The Rape of Fuki

by Johfrederson

Copyright© 2017 by Johfrederson

Horror Sex Story: Fuki is turned into a horrendous tableau.

Caution: This Horror Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Rape   Heterosexual   Crime   Horror   Humiliation   Rough   Sadistic   Snuff   Torture   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Oral Sex   Water Sports   .

Fuki stands in the middle of the room. A gorgeous example of prime Asian fuckmeat. Her dark hair goes down to the small of her back. Perfect b-cup snacks hang from her twenty something year old chest and her dark eyes shine big and bright. Her five-foot frame is thin but not bony.

It’s going to be delightful to destroy her in the prime of her life. She knows what to expect, but I doubt she’s truly mentally prepared for the things I’m about to do to her.

“Get on your knees,” I tell her.

“Yes, master” is her heavily accented reply. Her English is far from perfect, but she understands it very well.

I walk up to her and grab her chin with my left hand. Her face is cute and small. It almost seems like it could fit in my hand. I slap her, hard and fast. The noise resonates throughout the room, foreshadowing what is to come.

The slap pushes her to the side and she grabs at her face to guard against another blow. There’s true fear in her eyes now. The playful coquette look is gone. She sits straight up again and visible braces herself for more.

I raise my hand and hold it there for a few seconds. The anticipation makes it all the worse for her. Like a bird of prey swooping down to grab a small rodent, my hand comes down across her face.

A little cry erupts from her mouth. When she sits back up I can see the right side of her face has started turning red and her eyes are becoming teary. The tears make her even more beautiful.

I slap her again before she has time to compose herself. This time she falls to the ground in a fetal position, covering her face with her arms. I kneel down over her and roughly pull an arm away with one hand while my other continues her torment. My slaps are quick now, less powerful than before but I don’t let up. I strike her across her face and then come back with the backhand. Her cries are continuous and the tears are rolling down her perfect face.

I grow tired of this game and stop to catch my breath. She stays on the ground; her only movement the spasms from her choking sobs.

“Spread your legs.”

Despite her sobs she dutifully spreads her legs and grabs onto her thighs with her arms. Her pussy is perfect. Shaved smooth as I requested. A delicate flower with almost nonexistent labia minora. I kneel down by her pussy and roughly shove two fingers in. Her pussy is still dry. I shove another two fingers from my other hand and start to pull her pussy open to see the silky pink inside. She hates it.

I pull my fingers out and grab my ten-inch cock. I slap her pussy with it a couple of times and then roughly plunge it into her pussy down to my balls. She screams and releases her legs, freeing her arms to push me off.

I spit on her face and slap her hard.

“Pull your legs back you stupid fucking slut!”

She doesn’t and keeps trying to push me off. I pull out about eight inches of cock and then slam back down into her pussy. She screams again and her shoving becomes more frantic. I grab her throat and start to squeeze, cutting off her breath. Simultaneously, I lift her head with my arms and slam it back into the ground. She claws at my hands and starts using her whole body to try to knock me off. Her eyes display nothing but animal panic as her oxygen supply runs out. So I keep squeezing.

She stops fighting and eventually her body is just spasming on the ground under me. She passes out completely shortly after that. I let go of her throat, pin down her arms with mine and start to fuck her slowly. Her pussy starts to get wet. She comes to after a few seconds, scared and confused. I start to slam down into her again, doing my best to rip her pussy open with my cock.

As I slam into her cunt I yell, “You fucking worthless piece of shit! This is all you’re good for, chink cunt!”

I grab her legs and put all my weight down on her, forcing her legs down to the floor by her head. I slam back into her and I can feel my cock push against her cervix. Her screams start up again.

“That’s it, you fucking cunt, stupid bimbo slut!”

I slam back into her and try to force the head of my cock into her cervix. It’s impossible to do, but the attempt is very painful for her. I start humping her, trying to irritate and stretch out her insides as much as possible.

I pull out from her pussy and stand back up. I kick her in the stomach, knocking the wind out of her and stopping her screams. Looking at my cock I notice streaks of red around the head and the top of my shaft. The irritation has been enough to make her bleed. I love it and it gives me an idea.

There’s a toilet scrub brush I keep in my bag of terrors. I grab it and move over Fuki. She sees it, realizes what’s coming and tries to crawl away.

I grab her hair and pull her towards me, flipping her so she’s facing me. I punch her face, causing it to violently snap to one side. While she’s dazed and recovering I quickly throw her legs apart with one hand and with the other violently shove the scrub up her perfect, delicate little pussy. Her scream is animalistic and panicked.

I move the brush in and out quickly, scrubbing out the filthy interior of her vagina.

“This is what disgusting, subhuman trash gets Fuki. This is what you deserve.”

“No please, stop!” she yells repeatedly, “I can’t, I can’t!”

I rip the brush out of her. The end of the bristles are an angry red color. I throw the brush away, spread her pussy with my fingers again and lean to look at the result. Her pussy is destroyed. The outside is swelling and irritated, the inside looks like ground beef. Scraped and bleeding her vaginal walls are raw with tiny shreds of tissue hanging everywhere. As I explore her pussy she lays there whimpering.

Going back to my demon bag I grab a pair of pliers, and a set of handcuffs. I kick her over onto her stomach and kneel down on top of her. I roughly grab her hands and handcuff them. This will be difficult and I can’t have her fighting back too much. I pick her up and throw her on the bed, then pull her hair so that her head is hanging off the edge of the bed. I then force her mouth open will one head, and with the pliers latch onto one of her incisors, and pull as hard as I can. There’s a lot of resistance, from the tooth and from Fuki, but after a few seconds the tooth rips out with a satisfying sound. A pathetic, broken sound escapes from Fuki’s throat. Blood starts coming out of her mouth and flows down into her eyes and then drips off her forehead onto the floor. I figure I need to rip out about 16 teeth total to do what I need to.

Only 15 more to go.

Sometimes she gives up, sometimes she fights, sometimes she pleads. Each time the result was the same. When I’m done I have a little pile of Fuki’s teeth on the floor and her face is covered with blood.

My cock is rock hard, so I stand near the edge of the bed so that her head is in between my legs and I’m facing her torso. I grab her skull and force my cock into her mouth. It feels amazing. Her mouth and throat are slick with blood. Her instinct is to bite down but that only heightens my pleasure since there are no teeth to bite down.

I fuck her throat relentlessly. Forcing it as far down as I can. Eventually, I feel her puke rise up through her throat surrounding my cock. I don’t pull out. Enjoying the sensation, I notice her body shaking as what little oxygen she was getting is completely cut off. I jack my cock back and forth in quick little motions, not pulling out of her throat. Another retching sound erupts from her and I see her stomach violently lurch as more hot liquid hits my cock. I savor the sensations and leave my cock inside her for another 10 seconds.

I finally pull out. Vomit spews out of her mouth under pressure like water from a hose and it hits the floor and wall behind me like a projectile. She alternates between panicked screams and desperate attempts to breath, to get enough oxygen after having been cut off for nearly a minute.

Her voice, having changed substantially with no front teeth, is unrecognizable as she yells, “No more! No more!”

I ignore her pleas and stuff my dick back into her mouth. Using her face like a cunt is incredible. She continues to puke up huge amounts of slime and half-digested food, covering her face.

“You disgusting pig, look at you, you’re filthy.” I pull out for a moment and slap her face hard. I then shove my throbbing member back into her nasty, gasping fuckhole of a mouth.

I’m getting ready to cum. I pick her up again and slam her back down on the bed so that she’s bent over it with her ass up against me.

“No please, no more, I can’t take anymore!” she screams.

Her words are nothing to me. I slap her ass, leaving a handprint. Spreading her ass cheeks, I grab my cock and start pressing against her pink asshole. The only lube is her puke and blood on my cock. With enough force my cock starts to go in. She grunts in pain when I finally push my cock head through. I hold there a few seconds and then roughly push all the way to the base. Feeling the pleasure building up in my balls I start to pound away as fast as I can. Her screams reach a new crescendo.

My orgasm is furious and intense as I cum deep into her ass. As I do I squeeze her ass cheeks with such force that my nails draw blood. I feel like a god as I pull out. Her asshole stays gaped open for a couple of seconds, having been fucked so hard it can’t settle back to it’s default shape.

I grab a wine glass I had left nearby for this purpose and put it under her asshole.

“Push it out.”

She clenches her muscles and a long groan of pain and effort leaves her destroyed mouth. Brown tinted semen discharges out of her ass into the wine glass with a sickening sound. It takes a couple of minutes but by the time I’m scooping the left-over cum from the sides of her legs the glass is nearly half full.

I place the glass aside and release the handcuffs from Fuki’s wrists. She slumps to the floor face down. I let her rest for a couple of minutes.

I sit down at a nearby leather chair and put the wine glass on a table next to me. The loudest sound in the room is the ticking from the clock.


Fuki’s breathing is soft, each breathe barely causing her chest to rise and fall.


Her exhalations are pained. Accompanied by a barely audible gurgling.


Time marches on.


“Come over here and drink this.”

She doesn’t say anything and remains motionless of the floor.

Using a flat tone, I tell her, “If you don’t come over here in 30 seconds you’re going to regret it.”

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