Future Wives

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2017 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Stud loves to despoil and spoil women, especially virgins and young-marrieds.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Teenagers   Group Sex   First   .

I’d get together with my longtime buddy Biff about once a month to shoot the shit. Sometimes we go to a bar but more often to his place or mine and the host would provide the booze.

We went through high school together and he was the star athlete while I was the star nerd. I don’t know why we became friends but it has lasted. My social skills have never been strong but he could pick up girls easily. I’ll never forget that night that he asked me to go along with him and his current girlfriend.

It was a warm summer evening and he was mysterious about what we were going to do. He’d have a new girlfriend every few months and this one was a blond beauty from the cheerleading squad. We drove out in the country and up a back road and finally bumped through a field to a farm pond. It was a full moon and we could see quite well.

He took a blanket and a cooler out of the back of his truck and we all popped some beers. Brenda visited with me although she had never even acknowledged my presence in school. After we each had a couple beers Biff said, “Time to go swimming. Everybody strip.” Brenda giggled but complied so I did too. I’d seen Biff’s pecker in the locker room shower of course but never at the full glory it was showing in the presence of the busty young woman. She didn’t seem the least bit embarrassed and so I didn’t worry about my woodie.

After we swam a while we dried each other off and Biff popped open some more beer. He addressed me, “The reason I brought you here tonight is Brenda has agreed to help me with a little project. I know that you’re a virgin and I think it’s time you got over it. Brenda is a damn good fuck and she is going to give you a ride to remember for a lifetime. She’s never had a virgin before so it will be memorable for her too.”

With the beer I had drunk I have only piecemeal memories of that event except that it was as good as anything I’d ever read about. I didn’t last long but watching Biff pound her pussy got me back up and I lasted much longer the second time, as did he. By then it was late and she said her pussy was getting sore so we headed home.

She would give me little smiles in the hallway but that was the only contact I ever had with her again.

That event gave me the confidence to start doing a little bit of dating and in my senior year I met Sandy who I finally bedded graduation night. We dated for the first two years of college and finally got engaged and married. No children yet by choice.

Tonight we were sipping some good Jack and catching up. He was telling me about this hot redhead he was pounding several times a week. I asked him, whatever became of Brenda, you know, the one we went out to that farm pond with?

He grinned and said, “I dated her for a while after that but she was banging a bunch of other guys too. I was a long way from her first. I think she got knocked up at the prom and married the best choice.”

I was puzzled, “Best choice?”

“Yeah I heard she did about a half a dozen guys at the hotel after the dance. I wasn’t one of them because I got in the pants of that little Hispanic girl I took. She was a virgin and I taught her a bunch of things. A couple months later I found out she’d added a couple of guys to her players list so I broke off with her since I had another one in the wings.”

I commented as I poured whiskey over our ice cubes, “That seems to be your style. ‘Find em, feel em, fuck em, forget em’, as the old saying goes. Doesn’t it ever concern you that these women are going to become somebody’s wife someday?”

He grinned and raised his glass to mine in a toast, “To wives! Nowadays that’s some of my favorite pussy!” We clinked and he continued, “My first time was with an older woman and she taught me lots. That was her hobby, teaching young guys how to screw well.”

He turned to me and said, “Yes, I’ve branched out a bit. It’s getting pretty hard to find virgins at this age so I look for women who may be only had their husband or one or two other guys. You’d be surprised how many of them aren’t happy with their sex life and it’s a thrill to spread em for a stud like me. I’m thinking of one I could fix you up with just like I did Brenda, if you’re interested?”

“You didn’t really answer my question yet,” I remarked.

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