Jeannie Does Deer Camp

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2017 by Tony Tiger

Sex Story: A young wife learns to love deer hunting. Loosely based on the exploits of another author from Arkansas.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Slut Wife   Incest   Gang Bang   .

“Oh goody!” Jeanne squealed. Her husband had just announced she was invited back to deer camp this year. She had a hot flash remembering the wonderful time she’d had last hunting season.

One of the older wives that had done the camp for years had moved away and all the guys had pressured her husband to let Jeanne fill the vacant spot. He hemmed and hawed but they kept reminding him of all the times he had been to the camp and it was his turn to contribute.

You sure couldn’t blame the guys for asking. Jeanne was the best eye candy around. Just turned 18, she’d been married to Billy Bob for only a year. Her hourglass shape with firm D cup tits and nice tight buns even gave the ministers at her church a hard on when she wiggled by.

You couldn’t blame Billy Bob for being reluctant. Deer camp in Southeast Arkansas was just a good excuse for a four-day sex orgy. More two legged “dears” got bagged than the four-legged game animals. With eight guys to three women, at least one of the bunks had a humping couple in it at all times. In the evening there would be guys waiting near the beds, sippin’ shine and stroking their peckers, ready for their next turn with whoever didn’t have someone between their thighs.

Billy Bob remembered how difficult the first part of their marriage had been. He had struggled to get her to spend more time in the marital bed than back with her Pa, three brothers, and an uncle. He’d made damn sure she took her birth control pill every morning! They had to move further away to break her habit although she would still go over there a couple of weekends a month. What would this gang bang do to their marriage?

One of the other wives who had been a regular for years offered to talk with Jeanne. She reminded Billy Bob of how many times he’d been between her legs and she still loved her husband. Actually, even more because he was OK with letting go once a year like this.

Marybelle was in her late thirties and this would be her eleventh year at the camp. Since there were always some changes in the roster of guys attending, she’d fucked probably twenty or twenty-five different cocks during that time. She was plump and blond and a squealer. If a guy had a smaller dick she’d take it up her ass too.

Billy Bob was a bit dismayed with the enthusiasm his wife showed when told what the invitation entailed. Her “tail” to be exact. She looked at Billy Bob and asked, “Honey, why didn’t you ever tell me what you was doing at that camp? Wow, eight guys! That’ll be like family reunions. If it was fun fer you then it will be fun fer me too. Only fair!”

Billy Bob didn’t have an answer to that logic. He’d fucked family plenty so that part was already even. Jeanne tried to reassure him a bit more, “Honey, yer the only man Ah love, besides family of course. Any other peckers is fer fun jest like you and that married lady down at the feed store where you work. Of course Ah knows about it. She told me that yer cock’s bigger and better than her old man’s and Ah’m lucky to get it so much.”

Jeanne was disappointed this wasn’t a good excuse to get some new clothes. Marybelle had told her that the women didn’t wear clothes much since it was a bother to take them off all the time. That’s alright, she thought. She liked running around nekkid anyway.

On the ride to the camp Jeanne was in the back of a pickup with four of the guys. They’d already been into the shine and got to squeezing her fun parts. She squeezed back and the guys all had their peckers out before long. She’d mostly seen family ones which were pretty similar so there were some interesting differences to see and touch. They all tasted pretty much the same though.

At the big one room cabin everybody piled out and got the gear unloaded. The women were busy getting the kitchen in shape so the guys had to leave them alone for a bit. Jeanne knew the other women. Sally Jo was about sixty and skinny with saggy tits. Her crotch was bushy too. She’d been doing the camp for thirty years and kept coming even though her husband had passed away. The guys were happy to have her there because she could do things with her cunt muscles that no one else could. And she sucked a mean dick too.

Everyone got more shine and got nekkid. Peckers rose all over the cabin when Jeanne took it all off. Dinner got cooked in spite of the distractions, then the fun began. Of course all the guys wanted a piece of the new hot young stuff so Jeanne wrote numbers 1 to 7 on slips of paper and the guys drew.

She said, “Ah ain’t never fucked more than four guys in a row so that’s how many kin have me tonight. The rest of y’all will get my pussy tomorrow. Marybelle and Sally Jo need seein’ to, you know, so go get with them.”

There were four sets of bunk beds at one end of the big room with some curtains hanging mostly to give a little privacy from the rest of the room. Jeanne picked out a lower bunk and laid back with spread legs. The light was pretty good so she could see the new peckers before they was buried in her snatch.

Her first guy gave her a good licking to get her juicy then pushed his pecker in to the hilt. He was so horny and turned on by this beauty he only lasted a few minutes. She kissed him and said, “You come back for seconds, ya hear!” He nodded but gave her beautiful boobs a few sucks before he pulled out.

She wiped her twat with a towel and the next guy got in bed with her. He wanted to play with her magnificent tits too. She enjoyed that a lot and her pussy started to tingle. His pecker was longer and thinner than the first guy and he pushed right up against her cervix on every stroke. She came right after she felt his hot juice spray her insides.

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