting the waiting flesh. Troy cried out pitifully as the pain pulsed through his senses, the women’s cruel laughter expressing their delight at discipline duly earned and served. Troy’s erection maintained its rigidity however; a perverse pleasure beginning to develop within him for the sting of the cane, and the humiliating submission to the woman who applied it, along with the pleasurable spite shown by the other women. Greta savoured his writhing below her, as the pain took its toll and ebbed away.

“You’ve a long way to go yet, you pathetic cur ... I’ve a feeling you’ll be nicely striped by the time the last lady is accommodated.” Drew arched her back up from the last sunbed in the line, and with a wicked grin, dangled a pair of panties from her fingers.

“ ... and when you get here, we’ll all watch you repeat what helped bring you into our hands, you’ll be more than ready for it by then!” Troy recommenced his task eagerly to the sneers of his new female owners, the simple duty of humbling himself in obedience, preparing him for sterner duties to follow. He dabbed Kay’s toenails to completion without further error, torn between the strange desire to feel the cane again, and the lust to be allowed to sample the scent of mature and dominant sex. Greta quivered with the cane, somehow sensing her charge was warming to obliging her sadistic desires, smiling with a slight tinge of impatience as he finished the tenth toe.

“Done!” She slackened the leash as he eagerly jostled on his knees, his back and torso flexing in an acton which made his cock poke and illustrated his need to come, as he faced his sordidly aromatic reward. Greta smiled with satisfaction at this hint of disobedience, her grip on the cane tightening. Kay sighed on relishing the teasing of the younger male to his limits.

“You may sniff at my cunt now ... Remember, no licking till you’ve been shown how to earn it later ... you’re not going anywhere, and’ll be taught in good time.” Troy’s balls tingled incessantly on leaning forward and sniffing hard at the musky scent, Kay adding to his torment by slipping a finger down to spread her lips and have him know the full bouquet of her arousal. Troy began to buck his thighs as she enjoyed taking his torment further.

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