Elsie the English Escort

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2017 by Tony Tiger

Historical Sex Story: One woman's war effort during the Battle of Britain

Caution: This Historical Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Romantic   Historical   Group Sex   Polygamy/Polyamory   .

Maybe it was the neighbors killed in a nighttime bombing raid in her little town outside London, or the loss at sea of her childhood friend, but probably both, that set Elsie on a course to give her all for the war effort.

She was slightly built, with light hair and skin. Handsome of face rather than cute. A rather typical English girl of nineteen. She still lived at home, having a clerical job within bicycle distance.

Her grieving for Malcolm, the sailor that she had given her virginity to on the eve of his departure for the Merchant Marine, had barely begun to ebb when she saw the notice for the social event at an air base near their town. Women were invited to socialize with both British and American airmen as a morale booster for these brave warriors who were striking back at Hitler and dying in substantial numbers.

Her best girlfriend encouraged her to go. It might lift her spirits. She finally agreed and pressed her best dress for the occasion.

The event was held in a hangar that still smelled of fuel and lubricants. The band was passable and women were outnumbered three to one so she danced to every song. All wore nametags and she recognized one British pilot (she had learned what a few of the uniform badges stood for) when he danced with her several times.

When asked to take a break with him they each had a beer, not her favorite drink, but all that was available. Ronald asked if they might step outside so he could smoke. It was much quieter there and they began the process of getting to know each other.

Elsie had never had a boyfriend other than Malcom so was very unsure of herself in interacting with an unknown man like this. He sensed it and proceeded gently, drawing the shy girl out bit by bit. Her tension eased as she discovered that it wasn’t scary.

Ronald was from the other side of England and they discussed family and geography for starters. He monopolized her for the rest of the evening and kissed her hand as they separated after asking her to return at the next event. She promised. Her girlfriend, Betty, noticed that Elsie was a bit giddy as they walked home.

The next weekend Ronald was there. They took more breaks from the dance floor and drank more beer. Elsie was warming up to this new friend and reached out to touch him as they talked in addition to snuggling closer on the dance floor.

As this evening drew to a close, Ronald found a secluded corner outside, held her in his arms as if they were going to dance, and kissed her soundly. A bit off guard, Elsie quickly responded and it got rather intense. She didn’t protest when a hand moved over the top of her blouse to cup her smallish breast. A few soft squeezes later it disengaged as they broke their osculation. Ronald took her to find her girlfriend and offered a chaste kiss goodbye.

Betty noticed Elsie’s agitation and lack of chatter as they walked. When the evening’s events were related, the girlfriend chuckled, “Now you are getting into the spirit of these events. I had a very good time and so did the two flyboys I entertained.”

Elsie looked puzzled, “Entertained? You mean the dancing?”

This produced loud laughter, “Oh no! I had sex with them. That is what they need most of all.”

Her companion stopped in her tracks, “Really! But you are engaged!”

Betty responded, “Yes I am, and my fiance is at the other end of the country, probably being entertained as often as possible if I know him. We will work it out if we both survive this damn war. I think you and I need to have some girl talk.”

Two days later, at tea time, Elsie learned about a part of the war effort she’d never suspected. Women from all walks of life, single, widowed, married with husbands far away, or even married with resident husbands, had formed local groups to provide support for the men in uniform who were in need. Dances and other social events provided the means of introductions, then the women took it from there in whatever manner worked in their lives.

The young women met for tea again in another few days. Elsie’s mind had been whirling at the revelations from her friend. Flashes of fear and curiosity and arousal surged through her when she was not occupied with an engaging task.

The questions and discussion went on through two pots of tea and several trips to the toilet to pass it through. Elsie had a twinge as she wiped her genitals, thinking about doing what she was hearing about.

The women who provided the ultimate in morale building were loosely organized under the banner of the Women’s Voluntary Service, a key part of Britain’s home front mobilization. This was a source of condoms and other forms of birth control as well as gynecological care including pregnancy terminations. The Brits are a practical and realistic people.

Participating women were encouraged to avoid repeat “connections” with the same men, or at least keep them infrequent, to minimize the emotional demands on both sides. Referring to the personal activities as “entertain”, as Betty had, was encouraged as a reminder of this.

Somewhat prepared, and with a supply of condoms, Elsie attended the next dance. Ronald was there and was greeted warmly. He was surprised when she declined to dance every dance with him like last time. She did agree to outdoor breaks with him and snogging was soon engaged in. When his hand crept to her breast, he was happily surprised that she undid her blouse and brassiere for full access. After a while her breathing rate was much higher and she asked him to use his mouth on them. Both were quite aroused as she tentatively reached for his trousers. She hadn’t even touched Malcolm’s equipment with her hands in their fumbling coitus.

His erection’s shape and size through the woolen garment was exciting but she was too shy to go further. As she squeezed his organ, Ronald groaned loudly and she felt his trousers grow warm and sticky. “OMG,” she thought. “He has ejaculated!”

Feeling responsible for this situation, she told him to stay there and sought out her girlfriend who was just returning to the dance hall with an American serviceman, both looking rumpled.

Elsie said quietly, “I have something to attend too. I will get home by myself.” Betty grinned and said, “Have a very good time. Congratulations!”

Elsie blushed at the unintended implication and hurried back to Ronald who was also embarrassed. She got straight to the point, “I want you to come to my house and we will clean up your uniform before you go back to your barracks.” He was in no position to argue.

Her parents were long abed when they arrived. Ronald was given a towel to wear as his undershorts and trousers were cleaned as well as could be done quickly. While they dried, knowing what was lurking under the towel, Elsie got brave. Resuming their kissing gave her the opportunity to reach under the towel to explore him as he explored her. She’d removed her undergarments when she peed and he almost ejaculated again when he felt her furry place under her skirt.

Fearing discovery, Elsie took him out to the garden area with a blanket. When she handed Ronald a condom, he got the idea and fumbled with it for a bit. With skirt pulled up, the new Volunteer waited for her new lover. He was clumsy down there so she reached for the latex-coated shaft and guided it to the target. It was different than she remembered with Malcolm and didn’t last long, but it was done and she got pleasure from that. Her fingers would relive it later for her own satisfaction.

Her girlfriend had requested tea talk the next day. “I know you left with that young man. Did you accomplish your mission?”

Elsie told the tale to her nodding and smiling friend who responded, “Welcome to our sisterhood. You are now an official Volunteer worker. I had a very successful evening. My first, an American, didn’t last long at all. Of course that is common with such a delectable peach as me. When I returned after entertaining my second one, the first guy approached me and said he’d like to try again and make it good for me. I’d noticed his wedding ring, something we never comment on, so I figured he just might finish what both had started. His experience paid off for me just fine.

“By the way, I just got notice that my fiance will have a week’s leave soon. I’d like you to meet him.”

At the next dance, Ronald danced with her as often as she would let him. As they danced she reminded him that she wasn’t supposed to get too friendly with any one serviceman so not to take it personally when she was with others. She emphasized the “with”.

She asked a very shy American to dance a couple of times and asked him to go outside. Her girlfriend had shown her the various private nooks and rooms that were arranged nearby for the Volunteers. As she headed in that direction, she enquired about his virginity. Very surprised, and a bit flustered, he stammered out an affirmative.

“Just like you,” she explained, “I have a mission to accomplish. Mine for tonight is to show you what an English woman is really like.”

Reaching a private place, she ordered him to undress as she did likewise. He was given a quick tour of her body before she unrolled the condom on him. Practicing on cucumbers had helped. On her back, she guided him into heaven. His awkward thrusts were improved when she put her hands on his hips to show him the proper motions. She enjoyed the pulsing of his shaft as he filled the condom. It was too dark to see his expression but he sure sounded happy. Replacing the condom, he was given another opportunity to enjoy her most private place. Again, it felt good.

When she returned him to the dance, she gave him a quick peck on the cheek and said she’d enjoyed it but to ask other girls to dance too.

Ronald was watching for her return and asked for a dance so he could talk to her. “You were gone for quite a while with that American. Did you...”?

Elsie held him close as she softly replied, “Yes. I’ll go with you if you want me to.”

Nothing more was said until the song ended. Ronald took her hand and led her to a quieter area and spoke softly, “I know you told me but I hoped you wouldn’t. You were my very first one so you are special to me.”

Fervently gripping his hands, Elsie replied gently, “You were only my second time and the only man at the last dance. It was that young man’s first time tonight. I guess I’m ready for a second time with someone and I’d like it to be you. Where can we go to be alone for a while?”

Ronald brightened up, “I’m billeted in a private home where I have my own entrance. A servant’s quarters. We can walk there.”

No more was said. Clothes came off with a flurry of kisses and caresses. When he was expecting a condom, Elsie murmured, “It’s safe tonight. I want to feel you better.” Her menses were expected in a day or two.

They spent the next several hours enjoying each other as fully as they could imagine. Between the vigorous copulations Elsie explained her commitment to the WVS that had gotten him in her panties in the first place. It was a tremendous learning experience for them both. Ronald walked her home well before dawn and left her with the comforting thought that he accepted what she was doing for the war effort if he could continue to be with her too.

He was true to his word. At the next base dance she entertained a Brit and an Aussie, both of whom were far from virgins. When she left with Ronald she was a bit sore “down there” so he had to be gentle.

Her girlfriend’s betrothed, Frederick, arrived and was duly introduced. Ronald was invited to activities to make up a foursome. An excursion to London was arranged with an overnight stay included. Elsie’s parents were told that she was going with the girlfriend that they knew. Only one room was available but it had two beds.

After touring the sights, the foursome retired to their room and took turns in the small bathroom for evening ablutions. The sounds from both beds clearly indicated that fun was being had by all. They actually stimulated each other when they tore their attention away from their own partner to listen. Both women had been fitted with diaphragms which the men especially appreciated for its greater intimacy. Feeling flesh-on-flesh as nature intended was so much better. They had to overlook the fact that their woman was also getting semen and sperm sprayed on those same tissues by strangers most of the time in their volunteer work.

The fun was interrupted by air raid sirens and the hotel guests in bathrobes huddled in the basement shelters until the all clear. Some surreptitious fondling helped the time go by.

When they returned to the room the two women commandeered the bathroom. With the blackout they connived to find their way to the other bed this time. Surprised sounds from the men were quickly followed by giggles from the women and then rhythmic thumping soon began. Somewhat later a second switching of beds occurred with even more thumping and soft sighs and moans. Nothing needed to be said the next day as they enjoyed the city and took the train home.

Ronald and Frederick had shared “war stories”, with the former as a student pilot gleaning all he could from the air combat experience of the latter. Ronald soon finished his flight training and was assigned to a base not far from Frederick’s. They became friends and had a pint when their schedules allowed.

The two women Volunteers had been noticed by their administration and were approached for special assignments. They would be quartered near a command center and given a living and dress clothing allowance. There was a regular need for visiting military officers to have companions at social and other events. How far it went beyond the event itself was up to them. “Full hospitality” was encouraged and would be noted.

It was definitely a social strata higher than they were used to but their education had prepared them for it. In addition to English and American officers, they were now exposed, figuratively and literally, to many nationalities. The French tried to live up to their reputations, the Russians were much less mannerly, and the East Indians rather exotic.

When their main men could arrange leave, they took it also and travelled to the small town between the airbases for a weekend of catching up on the loving they preferred, the kind of sex that has real affection attached. The bonding among all four did result in the occasional switching like in London, and it was taken for granted.

The women did tell about the places they visited and the general events but had been cautioned to not be specific about anything, especially concerning their companions. How they had interacted with those companions was certainly not even alluded to.

Wartime is even more full of the unexpected and unwished for than peacetime life. Frederick did not return from a mission. Ronald telephoned Elsie who took the news to her dear friend. They mourned together. Ronald took emergency leave and the women cancelled their assignments for a few days.

After a couple of days consoling both women, Ronald had to return to his missions so Elsie took her friend to visit her beloved’s family who had also received the news. Lots of tears, of course.

While they were still visiting, Robert telegraphed that another pilot had seen Frederick bail out and get picked up by a German patrol boat. They could only hope for the best at this point, but it was not nearly as tragic.

The two women worked with a vengeance to end this damned war. On the nights they weren’t escorting brass, they went to the nearby air bases, made contact with the local WVS chapter, and contributed their bodies to whoever needed them the most.

A letter from home informed her that Malcom had arrived unannounced and inquired about her. Apparently he had two ships sunk from under him and had been serving on local ships in Iceland. The poor mail system had lost his letters to her and he figured that the lack of response meant that she had moved on. Of course she had, in many ways, but promised to see him when she could visit her parents.

That opportunity came with the holidays. They both had changed from their experience. She had filled out and he was a tanned and rugged sailor. He invited her for a quiet dinner.

At first they didn’t know what to say to each other. She was the social one and dragged out the stories of his maritime adventures. Keeping him talking meant she didn’t have to reveal her activities. But finally he finished. By then they had one hand joined.

As she sipped on her wine, she gave a sanitized version of what she did for the WVS, how she had been promoted to assignments at the higher echelons of military command. When she finished, as quickly as she could manage, Malcolm took her other hand and said he’d never forgotten their all too brief time together. He had more experiences but never as sweet as that. Could he get a room and do a much better job the second time? Elsie smiled and nodded.

They made furious love the first round and much more tenderly the next. As they laid together, sated for now, Malcolm asked, “I have heard quite a bit about the WVS and what they do. Since you were so recognized, do you provide the quality companionship I have just enjoyed?”

Elsie hugged him, “Yes. I didn’t want you to know though.”

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