A Good Turn Deserves a Reward

by Marduk

Copyright© 2017 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: A lonely woman is helped to load shopping and accepts an invite for coffee. The invites to a sexual encounter in the car park, something that she doesn't want to end - read on

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Orgy   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   Petting   .

Warren was running late when he pulled into the underground car park at the local shopping complex. He had been up earlier to attend the gym and do a number of laps of the pool, however, he didn’t realise how crowded the parking area would be and he obtained the last available space. ‘Wonder what the fuck is going on?’ he questioned as he turned the motor off. Just as he locked up a woman pushing a very heavy laden trolley rolled up to the vehicle next to him.

One could say women were his hobby and he always took notice of them, some immediately dismissed, other demanded a bit closer examination and other, true very rarely, became an enjoyable sexual companion. This woman he recognized for he had observed her on a number of occasions; she was always alone and her expression was not a happy one, he couldn’t recall her every smiling. There was no doubt that the items she had in the trolley were heavy and in the seconds before he intervened she was showing signs of discomfort as she struggled in lifting the bags. “May I help Madam”, he asked. The woman turned for already beads of sweat were forming on her forehead. “I ... I would ... would be grateful”, she stammered. For him the bags were not heavy and within a couple of minutes they were lined up in the back of her boot. “Oh! Thank you”, she said. “I was wondering how I would get them into the car. The shop manager helped me load them into the trolley”. He closed the boot and wondered if he could push this encounter a little further for in those few minutes of activity he was sure she was braless for her bust line was wobbling. “I was on my way up to get a coffee, would you care to join me?” he asked.

It wouldn’t be correct to say the woman collapsed but the shocked expression on her otherwise neutral face was comical. His suggestion, for her was an open door, an escape from her loneliness but it was so rare that she was lost for a reply, naturally he didn’t press the invite but as he turned to walk away, she grasped his sleeve. “I ... I would really like that”. He smiled but the next move from her really took him by surprise, she latched onto him almost to the point of being an embarrassment. However, he was not to know of her way of life and neither did he know that his suggestion was the first invite from a man in decades and neither did he know that she wanted to hang onto that thread of acceptance; ‘come what may’. “We have a number of coffee shops”, he said. “Which one would you prefer?” The statement, asking for her opinion was also a first and she stammered, searching for an answer, finally settling on one close to the main supermarket, one that he had observed her sitting by herself on a few occasions. “You get a small cake there”, he replied, giving her arm a nice and encouraging squeeze, something that sent a tingle of pleasure throughout her being.

With the coffee ordered he introduced himself. “I’m Warren”, he said. She again seemed to struggle for a reply, but finally managed to blur ‘May’. He estimated her age in the late sixties. He knew May was an old name and he hadn’t come across it for decades, however, he was not an amateur and recognize the awkwardness of the woman so he took charge of the conversation so by the time the coffee was finished, she had relaxed a bit and her face was displaying a more interesting expression. On the way back to the vehicles she was again clinging as though he would disappear and it was a situation that he was going to embrace. At the vehicle she didn’t pull away, so he took that as an encouraging sign and kissed her, at the same time giving a braless tit a decent feel that made her give a gasp, of either surprise or pleasure.

Instead of offering either a vocal or physical condemnation at his action, she seemed to cling harder so he moved from the tit and lifted her dress and targeted the groin which, by feel alone was heavily haired. This time she gave a gasp but when he slipped under the fabric of her panties and drove his finger up, she erupted, her whole being vibrated and her gasps became a combination of ‘Ohhhh!’ and ‘Ahhhh!’. He didn’t voice his thoughts which were ‘like that do you randy cunt, just wait till I fuck’. He continued till her saliva was dripping down her chin and he felt the moisture on his chin. “I have an idea”, he whispered as he opened his car’s door and sat her down. Whether she had sucked a cock before he didn’t know but he had undone a couple of buttons so that a tit was revealed and as he worked the extended nipple she was giving off soft murmurs of contentment. He dropped his trousers and pushed the throbbing head of his cock against her mouth and as he moulded that melon of a tit, grunted ‘Suck it, suck me off’. It took seconds for his request to register, she certainly was in a puzzle for he wasn’t to know that she hadn’t observed a full on erection for decades and to actually suck a cock was an alien field. “Just stick it in your mouth May and think it is a lolly pop” and to reinforce his statement gave her tit such a mauling that created so much pleasure she opened her mouth and gave him a suck that he couldn’t think of a word to describe the sensation. He blew but held her head till his balls were empty. She was so amazed at the deluge that poured from her open mouth that she couldn’t even gargle and acceptance or objection.

It took some time to clean her mouth but although this was her first time she didn’t want to lose his company and although she didn’t quite know how to explain her feeling towards such an encounter, she was determined not to endanger, what to her was an open gate to escape the hours of loneliness and almost despair. He followed her back to her abode, unloaded the bags and gladly accepted the invite to lunch with the full intention of moving onto a full on fuck and in her own thinking she was also hoping for it, she may have been ignorant to a suck, but she did know what a fuck was, although it was a long time since she had experience a cock between her thighs, she still recalled that it was a pleasant feeling and she did remember gasping her surprise as she felt the exploding and deluge of cum flooding her cunt.

May certainly had opened the door for a full on sexual encounter and it was an opportunity that he was going to push for it had been awhile since he had fully experienced a woman in fact the suck job that morning was the first sexual encounter he had enjoyed for some time, so he wasn’t going to just sit so as May worked at the sink he came up behind her and gasp her tits, her only reaction was a grunt, there was no negative response. He massaged them till he could feel the raised nipple and undid the remaining buttons for the ones that he had worked loose hadn’t been reclasped. With the dress now lose he slowly pushed it free and it fell to the floor, now only her panties were left but her tits were fully revealed and he licked his lips for they were the type of tit that he appreciated, heavy and sagging. He moulded them, squeezing the nipples till her vocal sounds were saying for anybody interest a very positive indication of acceptance.

Now for the cunt and now she really voiced her reaction. He pushed them down, revealing a very attractive bottom, but his target was the hairy goal and he pumped and caressed that crack till her ‘Ahhh’s’ were like an echo. He dropped his trousers and pushed her into a bent position over the table, inserted his cock and thrust and May erupted, she was like a horse being broken in; her whole being exploded, her tits bounced and swung and because of their size, knocked a vase that was on the table over. He ravished her, driving his cock into the depths of her crack, grabbing those swinging tits as he pumped. “Fuck your cunt is great”, he muttered as he gave and extra thrust and his balls exploded. He remained buried till every drop had been delivered and then pulled free and May almost crumbled to the floor, she was panting as though she had run a marathon. He helped her to the couch and there they sat for some time till her state of exhaustion had levelled to being normal. She turned and he was surprised to note she was crying; his immediate thought was that he had really overstepped the mark but her response was opposite. “Thank you, thank you for accepting me and giving me pleasure and treating me as a woman”. His immediate thought was ‘how else was I going to treat you, you are a woman and the sort that I like’, however, he stroked her head and kissed her forehead with the result she clung to him till finally with a smile said. “I did invite you to lunch”. She got up and picked up her dress only to drop it when he told her she was fantastic in the nude and it was in the nude they had lunch and all the time he praised her, till she was dribbling with glee.

As she moved about her unit, he could admire her body. He didn’t voice his observation but he knew that if she wore swimmers or even shorts it would be an embarrassment for her, because she was very hairy. Not only around her groin where there was a triangle of heavy hair but it extended up almost to her navel and down the insides of her thigh; he hadn’t come across a woman so hairy but for him who did appreciate a hairy groin, it was very erotic and she didn’t seem to consider that being hairy was a problem, however, he didn’t voice his observation, just enjoyed what was on offer.

With lunch over, there was no further use of the table, now she offered the bed and this time the ‘fuck’ was slow, deliberately slow; he wanted to enjoy the moment, the activity of her wobbling tits, the rise and fall of her bottom as he thrust but one thing he noticed the hesitation in her vocal response was gone and what increased his own pleasure was the roughness of her speech. “Fuck me, just keep fucking me. Bury your cock to the depths of my cunt, just fuck and fill me with cum”, she gasped as he ravished her, and cum fill her he did.

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