The Psychopath

by Marduk

Copyright© 2017 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: A woman is helped in the shopping complex, she accepts a coffee and a lift home. she is fucked in the vehicle and arriving at her home offers lunch and it was then that a letter indicates she had a mental problem - read on

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Group Sex   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   .

The only reason that Harry stopped at the local shopping complex was to get a load of manure that was on special; however, he doubted if he would be applying it because it was forecast for heavy showers later. As he passed one of the relaxing seats that the complex owners provided the local paper was laying on one of the chairs. There was an article about the organization he belonged to in it so he sat down to check it out.

It was only the groan of relief that made him survey the woman, she had two heavy laden bags and by her own vocal outburst she was worn out, but that was not what immediately put him in ‘interest mode’, it was her dress that had slipped off her shoulders just enough to reveal almost half of a very substantial tit, she didn’t seem concerned or maybe didn’t notice. His interest was further reinforced when she bent down to examine one of the bags and for just a fraction of a second both tits were on display, meaning she was braless, a situation that certainly needed further investigation. After sitting up, she smiled and he followed suit, the opening for a conversation was now available.

“You are pretty loaded down”, he said. There was no hesitation with her replied. “Yes I only do shopping once a fortnight and I came early, I don’t have transport and would have to get a taxi and as they say it would rain I wanted to get home before that happened for I do have a decent walk from the front gate to the door and I don’t want to get wet”.

“I came up to get bags of manure that are on special; however, if it does rain I wouldn’t be gardening so that chore can wait.” He said. Seconds passed and as the woman seemed chatty he decided to throw out a line to further his desire. “I was going to have a coffee, would you care to join me?” he asked. The woman didn’t fall off the chair but her mouth opened and this time her response was more of a stammer. “I ... I would like that”.

“Terrific”, he replied as he got up. “My name is Harry”. The woman reached for the bags. “May I help you”, he asked. She gave a nod of acceptance. “The coffee here is quite nice”, he said as he chose a table. “I always ask for a hot coffee and they always oblige. What would you like?” The order was given and while they waited her conversation told him her name was Nicki and then the general chit chat was on what she did, where she had worked and how the closure of the ‘vehicle industry’ had put her on the unemployment list. “I have tried to get another secretary position”, she said as the coffee arrived. “However, there is no need for a secretary now. I think that has led to me getting very depressed and sometimes I get so angry I even scare myself”. He stirred his coffee; half listening to what she was saving but marvelling at the wobble of her tits and the amount of tit that was on display. Finally with the coffee finished and the sounds of heavy rain he asked if she would like him to drive her home. Her face lit up and her fingers gripped his, something that was only going to increase as they made their way to the underground car park.

“Well here we are”, he said as he unlocked the boot and put the bags inside. However, her closeness, whether intentional or a means of saying thank you only increased his desire, so he took the bull by the horns. “We have two choices”, he whispered as her tits pressed hard against him. “We can get in the back seat and fuck or you can sit down in the shadows and suck me off”. Whatever her thoughts were, he had no knowledge off. Her lips seemed to shake, something that another woman, ages ago experienced when she got angry, now whether Nicki was experiencing the same emotion was a question he couldn’t answer. She was silent for some time; he even felt like repeating the suggestion when she replied. “I ... I would like a fuck. I haven’t had a cock for a long time for when I was doing the secretary job there wasn’t a day that past that I wasn’t accommodating the boss or the foreman”. The back door was opened, he didn’t have to say ‘get in’ but she didn’t hesitate.

There was no ‘love making’ this was pure sex. He pushed her back against the seat, pulled down her dress, revealing the heavy and sagging tit, pulled down her panties, pushed her thighs apart and muttered. “Fuck you are hairy, but I love a hairy cunt”, he then thrust and her backside lifted and her gasp was quite loud, hopefully no body heard it. The fucking was rough, he rammed and ravished her but she responded, working in rhyme to the pumping that she was experiences. He blew with a thrust that lifted her backside and her vocal response was on long ‘Ahhhhh!’. He pulled out; wiped his cum coated cock oven that heavy triangle of hair. “Nicki that was one great fuck”; it was a few minutes before she lifted herself up, pulled up her dress and picked up her panties but didn’t put them back on, but shoved them into a pocket in her dress. She made no comment but he observed that as he drove out, heading for her address she gripped his thigh so that he automatically replaced that grip to his groin and for the entire trip she squeezed his balls.

“Drive into the carport”, she said as it was still raining. “I can go in the backway under cover”. She then paused. “Would ... would you like a light lunch that is if you have no other commitment?”

“That is very nice of you Nicki”, he replied. “However, I enjoyed your company and I wouldn’t like to put you into a position that you felt obliged, after all I would say that any obligation that you felt was paid in full on the back seat; but to answer your question. I would certain like to take up your suggestion”. She just giggled. Her unit was small but uncluttered, everything was in place and it was maintained, no dust or rubbish anywhere. “Sit down Harry”, she said. “The lunch won’t be heavy, would cheese and tomato on toast by OK?” She asked. He gave a nod and as she pottered he noticed the open letter and envelope, normally he would have ignored them but it was the letterhead that decided his investigation for the letterhead was of ‘The Lodge’ that he knew was an institute for the mentally ill. The letter wasn’t long but it did tell this woman that the side effects of the new medication to counter her bouts of ‘depression’ could increase sexual appetite”. He just gave a smile and settled back on the leather seat and just wondered if her willingness to engage in sex was because of her medication and it also told him that she must have some sort of mental disorder and maybe the ‘depression’ that she mentioned was now considered a mental condition. ‘This woman could be interesting. She could be a nymph just waiting to be released’, he muttered as she smiling informed him lunch was served.

Whatever her mental problem was it certainly didn’t include preparing a lunch, it was light but enjoyable. “Nicki that was delicious”, he said as he returned to the lounge seat that she indicated. “I will wash up later”, she said as she joined him. There was no hesitation on her part as he embraced her, a simple embrace that led to uncovered tits, a dress fully up, thighs apart and a period of chop stick playing on a very hairy cunt. On her part she gripped his groin and when his pants were down squeezed his balls and stroked his growing erection. “Give it a suck”, he said as he pulled her head towards that throbbing cock. The moment her lips and tongue touched it, he was sure it lengthened and then it was his turn to utter oral grunts as the muscles of her mouth performed the action he loved, and Nicki knew how to suck.

He worked her head, like a pump at the same time giving her tits a thorough mauling, he worked the nipples till they were hard and erect and when he blew, she didn’t pull away but sucked till his balls were empty and then with cum and saliva pouring from her mouth quickly wiped the contents of her activity with a tissue and with a smile asked, as they all did. “Was that nice?”

“Cause it was nice you randy cunt”, he said as he embraced her and it was then that she suggested a shower. “Fuck you are attractive”, he said as she disposed of her cloths to stand in all her glory. “I love women with heavy tits and with a groin covered in hair and a nice round bum”. She giggled as they washed and rubbed each other down so by the time they immerged he was again sporting a hard on, a hard on that she immediately began to stroke and then without any comment sank in front of him and again slobbered over his length while making sure his balls were accommodate. “Stand up, bend over and I’ll fuck you doggie style”, he said. She pulled away, leaving a saliva train from her mouth to his cock. With the mirror in front of her, her grip on the vanity basin he worked from behind. Her tits swung as he pumped and every thrust only strengthened the grunts and gasps as he buried his cock up to his balls. He didn’t rush; this wasn’t a back seat fuck, but a slow and deliberate one. He emptied his balls with a thrust that nearly made her head collide with the mirror; she was shaking from exhaustion as he pulled out, wiped his lubricated cock over her backside and thought how nice it would be to fuck. “You are one very nice fuck” he said as he helped her up.

Whether it was the medication that had been conveyed on the letter or whether she was just a very accommodating woman he didn’t know but she made certain that he knew she didn’t want him to go. She clung to him, almost smothering him in kisses and continued to grab his spent cock. “Give my balls time to refill”, he whispered. “Then I will gladly service your hairy cunt and maybe your bum as well”. Seconds passed and she pulled away and began to laugh. “You ... you want to fuck me up the bum?” she asked amid bouts of laugher. He just nodded. “My boss always wanted my bum”, she said amid giggles “Now get your cock hard then you can fuck my bum till the cows come home”.

He did service her backside later that day and there was no doubt in his mind that a ‘bum fuck’ wasn’t a new project for Nicki, after all she had admitted that her employer fancied it; she wobbled that delightful bottom, working in rhyme to the ravishing it received and when his balls were released her howl would rival any from the wild. He left her standing nude at the back door, exhausted but satisfied and as for himself definitely on cloud nine.

Nicki could have been just a case of being at the right spot at that accepted time; he didn’t know, but he left her his mobile number, he certainly hoped that she would ring for if she did he had every intention of riding her at every opportunity. ‘I just have to make sure she takes her medication’, he smiled to himself. ‘If that medication makes her randy, the more she takes the sexier she becomes and more fucking the silly cunt will receive’. She did ring, sooner than he imagined. The call resulted in a lunch arrangement. “We could have lunch at club I belong to”, he said.

“I would like that”, she cooed. He told her he would pick her up just after eleven and then asked her not to wear any underwear. “Without panties I can massage your cunt all the way to the venue and get you so I heat that we can fuck in the back seat or you can sit and suck me off”. Her only response was an almost horror laugh. It was the sort of laugh that one would expect to hear in the corridors of an institution for the insane.

He was about to set out when he received a text, telling him that a friend of hers had dropped in and wondered if she could be included in the dinner. ‘Fuck’ was his response. He hesitated before texting ‘Does she fuck? Otherwise it would spoil what I had in mind and if she doesn’t I couldn’t give my area of interest a nice massage”. Minutes passed before the signal. “I told her what you wanted and her answer was ‘Yes she will fuck but can you take us both”.

“I think that can be accommodated” he text back and added. “I should be at your unit within the next fifteen minutes. Oh! Tell her not to wear panties or a bra”. He grinned at the text before hitting the send button.

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