by Victor Echo

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Erotica Story: She had a fantasy about being tied up, but it was not until he came along that she found someone safe enough that she was willing to share her deepest fantasy --- NOTE: This is not really a BDSM story, despite the protagonist being tied up. This does not have any ass play despite a butt plug being used. So that is why there is no BDSM tag or ass play tag. If this upsets you, read something else. This is a story about anticipation.

Caution: This Erotica Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Masturbation   .

She had wondered what it would be like to be tied up. To be completely at his command and not be able to get away if she did not thoroughly enjoy it. She was the queen of the tapout, despite how much she loved sex. She would push men away who could not excite her with their oral skills. Many would get pushed away who would rub her raw with their fingers. Most seemed not to mind her love of being taken hard from behind, and she had to admit that made her wet more often than not.

In her bed, alone at night though, her mind would wander. Sometimes spurred by porn, and sometimes just base fantasies. One thing that got her wet almost instantly was the idea of being tied up. Just surrendering herself to him, whoever he was, and that was a concern as well. The men she had slept with were not ones that she felt she could surrender herself to in that way. She would lay in bed on the weekends, play with her toys and pretend she was tied up. She went so far as to buy a harness for the bed and secure her legs before she would fuck herself with her rabbit until there was a puddle beneath her. She would start on her back and then move to her front, her ass in the air as if she were bent over for her lover to take her. Her orgasms would leave her breathless and exhausted but not fulfilled. She had gone so far as to get a small plug for her ass and a monster dildo and pound herself into oblivion. But that was before she met him and before she confessed this desire to him before he smiled knowingly at her.

There was something about him that left her weak. He could touch her arm, and her nipples would harden, almost painfully, demanding him to touch them. His kisses melted her insides. When she was naked beside him, she was in a constant state of arousal and ached for his touch or his kiss. When he buried his cock in her, it felt huge, splitting her open and filling her greatest depths. Her orgasms were explosive, and she felt safe with him. When she finally admitted her fantasy, she knew he would make it beautiful.

She pulled gently on the cuff wrapped around her wrist. It did not let her arm move much beyond the spot it was secured. Similarly, her legs were also staked down, and she was spread eagle in the middle of her bed, naked. He had met her at the door, kissed her and taken her to the bedroom where he made sure she was ready, and they established a safe word. He had then undressed her, and they had showered before he had her lay down in the middle of the bed while he secured her arms and legs. By the time she finished, her pussy was awash, and her nipples ached. She was sure that her clit, usually shy and hidden, was poking out and demanding attention, although not as prominently as his turgid erection. She watched him hungrily as he moved around the room, setting out bowls, toys, and other items that made her excitement level rise even more with anticipation and a bit of trepidation. There were things on the table he had set at the foot of the bed that she had only heard about but never tried, and today he was going to use them on her. She shivered and felt the moisture run down the crack of her ass, which excited her more.

He bent over the bed, close enough to kiss her but not close enough for her to reach his cock and she moaned as he kissed her before he put the blindfold over her eyes and darkness was all she could see. She strained as she heard him move around the room before the gentle sounds of classical music filled the room, loud to mask the sounds of what he was doing as he prepared. She shivered again and groaned in frustration as she could not close her legs enough to squeeze her clit.

They had talked at length about what she might want, or not want to do, but other than the actual anticipation of being bound, she did not know what she wanted, so he had said he would set up the experience and he would gauge her response to the stimulus and take it from there. The swelling strings caught her attention as she felt multiple picks on the top of her feet moving in a line up her leg. The muscles in her thigh twitched in anticipation and set off a small tremor inside her, sending more moisture over her ass. She moaned as the tools rolled over her hips and diagonally across her soft belly. She tried not to clench the muscles, but she could not prevent it, and it was only a short distance to the even more delicate skin of her exposed breasts. She moaned and twitched in anticipation as her juices continued to flow, and her nipples ached from desire. The wheel rolled around the base of her nipples, and he put a bit of pressure behind it. The feeling was distinctive, not painful, but not quite pleasurable. He cut the chord he was traveling and ran the wheel over her nipple. She cried out with surprise, passion, and a bit of pain as a small orgasm caused her pussy to clench, and she writhed in the bindings. She wanted him to do it again and at the same time not. He moved it across her shoulders and down her flank before rolling it across the ridge of her mons. She whimpered as the needles left tracks through her pubic hair and began down the soft skin on the inside of her far leg.

She bit her lower lip as the wheel reached her ankle and he brought it across and up the inside of her near leg. Sweat stood out on her forehead, and she was flowing copiously as the wheel came closer and closer to her exposed sex. She could feel it rolling across her tender, swollen lips long before it got there. She imagined the sensations it would leave behind as it ran over her hyper-excited clit. She clenched her muscles in building anticipation of the orgasm she was sure would blind her as the wheel came closer and closer.

She cried out when at the last minute he picked it up, and her skin was left without any sensations whatsoever following the delightful torture of the wheel. She was sure she heard him chuckle as he moved away from the bed and she clenched her fists in frustration and lust.

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