Beach Party Au Naturel

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2017 by Tony Tiger

Romantic Sex Story: Attending a clothing optional beach party has life-changing consequences

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Orgy   Polygamy/Polyamory   Nudism   .

Cassie babbled on the drive to the beach where the party was being held. It was the nude beach which was technically closed for the evening but the authorities looked the other way as long as things didn’t get out of hand.

“Ooooo, my pussy is tingling with anticipation!” said my date in an excited voice. “I’m so glad we ran across each other last week. This may be like that spring break between a few years ago when I was dating your buddy and you went with us to Florida. You two guys screwed the hell out of me but I did manage to ‘make’ a few new friends. That was during the time you guys were pumping those two girls in the next tent, I think. Anyway, what I remember most was that big beach party the last night. I don’t think I’ve screwed so many guys in a row before or since. I hope I can do that again tonight!”

I remembered that trip well. I had never gotten so much pussy before or since. She continued to date my buddy after that wild time for a while and then I lost track of her. Our paths crossed just a week ago at a coffee bar and I asked her to go to this party. I had been dating or hooking up only sporadically and she was the perfect companion for tonight. Her talk confirmed that.

We had gotten it on a couple of times in the last week. At least one of those times her pussy was still wet like I remembered it from the times in the tent when she would encourage us to take her one after another. She was damn near insatiable then and now. At that final bonfire on the spring break trip I lost track of her because those girls in the next tent wanted my attention again, and who can turn down a couple of hot honeys. They were really into each other and wanted me as frosting on the cake, I guess.

Our clothes got left in the car and I put my keys and cell phone in a little waist pack. I reminded Cassie that I was her date and to at least check in with me from time to time. I would not leave without her. She gave me a kiss and squeezed my dick and ran off to see if there was anyone there she knew. Knowing her, she would make new friends easily and that friendship could become intimate quickly. As they say, “no worry”. I knew how she was and we had no commitment. Even if I didn’t “get lucky”, I’d get all the pussy that I could handle when I took her home. I just couldn’t mind that it would be very well used.

I paid for my beer band and got my first cupful and wandered around the bonfire. I’d forgotten my blanket so went back to the car to get it and found a nice place to settle where I could see the ocean.

A woman who looked somewhat older than me walked slowly, looking around. She spied me sitting by myself and came over, “May I join you?” I nodded and she sat down. “Have you been to these before? This is my first one.”

“Not at this place but I was at one similar in Florida a while back. My name is Tony, and what’s yours?”

“I’m Amanda and I’m here with a girlfriend of mine who said it was something I should try. I’ve never been naked in public before and I have to admit it is kind of a thrill. Are you here by yourself?”

I explained, “I do have a date, sort of anyway, and she is out there somewhere looking to see if there’s anyone she has screwed before. Knowing her, it is likely and if not she’ll add to her list.”

Amanda looked surprised and asked, “That doesn’t bother you?”

I told her the story of the spring break and her jaw stayed dropped the whole time. She kept glancing down at my slowly inflating erection as I recalled that horny time.

When I finished, my new acquaintance sighed as she said, “I’ve certainly never done anything remotely like that. I was married for seven years until just recently. I’ve not been with anyone except my ex-husband. My girlfriend thought that maybe I could start expanding my sex life here but, I have to admit, I’m awfully nervous about it.”

“Thanks for sharing that with me,” I replied looking directly into her eyes. She was a rather average looking brunette, barely pretty with b-cup tits and a reasonably slender body. She had a nicely trimmed muff at her crotch. “Considering the circumstances, I guess it would be rude of me to not offer my services in your quest.”

That made her smile and then get thoughtful. “Do you think I’m attractive?” I nodded. “My husband left me for a younger girl with big breasts so I don’t feel like I’m very sexy.”

I moved over closer to her and took her hand to put it on my erection which stiffened as she held it. My sense was that she needed to be led and would follow if done gently. My hands began stroking her body in nonthreatening places. She shivered and made quiet pleasure noises so I moved closer and closer to her erogenous zones. Her eyes closed and she was clearly enjoying the attention. She kept rubbing and squeezing my rod. Finally, I leaned over and gave her a kiss which rapidly progressed to spit swapping.

I pulled back, “Let’s move to a more private place.” We grabbed our drinks and the blanket and walked back into the darkness. It was cooler but the blanket was large enough that we could lie down together and wrap it around us.

The kissing began again in earnest as did her fondling. My fingers were in her pussy which was getting wet in readiness. I whispered, “I bet you taste good but it’s a bit awkward right now.” That thought gave her a shiver of excitement and then she said to me, “I’m ready!”

She rolled on her back in the classic position and I gently probed and took my time entering. She was trembling with excitement and moaned with each of my ever-deepening penetrations. I had fucked Cassie when I picked her up for the evening so could hold out well beyond Amanda’s orgasm.

“Oh my God, you’re still in me! My husband never lasted this long!” With some awkwardness we rolled over to put her on top. She did not seem very familiar with this position so I held her hips to give her the idea and then got my hands and lips on her breasts. “Oh Tony, this is so good! I hope you can last a while because I don’t want this to end.”

“Even if I can’t, I’m not done for the evening and I’d like to give you all you want.” I did last through another of her orgasms and she squealed when she felt my hot shots inside her. I pulled her down to rest on top of me. She wasn’t heavy.

Our brief nap was interrupted by Cassie’s voice, “There you are! I see you’re having some fun. I’d like to use the blanket now. I’ve got a couple of guys with me. You done yet?”

“Yeah, we’ll go get some more to drink. Amanda, this is Cassie, the girl I brought. This is Amanda, a new friend of mine. I guess I should’ve brought two blankets. I’ll check back later, but knowing you, it may be in use for a while.” I took Amanda’s hand and we headed for the beer keg.

After filling our cups we walked along the water’s edge. Amanda was quiet for a bit and then she asked, “So that’s the girl you told me about?”


“Is she good at sex?”

“With all the practice she’s had, of course she is. Although much of the time she seems mostly concerned about getting her own pleasure. Most guys are easy to please. You give them some parts to play with and a wet hole to stick their dick in, get them to shoot their stuff, and they’re happy. I’ve learned that there is quite a bit more to it than that to be ‘good’. Being between her legs does take care of the physical part but not the emotional. Does that answer your question?”

Amanda reached for my hand as she answered, “It certainly gives me more to think about. I wasn’t really sure how to please my husband who hadn’t had much experience either. I do know that the woman who took him away had a lot more lovers so maybe it was the thrill of her that got to him. I still love him, I think. Would you teach me how to be a better sex partner?”

I clearly got the feeling that this was a challenging issue for her. I was also very proud that she trusted me and promised myself to live up to that expectation. “Amanda, no one has ever asked that of me before and I am flattered. I don’t have all the answers but I will give you as much as I can. Do you promise to do whatever I say?”

“With no limits? I’m not sure I can agree to that!”

I smiled and squeezed her hand, “If it’s something that you REALLY don’t want to do, you can certainly tell me so, but I’m not going to propose anything that would cause you harm. If it’s a bit uncomfortable that needs to be okay.”

As we got back to the bonfire area, Amanda said, “I think there’s another blanket in my girlfriend’s car. Let’s go see.” There was and we found another place to spread it out. Amanda asked, “Have you recovered by now? I’d sure like to have sex with you again.”

“Can you say ‘fuck’?” She repeated the question and I pulled her down on the blanket. This time I spread her legs and attacked her pussy with my tongue. She squealed and moaned and finally shook an orgasm. It was barely fading as I moved up and slid into her juicy hot twat. Her groans continued as I pounded her vigorously and she wrapped her legs around me and excitement.

As we lay together in the afterglow she whispered, “Oh my God, that was something!”

I pushed her envelope a bit as I responded, “If you were Cassie, you’d have another hard dick nearby to take over just as soon as I finished. Women have that advantage over us guys. You’re still pretty aroused, so I bet you’d like that. Should I go find somebody to fuck you?”

Her head was turning from side to side and her pussy was clenching my wilted willie and her legs tightened around me as she came again, just from what I had said. I figured that was enough for right now and we rested.

It was time for some more beer and she whispered as we walked, “Your stuff is running down my leg!”

I laughed and replied, “Well I guess anybody who notices will realize how sexy you are.” She nudged me with her elbow but didn’t dispute my words.

We walked and talked and fucked again before the evening was over. As we parted she gave me her contact information and begged me to call her. I gave her a big deep kiss and left her with, “I made a promise to you and I plan to keep it. Have a good time telling your girlfriend that her idea was a success and we will get together again as soon as we can arrange it.”

It took a while to find Cassie who was just finishing up a foursome with three other guys that didn’t look like the ones she had started with. I told her it was time to go and we gathered up our things.

On the way back she babbled about how much fun she had and was pleased that I had made a new friend. She wanted to know more about Amanda. I gave her just enough to satisfy your curiosity. She was mostly into herself so she didn’t really want to know very much.

Cassie being Cassie, she invited me to spend the night since she did not like to sleep alone. As I slipped and slid in her sloppy snatch, she bragged about the ten or so ejaculations that I was dipping my dick into. Her orgasms been uncountable and she was glowing from all the accolades her boy toys had showered her with. She seemed to take them more seriously than I think the guys really meant. They just wanted to keep her legs open and I’m sure would look her up for fucking in the future.

When I left the next morning, I was noncommittal about getting together again. Now that I knew Amanda, it was probably unlikely. Inside, I wished her well. She was not a bad person but just not the right one for me.

Amanda was thrilled when I called, her insecurity had made her doubt that I would ever see her again. She arranged for us to get together as soon as possible and took me straight to bed when I arrived at her place. She admitted she had never felt so horny in her life. We screwed and showered and went out to dinner, then came back to screw again.

She insisted I stay the night and rode my rod whenever it was capable of insertion. We also talked a lot. She had some serious conversations with her girlfriend who was a long-time divorcee and knew her way around a man’s body and mind, both being important.

Amanda and I got together two to four times a week, which seemed to be about right for us. Those times were delightful, filled with both talking and fucking. Her increasing awareness led her to reading about all aspects of this important part of her life.

Cassie called me about getting together but I did not return her call. I knew that her sex life would not be significantly impaired if I didn’t see her again.

One evening when I arrived at Amanda’s apartment, she introduced me to Milly, the friend who had taken her to the nude beach party. She had wanted to meet me and this was a good opportunity. She was a petite redhead close to my age with an outsize, at least for her small body, bosom. Her round beauties were barely hidden by a thin spaghetti strap top and her nipples poked out invitingly. I noticed when she moved that they did not swing around hardly at all. She noticed me staring and smiled sweetly.

After dinner we drank more wine and the conversation got more personal. Milly had started early since her body developed young and that got her lots of attention. She married at sixteen to the most likely guy who had put the baby inside her. When she miscarried four months later, the marriage fell apart too and she hadn’t wanted to go that route again. While not as outright promiscuous as Cassie, she nonetheless frequently had more than one fuck buddy available at any given time.

Conversation then focused on Amanda. Milly thanked me for being such a good friend and lover for her friend and wondered if it was time for Amanda to do some further exploration. As I had told Amanda, we had no commitment beyond respecting each other as friends. Amanda then admitted that there was an older man at church who had obviously been trying to get to know her. His personality and physical appearance were attractive but she was still waffling about taking this next step. Hence, our meeting tonight.

Putting her feelings first, I said, “Amanda, I do care very much for you but I do not see our relationship going any farther than where it is right now. That does not mean I want it to stop, but you must also look after yourself. Take your time in getting to know other possible partners and see where that leads. I’ve learned that you cannot predict these things.”

Amanda came over and sat on the couch next to me. She gave me a solid kiss, then said, “You are so sweet! I’m very fortunate to have such good friends as you two. Tell me this, if I go out with Robert, would you two have a date together?”

I looked at Milly and she looked at me and we both smiled and nodded. Amanda grinned and refilled our wineglasses. “I have one more request. I have been naked with Milly because I wanted to try out something I had read about.” Looking at me, she continued “Would you come to bed with both of us?”

Do bears shit in the woods? I immediately started disrobing for an answer and they followed suit. It had been a few days since Amanda and I been together so my pecker was like steel. Damn that Milly looked hot! As they say, the carpet matched the drapes and it was more abundant than the way Amanda kept hers. I didn’t mind that!

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