Audra Meets an Older Man

by mysteria27

Copyright© 2017 by mysteria27

Erotica Sex Story: Two friends go out together.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Oral Sex   Big Breasts   .

Last night, my girlfriend and I went out. We went to our usual bar that we liked. We drank and had a great time, but didn’t really meet up with any guys. We still had a great time though.

My friend likes to go home with strange men. She lives alone and likes for somebody to pay her attention sometimes. She was between men and didn’t really have anybody to call to sleep with her. I guess you could say she was on the prowl.

I wasn’t having the greatest time. She was already tipsy and I knew that she was just wanting to find somebody to fuck for the night. She wasn’t really interested in hanging out with me. She was basically looking for somebody to buy her drinks and take her home.

Usually, when I went out with her, she’d meet the guys and they would have a friend for me. We always did what she wanted to do. She’d make me have sex with guys I didn’t really want to have sex with. All because she liked their friends.

She was really my only friend left who wasn’t married. Most of my other friends, all married their boyfriends from high school or they left and went to travel the world. I was stuck with going out with Debbie. If I wanted to meet guys, this was the only way I could do it.

We left the bar and went to the new bar. The next bar was filled with men. My friend and I were just about the only female patrons there. Debbie was flirting with everybody. Rounds and rounds of drinks were being bought. She was already feeling good. She was dancing with different men and having the time of her life. She of course, left me alone by the bar.

I was shy and more reserved. I was the designated driver. I couldn’t be smashed. The men were all enjoying her. She was making out with so many different people. They were touching her all over her body. She was loving the attention. I hoped she knew what she was doing. I was uncomfortable and a feeling a bit lonely. I’m just not as outgoing as she was.

I noticed my friend was flirting with some guy. I wondered if she planned on having sex with him. The guy was all over her. She was laughing and slow dancing with him very close. His hands were grabbing her on her buttocks. She loved all the attention. He kissed her passionately while his hands continued to roam all over her.

I was feeling uncomfortable. The band was playing and it was very loud. I noticed an older gentleman walking towards me. He was smiling and sat down next to me. He was much older than me. He was dressed nice and very attractive for a more mature man.

“The bar was a bit slow before you girls came in.”


“Your friend looks like a lot of fun. She’s a bit wild. She’s a really good dancer.”

“She does like to have fun.”

“I like the more reserved girls. The quieter ones like yourself. My name is Tim. Who might you be?”

“Audra. My name is Audra.”

“What a lovely name. May I buy you a drink?”


“What would you like?”

“Malibu and Pineapple would be lovely.”

“Jake, get the lady a Malibu and pineapple.”


The bartender brought the drinks to the bar. Tim made a toast and we clinked glasses. He seemed nice. He told all kinds of jokes and made me feel comfortable. He was very nice and I felt safe around him. I didn’t think he wanted anything from me. He must have been around sixty. He wasn’t wearing a wedding ring.

“How does a wild girl be friends with somebody so sweet and quiet?”

“Maybe I’m not so sweet. Maybe, I’m more wild than her.”

“Really? I’d sure like to find that out. I have heard about quiet girls.”

“What have you heard?”

“That the quiet ones are even naughtier than the wild ones. Is that the case with you dear?”

I just looked and him and laughed. He was now checking me out. I was wearing jeans and a sweater. He could tell that I had a big chest. His eyes were enjoying my cleavage. I felt all warm and fuzzy while he was checking me out. I had never been with an older man. I imagined he’d be very experienced in bed.

Debbie and her new friend were all over each other. She was practically fucking him right in the bar. He moved her sweater down and was playing with her breasts. I wondered if she’d fuck him right in his chair. I couldn’t believe she was making such a spectacle of herself.

Eventually, he pulled up her sweater and they walked over to where Tim and I were sitting. She now appeared to be much drunker than she was before.

“Audra, I’m leaving. Dan is going to take me home. Will you be okay?”

“I’m fine. I’ll call you tomorrow.”

Tim moved closer to my chair. He placed a soft kiss on my neck. He nibbled on my earlobe and whispered into my ear.

“Let’s find out if you’re a wild girl. I have a hotel around the corner.”

I wasn’t sure what to do. I did know that I didn’t want to be alone. I’m always the girl who is alone and never has a date. Debbie was the one that all the guys always wanted.

I wanted to be the girl that somebody lusted after. I didn’t care that he was old enough to be my grandfather. I wondered if he would be a good lover. I wondered if he’d be a tiger in bed. He had to have a ton of experience.

“Sure, I’d love to go with you.”

“Great. We will take a cab to my hotel. You can get your car tomorrow. Shall we?”

Tim and I walked outside. He called a cab to come and get us. It was just a quick drive to his hotel. I followed him into the hotel. We took an elevator up to his room. I was a little nervous. I had never been with an older man before. I wondered how he’d be in bed.

Tim opened the door and we walked into his room. It was just a typical room with a king size bed. It wasn’t a terribly big room. It just had a television and some drawers. It wasn’t a suite or anything like that.

“I must say, you’re a very pretty girl. I think you’re much prettier than your friend. You have a very sexy and very curvy body.”

“Really? I’ve always thought Debbie was much prettier. She always gets whatever guy she wants.”

“I think you’re much sexier than her. I like that you’re quiet and not so showy. I bet you’re a lot of fun in bed. I really want to taste you. I want to pleasure you like you’ve never been pleasured before.”

“That sounds amazing! I’d love that.”

Tim came over to me and held me. He put his lips down on mine and kissed me passionately. Our tongues danced in each other’s mouth. He was surprisingly the same size as me. Kissing him was perfect, because he was as tall as me. Nobody had to bend down or anything like that.

He helped removed my sweater and unhooked my bra.

“Wow! You have amazing breasts. They’re so full and firm. I’m a breast guy so this pleases me.”

“Glad you like them!”

“Honey, I like you. You’re so sexy.”

I liked that he thought I was sexy. Most guys my age never said those kinds of things to me. They just wanted to get into my pants. He was making me feel so good. Even though he was thirty-seven years older than me, I was really turned on.

“Let’s go over to the bed. I really want to play with your breasts. They’re so amazing. God, honey you’re so hot.”

“Really? You think I’m hot.”

“You’re so sexy, baby. I’d love to give you a massage. Would you like that?”

“Yes. I’d love that. Baby, take your pants off and get on your stomach. I’ll give you a great massage. I have nice strong hands.”

I stood up and removed my jeans. I took off my thong and went on my stomach.

Tim went into his bag and got some oil. He poured it into his hand and started on my neck. His hands felt amazing on my skin. He moved his hands all over my neck. I could feel tingling all over my body. He poured the oil on my back. He moved his hands up and down my spine. It felt incredible.

His hands rubbed each of my buttocks. My pussy was on fire. I couldn’t wait for him to touch me there. His strong hands worked my body like putty. I was moaning softly while he rubbed and caressed my body.

“Tim, your hands are amazing. I’ve never had a massage before.”

“Really? Stick with me, kid. I’ll show lots of things to you. You have an incredible body. My god! You’re absolutely beautiful in every way!”

“Thanks so much.”

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