The Chief (Fast&dirtyv#4)

by MysteryWriter

Copyright© 2017 by MysteryWriter

Action/Adventure Story: still pretty boring and the sex though necessary to the plot is stilted and not very graphic

Caution: This Action/Adventure Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   .

Dale Rogers the new chief.
Mayor Laura Jamison
Lester Haines Sightly heavy night officer.
Mike Simpson day officer. Gym rat also a short 5’4”
Lucy Kerby chubby young secretary.
Jim Sloan evening officer
Adams the realtor.
Wesley Brown handyman.
Andrew Rice my roof repairman and plumbing repairman
Betty Booth the Sergeant at arms of Happy Valley
Colonel Williams rep for Happy valley
Diane Rogers his ex wife
Sarah Rogers his daughter
Wilson Thomas Daine’s bf
Allison Dempsey lucy’s temp
Raul, andrew rice helper
Juanita Rauls wife
Myra Rauls daughter and Sarah friend.
Randy Reynolds Sarah’s bf
Mallo and Silvers the SBI Agents.
Marty the SBI computer nerd.
Angelo Martinez the pornographer
building 513 main st
Ed Marx and his son Eddie
Gayle Arnold widow on the pier
Jessie smith social security cheat.
Sam Arnold Gayle’s brother in law

“Well Mike, I just don’t know. I sent her an offer by Lester since he informed me her boyfriend wanted her to quit. If she accepts, we will have to change how we do things. If not, I have a few ideas. I can’t talk about them, but we will have a clerk in here,” I said.

“I hope so. It makes our lives a hell of a lot easier. Now that all the other stuff has evened out, life has gotten good. Now it’s more drama again.” Mike said.

“When you deal with people there will be drama,” I explained.

“Yeah, but a freezer full of mom?” Mike asked. He was still trying to process it.

I checked my phone messages and found a text message from Gayle. ‘Wish we could meet for lunch. How about I pick up lunch and meet you at your place.’

“Sorry hon, too dangerous. You can’t disguise your car.’ I wrote back.

A few minutes later I had a reply. ‘You can meet me in a public place. I can wear a disguise. We can pull through a drive in window, then go to your place.’

‘Okay how is noon at the Food Lion on highway 1.’

‘One pm is better.’ she sent in a text message.

‘ok’ I replied.

At quarter to one I said, “I’m going out to lunch. Call me if anything happens that I need to attend to immediately. Otherwise look for me when you see me.”

Gayle’s car was parked at the edge of the asphalt lot. It was where employees of any of the five stores in the shopping center could park. The difference was she was inside the car.

When she exchanged the driver’s seat in her Honda for the passenger seat in my ten year old Ford truck, she had a large purse with her.

I drove to a convenience store for gas while she put her hair up, then pulled on a pair of sunglasses and a floppy hat. Due to her height and her carriage it was obvious that she was a woman, but it was not likely that the Russians had advanced facial recognition at their disposal. Unless we were caught in the act she should be safe.

When I paid for the gas, the woman in my truck could have been anyone. We drove through a chicken restaurant where she ordered a small box of chicken fingers. I ordered a salad with diet dressing.

“You dieting?” she asked.

“Perpetually,” I replied.

“I’m going to remember that,” Gayle said with a laugh.

When we got back to town she slid down in the seat and ducked her head. Odds were good no one saw her at all. In the rear alley of the block in which my residence was one of the two connected two story buildings. There was also one free standing building of three stories in that block. The occupants of the one free standing building, and the only other building in use was a thrift store. With an off street parking lot it now and then hosted a car which pulled into the lot to set up a gypsy yard sale. I hadn’t checked to see whether on not he was legal, and didn’t intend to either.

“Our only problem might be Betty. I have no idea what her plans are for today,” I suggested.

“It’s okay. I like Betty she doesn’t take herself too seriously,” Gayle said. I looked at her with a question in my eyes. “No you don’t need to worry about me and Betty. At least not yet.”

She obviously was enjoying my discomfort. I opened the door to the sound of disco music. As I expected from the music Betty was in gym shorts and a sleeveless white tee shirt. She was in the middle of a combination of shadow boxing and a free style dance work out routine. Presided over by the fitness guru on channel 112.

“Well hello you two. I’ll be through in a minute,” Betty said.

“You are just showing off you beautiful body,” I said.

“I had no way of knowing you were on you way home when I started. By the way I like you hat better than the awful knit cap,” she said to Gayle.

“Sorry, I didn’t bring you anything for lunch,” I said.

“It’s okay I have a couple of those chocolate bran muffins,” Betty said between her exercise routines.

“I never heard of chocolate bran muffins,” Gayle said.

“I bake them from the regular Martha White bran mix. I just add a bunch of shit to the mix,” Betty explained. “Of course they come out looking like cornbread, since Dale here won’t buy a muffin tin.”

“That cornbread thing is all they had at the thrift store next door,” I said.

A few minutes later Betty finished her work out. She carried a glass of milk and a muffin upstairs to take a shower. After she left we moved to the living room and turned on the cable new channel. We were in time for the midday news. It came in on a satellite dish not a cable.

Gayle and I began kissing. She seemed eager to kiss me and I was eager to kiss her. I also quickly got her knit top up and my hand under it. I found that she did not have on a bra. Her breast had no noticeable sag even with two kids. She didn’t give me a chance to comment because she was kissing me continually.

I unbuttoned and lowered the zipper on her Jamaica shorts. Then I inserted my hand inside them. I found it wet and slippery between her open legs. She wasn’t bothered by Betty being in the building. Being a typical man, it didn’t occur to me that I should even consider Betty.

Gayle broke the kiss and gasped for breath. My heart was pounding. I couldn’t stop rubbing her labia and eventually finding my way to her clitoris. I was gently massaging it when I felt her hand on the crotch of my fatigues. Her eyes were closed when she unzipped my pants to free my penis. It was already covered with the thin sperm known as precum.

Gayle gasped as she felt my cock. That added to my attention to her clit seemed to have her in a hypnotic state. “Oh god yes,” she said. I had no idea what she meant, so I touched her opening. I started to work my finger inside her, but she pulled away. We were seated on the sofa so she twisted toward me and off the sofa. She was suddenly on her knees between my legs. I was looking down at the top of her head as she took my cock into her mouth. I became very nervous and just froze in place as she sucked me. It had been a long time since I had any sexual contact with a woman. I despised myself but the image of Sarah was in my head as I closed my eyes. I gave in to the overwhelming feeling connected to Sarah’s image as well as the sensations created by Gayle’s actions...

After only a few moments I pushed her off and stood. I pulled her up and turned her around with her rear to me. I pulled her shorts and panties down and then my fatigue pants. I bent her over the arm of the sofa and pressed myself against her bottom. My cock entered her only slightly tight pussy. I couldn’t help it, I thought of her in the most coarse graphic terms. That was even before she moan “fuck me.”

I drove into her several times before I felt the urgency to cum. I tried to slow it all down, but I couldn’t. I shot a huge amount of thick hot cum into her. She whimpered and her pussy clinched around my cock.

“I’m sorry that was so quick,” I said.

“Don’t be, I had a huge orgasm that went on so long. Couldn’t you feel it?” she asked.

“I though so, but I wasn’t sure,” I said.

“God can I take a shower?” she asked.

“Of course you can,” I said leading her more naked than dress body up the stairs.

“I loved it,” she said kissing me before she pushed me out of the bathroom, then closed the door.

Ten minutes later she came out with her brown hair soaking wet. She kissed me as I reached for her. It was a long passionate kiss. “I have to go, but I don’t want to go. I have my youngest to pick up from school. He has a music lesson this afternoon. My oldest son is a Senior in high school.”

“Wow that must be quite a handful,” I said.

“Yes that’s why I am lucky I can pick my work hours,” she said.

“Oh what do you do?” I asked.

“I keep the books for my husband’s family business. Well there is only my brother in law Sam to run it now. He would probably fire me if I charged him. Since I own my husband’s share of the business his dad started. When my husband died made an arrangement. Anyway that’s why I could get away for an afternoon delight,” she said.

“Well it certainly was that. Come on let’s sneak you out,” I said.

“Hell no, I want to say goodbye to Betty,” she said to me with a wicked grin.

I delivered Gayle to her car after conversation with Betty behind closed doors. I immediately returned to the office.

I never mention to Gayle her private conversation with Betty. She of course didn’t mention it either. I didn’t know what to think. I had a feeling Betty would enjoy telling me about the conversation first chance she got.

A text message was waiting for me when I arrived at the office. ‘Thank you so much for lunch.’ Was all it said.

‘No thank you.’ I replied.

It took me almost and hour to get back into work mode. I read Mike’s version of the events surrounding the Smith woman and Mr. Houston. It didn’t quite ring true to me. The old man sent us to Jessie Smith’s home to talk to Daisy May Smith. However according to Jessie, Mr Houston knew she wasn’t living in the home at the time.

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