Separation Anxiety

by SBrooks

Copyright© 2017 by SBrooks

Drama Sex Story: A couple's relationship is tested when she takes a year-long assignment in New York City.

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   .

My Girlfriend Has Feelings For Her Work Friend

While based on a real situation that I read about in an advice column, it is otherwise totally fictional.

{Many thanks to my sweet inspiration blackrandl1958 for her guidance and of course her editing. Thank you, Crkcppr for Beta reading.}

It had a beginning. Everything has a beginning, and this was no different. John loved Emily. That is not the beginning, but that is the stage for the action. After dating for two years, they knew they were meant for each other. The stage became crowded and the plot became complex because of careers.

It was the lure of Mecca. The Big Apple came calling and Emily answered the call. It was a tremendous career opportunity, one that comes only once in a lifetime; opportunity knocks and woe betide the unlucky soul who is away when the knock sounds. Emily was at home and waiting for that knock. Twelve months in the home office, one year to make her mark, return home as the newest star in the business firmament. There were tears, long and painful discussions, insecurities expressed and reassurances offered.

“John, I will never know unless I take a chance,” Emily said. “It’s the home office, John. You know that we will need my income for a long time. You’ll be a star, but until then, trust me. You know I love you, don’t you?”

John did know that. “Yes, there’s no doubt in my mind, Emily, but Jesus Christ, a year?”

“John, we’re young,” she said. “We have the rest of our lives. You do intend to spend the rest of our lives together, right?”

“Of course,” he said. “It’s just ... I don’t know. I’m happy for you, Emily, I swear I am. I want you to have this chance. I know it means so much to you, but a freaking year!”

“It’s not like we won’t see each other for a year,” she said. “I’ll come home. This is my home, John, here with you. You can come to New York. We’ll spend nearly every weekend together. You know we hardly see each other during the week, anyway.”

It was true. He got up at five. She had a long commute and didn’t get home until two hours before he went to bed, at the most.

She moved astride his lap, their noses touching and her impossibly long eyelashes mingling with his. “Besides,” she whispered. “Just think of the sex. I’m going to be so horny after not seeing you all week that you’re going to need at least five days to recover!”

John knew he had lost, and he really was happy for her. Making her eyes sparkle was something he lived for, and so it began.

The cracks began four months later. It had been building, but John was blissfully unaware of the danger. A stranger became an intruder. He was not a stranger to Emily, she saw him every day. John heard not a whisper of his existence.

Aaron was a transfer from another office. Emily first became aware of him when he became aware of her. She was a prize worth taking, and Aaron made the collection of prizes his business. He made sure she was aware of him.

Emily wasn’t even sure how it started, but she found herself spending more and more time with Aaron. He became, first, her friend, and then her very good friend. Alarms began to go off in her head when the conversation turned intimate. It was gradual, and before she was even aware of what was happening, Aaron’s manner became romantic, and she found herself in a quandary. How to disengage now? She knew she had to speak with John.

John’s phone rang and he saw Emily’s name on the Caller ID. He picked up the phone, and pressed “answer.”

“Hi, Honey,” he said, “how are things going?”

He noticed a little hesitation before Emily responded.

“Not too bad,” she said. “The project’s going really well, but we’re very busy and I miss you so much...”

John could tell that she had something more to say, and just waited. After an uncomfortable couple of moments, Emily let out a sigh and continued.

“One of my good friends at work, Aaron Hunter, is making me a little uncomfortable; he’s actually been making passes at me.”

Emily had always had a flirtatious personality, which could be easily mistaken for genuine interest, but they were exclusive and John was very unhappy with this news. He felt that he had to do what he could to nip it in the bud.

“Emily,” he said, “you’re a smart, capable woman. You’ve dealt with guys making unwanted advances before ... These ARE unwanted advances, aren’t they?”

Emily again hesitated.

“Of course, John,” she said. “I’ve told him that I’m in a happy committed relationship and have no interest in pursuing a romantic relationship with him, but he won’t stop. He tells me that I’m his soul mate and that he is in love with me.”

“Emily, you know his actions are entirely inappropriate. If he won’t stop you should threaten him with sexual harassment charges, as he is creating a hostile work environment.”

“Oh, no!” Emily said, “I can’t do that, Aaron is my best friend at work, I can handle him without making a big scene. Please, you have to trust me.”

John lost his cool a bit at her remarks.

“Just how good a “friend” can he be if he is trying to come between us? I do trust you, but I don’t trust HIM.”

Now Emily was getting a little angry.

“I’m a big girl,” she said, “and I can take care of myself!”

“All right, Emily, all right, I believe you. Please don’t let me down.”

“I won’t, John, you’ll see. Love you.”

“I love you, too. Good-bye,” John said. He hung up, but didn’t see any way that this could end well.

Emily hung up, a little shaken by her anger at John. She knew that he meant well and she could only imagine how she would feel if some slut was moving in on John!

She finally fell asleep after tossing and turning a bit, and woke up still feeling a bit weary.

She spent the rest of the weekend straightening up around the apartment, started a wash and did some prep work on her project for Monday morning.

Monday morning, she woke up much more refreshed and headed in to work, determined to dial back on her flirtatiousness and stick to business.

While she was having her morning coffee with her friend Karen, Aaron came over.

“How was your weekend, Emily?” he asked.

After a brief hesitation, she responded coolly.

“Nothing special. I had a nice chat with my boyfriend John, then took care of some things around the apartment,” she said before returning her attention to Karen.

Aaron had played this game before, noticed her emphasis on her boyfriend, and backed off.

“Well, I’ve got to get back to work,” he said, “Enjoy the rest of your break; maybe we’ll get together later in the week.”

“Yeah ... maybe,” she said as he walked away.

“Wow, did it just get chilly in here, or is it me?” asked Karen.

“Oh, that,” Emily laughed, “It’s just that he’s been testing my boundaries lately, and I’m afraid I’ve been a little lax on setting him straight. It’s caused a little tension between John and me, so I decided a little course correction was needed.”

“Boy, it must be nice be able to toss prize catches like him back!” Karen said, “I can’t even get a nibble out of him.”

They shared a laugh as they got up and returned to their desks, but Emily wondered about what Karen had just said. Emily had no false modesty; she knew that she was hot, but Karen was just as attractive, why wouldn’t Aaron go after her instead? Was it because Emily was “taken,” and thus harder to get? Could he be that perverse, that he wants what someone else has? It was making her dizzy; she shook it off and got back to work.

Over the next few days her dealings with Aaron were much more comfortable. He never approached her except for business, and was friendly but professional.

Friday afternoon, Karen invited her to join a group for dinner and a few drinks, and she accepted. Before leaving work she called John.

“Hi, Honey, how are you doing?” she asked.

“As well as can be expected without you,” he replied, “How’s work been?”

Emily heard the unspoken question, but decided not to answer it.

“Pretty good,” she answered, “productive, but not overly busy.”

“I hope you’re making time for some fun,” he said.

“I’m usually too tired, but I’m joining Sally and some other folks after work.”

John’s antennae went up.

“Will Aaron be there?” he asked.

‘God, give it a rest!’ Emily thought, but replied, “I’m not sure, but I suppose so.”

“Well, have fun, but not too much fun,” he said with a laugh.

Emily was a little irritated, but decided to take it with the humor she hoped John intended.

“Don’t worry, Honey, you’re the only one I have too much fun with. I’ll talk to you later.”

“Okay, Baby, I love you.”

“I love you, too, John,” she said and hung up.

John knew that he should feel reassured, so why did he still feel so tense? With nothing else to go on he decided to just wait and see, as uncomfortable as it was.

At the end of the day Sally swung by Emily’s desk and they went to meet the others at the restaurant. Emily was pleased to see that Aaron was already there, and made it a point to sit at the opposite end of the table. She noticed a small frown on his face that was quickly replaced by a pasted on smile.

After a pleasant dinner, most of the group moved on to a local bar. Emily was concerned that there was a dance floor, but steeled her resolve to stay in control of the situation.

Unfortunately, Aaron was able to grab a seat beside her, but Emily made an effort to ignore him as much as possible, and concentrated on the others in the group.

When the second round of drinks was served, someone put music on and members of the group started pairing up to dance. Aaron took the opportunity to take Emily’s hand and tried to get her up to dance. Unable to refuse gracefully, she let him lead her to the dance floor.

Aaron was pretty much a gentleman for the first number, but as the second song came on, he tried to pull Emily in closer. Emily remembered the instructions from the nuns at her church dances, “to leave room for the Holy Spirit,” and gently pushed Aaron away.

“You smell wonderful,” he said. She knew that was bullshit, she wasn’t wearing any cologne, if anything she was sweaty from a hard day at work!

After the second song, she excused herself to go to the Ladies’ Room, and when she returned to the table, she finished her drink, put some money on the table and said her good nights.

Aaron tried to get up to see her out, but she put her hand on his shoulder.

“It’s okay, Aaron, I’m a big girl, I can take care of myself,” she said, and left before he could get back up.

Aaron was uncharacteristically unsure of himself. Emily was proving to be a tough nut to crack! Maybe he should just go after Karen instead ... No! He was the Alpha male. He took what he wanted. He’d just have to turn things up a notch or two, but he would have to play it cool.

The following week, Emily noticed that Aaron wasn’t paying as much attention to her as he had in the past; he seemed to be hanging around Karen more, and the little slut was eating it up.

‘What the fuck!’ she thought, ‘Why am I feeling jealous? Isn’t this what I wanted? He’s leaving me alone, I should be happy.’

Friday night, Emily decided not to join the usual gathering, got some take-out and went home, looking forward to a nice chat with John.

Just as she walked in the door, she got a call from John.

“Hi, Sweetheart,” he said, “I’m sorry, but we have a bit of a crisis here and I can’t really talk right now. It shouldn’t take very long. Can I please call you back in a couple of hours?”

Emily had a devious thought.

“Of course, Honey,” she said, “I just got in with my dinner anyway. As a matter of fact, be sure you have something to eat before you call.”

“That sounds intriguing. Just what’s going through that dirty little mind of yours?”

“Never you mind. Just get your work done and get yourself ready for a very special call,” she said, then hung up.

‘Well, THAT was different, ‘ John thought, then dove back into his work.

Meanwhile, Emily was wolfing down her dinner, planning her surprise.

She drew a nice hot bubble bath, got herself nice and clean, and shaved all over, leaving her pussy mound bare, with just a landing strip above, just the way John liked it.

She laid out her outfit for the night: her tiniest sheerest thong, black lace thigh-high hold-up stockings with black CFM heels, a black lace bodysuit and her sexiest Little Black Dress.

As she got dressed, she stood in front of her full-length mirror and took a series of selfies. She assembled them into a slide show with the sexiest background music she could find, and attached it to an Email all ready to send. She sat back, waiting for John’s call.

John could hardly concentrate on his work, wondering what Emily had in mind, but he finally closed down his workstation, grabbed his coat and practically sprinted out of the building. He just grabbed a hot dog from a street vendor and ate it on the run before nearly breaking his door down.

Tossing his briefcase on the couch, he went to the bathroom before making himself a drink and calling Emily.

Seeing that it was John calling, Emily gathered herself together and answered, speaking in as sultry a voice as she could manage.

“Good evening, John,” she purred.

“G ... Good evening, Emily,” he said nervously.

“I have some instructions for you to follow,” she said, “It is VERY important that you follow them precisely. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I understand.”

“Good, good. Now I want you to take your laptop and phone up to the bedroom and make yourself comfortable. Let me know when you’re ready.”

John grabbed his laptop, and with his phone still in his hand ran up to the bedroom and kicked off his shoes. He took off his jacket and tie and unbuttoned the top button on his shirt.

Turning back the bedspread and adjusting the pillows, he picked up the phone and said, “Okay, Honey, I’m ready. What should I do now?”

“Put your phone on speaker and put it on the nightstand. You’ll be needing both hands,” she said with a smirk, “Then set up your laptop and open your email. Do you see an email from me?”

“Yes, yes I do. Shall I open it?”

“Yes. Download the attachment and turn your sound up, but don’t open it until I say so. Let me know when you’re ready.”

John’s hands were shaking so that he could barely function, but he managed to get the attachment ready.

“I’m all set, Emily,” he said.

‘Well, this is it, ‘ thought Emily, as she stood looking at herself in the mirror.

“Go ahead, John, open it.”

John double-clicked on the attachment, and as it opened he heard the music and saw the picture of Emily in the LBD.

“We’ve just come in from a night on the town, and now we’re ready for some fun,” Emily said over the phone. The picture faded out and faded back in with the dress pushed down to her waist, as Emily was doing the same.

“You always did enjoy unwrapping your presents,” she said with a giggle as the next picture showed the dress pooled at her feet.

Emily was silent except for her heavy breathing as the body suit was slowly peeled away, leaving her in the thong, stockings and heels.

John just barely avoided popping his buttons as he removed his shirt and unbuckled his pants.

“I hope you’re enjoying this as much as I am, John,” she said breathlessly, “I swear I can feel your hands on my breasts, tweaking my nipples, making them ache...”

Emily was so lost in the sensations that she nearly forgot to take off the thong.

Meanwhile, John had removed the rest of his clothes as the picture of Emily changed to a fully nude shot, then shots of her caressing her breasts and pussy.

“Tell me, John, how are you feeling?”

“I don’t know if I can describe it, Emily, this is just so hot! Please don’t take this the wrong way, but I don’t think I’ve ever been this hard.”

“No, not at all, John, I feel the same way, my pussy is just dripping. Tell me, John, are you stroking your cock?”

Normally this would be embarrassing to John, but something about the whole situation had him so turned on that he just didn’t give a fuck!

“Oh, yes, Emily, I’m rubbing it so hard, just wishing that I could feel your sweet lips on it, feel it sliding into your hot pussy.”

“Oh, uh, I feel the same way, John. My fingers help, but they can’t compare with your cock. Oh, John, I think I’m going to come soon. Can you come with me?”

“I’m close, Emily, oh, so close,” he said as he stroked his cock harder and faster, while Emily was plunging her fingers into her pussy with one hand and playing with her clit with the other.

They each came so hard that they couldn’t tell if the other was also coming, but it was so close that it really didn’t matter.

Before they fell asleep they managed to reach their phones to say “Good night” and end the calls.

The next day, they were still too tired to do much more than thank each other for the wild night, clean up and go back to bed.

Monday morning, Emily was still floating on a cloud, and even seeing Aaron hanging over Karen didn’t bother her.

Aaron noticed that Emily was ignoring him and his frustration grew exponentially, but he didn’t know what to do about it.

For the rest of the week, Aaron played it cool. He did start dropping by Emily’s desk a little more, but he was very careful to keep things platonic; he didn’t want to put her off again.

John and Emily were on a much more even keel after their Friday night session, John wasn’t even concerned when Emily said that she was planning on joining the group after work on Friday.

At the end of the day Friday as Karen and Emily walked over to the restaurant, they were chatting.

“So, Karen,” Emily said, “Aaron seems to be spending more time with you now. Feeling better?”

“Yes and no,” Karen said, “He has been talking to me more, but sometimes it seems like his mind is elsewhere. I think that he might still be hung up on you.”

“Oh, Christ, I thought I had settled that. John and I are just getting back to a good place; the last thing I need is him messing things up now.”

“Well, let him down gently,” Karen said, “I don’t mind picking up the pieces, but I’d rather they not be shattered!”

Emily and Karen were still laughing over that one as they entered the restaurant.

This time, Emily couldn’t avoid sitting next to Aaron, but he was a perfect gentleman, not making any suggestive remarks or saying anything disparaging about John.

“You are so lucky to have a boyfriend that trusts you so much.”

“I certainly think so. This assignment is such a great opportunity, but I could never have taken it without John’s support.”

Aaron looked a little wistful.

“What is it, Aaron? You look like you’re a thousand miles away.”

“Oh, I was just thinking about my ex...”

“I didn’t know you were involved with anyone.”

“It was long before you came here. I had been working in the Chicago office when I got the opportunity to transfer here; it was about a year before this project started.

“My fiancée wasn’t able to get a position here right away, and I was going to turn this down, but she encouraged me to take it, said it was too good an opportunity to refuse. She was sure that she could re-locate within a year, so I took the job.

“I wasn’t here six months, I went home for a visit and got the “We have to talk” line. She had re-connected with her old boyfriend and was breaking off the engagement, I was crushed.”

Emily put her hand on his arm.

“Oh, that’s so sad; I can only imagine what you’re going through.”

“Th ... Thank you, Emily,” he said, turning his head to hide his smirk. ‘They fall for that one every time, ‘ he thought.

The following week he joined Sally, Karen and Emily for coffee two or three times. Karen looked a little puzzled.

“What’s going on, Emily? I thought you were through with Aaron?”

“What? Oh, this is nothing; we’re just friends. We had a nice chat over dinner Friday night and he’s really a sad soul.”

“I don’t know, Emily, I think he’s still got a thing for you, I’d keep my guard up,” Sally said.

“I wouldn’t worry, John and I are tighter than ever. Besides, I thought that you were setting your sights on him,” she said to Karen.

“I was, believe me, and I thought I was making some progress, but his mind always seemed elsewhere. I swear, half of our conversations seemed to be about you.”

“About me? That’s silly.”

Before they could go any further the break was over and they had to return to work.

Friday, Emily had been hoping to visit John, but someone was sick and she had to fill in at a seminar with Aaron.

“I’m not entirely comfortable with this,” John said.

“Now you’re being silly,” Emily said, “Aaron’s been a perfect gentleman, and he’s really a nice guy. I’d bet you’d like him if you got to know him.”

“If you say so, Honey, but I’ll believe it when I see it!”

Aaron and Emily headed off to the seminar, chatting amiably. Emily barely noticed Aaron’s subtle touches.

Aaron played it cool. He didn’t try to take advantage of their isolation at the seminar, but kept playing his role of the sensitive hurting soul to the hilt.

It didn’t hurt his plans that each night when Emily called John she seemed to get madder and madder at his suspicions.

By the time they left the seminar on Friday, Emily was quietly simmering, and Aaron was mentally rubbing his hands together. Emily turned down his dinner invitation, and returned to her room to find a message from John. Reluctantly she returned the call to find an apologetic John, and her mood lightened considerably. Plans were made for John to come up the following Saturday and she had a light dinner and went to bed early.

During the next week, Emily found herself being drawn closer to Aaron. He just didn’t seem as sleazy as she had originally thought. They had lunch and/or coffee most days. Karen tried to warn Emily off, that Aaron was up to no good, but Emily chalked it up to her jealousy that Aaron wasn’t interested in her.

At the Friday dinner gathering, Emily and Aaron were talking about music, and Emily mentioned a rare Grateful Dead CD that she had, and Aaron asked if he could borrow it to copy it. Emily agreed, and Aaron followed her back to her apartment, thinking that this might be his lucky day.

Unknown to Emily, John decided to surprise her and come up Friday instead of Saturday. He let himself into her apartment, helped himself to a beer and sat down to wait.

There was a bit of a ruckus in the hall, and as John stood up the door opened and Emily came in, looking back at that asshole Aaron.

“Just wait till you hear this, Aaron, you’re going to love...”

She saw the look on Aaron’s face and turned around to see John, his face turning red.

“Hello, Emily,” he said, “I thought I’d surprise you, I guess the surprise is on me.” He started to leave.

“No, John, no, Aaron’s just here to borrow a CD! Tell him Aaron!”

Aaron hesitated.

“Oh ... oh, yeah, a CD, right.”

“Listen, I’ve obviously interrupted something, I’ll just leave, I’ll call you sometime, Emily.”

“No! Don’t you dare leave. Aaron, get the hell out of here before you cause any more trouble.”

Aaron left, giving John a smirk as he walked by, it was all that John could do to keep from slugging him.

Emily closed the door, grabbed John and sat him back down, sitting beside him.

“John, believe me I know how this looks, but honestly Aaron was just coming to borrow that CD of mine. You can ask Karen, she was there at dinner when we were talking about it.”

“That’s all well and good, Emily, but why couldn’t you just bring it into the office?”

“I don’t know, I guess because we were talking about it at dinner and it just seemed easier to get it now rather than try to remember it Monday morning.”

John let out a big sigh.

“I guess that makes a certain amount of sense, I just wish it hadn’t been him, he’s such a sleaze ball.”

“No, you’re wrong, he’s really nice.”

“Yeah, that’s why he smirked at me as he left. He’s playing you, and you just can’t see it.”

“Whatever ... have you had anything to eat?”

“No, I’ve kind of lost my appetite. Let’s just go to bed.”

They were both too spent to do more than cuddle and sleep, but a good night’s sleep left them both feeling better and they spent a relaxing weekend together.

Things were noticeably cooler between Emily and Aaron the next week. She was still angry at his lukewarm support when John confronted them.

Aaron’s ego was too big to admit defeat, but he decided to shift gears a bit and turned his attention back to Karen. Ideally, Emily’s jealously would over-power her mad, worst case, he’d have some fun with Karen until he got tired of her.

With Karen playing up to Aaron, Emily and Sally took more of their breaks alone.

“What’s up with you and Aaron?” asked Sally.

“What do you mean?” Sally said, “I have nothing to do with Aaron. You know I have my boyfriend John back in Boston.”

“Well, you certainly could have fooled me. You two looked like a really hot item.”

“God, were we really that bad? I thought it was just some harmless flirting. No wonder John has been so pissy lately. I thought he was just being jealous.”

“If you were giving off vibrations like we saw here, I wouldn’t blame him!”

Emily was appalled, and called John as soon as she got home.

“Hello?” John answered, not exactly the warm greeting Emily was hoping for.

“John, Honey, I’m so, so sorry.”

John stiffened.

“Just what are you sorry for?” he asked, prepared for the worst.

“I’ve been giving you such a hard time whenever you complained about Aaron, I thought that you were being silly and jealous.”

“So, what changed your mind?”

“I was talking to Sally, and she had apparently been seeing the same things you were feeling. I swear, John, it wasn’t anything conscious on my part. I honestly thought that we were just being friendly, maybe with a little of what I THOUGHT was harmless flirting thrown in. I honestly never meant anything by it, and since last Friday he seems to be spending his time with Karen; all of our contacts have been strictly business.”

“Well, that’s good to hear, and I can’t say that I’m not relieved. Do you think you can get away this weekend? I think I can get some Red Sox tickets.”

“I’m sure I can; it will be good to get away from all these Yankees fans and wear my Sox cap! I’ll let you know if I can get tickets for the Friday train.”

“That’s great, sweetheart, I’ll talk to you later in the week. Love you.”

“Love you, too,” she said and hung up, breathing a sigh of relief.

Friday she left a little early to catch the train to Boston. She wasn’t sure but she thought she saw Aaron frowning. She couldn’t understand why, he seemed to be pretty well hooked up with Karen.

John met her train at South Station and they went to the North End for pizza. After they ate they strolled hand-in-hand just taking in the sights, sounds and smells, then picked up some cannoli and went back to John’s apartment.

They made coffee and put on a silly Rom-Com, but as soon as the coffee and cannoli were gone the movie was soon forgotten as they made out like love-sick teenagers.

Without even turning off the movie they retired to the bedroom where John lovingly removed Emily’s clothes, gently kissing each part of her body as it was revealed to him.

Not even bothering with his own clothes, he gently laid Emily down and began caressing her breasts and suckling on her dark pink puffy nipples until she began to thrash in her need. He quickly kissed down her body until he reached her landing strip, pausing only long enough to breath in her heady aroma, then attacked her vagina as if it were his last meal.

It took all of his strength to hold onto her hips to keep her from bouncing him off the bed as he licked her to two orgasms.

“John ... John,” she gasped, “Please fuck me, fuck me NOW.”

While he was definitely enjoying his current task, he knew where his duty lay, and he pushed his pants and underwear down, freeing his eager cock and plunging it into her soaking pussy.

He fucked her to two more orgasms before coming himself. Exhausted, they both fell asleep where they lay, John still half-dressed.

The morning sun was shining through the window, but that wasn’t what woke up John.

It was Emily’s hot mouth wrapped around his morning wood. He knew he wouldn’t last long, and sure enough, he was soon filling Emily’s mouth with his cum.

Keeping her mouth snug around his cock, Emily slowly pulled off with a big smile. As she opened her mouth to show him how it was filled with cum, she kept smiling as she made a show of swallowing.

John reached for her to kiss her, but she backed away.

“You may not mind kissing me after cumming in my mouth,” she said, “but you, sir, have mega morning breath, and have to brush your teeth! Besides I’ve got to pee.”

As she ran off to the bathroom, John realized that he had to pee like a racehorse and followed her in. Seeing John bouncing from foot to foot Emily spread her legs wide.

“Your aim better be perfect, mister,” she said with a grin.

John was taken aback. Their love life was never boring, but this was a bit kinky even for them. The call of Nature was too strong. Being VERY careful with his aim he let go with his stream into the bowl between her legs. Not daring to shake it off he grabbed some toilet paper to wipe off the tip, then washed his hands as Emily finished up.

While she washed her hands, he wrapped his arms around her and nuzzled her neck.

“Where did that come from?” he asked.

“I don’t really know,” she said, “I saw you standing there, trying to hold it, and I just thought of it. It seemed a little nasty, but in a good way. Don’t get the wrong idea, I’m not interested in ‘water sports’ or anything like that.”

“Don’t worry, not my thing either,” John said, “but I think I owe you breakfast. Are we dining au naturel?”

“Sure, but be careful if you’re making bacon!”

Emily followed John into the kitchen for a bacon-free breakfast, then relaxed until it was time to get ready for the Sox game.

They decided to really get into the spirit and wore their Sox jerseys and caps as they headed to Fenway. Emily was thrilled that John got field box seats, even if it was on the visitors’ side. They enjoyed razzing the other team, wishing they were the Yankees.

It was a great game as they gorged on junk food and beer, sang along with “Sweet Caroline” and cheered as the Sox won with a walk-off homer into the Monster seats.

After making their way through the crowd, they strolled along with their arms around each other, enjoying the beautiful Summer Saturday and walking off some of the ballpark food.

They decided that they were too stuffed to do justice to any sort of fine dining so they just made their way back to John’s apartment, put on some music and snuggled until they started to feel a bit hungry.

John made them grilled cheese, tomato and bacon (now that it was safe) sandwiches, and they had a nice, quiet dinner. As they were finishing, they started giving each other little glances, and as soon as the table was cleared the adjourned to the bedroom.

“Should we shower first?” John asked.

“Why, we’ll probably just need another one later,” Emily replied with a wink.

Quickly undressing they hopped into bed and after some passionate kissing and caressing they moved right into a sixty-nine. This wasn’t really one of their favorite positions; it was hard to concentrate on giving pleasure while in the throes of pleasure, but it had been a while since they had tried it.

Emily came quickly, and even though he hadn’t come yet, John moved her off him and onto her hands and knees while he mounted her doggie style.

Emily’s breasts weren’t huge, they were a good handful, but in doggie they hung down invitingly, and John accepted the invitation, caressing them and gently tweaking her nipples.

They came together, then collapsed on the bed, John lying protectively over Emily until they regained their strength and showered together, while Emily gave John another orgasm.

They slept peacefully and had a sweet love-making session before going out for breakfast. All too soon, it was time to take Emily to the train station.

Just before Emily boarded the train they kissed once more, both of them already counting the days until they could be together again.

When Emily got into the office Monday morning, the manager called a quick staff meeting.

“I want to thank everyone for the extraordinary effort that you all have been putting into this project. Some of you have had to leave family and friends behind for an extended period, even those who are local have been putting in extra time, both for the project itself and to give your teammates time to go home now and then.

“We have an opportunity to send a few of you to a training class next week on the new version of the software. I’m sorry that we can’t send everyone, and it was a hard decision making the selection, but the people who will be going are Aaron, Emily, Sam and Sally.”

There was some moaning and groaning from those who weren’t selected. Karen, in particular, was not pleased that Aaron would be there with Emily.

“I realize that those who aren’t going are disappointed, but I promise that you will get priority in future opportunities and we’ll try to make it up to you in other ways. Are there any questions?”

Hearing none, he sent everyone back to work.

When she called John Monday night with the news, he remembered the tension surrounding the earlier seminar and kept his misgivings to himself.

Aaron seemed to be spending more time with Emily again. At first, she tried to chalk it up to preparing for the class, but then she noticed that he wasn’t spending any more time with Sally or Sam, and was especially ignoring Karen.

Friday night, the four of them plus Karen had dinner and drinks, toasting their good fortune at being selected. Emily was very careful with her drink intake, and was very aware of how Aaron seemed to be neglecting Karen and concentrating his attention on her. Karen was not amused.

Emily excused herself after the second round of drinks and left, much to Aaron’s displeasure.

When she called John, she decided not to alert him to Aaron’s attentions. She was confident that she could handle it, and didn’t want to upset him.

The class was very successful, unfortunately the same couldn’t be said about the evenings after class. Aaron was fairly obvious in his moves on Emily, despite her rejection.

At the farewell dinner Friday night, Emily was a little careless with her drinking, and already had a bit of a buzz when they adjourned to the club for some dancing.

Aaron soon was monopolizing Emily’s dance card, and was making sure her glass was rarely empty. Emily was missing John, and it felt good to hold a warm body close during the slow songs. She was tipsy enough that there were times that she forgot, and thought that she WAS dancing with John.

Aaron was picking up on this and was gradually easing Emily away from their group and towards the elevators, when Sally and Sam caught up with them and pulled them apart. Aaron was angry and Emily was confused. Sam made sure that Aaron stayed put while Sally brought Emily to the room and got her into bed. Emily fell asleep to sweet dreams, with images of John and Aaron floating in and out of her head.

Saturday morning she woke up with a monster hangover. Looking up she saw a pissed off Sally with a glass of water and a bottle of aspirin.

“I should just leave you to your misery after the way you acted last night!” Sally yelled.

“Please, stop shouting, my poor head feels like it’s going to fall off,” Emily said as she swallowed several aspirin.

“That should be the least of your problems.”

“Wh ... What do you mean? What did I do?”

“You mean, BESIDES hanging all over Aaron like a two-bit whore, and being on your way to his room when Sam and I caught up with you?”

“Oh, no, no, please tell me I wasn’t.”

“I would, but then I’d have to lie to you.”

With that, Emily rushed to the bathroom to worship at the porcelain throne (so much for the aspirin!), then hopped under a cold shower. Sally brought her some fresh aspirin and she began to feel halfway human.

“Pull yourself together and get dressed, the guys are waiting downstairs to go to breakfast.”

“God, no,” Emily said, “There’s no way I can eat anything.”

“You have to eat something. Have some dry toast and coffee if nothing else.”

Sally left Emily to her misery, then helped her get dressed and they went down to the restaurant.

Sam and Aaron were there already; if she looked half as bad as Aaron did, she should probably crawl under a rock.

Aaron and Emily managed to struggle through a meager breakfast while trying to avoid the disapproving stares from Sally and Sam.

Sally and Sam wouldn’t sit anywhere near them on the bus, so Aaron and Emily were forced to sit together.

“Oh. My. God,” Emily said, “how am I ever going to be able to face Karen again, never mind John!”

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