The Last Night With Lori - Cover

The Last Night With Lori

by De Von

Copyright© 2020 by De Von

True Sex Story: As the time came for me to move on, I spent one last memorable evening with Lori. She got a lot more than she bargained for, but she loved it!

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   True Story   Cream Pie   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   .

This story is based on true events that took place over 25 years ago. I have taken some liberties with the retelling, to make things the way they should have been. There’s enough of the underlying events for me to label it a true story. This is the third of three stories about Lori.

The order of these stories is:

Lori learns to swallow

Lori’s first time

Last night with Lori


Lori was a girl I knew from a town up the road. I had met her through a recommendation from a friend to visit her small town as a place to get laid.

When we first met and started dating I quickly found out that Lori was a virgin. After dating for a while, she gave in and I fixed that problem for her.

I hadn’t used a condom that first time, but had pulled out before I came.

We had been together a couple of times after that, always with a condom. She was still pretty inexperienced but generally willing. She had told me the pain of the first couple of times had faded and she was ready to experience her first orgasm.

Lori knew me as Rick Hunter.

I was careful to keep my true identity secret with most of the girls I dated, as I traveled and moved around a lot. One night as I was preparing to move again, I debated whether to visit Lori one final time or just leave her a note and disappear as I had so many girls before. Eventually my need for a good come overtook me, and I decided to go and have one more night with Lori.

After the hour or so drive to her small town, I caught up with her visiting with some friends. Shortly, we managed to separate ourselves from them and headed out to a quiet spot that I had scoped out outside of town. It was actually a small house that I had met the owner of a month or two before. She was out of town this night but had told me where the key was and told me I could stop in for an overnight at the house anytime I liked. I quickly opened the door and took Lori inside, leading her to the small bedroom at the back of the house.

She was eager and we quickly began making out. I let my hands slide down her body, lifting up her shirt and feeling her warm smooth skin under my fingers. My hands drifted around behind her, unbuttoning her bra and moving forward pushing the cups up and caressing her large breasts. I could feel her nipples growing hard beneath my fingers, and feel the continuing passion in her kisses. Her hands drifted down now and caressed my cock through my jeans. I was beginning to grow hard at the prospect of what was to come. We moved slowly back and she sat down on the small bed. She unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans, pushing them down slightly to free my now stiff cock.

I was mildly surprised when Lori leaned forward and took my cock in her mouth, slowly and softly sucking up and down me while stroking with one hand. She had given me oral sex once before in a favorite backwoods spot of ours. She had some experience sucking cock when I met her, but had never let a guy come in her mouth. That night I taught her how to swallow, and she got every drop. We hadn’t really had an opportunity for a repeat, so I was kind of surprised this night when she jumped right in. However, I wasn’t complaining about the feel of her warm mouth on my cock.

After letting her minister to my cock for a few minutes, I softly put my hands on her shoulders and pushed her back so she was lying down on the bed. I quickly moved to her, unbuttoning her jeans pulling them down and off of her, followed quickly by her panties.

I moved forward, my head between her legs, soaking up the warm scent of her as I leaned forward and licked her clit softly with my tongue. Lori moaned loudly as my mouth made contact with her center. I licked her completely up and down several times, tasting the sweet wetness of her young pussy. As I backed up and pulled my shirt off over my head, Lori looked up at me. I moved up her body kissing and licking her breasts before moving higher and kissing her on the lips as I reached between us and nestled my cock at her opening. She stopped me with gentle pressure from one hand, pausing to say, “It’s my fertile time. Do you have a condom?”

“No, but we can be careful,” I replied, “if that’s ok.”

She hesitated and I flexed my hips a little, putting pressure on her clit and hoping to drive her excitement further. “There’s nothing open close by,” I said, “so if we want to do it, it’s bareback or not at all. I’ll be careful, and do what you want. Just let me know. I’ll take care of you baby, I promise.”

“Okay,” Lori replied. “I want you in me so bad! Just promise to let me know before you finish.”

“I will,” I said as I pressed forward into her. Lori moaned softly as my cock parted her outer lips and began to sink into her warm, wet tunnel. I pushed slowly but steadily forward until I was completely inside her. She raised her head and kissed me passionately as I bottomed out in her, arching her hips to meet me. I slowly began to move in and out, enjoying the feel of her. She was very wet, warm and snug around me.

We maintain the passionate kiss, as I slowly rocked in and out of her. I was thoroughly enjoying the feel of her body underneath me. After a while, I sensed her excitement building, as I felt and heard her breath get short, signaling the approach of her own climax. Realizing that this would be her first orgasm, I resolved to make it a good one for her. I kept up a steady motion in and out of her as her orgasm grew nearer. Suddenly her pleasure began to wash over her in waves. I moved in shorter, steady strokes, holding her and prolonging her orgasm.

Lori cried out as she shook and trembled beneath me, her arms wrapped tightly around me. Slowly her tremors subsided, and her grip lessened on me. At this point I began to move inside her again, slowly at first but then building speed and depth in my thrusts. As she recovered from her orgasm, she began responding to my repeated thrusts, arching her hips and pushing toward me. I knew if I kept this up, I would be coming soon, and I wanted to stretch this experience out a little longer than that. I slowed down, and raised up to my knees, putting her feet on my shoulders and controlling my thrusts more deliberately.

To my surprise, Lori quickly came again as I stroked in and out of her this way. After her second orgasm subsided, I withdrew from her and rolled her over onto her stomach. Pulling on her hips, I encouraged her to raise up to her knees. I enjoyed the sight of her on her knees on the bed in front of me.

I moved forward, lining up and entering her from behind in one swift thrust. Lori moaned out loud as I began to stroke my cock in and out of her body. I had much more control of our motion in this position, and I knew I could make it last for a while. I thoroughly enjoyed the sensations of my cock moving repeatedly in and out of her body.

Eventually I knew that, like all good things, this experience had to come to a close. I could feel that telltale tingle starting to build in my balls. I sank my cock into her and held still for a moment. I had my legs outside of hers now, and reaching down I took one ankle at a time and pulled her legs backwards and out from under her, putting her in a prone position on her stomach on the bed, with me on top of her, entering her from behind.

In this position, I was able to enter her deeply and control my thrusts more precisely as I began moving again. Holding myself up on my elbows, I put my arms under her shoulders and held her there as I thrust into her.

Lori’s breathing was shallow and ragged again, and I surmised that she was approaching yet another orgasm. I knew my control wouldn’t last through another one, so I slowed down slightly, in order to give her the warning I had promised.

“It’s getting close now, Baby. What do you want me to do?”

“Oh! Oh!” She moaned. “I don’t know. I can’t, but I want it so bad!”

I kept slowly rocking my hips, my cock constantly moving in her, keeping her on edge.

“You want me to come inside you, don’t you?” I whispered, leaning closer to her.

“Yes! Do it! Oh yes! Come in me! I want it so bad! Yes! Yes!” She stammered as I began to move forcefully into her again.

Lori was very close to coming now, and so was I. I gave her a few final strokes as I felt my cum rising quickly. As I thrust balls deep into her for the last time, I pulled back on her shoulders, ensuring that I would stay deep in her as I came.

“Gggggaaaaaaahhhh!” I roared as my cum surged forth into her. I have always loved the sensation of coming inside a warm pussy, and Lori was no exception. I could feel each spurt as I flowed out into her.

Lori cried out and dissolved into her third and most powerful orgasm of the night as she felt hot cum pulse into her fertile young pussy for the first time. I flexed my hips and moaned as I emptied my balls into her.

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