As Life

by Jax_Teller

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Sex Story: The story of how an accident changed a Mans' life and perspective.

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As life works out some times we end in situations we never thought would happen to us.

To begin with I am fifty years old and had a motorcycle accident two years ago that left me with a lot of serious injuries. On a good day I am able to sit up on my own, and with the modifications to my bed I am able to sit at the edge of my bed. I have been receiving training - therapy to transfer from bed to my wheel chair. It has been a long road from the months of not being able to do anything by myself, to being able to do the most basic of things. Who knew one could miss being able to urinate with out assistance.

So, a long road of recovery from an accident that really should have killed me. Months of in and out of morphine induced nightmares, to being able to speak again, to being able to control an electric wheelchair, to being able to sit on my own. This had been that last two years of my life, watching folks take care of me, and accepting my life. Before the accident I wasn’t a sex machine, but I got laid a few times or more a month on average, and never left a partner unsatisfied. Life had been better than I realized before the accident, not that I wasn’t satisfied, but I really didn’t realize how good it was.

Riding a motorcycle to events and having a relatively uncomplicated life was what I enjoyed. I was free to come and go as I liked, I didn’t need to work to support my existence. All that changed when a delivery truck driver ran me over, claiming to have not seen me. The company settled out of court and would pay for all my recovery expenses. So financially I was still good, but now I would never ride again, I would never live independently again. My free living style of life was replaced with medications, therapy, and learning how to operate my life with very limited physical independence.

So yesterday was my fiftieth birthday and the care takers had setup a diner at a local restaurant as part of my training and recovery, to go out to a social event. I had only been out to medical appointments and mostly shuttled, until recently when I was provided with a van equip for my wheelchair, and I was trained to use. The physical therapist who had been working with me told me she was going to ride along with me, that I would be in complete control. We went to the restaurant and there were a couple of my friends and some of the folks who cared for me.

We all ate and had a good time enjoying being out of my assisted living apartment. I was still very self conscious of myself in a wheel chair and still needing assistance to get my food from the buffet. The restaurant offered a server to carry my tray for me which I found helpful. The staff gathered around and sang happy birthday to me and it was a good time. As we left the restaurant the physical therapist Diane got into the passenger seat after I had maneuvered my chair into the drivers position. As she bent and turned to get into her seat, her blouse slid open exposing her bare breasts for a second as she got in her seat.

It was just a glimpse of her breasts and I felt my cock twitch. She was a thirty something medical professional who always wore very form fitting clothing when she worked with me. I noticed her perfume from time to time as she worked closely with me and I found her attractive, pleasing to the eye. Contact with the females who took care of me was all the contact I had with females for two years now. Tonight going out to diner she was not per say working and didn’t have her usual tight fitting clothing on. As I drove home I couldn’t help but think back on the times her body had brushed mine as she worked with me and the fresh image of her breasts.

It dawned on me she was being very interactive and social, not so goals orientated or professional like normal. It was nearing eight pm when we got back to the independent living apartment I lived in now. She followed me up to my apartment and I thought she would just leave as I was now capable of this level of independence. She entered my apartment with me and I asked her if she would like something to drink. It was a first for me in some time, that I was able to offer hospitality or be of social service to another.

To my pleasant surprise she said sure she’d like a soda, and I retrieved one from the refrigerator. She sat on the couch and We began to talk as two people do. We had talked many times of the last year or so as she worked with me, but this was different in that she wasn’t working. She wasn’t taking care of me, we were just interacting like two independent normal humans. I was enjoying her company so much, and noticing that she was responsive, and had made herself comfortable on the couch.

Diane and I had talked for over an hour when the conversation turned sexual. I don’t remember how but we were talking about sexual exploits and I shifted in my wheelchair to alleviate a soreness from being in one position so long. Diane said she was sorry if the sex talk was making me uncomfortable. I said not at all, that it was a part of my life before the accident that I miss the most. Diana asked if minded a personal question and I said shoot. She asked if my penis worked, and I told her I got erections, but had not had opportunity for anything else since the accident.

I asked her if she minded a confession, and she said not all. I told her about seeing her breasts earlier and feeling my cock stir. She said really with a bit of a squeal of excitement in her voice. I said why yes you are very beautiful, and have a nice rack. She asked if I wanted to see them as she grabbed them over her blouse and fiddled with them. I said I would love to see them, as she undid the buttons on the blouse and then pulled it off, leaving her topless. She grabbed them and wiggled them about and pinched her nipples as she pulled them and then released them.

Diane asked if I was getting hard looking at my lap, and I said yeah. She said well how about we go to the bed room and get more comfortable. I hit the switch on the wheel chair and rolled into the bedroom at warp speed. Diane followed me in as she had done many times before but this time topless and as I transferred to the bed, she took her skirt off. I was so surprised to see she had no panties on I almost forgot to get my own clothes off. She came over and helped me out of my clothes. As my underwear came off she said under her breath it really is that big. I looked at her and she realized I heard her, and I said what’s that.

Diane told me that one of the newer PCA’s had told her that after she had washed me one day she wondered about the size of a penis in older men. It occurred to me that these two women had been talking about my penis. I wasn’t much more than average in length, but was larger in girth than most men. Diane took my cock in her hand and stroked it a few times almost examining it, and then slid her mouth over the head. I wondered which one of the PCA’s had asked the question. Diane sucked my cock and played with my balls and I admired her oral skills as she seemed to really enjoying herself. I’d never encountered a women who actually got excited giving oral.

Diane slid her mouth off my cock and asked if I liked it, if I could feel it. I said oh yeah I can feel that and that she was a very talented cock sucker. She stood up and moved the handle bar that I use to sit up with when laying down and got up on my lap, straddling my cock. She kissed me and pulled my hands to her breasts, squeezing them with my hands before letting go. I was amazed at the hotness of her skin and her scent, not quiet perfumed but definitely intoxicating.

Diane reached between us grabbing a hold of my cock and guiding it up into her pussy. As she held my cock up rubbing it into the entrance of her pussy I was amazed at how wet she was. A few circular motions and a she thrust herself down on my cock. At first she only took maybe an inch into her, and it seemed like with each subsequent thrust down she took a little bit more of me into her. It took her a few minutes to get all of my cock inside her and when she did, she let out a groan and said oh my god. Diane started rocking back and forth and then up and down fucking herself on my cock.

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