A Naughty Easter Tale

by mysteria27

Copyright© 2017 by mysteria27

BDSM Sex Story: Master and Mistress get their slaves together for their Easter Extravaganza party.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   DomSub   MaleDom   FemaleDom   Spanking   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Oral Sex   .

Mistress Rebecca and Master Dan were having their Easter Extravaganza tomorrow. They have had two of these parties in the past. It was always a fun holiday for them and their slaves to enjoy.

Now you must be thinking why would a Mistress and a Master be a couple? They’re both dominant people. Nobody in the relationship wants to be a switch. They both have their slaves to play with.

Mistress Rebecca was having three of her best slaves come for the extravaganza. Master Dan had three of his best sluts coming too. The slaves have never met the other slaves. Mistress Rebecca didn’t want the slaves fucking around together. They were just to pleasure both Mistress and Master.

Both Mistress and Master were thinking of fun activities for the big day. Some of the activities would be a naked egg and spoon race, naked egg coloring and Easter egg hunt, pin the tail on the bunny, glory hole fun, breast hole fun, who has the biggest dick, who has the wettest pussy. These games usually were fun for the slaves.

“Follow me boys. You’re all getting waxed. You know how Mistress likes smooth boys to play with.”

Her sluts followed behind her. Mistress had three wax specialists to wax her slaves. They all got on the tables and the operators started to remove their hair. Mistress applied her lipstick while her slaves were getting beautified. She found pleasure seeing her boy toys get cleaned up for her pleasure.

Master brought his sluts into the same room. The other side of the room was set up for the ladies. The sluts got themselves on the tables and they had their legs and privates waxed. Mistress and Master watched while all the slaves were getting ready for them.

“Why don’t I give you some head. I’m so hungry for some cock,” Mistress announced.

“Only if you want to my love. We have all our sluts to service us tonight.”

“I feel like pleasuring my boyfriend.”

“Sure, let’s go in the other room. We wouldn’t want to get too kinky with the waxing staff here.”

Mistress giggled and her and Master went into the kitchen. Mistress unbuckled Master’s belt and pulled down his pants.

“Your cock looks scrumptious as ever,” Mistress said.

“I know with all the sluts here, I’m hard as a bat. I just love when they’re here. I bet you feel the same with your sluts.”

“I do. It gets me very horny. For now, I want to pleasure you. They will be busy for a little while.”

Mistress opened her mouth and brought Masters’ cock into her mouth. She held his smooth balls while she stuffed her mouth with his big cock. She made all kinds of sucking and slurping noises while Master pumped her mouth with his big cock. He picked up the pace and fucked her mouth good. She gazed into his eyes while enjoying his dick.

Master moaned while Mistress picked up the pace. Master blew a load down her throat. She stood up and gave Master a kiss. They shared a passionate kiss. Master could taste his cum on her breath.

“Hop up onto the counter. I’m a bit hungry. A nice taste of your cunt will do the trick,” Master suggested.

Mistress took off her dress and sat down on the counter. Master got between her legs and licked the insides of her legs. He placed a kiss on the center of her pussy. He licked and loved her bald pussy. Mistress played with her breasts while Master continued to pleasure her with his tongue. He moved his tongue all over her pink folds and spent extra time on her hidden clitoris. He sucked on her clitoris which drove Mistress crazy. She was pulling on her nipples. Master was playing with his cock which didn’t take very long to get hard again.

“Fuck me! I want that big juicy cock inside of me,” Mistress screamed.

Mistress hoped off the counter and bent over one of the chairs in the kitchen. Master got behind her and pushed his cock into her tight box. Mistress moaned while Master began fucking her. He pushed into her wet pussy and pulled out and continued fucking her until she screamed in orgasm. Master was thrusting in and out harder and faster then blasted her cunt with his come. He pulled out and kissed her hard on her mouth.

“That was fabulous. I think we both are really pumped up,” Mistress announced.

“Absolutely. Will both enjoy our sluts by ourselves and see each other tomorrow when the Easter fun will start.”


Master and Mistress got dressed and went into the other room to check on their sluts. They were all finished. The female sluts were talking among themselves and the male sluts were talking to themselves.

Master examined his sluts and then took them to his playroom. Mistress examined her sluts and took them to her bedroom.

“Look at my sluts. You all look scrumptious. Mistress has a real treat for you. Master came in my pussy. Why don’t you all clean me up.”

She noticed Brian rolling his eyes. Her other slaves helped her out of her dress and were like her lap dogs. Brian didn’t seem to like her command.

“It seems not everybody is so happy to do my request. Perhaps, a few spanks on your buttocks will remind you who is in charge. Brian get on your hands and knees. I shall give you your punishment.”

Brian assumed the position on the bed. Mistress went into her closet and retrieved her paddle. She walked over to the bed and hit his buttocks five times. She hit him hard because she wanted him to know she was angry.

Mistress didn’t think the first five paddles would do the trick. She continued to give him more pain. Brian seemed to like when Mistress was mad at him. He was her slave that needed pain more than the other’s.

“I’m sorry I disobeyed,” Brian said.

“You can do as I suggested now. Help the other’s clean my pussy. It’s a drippy mess from Master.”


Mistress went to the bed and spread her long legs. Her slaves took turns licking her creamy pussy. They drank his cum and continued to pleasure her. She was moaning while they licked her clean.

Mistress noticed they were all hard. She was incredibly horny and thought she’d liked to have a cock in all her holes. Mistress was ready for some hot fun.

“I want to be with all of you next. Brian can have his cock sucked. I want Bobby inside of my cunt and Brad inside of my asshole. Come on boys! Pleasure your mistress.”

Bobby got onto the bed. Mistress eased down on his cock. She rocked and moved on his hard cock. She enjoyed his large cock.

“Sit up and suck on my breast. I just love that,” Mistress commanded.

Bobby sat up and put her breast into her mouth while caressing the other one. He changed to the other side while playing with her other breast. Brad squeezed lube onto his cock and her asshole and carefully got inside of her asshole. Mistress moaned while he entered her asshole. She was enjoying all the fun. Brian came over to the bed and Mistress opened her mouth. She sucked on his large rod. She was enjoying their cocks in her ass, pussy and mouth.

This was a real treat for her sluts. She normally would fuck them with her strap-on and they would never get to fuck her pussy. Since it was a holiday, she wanted to be totally pleasured.

“I want you to all come now! Come for your mistress!”

With that Bobby blasted her pussy with his cum. Brad blasted her asshole with his cum and Brian came down her throat. Mistress was pleased. Mistress fell on the bed and her slaves licked her ass and pussy clean.

“You boys best go to bed. You’ll need your strength for tomorrow’s festivities. If I come in here and find you awake, I’ll give you enough spankings to make your head spin.”

The men giggled and got into the bed. Mistress would join them later after she checked on Master and his sluts.

Mistress went down into the dungeon and saw that his sluts all had red asses which meant he had spanked all their naughty behinds. The ladies were on his bed on their hands and knees while Master went down the line fucking their pussies. He heard them all begging him to fuck them harder. He fucked one girl and then moved to the next one and finished off with the last one.

Mistress continued to watch. Master then stood and each of his sluts gave him head. They were all blonde beauties with big breasts. Master loved to play with his sexy nymphs who begged for him to cum down their throats. He always chose his best slut who was the most obedient and would come down her throat. Bambi was the lucky slut who would get Master’s cum.

Brenda and Belinda licked Master asshole. That seemed to make Master happy. He liked to be fully serviced.

“Ladies, get into bed if you sexy nymphs aren’t sleeping when I get back, Master will spank you senseless.”

All the girls got into bed and hurried to fall asleep. They didn’t need master getting mad.

Master walked to where Rebecca was standing.

“How was your evening? I take it your slaves pleasured you?”

“I let them fuck me in every hole. I thought I’d allow them to do that.”

“How interesting. Just as long as you enjoyed yourself.”

“I did? How about you?”

“I just spanked their pretty asses and used nipple clamps on their breasts. I fucked them and they sucked me off. It was lovely my dear.”

Both Master and Mistress told each other of their nights. She passionately kissed him.

“You better go Rebecca. Enjoy your slaves tonight. I’ll see you in the morning. When we start the festivities.”

“Okay. See you tomorrow.”

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