by Katie McN

Copyright© 2002 by Katie McN

Erotica Sex Story: Movie executives take advantage of hungry new wannabe actors. This is a story written for the Write Club contest against Paladin. I only had three hours to write it and I wanted it to be something that would fit in with the type of story I knew he would write.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Coercion   CrossDressing   Fiction   .

“Take off all your clothes.”

Even though I’ve seen Helen repeat this scene hundreds of times, I still marvel at her ability to make people do anything she tells them.

Yes, anything she tells them.

Why just today she had three sexy looking guys in the office and not one of them was over 21. They knew only one of them was going to get a chance to test for a juicy supporting role in a major Hollywood studio film. And the other two? They get to go back to being waiters, bar tenders, parking lot attendants or whatever. Sure they’re hungry and sure they have a lot riding on this meeting. These are the kind of guys who are willing to do anything to get a break and they’ve come to the right place.

“Come on, Joe. It’s my way or the freeway, darlin’. The clothes start coming off right now or you can just leave the room. It’s up to you, baby, but you better decide now.”

Somehow she can always detect the shy one. The guy who will turn bright red when he’s told to take off his clothes in room full of strangers. She did it again. Joe looked confused and apprehensive as the blush spread over his face and down his neck. There were beads of sweat forming on his forehead as he tried to decide what he should do. Of course everyone in the room knew what his decision would be.

“Great, Joe. Get the shirt off and let’s see what your chest looks like.”

She didn’t disguise her lust as she watched him take off one piece of clothing after another. She savored his body as each item was removed and let a little time pass after a garment came off just to raise his hopes that maybe he wouldn’t have to take everything off. Off course that was only illusion and soon he was standing completely naked in front of us all. His clothes were far out of reach by then.

“Joan, check out this great ass.”

Her hands were already examining the merchandize as they moved up and down his butt cheeks. She let a finger trail into the crack between those firm little globes and made room for me when I decided to see for myself just how nice his body might be.

We took our time and examined all the interesting parts. It didn’t take long before his cock started to rise with a mind all its own. He tried to hide his embarrassment, but Helen just slapped his hand away and told him to stand still and let us play. And play we did.

Our hands wandered over the contours of his chest. Fingers squeezed his tiny nipples until they looked like miniature erections. We fondled his ass, thighs, back, neck and every sensitive place on his body. We squeezed his balls and stroked his cock. His body was a tasty buffet most middle aged women can only dream about, but Helen and I were there to feast.

“See Joe. That wasn’t so hard was it. Well, maybe I should have used some other word. You actually do seem to be quite hard.” She was holding his cock and gave it a little jerk when she said the word hard.

“Rudy come here. I need you to help out.”

The tent in the front of Rudy’s pants seemed to indicate he liked watching Joe get molested a bit more than a guy really should. I was sure Helen noticed this, too. I knew she would be taking advantage of the situation.

She made Rudy strip off and then explained the role called for a scene where the character had to be in drag. When Helen handed Rudy a makeup kit and told him to see what he could do about making Joe look like a woman, I thought Rudy would come all over himself as he hurried to begin. It was paint and powder, eyelashes and lipstick, foundation and eye shadow. It was a handsome boy changed to cute little girl. Rudy must have done this before.

Helen never took her eyes off Rudy and Joe, but somehow found her way over to where Lance was standing and started leisurely taking off his clothes. He seemed uncomfortable, but what could he do. The other boys were already nude and doing what they were told. He submitted to Helen as she stripped off his tiny briefs and stood there at the rigid position of attention.

“Joan, why don’t you sit at your desk. I think Lance has a nice surprise for you.”

She eased him under my desk where he found that I seldom wear panties. It made it easy for him to get his tongue into my dripping pussy. Helen told him not to stop eating me until I said I was finished. He didn’t know it, but he had a long way to go.

Joe balked when Helen told him to put on the blonde wig. “Joey, you’ve come this far so why not take those last little steps.” While he put on the wig, she found some underwear in the desk and brought the frilly little pieces over to him.

She finally convinced him to put on the black padded bra that seemed to give him some real cleavage. The matching garter belt and black seamed nylons looked obscene with his throbbing member sticking out like a flag pole. He had trouble walking in the four inch patent leather high heels, but Rudy didn’t seem to mind. No, not at all.

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