The Playroom

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2017 by mattwatt

Romantic Sex Story: At Webster and Co little Alice found a great friend, Allan the CEO, who joined her in the playroom one day, when the attendant had to go home, not feeling well. It was a love match from the first, which Megan, Alice's mom soon discovered. And then it was the three of them or, I guess, the five of them, including the cats Lightning and Mouse.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Oral Sex   .


Things were quiet that morning, especially in the playroom at Webster, Inc. That there was a ‘playroom’ at all was an innovation of the new manager/owner, Allan Dane Webster.

Allan had sat at his uncle’s feet, so to speak, for a number of years, until they were both, Allan and his Uncle Charles, sure that he was ready to undertake the management of the company.

He had indeed begun that and, since the untimely death of his wonderful Uncle Charles, was now the sole owner and the CEO.

He made it his clear intention to get to know his people well. He was also interested in their welfare and what their perceived needs were.

In one special area of functioning, Allan was determined to make a difference. He knew that he had, on the staff, several single Moms. It had always been his keenly held opinion that there was probably not any segment of the population that was more deserving of praise than those who were single Moms. He also thought that this particular group received much less help and support than was their due.

With this object in mind, Allan started a kind of child sitting operation for the single Moms and anyone who was in need of it, who was a worker or staff person at Webster. It seemed to be working well for the entire company and Allan had already had some positive feed-back about his efforts and particularly about the ‘playroom’.

It was a Monday and, following his normal inclinations, Allan Webster was looking around and talking to people. He’d already had, early that morning, his ‘meeting’ with his secretary Vi about the way things were shaping up with the company. The result of that morning’s overview was that things were indeed working well.

“Well, Vi,” he said. “I’m off to see how things are around here.”

“Stop in the ‘playroom’ why don’t you,” she said. “We’ve had all sorts of positive feedback about that innovation.”

“You know,” he answered, “I think that I will. It’ll be pleasant.”

(Allan Dane Webster, new CEO and owner of Webster, Inc, a manufacturing concern, with subsidiary works and plants in a number of places, was at this particular time in his life a 42year old Bachelor. It simply seemed that there was never very much time for any ‘romance’, though he was as avid about the possibility as any other normal male. But Allan wasn’t worried about it. For him the daily focus was Webster, Inc and the other subsidiaries.

He lived alone in his parents’ old, huge rambling home on a lane outside of the city with his cats, Lightning and Mouse. Of course, though Mouse got the name because of her petite size and coloration, Lightning was named because of his absolute slow way of living life.

Allan had gotten his pals from a shelter, where the two of them seemed to be waiting for exactly the right person, and, when Allan came into the room, Mouse made sure that this person, whom she picked to be the ‘right’ person, knew that he was chosen. It had been a kind of ‘love at first sight’ thing for Allan and the cats.

Having taken a lesson from the death of his Uncle, and, before that, of his own Dad, Allan was a devotee of working out, with the object in mind that he didn’t want to tempt fate like his Uncle Charles had, who was active in the business but didn’t really ‘take care’ of himself. Allan was determined not to commit the same kind of mistake with his life and health.) He did his wanderings around the plant that morning, talking to people, laughing with some, worrying with others and generally taking an interest in their lives and situations.

He went into the large playroom and found, beside the attendant, a woman named Beverly, only one little girl who was sitting at a table and drawing.

Beverly was pleased to see him. When he went to her, he noticed that something seemed to be wrong.

“Beverly,” he asked. “What?”

“I don’t know, Mr. W,” she said. “I feel kind of off today.”

“Well, then,” he went on, “Let’s get you home.”

“Oh, I have Alice here,” she said, nodding with her head at the little girl, who was now looking at the two of them.

“Beverly,” he insisted, “I myself will sit with Alice; I have the time and it will be fine.”

Beverly gave him a hug. “Oh, you are the best, Mr. W,” she insisted and made her preparations to leave.

“Please let me know how you are feeling, later today,” he said.

She knew that he was serious; it was a well known part of his concern for his people, and she promised to do so.

When Beverly left, the little girl spoke up: “Is Ms Beverly ok?” she asked.

“Well,” Allan answered, “She wasn’t feeling quite well, and so I sent her home.”

“Oh,” the little girl said.

Then: “But who are you? I’m Alice.”

“Well, Alice, I’m pleased to meet you,” he said, holding out his hand for a shake, which caused her to grin.

“Whats your name?” Alice asked.

“I’m Allan,” he said.

“May I call you that?” she asked.

“Well, we’re friends and that’s what my friends call me,” he concluded.

“Good,” she said, smiling, “Allan.”

“My Mommie works here,” Alice said.

“Why that’s very nice,” Allan said.

“She’s the big cheese here,” Alice said, pride in her voice.

“Oh, I see,” he said, “The big cheese, eh?”

“Yes, that’s what her friend, Ms. Judy, said,” Alice clarified.

Then the door opened and a pretty young woman entered the playroom. Allan recognized her as one of the new additions to the administrative team. He also recalled the kind of praises that he’d been hearing about her, he thought her name was Megan, Megan Thomas. (He silently gave thanks just then for the kind of memory that he was blessed with.) Megan was a bit new at Webster. It had been a struggle; that was for sure.

(Once the settling of their affairs had begun to really take place, and Megan’s husband, Dean, had indeed taken off with friends, Megan and Alice had settled into a life for themselves. It was only later that word filtered to Megan that Dean had indeed died in a kind of motorcycle accident in the mountains out west somewhere. It was apparently, as she was told, ‘all taken care of’.

It was, once Dean was gone, a smaller apartment, since Dean’s leaving left an immediate hole in their finances, but the new job with Webster, Inc. had promised to put them on a much better footing. In addition, for Megan, the innovation that Allan Dane Webster had instituted for single Moms was helping her a great deal, and she also was pleased that her Alice enjoyed it there so much.)

“Mommie,” Alice said wth true joy in her voice.

Megan stood and gave Alice a hug and kiss but her eyes were on Mr. W, who was now standing, though when she’d come into the room, he’d been sitting on one of the tiny children’s chairs at the round table where Alice had been working.

Megan then turned and said to a very smiling Allan: “Mr W, how nice to see you.”

“Yes,” Allan said, “Alice and I have been drawing.”

“Lovely,” Megan said.

Then Alice piped up: “This is my friend Allan. I told Allan that you’re the big cheese here.” Again, the pride was in her voice.

Megan turned a blushing red but Allan came quickly to the rescue: “Well, I’m certainly happy to meet the big cheese.”

He was smiling at her, when he said it. She mouthed a ‘sorry’ to him but he simply shook his head ‘no’ to tell her not to worry about it. She was pleased.

The very same scene was reenacted for each of the next few days. As a matter of fact, Allan had his secretary, Vi, remind him about the time, so that he could go and look in on Alice in the play room.

She was always extremely happy to see him and never overlooked the opportunity to tell her Mommie about her time with her friend Allan. She told Megan that she and Allan spent their time with some games and with some drawing too.

It was Friday of that week. Allan went to the playroom and was greeted by a smiling Alice.

“Allan!” she said with glee, as Blanche looked on smiling.

“How are you, love?” he asked.

“Hungry!” Alice said without a hesitation.

“Her Mom said that she’d be a little later today,” Beverly said. “An important job to do.”

“Oh, yes,” Allan said, “Something I gave her to do, I’m afraid.”

Then he turned to Alice and said: “Well, how about if I take you to lunch in the cafeteria? How would that be?”

“K!” Alice said, scrambling from her chair.

“I’ll keep this for you,” Beverly said, taking Alice’s drawing and putting it away. (She normally kept them for her Mommie.) They went hand in hand out of the playroom and, initially, Allan directed them to the staff area. Megan was there in her office working. She looked up and smiled a broad smile, when Allan and Alice appeared in her doorway.

“Allan is taking me to lunch, Mommie,” Alice said.

“Well how nice of Allan to do that,” Megan answered, giving Alice a hug and kiss.

“Yes,” Alice replied, looking over her shoulder at Allan, “Allan is my pal.”

That caused both Allan and Megan to smile at each other.

“Join us, when you can,” Allan said.

“Will,” Megan replied, “And thank you.”

“My pleasure,” he said and they left for the cafeteria.

The cafeteria was a huge adventure for Alice. She looked all around her, wide eyed and commented on everything that she saw.

Allan, always holding her hand, guided her through the whole process, explaining everything to her, so that, in the end, they got a lunch tray that was filled with favorites.

He carried the tray and still held her hand, as they went to a table, getting smiles and nods from all around.

They were there having lunch, when Megan indeed showed up.

“Mommie, Mommie,” Alice said immediately, with great glee, “Allan and I are having mac and cheese. It’s grand!”

“Well, good,” Megan said, “And ‘thank you’ to Allan for taking such good care of you.”

“Yes, I love Allan!” Alice said, getting a cheek kiss for this from the big boss.

“May I join you?” Megan said and Alice giggled.

They had lunch together and enjoyed talking to one another.

The next movement in this entire developing opera was brought about by tiny Alice. It was an evening. Alice and her Momma were working together and having a ‘giggle’, as they prepared their dinner.

“Mommie,” Alice said, pausing in what she was doing to help with the dinner process, “Can we please invite my friend Allan over to dinner? He’s been so nice to me.”

“Well, sweetie,” Megan said, “I think that maybe we can. So, why don’t you sit and draw a picture for him and on the picture, we’ll put a note inviting Allan to have dinner with us.”

Now Alice was joyfully clapping her hands and saying a loud “Yay!”

Alice sat to do the work on a drawing immediately after dinner. When it was finished, she showed it to her Mommie and, as they sat together now, Megan wrote on the drawing an invitation to dinner at their house for that following Saturday, if Allan could make it.

Megan dropped it off with Vi, a good friend of hers, as she went into work the next day; it was Tuesday.

“This is for Allan,” Megan said.

Vi grinned and said, “I see it’s from his girl friend Alice.”

“Yes,” Megan said. “Alice is very proud to be Allan’s friend.”

“I know that he is also,” Vi said. She made sure that the envelope was put on Allan’s desk.

Allan was truly pleased with the drawing and the invitation. As a matter of fact, he wrote a ‘thank you’ acceptance and sent it along, via interoffice mail, to Megan to give to Alice herself.

Alice was beside herself and clapped her hands for joy, when her Mommie gave her the response from her ‘friend’ Allan. It too was a drawing and a kind acceptance of the invitation that Alice had sent.

THE DINNER: Both Megan and Alice were busy during that Saturday afternoon getting ready for their dinner. It was to be pot roast and a green veggie. Alice sat in the kitchen chattering to her Mommie and asking questions constantly about the preparation and what her Mommie was doing. They were, as a pair, completely comfortable with each other.

Megan chose, for their evening, to wear a pair of light colored slacks and an over blouse. She looked lovely.

Alice was especially pleased to be given the task of setting the table, a kitchen table, for the dinner. It made her proud.

(Megan and Alice had, of necessity, once Dean was truly gone, moved into a small efficiency apartment. They had and shared one small bedroom but, for the time being, it was fine for them. Megan told Alice many times that they’d get a nicer larger place, once things got better. Alice always responded with a smiling: “Yes, a nicer, larger place for us to live.”) Allan was right on time. Megan allowed Alice to meet him at the door. He came with gifts for both of them. It was flowers for Megan and he had an iPad for Alice, which caused a round of clapping and singing from her. Allan had indeed consulted Megan in advance about what he might bring as a gift for his friend Alice.

Alice was hugging him fiercely, with Megan looking on and smiling broadly.

“Oh, Allan,” Alice said, “I love you. Thank you for the lovely gift!”

“You’re welcome, love,” Allan said, kissing the little girl on the head, and grinning at her doting Momma, who was watching.

“I helped with the dinner,” Alice said then proudly. “And I set the table.”

“You’re the great helper for the big cheese!” he said happily.

That caused Alice to clap her hands and agree loudly with the statement.

Then, when all the fanfare with Alice was done, it was a hug from Megan. Allan, with an inner smile, simply settled down into the hug and let his mind and impressions roam about how good Megan Thomas felt pressed up against him. He lingered over the hug, hoping that he wasn’t too obvious but enjoying it immensely.

(The untold truth was that Megan too enjoyed the lingering hug a great deal.) Dinner was a smash for the three of them.

“This is where we always eat,” Alice announced, when she’d taken Allan by the hand and led him to the kitchen table.

“Best place, I bet,” Allan said and Alice gave him an adoring grin.

During the course of the meal, for which Alice asked if she might say the prayer, Allan mentioned that he’d like to have them to dinner at his place sometime.

“Oh, can we, Mommie?” Alice enthused.

“Yes,” Megan said, “If Allan is inviting us.”

“I am!” he said. And then, directing his words to Alice went on: “And you can meet my pals Lightning and Mouse.”

“Who are they?” Alice wanted to know, wide eyed.

“My cats,” he said. “They rule the house.”

“Ohhhhhh,” Alice said, now jumping up and down in her chair, “I love kitties!”

“We can’t have them here,” Megan explained.

“Well, I bet Lightning and Mouse will be your best friends,” Allan said then.

“Goodie!” was Alice’s response.

Off of the small kitchen nook there was an equally tiny living room. They sat there, after the dinner, and watched some favorite tv. It was only a little later, a little into the tv show that Alice’s head began to lean on Allan’s shoulder.

“Oh, I’d better get her to bed,” Megan said.

“I’d best go,” he said.

“Would you please stay and help tuck her in?” Megan asked, putting her hand on his arm.

“Love to,” he said, completely aware of the feel of her hand on his arm, and enjoying that sensation a great deal.

The process turned out to be a treat for all three of them. Alice was simply in love wit Allan, and plainly said so. Megan was also beginning to have conflicting but altogether warm feelings about having Allan around. As for Allan himself, he was simply pleased from wall to wall, as the saying goes.

It was bath time then for Alice, while, at her insistence, Allan waited until she was bathed and ready for bed. He then got the privilege of reading Alice’s bedtime story, while a smiling Megan looked on.

There was a final hug for Allan from Alice, once the story was finished. She said, into his ear: “I love you, Allan; thanks for being my friend and thank you for the lovely iPad. You’re just grand.”

“Makes my day, love,” he answered, kissing her forehead, “Coming from my best friend!”

That made Alice smile. Then Megan settled Alice down, pulling the covers up to her chin and kissing her goodnight.

“Mommie,” Alice asked, “Can we go to Allan’s house soon to meet the kitties?”

“Yes, I believe we can,” Megan said. Then it was: “Goodnight my love.”

“Good night, Mommie, I love you, and I love Allan too.”

After they’d left the room, Allan turned to Megan, who was a bit overcome by the apparent love that was so obvious between Allan and her lovely Alice.

Allan certainly noticed it and, when they’d gotten to the small living room, turned to her and simply hauled her into his arms.

Megan put her face against his upper chest and simply sobbed for many minutes.

He kissed the top of her head, bent so that she could lay her cheek against his chest.

“She is such a love, so genuine. You have just done a wonderful, wonderful job with her; you must be so proud,” he said to her quietly.

“Oh, I am,” she said, “And it makes me so happy that she has found a friend like you. Up to now her world has been so narrow.”

She hesitated for only a number of seconds and then went on: “It’s been so hard on her. So hard. Dean was so, flighty, I guess. And then he was simply gone.”

She looked at him, brushing tears from her cheeks and said: “I’m getting you all wet, sorry.”

“Hey,” he said, “Can it with the ‘sorry’.” Saying that, he smiled at her and then, lowering his head, and obeying an instinct that was impelling him right then, he kissed her.

The kiss began softly with her responding and with him enjoying the incredible softness of her lips against his.

Following her own predominant instincts, Megan simply moved so that she was rubbing up against him.

“Do that and I’ll have an accident here,” he said, brushing her lips with his again.

“Goodie!” she said, giggling now into his lips.

He held her back then at arm’s length, while she simply smiled up at him.

“Liked that, I did,” she said.

“The kiss? The rubbing?” he asked, a twinkle in his eye.

“Both,” she declared, “And am hoping there is more of both for me.”

“I can probably do that,” he said.

“Yum,” was her response, and she hugged him again, and was, once again, rubbing herself against him.

“Siren!” he said and she giggled at him again, kissing him one more time.

Then it was his turn for a bold move; he placed his hands, which had been at her middle back, now lower, so that he could gather a butt cheek in each hand.

It sent a shiver through her.

“Making me shiver,” she said.

“Goodie for me,” he said.

“No,” was her reply, “Goodie for both of us.”

“Going to go now,” he said, “Want you to have thinking time. Please be sure that this is what you want.”

As he said this, he’d moved his hand up to her upper back again.

“Think that this is what I want,” she answered, taking his hand and moving it so that it was resting on her butt cheek again.

The waist of her slacks was gathered, and, as they kissed one more time, she reached back and pulled out the waistband of her slacks, giving him access to her panty covered butt.

“Wow!” he said, sliding his hand inside the waistband of her slacks and letting it come to rest on the silkiness of her panties. “Perfection!” he said to her, directly into her ear.

“I am such a fan of panties,” he whispered, “Especially of Megan’s panties!”

“Feel then,” she said, “And one more kiss.”

“Yes,” he said, kissing her again as his hand slid down inside the silky fabric of her panties and rested on the bulge of her naked ass.

“Getting into my pants!” she said, giggling to him.

“Gonna make me have an accident,” he said, and she giggled again.

“Okay,” she said, “No more rubbing, ... For now.”

“For now,” he said.

“Lightning and Mouse soon?” he asked, once they had broken apart from their hug.

“Yes,” she said, “Soon.”

The next morning, as was his usual, he was out and about at work. It was a bit later in the morning, when his early work allowed him to get around. He went into the playroom and found a very busy Alice at a table drawing. There were also a few other children there, who were demanding Blanche’s time just then.

He greeted Blanche and then was standing next to a totally grinning Alice, who said: “Hi, Allan; how’s my pal?”

“Better now that I see my friend Alice,” he said to her. “But how about the cafeteria for some lunch?” He asked.

“Oh, I’d like that,” she replied. “I promised my Mommie that I would stay right here,” she said next.

“Well, then let’s tell her about my invitation; maybe she can join us for our mac and cheese.”

Alice clapped her hands and made sounds of joy at the thought of calling her Mommie on the company inter-office phone.

A very proud Alice spoke happily into the phone: “Mommie, it’s Alice on the inter-office phone. I’m with my friend Allan. He has asked me to go to lunch with him in the big cafeteria. He also said that you might be able to go with us. Can you?”

Alice turned to a smiling Allan then and said: “Mommie said ‘yes’ she’d meet us there.”

So, they went, Allan and Alice, hand in hand, getting comments from a number of people whom they passed on the way.

As they neared the cafeteria, they met Megan, and when Alice saw her coming, and smiling, she broke free from Allan’s hand and raced into a hug with her Momma.

“Mommie!” Alice said with unfeigned joy.

“Hey, my love!” Megan said, kissing the little girl on the top of the head, as a smiling Allan looked on.

Then Megan turned to an expectant Allan and was hugging him.

“You’re rubbing against me again,” he whispered to her.

“You bet I am, Mister!” she said. “Enjoy!”

“Am!” he replied.

“Momma, do you love Allan too?” Alice asked with simply childhood innocence.

It made Allan grin and Megan smile: “Well, he certainly is a friend; that much I know.”

“Yes,” Alice said, “Allan is my friend too.”

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