The Train - a Summer Camp Story

by Mick2016

Copyright 2016 to Mick2016

Erotica Sex Story: This addendum to "Summer Camp" is fan fiction and not canon. Some of the words are taken directly from Nick Scipios Summer Camp Book Four, Chapter Nine. Since the Summer Camp series is Paul's story, many side stories never get told and always left open questions for me. This story is one I needed to hear told. Since it seemed to me to be the point at which Paul and Kendall's story ended I wanted to figure out what she had done to put the last straw on the camel.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   Fiction   Gang Bang   Orgy   Anal Sex   Analingus   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Petting   Tit-Fucking   Big Breasts   Public Sex   Nudism   .

“Summer Camp and the Summer Camp characters are Copyright © 2017 by Nick Scipio. All rights reserved. Used with permission.”

Paul and Kendall had arrived to the wedding rehearsal at the last minute and were rushed into place before getting to meet everyone. Paul was scanning the rest of the people at the rehearsal wondering about the weekend. That could be taken care of after the rehearsal was completed.

On cue, Susan stood gracefully, as the de facto mother of the bride, the congregation would rise when she stood in her place, so the organist began the wedding march, and Stacy emerged on Gunny’s arm. Gunny’s lady friend, Lenore, was standing off to the side looking proud of her Marine.

Stacy was as pretty as ever. Her fiancé, Jason, was tall and soft-looking, not quite pudgy, but close. When the rehearsal was over, Stacy finally had a chance to greet Paul and Kendall and make proper introductions. One of the bridesmaids was Sydney, a small breasted, petite brunette with big brown eyes and a wry smile. The best man was a tall, regular-looking guy named Woody, Sydney’s fiancé.

“Sydney’s my best friend,” Stacy said “and Woody’s an accountant, so he and Jason have a lot in common.”

“This is Steve, one of the groomsmen,” Stacy said, “and his girlfriend, Charlene.” Paul faked a smile and shook the couples hands.

Paul thought that Steve seemed a little disrespectful of the occasion since Steve had been cracking gay jokes about the wedding coordinator during the rehearsal. His girlfriend, Charlene, had short blonde hair and a lush figure, with full Kendall-like breasts and curvy hips, all squeezed into a tight blouse and painted-on Jordache jeans.

“Dave is one of the ushers. He and Jason are both car nuts,” Stacy said. “Dave and Steve were fraternity brothers at SC and race at Concord every weekend.” Dave was a handsome guy with a smile like Elvis.

“And this is Dave’s girlfriend, Maddy, she’s part Catawba Indian. Isn’t she beautiful?” Stacy said, introducing a dark-haired girl with striking, almost exotic features.

Everyone left the church and went to the rehearsal dinner and after a couple of beers, The Frat Boys, (as Paul referred to Steve and Dave with disdain), started telling stories from their frat days at South Carolina. Paul thought Kendall would snub them immediately, but she laughed as much as Charlene and Maddy.

The Frat Boys quickly got on Paul’s nerves, so he started a conversation with Sydney and Woody. Their expressions towards each other, held an easy loving, familiarity. Paul wondered if he and Kendall still shared the same look. Hell, he thought with a mental snort, we’re not even talking to each other at the moment.

When dinner wound down, Jason’s family and the others who lived in town went home. Susan, Gunny, and his girlfriend Lenore headed back to their homes at camp.

Stacy finally grinned to the remaining couples, “Are we ready?”

“Whoo-hoo, yeah” Steve whooped, louder than anyone else, and everyone started packing into their cars.

Back at camp, Steve and Woody unloaded two coolers of beer from Steve’s trunk, as well as a boom box from Dave’s. Once they set up in the clubhouse, everyone thought things would get going pretty quickly, instead everyone stood around drinking and talking about the next day’s wedding for nearly thirty minutes. © Finally, Dave fired up the boom box he had brought and everyone began grooving to the tunes.

Charlene was the first to act. She drained her beer and began dancing to Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Gimme Three Steps.” She backed away from the group, her hips swaying to the beat as she began making big a show of unbuttoning her blouse. The Frat Boys were whooping and sharing high fives and cheering on Charlene as she pulled open her blouse with the flair of a stripper.

Charlene was wearing a white lace bra, which barely held in the breasts which were only slightly smaller than Kendall’s. They were impressive enough to cause Paul to focus on them instead of the Frat Boys for awhile. She shucked her skintight jeans and kicked them aside. Her firm round ass was nicely framed by her matching white, lace thong.

Charlene continued to sway to the music and the Frat Boys hooted even louder. Without warning, Kendall chugged her beer and handed Paul the empty can. She leapt in front of the Frat Boys and towards Charlene, seemingly forgetting her visceral hate of Greeks. The Frat Boys went wild, and even Jason and Woody cheered as Kendall got down to her matching black bra and panties.

Sydney had removed her clothes and moved close to Paul, brushing her breasts against his arm and hinting at her intentions for him. Maddy watched Dave revert to a drunk frat boy and just shook her head. Jason and Stacy held each other as the party in honor of tomorrows wedding began to wind up.

Kendall danced around to the music, her wonderful breasts jiggling deliciously sitting atop the black bras demi-cups. Charlene leaned over and motor boated Kendall’s tits. Kendall returned the favor and the two slightly tipsy women giggled like little girls. Kendall reached around Charlene and unfastened her bra, allowing Paul his first view of Charlene’s impressive breasts. They were slightly tanned with areoles that were the same color as the rest of her breast. Her large, jiggling, mounds were tipped by nipples that were only slightly erect.

Charlene turned around behind the taller girl and slowly removed Kendall’s bra and gave the Frat Boys their first view of Kendall’s larger tits and slightly erect nipples. Kendall lifted her arms over her head and continued dancing to the music. Her breasts were firmer than Charlene’s but still managed to bounce and sway hypnotically to the music.

The sight of the four large, recently freed, tits flying around the dance floor brought Jason and Woody to their feet as they joined the Frat Boys in loud cheers. A new tune came on the boom box and they all began drunkenly singing Steve Miller Band’s “Jungle Love” as Charlene and Kendall began rubbing their breasts together to the music and with Charlene playing with Kendall’s waist chain. The Frat Boys and Woody and Jason cheered them on, of course, and began to remove their own clothes.

Paul had a sudden feeling that he was in the crowd that was cheering and applauding after Wes had fucked Kendall on Big Mistake Night. His dislike for the Frat Boys grew and he was about to step in to block the Frat Boys and dance with Kendall when Sydney leaned close to talk over the music and cheers.

“Aren’t you having fun?”

Paul shrugged. “Yeah, I guess.”

Sydney’s eyes flashed and she pulled Paul onto the improvised dance floor to dance next to a smiling, and slightly buzzed, Kendall and her equally bouncy partner. Her breasts were much smaller than Kendall and Charlene, but they were firm and round and bounced with equal enthusiasm. Her pubic triangle was neatly and closely trimmed.

Sydney grabbed Paul’s attention with a laugh and a slight press on his groin. “I thought you’ve done this before.” “I have,” Paul said tersely.

The Frat Boys continued to leer at the two buxom women as Paul fell deeper into his imagined Big Mistake Night vision funk. Paul’s concern over the Frat Boys actions in front of Kendall and the scene unfolding in front of him were shifted by Sydney’s efforts to grab a handful of his hardening cock through his pants.

Paul felt nervous as Sydney continued to grope him as Woody watched, but with a nod towards Paul he ok’d her moves as she danced into Paul’s arms rubbing and pressing her slender body against him.

“Woody and I have a very open relationship. Woody is satisfied with having sex a couple of times a week. He understands that I need it a couple of times a day! So he has no problem with me fulfilling my needs on my own or at our parties.” Sydney pirouetted to the music and pressed her ass against Paul’s increasingly hardening penis.

Paul placed his hands on Sydney’s nude hips and ground his now firm dick against her ass, matching her musical rhythms with his own. Sydney responded by pulling Paul’s hands around her to fondle her firm but hand sized breasts as the music continued to pulse.

Suddenly there was a tap on Sydney’s shoulder. It was Stacy.

“Hey Syd, I need Paul more than you right now.”

Sydney fondled his crotch again, flashed him an amused grin and headed for Jason, who was near the couch where Woody had sat again to massage Maddy’s shoulders instead of dancing. Maddy’s eyes were closed in pleasure as she swayed against Woody’s now naked body.

Stacy and Paul danced for a few minutes, but he stopped when the Frat Boys whooped as Kendall and Charlene stripped off their panties and Kendall proudly revealed her shaved pussy.

“What’s the matter?” Stacy said, but then she followed my glance.

Big Mistake Night kept echoing through Paul’s mind as he heard The Frat Boys loud noise.

“Oh, don’t worry about them. When they have a few beers in them they can revert to their fraternity days, but they’re good guys. Besides, Kendall’s a grown woman and she can handle herself.”

I had my doubts, especially with the Frat Boys to encourage her. Kendall looked at me and flashed THAT look. She was having a good time and had that look on her face that I had seen before; the same face that she had when we got together with Felicia. I was suddenly grateful that we were safe in camp.

“Paul, would you just relax?” Stacy said. “Steve, Dave and Woody are Jason’s friends. They wouldn’t be here and Jason and I would not get together with them if we didn’t trust them.” Paul shrugged. He did not agree, but he didn’t argue.

Stacy smoothly glided into Paul’s arms. He responded by pulling her close in a slow dance, even though the boom box was still pounding out loud rock music. Paul noticed immediately that she had filled out since their last time together, and the body inside the dress still felt slim and yet stronger and more firm in Paul’s arms.

Stacy leaned close to Paul’s ear and spoke only loud enough to be heard over the music, “I have a treat for you.”

At Stacy’s urging, Paul stripped her out of her dress and then helped her out of her bra and panties. Paul took the time to admire her body and the wide strip of pubic hair above her sex.

Stacy began to undress Paul at one side of the clubhouse. Paul noticed that over on a couch Woody and Maddy were making out and Maddy’s pussy lips were protruding from her sparse pubic hair and her nipples were stiff and erect.

While Kendall and Charlene and the Frat Boys were now dancing nude, Paul occupied his mind, but he saw Steve was trying to play with Kendall’s waist chain, which Paul reminded himself, was still pointing to the Promised Land.

Paul looked back towards Jason, he was busy twisting and sucking on Sydney’s nipples as she was undoing his belt and removing his pants. Sydney had a lusty and wild expression on her face. Stacy explained to Paul that Sydney was able to come from hard nipple play.

After about a half an hour of dancing and drinking, punctuated by a lot of flirting by Charlene and Kendall; AC/DC’s “You Shook Me All Night Long” began blaring on the boom box.

Jason raised his voice above the music. “Hey everybody, let’s head down to the hot tub!”

Steve hollered out, “Whoo-hoo, yeah!”

Woody and Maddy rose from the couch. Woody was sporting a sizable namesake as they headed out arm in arm to the hot tub. Maddy’s labia were shining and glistening with her own moisture and her pointy nipples were red from Woody’s sucking.

Sydney gave Stacy a sly glance as she led Jason away by the erection that had become his leash.

Steve threw his leather jacket onto a cooler and then hefted it, and Dave grabbed the boom box. Paul tried to catch Kendall’s eye as she passed him, but she followed Charlene out the door without a backward glance.

Paul could again sense a growing distance between him and Kendall. What was supposed to be a weekend away to help repair their relationship was changing shape right before his eyes. Paul could tell Kendall was enjoying herself, he had seen her expression enough times to recognize it, but she was enjoying herself and getting all wound up completely without him.

Stacy quietly asked as she held Paul closely on the couch, “Is everything okay between you two?”

“No, but she’s a grown woman and she can handle herself.” was Paul’s reply.

“Paul, it took me a long time to realize how you and I were right for each other at one time, but not forever.” She sat up and looked at Paul, “I love you and always will, but its different now. Jason is my life, my soul mate. I’ve come to understand how, sometimes, life changes.”

Stacy’s point was not lost, but down deep, Paul still held onto a glimmer of hope for him and Kendall.

Stacy pulled Paul to her after some kissing and stroking of various body parts, Stacy looked Paul lovingly in the eyes and shyly asked him to fuck her in the ass. She explained that now, Jason was the only man she allowed back ‘there’ even at their get togethers with their friends. Everyone in their swinging group honored that, but she and Jason had agreed that having anal sex with Paul would be a fitting and meaningful gift from her to Paul on her wedding weekend.

Charlene and Kendall had lead Steve and Dave down to the hot tub. Steve set the beer cooler to the side of the tub and Dave set the boom box down and reduced the volume so as not to wake the rest of the camp. Kendall and Charlene chugged another beer and let some of the golden liquid dribble out of their mouths and down onto their voluptuous mammeries. Steve and Dave quickly stepped in to rescue the brew before it died on the ground. They licked and sucked up the beer and got large mouthfuls of tit and nipples in the process.

Kendall stood and leaned over to speak to Charlene and Sydney, and spoke quietly to them. Charlene became wide eyed and looked highly aroused as Kendall disclosed her plan to fulfill one of her greatest fantasies.

“I have always dreamed of pulling a train”, the brunette whispered as her huge tits swayed below her.

“It would be your first time with these guys, will Paul mind?” asked Sydney.

“No, Paul won’t mind, we have talked about this fantasy and our relationship is open.”

Sydney stood and in a very proper and official tone announced, “The groom comes first.” She cracked a grin to acknowledge the little pun and began licking Jason’s dick to its full rigidness. She took her time to use her tongue to cover every bit of his dick. She bit and sucked and kissed and licked over and over until Jason began to groan.

Having done this with Jason before, at his first sound, she drove her mouth down on his shaft and began pumping her head up and down, sucking hard on every up stroke. She reached behind Jason and grabbed his ass and pulled hard as she felt his dick swell and forced her throat to allow Jason’s entire dick deep into her. Jason fired his first load of the night down her hungry throat. Sydney held his dick so deep that she never tasted a drop.

Steve was dividing his time between watching Sydney sucking Jason, and eyeing Kendall and Charlene rubbing their bodies together as they were getting themselves wound up, when suddenly Charlene wiggled her eyebrows, turned and lunged for the men. In one quick move, the blonde had Woody in her left hand and Dave in her right and Steve in her mouth in the middle. Charlene slurped in Steve’s rigid cock and began working up and down on all three rods. After a few seconds she got into a rhythm and was keeping her hands and mouth in time with the beat of the music.

Kendall urged the men to stand and encircle the busty blonde. Charlene began to move from cock to cock, sucking on one while giving the other two hand jobs, spending only a few minutes at each stop. Kendall moved in behind the men, in synch with Charlene, and reached between the legs of the man that Charlene was sucking to play with his balls and press her breasts against their backs and pinch their nipples.

Sydney sat on the side of the tub watching after she finished off Jason, he had his fingers darting in and out of her pussy with occasional pauses to pull her extended inner labia out so he could roll them between his fingers. He began to use her long lips to saw her clit back and forth under its hood and under his tongue.

After a few minutes of Jason’s attention, the small breasted brunette came loudly and sank into the tub opposite the others. Sydney decided she needed to be fucked; and the dick that she wanted was not in the tub. She quickly hopped out of the tub, grabbed her towel and headed to the clubhouse in search of Paul’s cock.

Paul finally came in Stacy’s ass, realizing that this might be the last time they actually made love. If they got together in the future, after her marriage to Jason, it would just be sex for fun. As they were cuddling in the shower outside to clean up, Stacy began asking questions about his relationship with Kendall again. Paul was about to open up and explain the whole truth to her when Sydney appeared around the corner.

“Um ... hi, I hope I am not interrupting, but I had to ... um ... come up here to escape the ‘full rack club’ down at the hot tub. Except for Paul, Charlene and Kendall have the guys dicks pretty much wrapped up.”

Stacy looked at Sydney who was looking slightly upset. “What are they doing?”

“Charlene is getting the guys warmed up for Kendall to pull a train.”

Paul reluctantly imagined Kendall on her back; shadowy men standing over her, waiting their turn to climb between her legs; people cheering in the background. Paul didn’t mind her having sex with other men, but four at a time seemed excessive. Paul reminded himself that it was not too different from things he had done.

Fucking several guys at a time was her fantasy; but she was carrying it out without him and without talking about it first. They had always participated in fulfilling her fantasies together and Paul was floating miles away in his thoughts when Sydney finally caught on.

“I ... uh ... interrupted something serious between you two, didn’t I?” she asked.

“No, honey, you don’t understand,” Stacy said. “It’s not about Paul and me.”

“It’s about Kendall,” Paul explained.

“She seemed fine when I left her,” Sydney said, a little confused.

“About Kendall and me,” Paul said.

“Ah, I get it.” Her expression changed. “Well then you can join me down in the hot tub since Kendall said you have an open relationship...”

Something snapped within Paul. “She said what?”

“Um ... She said you have an open relationship?”

Paul wanted to storm down the hill and tell Kendall what she could do with their “open relationship,” but at best, that might ruin everyone’s evening. At the worst, the drunken Frat Boys might step to try to defend her. Paul might end up hurting them and that wouldn’t be good for anyone. Paul got grip on his anger as Stacy placed a calming hand on his arm and spoke.

“Do you want to go down to the hot tub?”

Paul sadly shook his head. “Maybe, later.”

She nodded and held Paul in a close safe hug as Sydney went back down to the hot tub.

A short time later, Maddy came in, holding her head.

“I’m sorry, Stacy,” she said as she approached. “My head is killing me. I’m gonna take some Tylenol and lay down in the cabin.”

“Oh, bless your heart.”

Stacy turned to Paul, “I hate that she’s not feeling well, I’m going to walk her to her room.”

When Stacy returned a few minutes later she and Paul glanced toward the back door and both thought the same thing: Kendall and Charlene with four guys. Paul trusted Jason and Woody not to let things go too far, but he didn’t have the same confidence in The Frat Boys.

Jason had recovered from Sydney’s earlier blowjob and moved to join the circle of fun.

Charlene quietly spoke to Kendall and they aimed evil grins at each other. Kendall and Charlene moved the men to sit on the side of the tub. The two women had started a competition. Charlene would score if she came first and Kendall would score if the man she was sucking came first.

Charlene first stood on the edge of the hot tub, over the groom with her legs spread and offered him a taste of her now throbbing pussy while Kendall moved underneath her and sucked Jason’s dick at the same time. Jason was working hard on Charlene’s clit while still trying to stay focused on Kendall’s wet mouth. In a short time Jason felt the swelling in his balls and he shot a load that filled Kendall’s mouth with hot come.

“I win!” gurgled Kendall before she swallowed Jason’s seed.

Charlene harrumphed and moving over she straddled Woody’s waiting mouth as her wet feet balanced on the edge of the hot tub. He helped her balance by holding on to her ass and pulling her pussy into his mouth. Kendall began bobbing up and down on Woody’s dick. Charlene was hot and soaking wet, she was already close to coming thanks to Jason and her juices were flowing and being spread all over Woody’s face making it even more slick. Woody used her slippery pussy juices to lubricate his thumb and push it into her ass hole. Charlene suddenly stiffened and let out a loud moan as she came on Woody’s face.

“One to one!” Charlene panted triumphantly.

Dave was next and since Charlene had just come she lagged behind Kendall who was working twice as hard to make sure that Dave came before Charlene. Dave rewarded her efforts with a huge three swallow load giving the brunette a one come lead over the blonde.

When Charlene finally got to her boyfriends face she was ready to come again. Steve knew how to eat her just right and she quickly heated up as Steve held on tight while she ground her pussy into his face. Charlene moaned and jerked as she exploded with pleasure before Kendall’s mouth could get Steve to shoot.

As she jerked in ecstasy, and before she could declare the tie, Charlene lost her balance. Her foot slipping off of the top side of the hot tub and she went tumbling down on top of Kendall causing the busty brunette to lose her lip lock on Steve’s cock. It pulled out of her mouth with what would have been a loud sloppy pop if not for the sound of splashing water.

After the initial shock, the girls and the guys started laughing hysterically.

As she recovered herself, Kendall moved up, still laughing, and sat on the side of the tub. She spread her legs, opening her pussy to the full view of The Frat Boys. With a come-hither finger wiggle and a sucking on her own right nipple, Kendall signaled for the other busty women to attend to her.

Charlene moved between the tall girls legs and began using her hardened nipples to rub Kendall’s equally hard clit. She switched tits, left then right then left, several times before Kendall grabbed her head and pull it down to her sex. Charlene sucked hard on Kendall’s clit and nibbling on her outer lips.

Kendall laid her head back and took in all of the sensations that Charlene’s tongue offered. All of the cock sucking had fired her up and she was ready to explode. She occasionally opened her eyes long enough to watch the Frat Boys stroking their own cocks as they watched and that sight made her even hotter.

Charlene pushed her index finger into the brunettes’ tight, wet, hairless pussy and began to press up against the inner wall. Charlene pressed outwardly against Kendall’s G-spot. The effect was that Kendall’s clit was being pushed out and onto Charlene’s probing tongue. This new pressure drove Kendall to the brink. Slowly Kendall let out a soft groan which grew in volume until she suddenly threw her head back, her large breasts flushed and shuddered as the orgasm built to massive proportions. Kendall opened her mouth and let out a long silent orgasmic gasp.

“Guys”, she said in an out of breath determined voice, “I want all of you tonight. I want to pull a train and fuck all of you!”

“Whoo-hoo, yeah”

Steve reached towards the cooler, but instead of going for another beer, he reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a small vile.

“If we are going to do this, let’s do this right. Who needs a bump?”

Kendall’s eyes shot wide open ... a bump! She remembered the feeling of sex on coke with Felicia and Paul; even Big Mistake Night flashed in her memory. Without a moment’s hesitation she immediately reasoned that if Paul was going to compare her to that drugged out slut Gina why shouldn’t she do coke too.

With Dave, Kendall and Charlene joining him out of the hot tub, Steve opened the vile and withdrew the small spoonful of white powder and snorted a hit. Dave followed. Kendall moved in for the next hit followed by Charlene. Then Kendall returned to Steve and had another hit in her other nostril to prepare herself for the coming onslaught.

Returning to the tub, the two women had the Frat Boys sit on the side of the hot tub. Charlene started with Jason and sucked him to full hardness, then moved on to Dave. Kendall immediately followed Charlene in the line and as the blonde left each man hard and wanting Kendall quickly moved in ass first and rubbed her hot pussy up and down against the waiting cock. Both of the men were pushing their hips up trying to change the angle of their body enough that they might be able to surprise Kendall’s wet slit with a well place dick.

The Frat Boys didn’t have enough time though; since Kendall only let the dicks slide up and down along her sex a few times before moving on to the next man that Charlene had prepared. Jason and Woody watched the action and decided to rejoin the fun. The two women went thru the line four times before Kendall was fired up and ready to proceed.

Kendall took her towel and the group of erect men out to the dark grassy lawn area about 30 feet from the tub. She laid down the towel and laid spread eagle on her back. Looking at the men with fire in her eyes she gestured for Jason to go first.

“The groom comes first” she purred, her eyes afire with arousal.

Jason knelt down between Kendall’s spread legs and lubed his dick by sliding it along her sex. He began with the underside of his shaft sliding up from bottom to top. He even lubed up his balls by sliding them side to side spreading open her labia with each side stroke.

Finally with a deep breath he looked down at her glorious shave mons and meeting great resistance from the tight pussy, pressed his dick into her. He watched as her pussy lips disappeared into her with his inward thrust and then was transfixed by the sight of his cock pulling back and even though he was well lubed from her juices, her labia were sticking to his cock, almost sucking back on his erection.

Steve stood to the side waiting his turn stroking his dick to the rhythm of Jason’s fucking. Jason’s stroke was long and deep and after a few minutes he was pounding into Kendall’s pussy building to his second orgasm of the night. Kendall was completely engulfed in the passion of the cock and the cocaine. She began to lift her hips, returning the timing of Jason’s thrusts. She built to a strong orgasm and let it roll over her. Her grunts and groans silenced by the impending wave of pleasure. As she came, her pussy clamped down on Jason’s shaft and he shot his load so deep into her that none of his come leaked out when he withdrew.

Panting from her efforts, she motioned to Jason to bring his wet dick to her lips and used her mouth to clean up his softening cock. She could still feel his heartbeat in the veiny member as she did her housekeeping work.

As she cleaned up Jason, Kendal signaled to Steve to be next. He laid on top of her, pinning her to the ground with his body. He ground his chest into her large breasts and felt her rock hard nipples poking into his skin. Kendall lifted her knees towards her head and was able to catch Steve’s rigid dick in her opening. He pressed hard to squeeze into a tight pussy, made even tighter by her recent orgasm. Since he had been fucking Kendall by proxy while Jason was taking his turn, Steve did not last long and Kendall let out a soft moan as Steve unloaded into her leaving her slightly sensitive pussy unsatisfied.

When he finished he took Jason’s place at the side of Kendall’s head. She licked and slurped along his quickly shrinking manhood. She opened her mouth wide and allowed Steve to put his entire soft cock into her mouth and then she clamped down, using her tongue and lips to scrape off all of her juices and the two man come mix.

Dave and Woody exchanged glances and Dave climbed between Kendall’s legs next. He slipped into the tight, sloppy pussy that was beginning to leak come. He’d never fucked a pussy that was both so very tight and so slippery and wet. Kendall was now paying attention to Dave’s cock since she finished cleaning off Steve’s dick. She was clenching her pussy as Dave withdrew and relaxing as he thrust into her. She was still feeling the rising orgasm from Steve and when Dave began to press into her with long hard strokes, she came within a few minutes. Her arched back and silent open mouthed gasp was almost animalistic in its fury. Dave spurted into her feeling his load join the two previous loads in her now sloppy depths.

Dave assumed his position at Kendall’s mouth as Woody took his place near her hot gash. He looked down at her pussy and was ready to press into her when she released Dave’s dick and half sat up on her elbows. The motion of her tightening her abs caused her pussy to eject a gush of come from between her now swollen inner labia.

Using the leaking spot as a target he set his dick and pressed into the bubbling goo. Kendall sucked in a breath as her increasingly sensitive pussy accepted the new mans shaft and returned Dave’s relaxed cock back into her mouth. Her breathing became fast and shallow, matching Woody’s fucking. With each thrust into her, she let out a forceful moan around Dave’s cock.

After many minutes of hard thrusts Woody plunged as deep into Kendall as he could, she let the wave that had been building in her stomach to grow up and silently burst out of her mouth as she came again. Woody burst with a shot that emptied his ball in a series of bursts that seemed to go on forever.

As he withdrew from the hottest, sloppiest pussy he had ever experienced, Kendall reached down and lead his cock to her waiting mouth. As she finished cleaning up the fourth man she looked for Paul, expecting him to be next, but he was nowhere to be seen.

With a slight tone of hope she called out to the men, and for Paul, her eyes still aglow with lust fueled by her own imagination and the coke.

“Is that all there is to it?”

At that point, Steve took charge of the event. He directed Dave to place his dick in her left hand and Woody to give his dick to her right. Steve smiled at a now erect Jason and directed him between Kendall’s legs, as the groom, he would continue to have the first shot at Kendall’s pussy in the next round.

Kendall’s eyes fired up with the realization of what she was about to experience.

Steve moved to Kendall’s open mouth as she grabbed Dave and Woody’s dicks and began massaging them. She turned her head as Steve offered her his hard dick and sucked the head onto her lips, using her tongue to promise the Frat Boys bobbing organ a night to remember. He began to slowly pump his dick in and out of her mouth as she moaned and licked and sucked with each push. Excited by Kendall’s experienced tongue, and fueled by the beers and cocaine, Steve suddenly grabbed Kendall’s head and began to face fuck her with powerful deep thrusts.

At the same time Jason stuck his index finger into Kendall’s pussy and found that it was sloppy wet and it was still tight. He began to finger fuck her first with one finger and then two. He even managed three before Kendall’s hips sent the signal that she wanted a larger hotter digit.

Kendall hips were already writhing, heated up by the dicks in her hands and Steve’s cock attacking her throat, so Jason lined up his erection with the bottom of her slit and pressed forward. He felt the lips of her hot bald cunt spread open engulfing his cock in a very warm, velvety vice. Although she was very tight, her level of wetness allowed him to drive right to the root causing her to moan out loud, making Steve roll his eyes back into his head from the feel of the sudden unintentional hummer.

Jason pumped into her with all the force he could muster. He had been drawn to her smooth shaved pussy since he had first seen it. His fucking was growing stronger as he watched her hairless lips still clinging to his dick, and her body writhing each time he withdrew from her.

Or try to writhe. With Steve having a firm grip on her head for his face fuck and with Jason laying on top of her hips each time he drove deep into her, her movements were very limited. Normally during sex, part of her partners pleasure was watching her breasts shake around against the front and sides of her ribcage when she was being take on her back; or watching them swing and sway with each thrust when she was fucking or sucking on her hands and knees.

Dave and Woody were enjoying watching the pounding of Kendall’s mouth and pussy while their dicks were being pumped by Kendall’s strong hands. Dave reached down and grabbed Kendall’s left breast. He had to use two hands to grip the 38DD mound of flesh. His two hands formed a ring around the bottom of her breast and squeezed it tight and held on causing the breast to begin to turn red. Woody mirrored his moves.

He pulled up on the breast squeezing hard the entire time, occasionally stopping to just shake the tit. He quickly released the tit when he got near the nipple and before it could return to its normal color he replaced his hands at the base and repeated the movement. The combination of the pleasure of her mouth and pussy being fucked and pain of her tits as they became engorged and almost purple from the trapped blood in them added to Kendall’s mounting sexual overload.

Dave and Woody were enjoying the movement of her mammeries as they shook them. If they had been milk filled she would have squirted all over the four men. Dave bent over to Kendall’s right breast; the one Woody was kneading, and finished Woody’s up stroke with his own firm bite and suck of her nipple with his teeth and lips. Dave returned the favor when Woody reached the top of his kneading of Kendall’s left tit.

Kendall’s eyes went wide as she struggled to abide Steve’s repeated pounding into her throat, but she still held on to the hot pieces of meat in her hands and pumped them furiously as Steve shuddered and blast a huge spurt of come into her mouth. She came immediately, trying to swallow and swallow again while her pussy spasmed and gripped Jason’s thrusting erection. She tensed up and came again as the new sensation of painful pleasure in her breasts pushed over the edge yet again. When Kendall felt Steve explode into her mouth she squeezed Dave and Woody’s dicks hard, stopped pumping and effectively stopped them from coming.

Watching all of the action took Jason to the brink quickly. Aftershocks washed over Kendall in further waves that matched Jason’s thrusts. He pumped her pussy long and deep and hard and as Kendall continued to come, her pussy squeezed his member harder and the velvety vice grip took him over the edge. Jason shot six strong pulses of come into her tight hot pussy as Kendall allowed Steve’s shrinking member to drop from her mouth.

“Switch!” Gasped Jason; letting the others know that he was done and that Kendall’s pussy was now available for the next guy in line.

Steve and Jason moved their limp members to Kendall’s sides and to her waiting hands. Woody moved to Kendall’s head and Dave moved between her freely writhing hips. Kendall took Steve and Jason’s limp members into her hands and slowly stroked them. She ran her hands up and down and softly cupped each mans balls while reaching behind and pressing on their prostates. Slowly their dicks began to twitch to life.

Woody placed his long dick up to Kendall’s soft hot lips. He used his hand to move his dick around her lips and allowed her hot tongue to coat his knob with her saliva. She opened her mouth wider as she was trying to catch her breath from the first round of orgasms and he pressed the head forward and began to pump in and out of her mouth, more gently than Steve had and not as deep.

Dave placed his shaft at Kendall’s wet opening and rubbed the head up and down, stopping only to spank her pussy hard with his rigid dick. Every time he hit her, she let out a moan and Woody flinched in her mouth as she reacted to the explosion of pleasure from each impact on her sensitive clit. Finally Dave took his dick and pressed it into Kendall’s gaping pussy. His strokes were long and smooth and very deep as his dick was long but not too fat.

Woody and Dave fell into a tag team rhythm. Woody pushed into Kendall’s throat and Dave pulled out of her clinging, still hungry pussy; then Woody would almost pull his dick out of Kendall’s mouth with her tight lips clinging to his shaft while Dave would enter Kendall’s hot opening at the same speed. They push/pulled in time for several minutes. With this rhythm going and since Kendall had stopped them from coming earlier, both men were primed to come quickly.

Soon they stopped pumping, pushed their dicks into the two wet hot openings as far as they could and just held their cocks in place while they emptied their balls. They were both rewarded with a simultaneous back arch and pussy clench as a fresh orgasm raged through Kendall’s body. She was drooling, and soaked Woody’s dick and balls with a combination of her spit and his come. Dave had to wait after dumping his sizable load into Kendall. His dick had to shrink a bit before he could pull it out of her crushing pussy.

“Switch!” This time Dave signaled that he was done using his part of the big titted brunette.

Dave and Woody came so fast that neither Steve nor Jason had come again from Kendall’s hand jobs but they were both now hard as rocks again and they were ready to take their places, with Woody now on Kendall’s left and Dave on her right they placed their soft, wet, and sticky shafts into Kendall’s hands.

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