A Sister Scorned

by Mystic47

Copyright© 2017 by Mystic47

Fiction Sex Story: The 22 year old sister discovered her boyfriend had another girl, she asked her brother to help her get revenge.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Revenge   Incest   Brother   Sister   Cream Pie   Oral Sex   .

“I want you to fuck me” my sister announced as she draped her jacket on a chair.


She looked at me, a small frown across her forehead, “Screw me. Let’s go to bed so you can get off in me.”

I heard her but was a little slow on the uptake. I looked at my 22 year old sibling and asked her “What the hell are you talking about? You want me to take you to bed?”

Gayle had marched into my apartment without knocking and made her sudden announcement, it was the first thing she said when she came in. “Yeah, Rick has been fucking around on me so I’m going to give him one hell of a surprise tonight.”

I’m three years older than my sister and during the time we were growing up I never had intimate thoughts about her. I mean, I liked looking at her hot little bod while she matured through her teens but I never seriously fantasized about screwing her. Once in a while I did envy her dates but not to the point I would want to get her alone and naked. I was wary “Alright Gayle, what’s going on, is this some kind of weird fucking reality TV joke?”

She moved to my sofa and sat down, crossing her shapely legs which caused her skirt to cross her thighs far above her knees. “Rick has another girlfriend. I’ve been dating him for eight months now and I just found out that he’s been messing around with Dixie, you remember her? She flirted with you for a long time but you ignored her.”

I glanced at her legs then into her gray eyes, “Dixie? He’s banging that fake blonde twit? Jesus, Gayle, I’m sorry. What are you going to do? You want a beer?”

She looked up at me sharply, an angry edge to her voice “No, I don’t want a beer. I want you to get your dick up then screw me. I’ve been sucking his cock after it’s been in that slut, now it’s his turn. When Rick goes down on me tonight he’ll be licking up some other guy. After he does, I’m going to tell him what he just tasted; that son-of-a-bitch won’t ever touch me again!”

“Hey -- backup, maybe you haven’t noticed but we have the same parents listed on our birth certificates, that would make me your brother; I shouldn’t be the one you want revenge with.”

She stood up again and came close to me, looking up into my face, her hot tempered words grated on my ears “I don’t have time to find someone else, I’m supposed to meet Rick in about an hour and you’re the only sperm donor I can think of on short notice; think of this a big favor for your little sister, I’m sure you owe me one or two.” She grabbed my arm and towed me out of the front room toward my bedroom.

Gayle stopped beside the bed then reached under her skirt to pull her brief cotton panties down and let them fall off her legs. She stepped out of them then started opening the front of my pants. I was stunned by what she was doing but the objective of her payback was beginning to react to her boldness and behavior. I imagined her uncloaked pussy under the skirt and began to rise from the dead.

Once my fly was open she pushed my pants and underwear down to my ankles. She backed up to my bed and flopped down to her back, her legs bent at the knees, hanging over the edge of the mattress. Gayle pulled her skirt up, giving me full access to her body. My cock had solidified enough to be useful so I stepped between her legs “Are you sure about this?”

“Dammit Jake, does every girl you know have to beg to get laid?”

“Not every girl I know is my sweet innocent sister” I answered sarcastically.

“Well get over it, I just need you to fill me up, you don’t have to enjoy it.”

I looked at the soft cloud of black curls that covered the top of her slit. Her pubic hair was trimmed to enough to stay hidden behind the briefest of panties. My cock surged with lust and began to throb, pointing at the new adventure spread out on the bed in front of it. It was quickly becoming irrelevant that the open legs before me belonged to my closest female relative.

I stepped between her thighs and put the end of my erection on her cunt lips. Gayle flexed her hips, rubbing her sex on the end of my cock. We were both dry so I licked the palm of my hand then smeared my erection with the saliva, I pressed my palm against her crack and lubed her up too. Gayle reached for her revenge and pulled it to her; she rubbed the heavy arrowed head on her slit until the end slipped in, when she moved her hand I pushed deeper between her thighs.

She looked up at with me with indecipherable eyes. As I began to thrust in and out of her she said “This is something I never even imagined I’d be doing.” I could feel her warming, getting slicker as I slid through the opening of her body.

“What are you going to do with Rick?” I asked, trying hard not to enjoy myself.

“He’ll want to go down on me, says he likes my flavor. After he eats me out I’m going to show him the stain in my panties and tell him that he just got a mouthful of somebody else.”

“You gonna tell him it’s me?”

Gayle looked at me with softer eyes, rocked her hips and spread her legs wider “Hell no, it would be risky to let him know he forced me into incest, he’d probably tweet that all over the fucking world.”

I could feel the pressure in my balls building. The longer I humped her, the looser she got, the better she felt. “What are you going to do after you tell him what you did?”

“Dump his cheating ass.” She lifted her legs and wrapped them around my waist, pulling me closer with them. I could feel the hard heels of her shoes denting my back. For an instant I saw pleasure flicker across her face. I was beginning to think I should stop, get her naked and fuck her right but that wasn’t what she was after. I closed my eyes, relaxed my mind and focused only on my cock slipping in and out of the soft warm body. It wasn’t another 30 seconds before my balls clenched tight and started injecting Gayle with long surges of cum. I stabbed her cunt until I was completely drained then pulled my still stiff cock out of her.

“Fuck me Jake, how long has it been since you got any?”

“Few weeks, why?”

“Because you just gave me more than I bargained for, I think you just pumped a quart of junk into me. It’s a good thing I’m on the pill otherwise I could drop a litter.”

I stood back from my prostrate sister and offered a hand to help her up. She grabbed her panties off the floor and slipped them back up under her skirt while I watched. My prick refused to give up its life as an erection so when Gayle was done putting herself together she reached for my hard-on and stroked it. “Even though I shouldn’t have, I kind of enjoyed this” she dropped my cock and walked out of the bedroom. I pulled up my Levis.

Gayle primped her hair and makeup in the bathroom then when she picked up her jacket to leave she came to me and gave me a quick hug. Her eyes were sparkling with mirth “I can’t let you have sex without a kiss.” She pressed her soft warm lips against mine for a second then pulled back and continued “You really did a good job, I’m sticky as hell down there.” After she was gone I could only wonder at the suddenness of our incestuous encounter.

It was dark when she came back; the door was locked so she had to knock. I peered through the peep hole at the distorted form of her pretty face; even through the fisheye lens she looked stressed, I opened the door to let her in. Gayle came in quietly and parked herself on a stool at my kitchen island “I want a drink; probably more than one.”

“How did it go?” I wanted to know.

“I’m all fucked up. I liked him a lot and even though he dicked me over I don’t like the feeling of breaking up.” A single tear fell, soon followed by a torrent. It looked like she had been crying before she got to my apartment and now she was at it again.

“What do you want?”

She blew her nose on a dish towel, “I don’t care; I just want to get drunk.”

I poured us a Jack on ice and handed her one. Gayle lifted the glass to her lips and chugged the amber fluid, she caught her breath then coughed hard, her face burning red. After she could breathe again she handed me the glass “Another” she wheezed.

I felt sorry for my sister but it wasn’t the first time she broke up with some guy. I knew from past experience that she would get over him soon enough. I was curious about what she had done with her panties full of my cum but I didn’t think I should bring it up.

I didn’t have to wait long for her to tell me. Gayle sat in the kitchen and sipped a second round of whiskey while she related her story “He got to my place just after I got back. He wanted to take me to dinner but I told him I wanted to fuck before we left so we went straight to bed. I undressed myself so he wouldn’t see the mess in my underwear then laid on the bed. Rick likes oral sex so he went down on me and licked me from ass to clit. He commented on how wet I was and I told him it was because he got me so hot.”

She paused; her face blushed red, guarded eyes looked at me “I got off. He made me climax and it was the weirdest feeling, all I could think of was your prick inside me. I was self conscience as hell knowing he was sucking up your cum but thinking that really got me hot.” After her guilty confession she stated with finality “When it was over I didn’t let him screw me.”

I studied the tear tracks on her cheeks while she paused for a deep breath, “Anyway, after I got off the bed I told him I knew about Dixie and to get out of my life. He tried to say something about me not wanting him to leave because of what we just did; that’s when I told him that I had fucked somebody else and he had slurped up the mess. He he didn’t believe me so I had to get my panties and show him the stains. I never saw him so mad. He called me a slut 18 different ways then stormed out. I thought he was going to hit me but he didn’t.”

Her breasts rose and fell on the tide of a heavy sigh “And now I don’t have a boyfriend.”

I sat back in my chair and studied my little sister. That she could do something so skanky to someone who wronged her never entered my mind, this was a side of her I’d never seen “What are you going to do now?”

“Have another drink and watch TV.” She got off the chair and went to my front room and plopped down on the sofa, stretched across the cushions. As the evening turned to night we settled in and got comfortable with a movie. I watched her. I watched and thought. The longer she lay on my sofa the more I thought I’d want to take her to bed again. Without clothes.

It was close to midnight when the hero rescued the girl and they went on vacation together, Gayle had been sipping booze the entire time and when she stood she had to put a hand on my shoulder to keep from tipping to her left “I have to go.”

“You can’t drive Sis, you might get busted or even bust up your car. Stay here; I’ll get you some blankets, you can sleep on the couch.”

She didn’t argue “Okay; I don’t want to go home anyway, I need to hear snoring tonight”

“I don’t snore.”

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