Fun at the Pond

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2017 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Wife gets unexpected bonus after skinny-dipping

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Teenagers   Consensual   Wife Watching   Group Sex   Interracial   Hispanic Male   White Couple   .

Judy likes to skinny-dip. And I like to see her run around naked. She likes to tease me and watch my dick stand up. I like to be teased and then bury it in her furry snatch. We are a happy couple.

Let me give you a picture of us. I’m six foot, a reasonably buff thirty-year-old with a pretty thick six-inch tool. Judy is five-five and looks a lot like the porn star Lisa Sparxxx with less padding around the edges. She’s brunette and keeps her crotch carpet trimmed.

We dated in high school and she gave me her cherry at the Junior Prom. I’d given mine to a divorced neighbor lady that I did house and yard maintenance for. She gave me pussy steadily through the last two years of high school. I went away to college for a year and Judy and I broke up. When I came back we hooked up again and married a year later. We’d both learned some new tricks and had a good sex life together.

We found a special place by accident when hiking one day. It’s not far from town so we could ride our bikes there. It’s a small natural pool of a spring fed stream that gets just comfortably warm on a summer day. There is a grassy area beside it, well screened by bushes, and it didn’t look like anyone else used it. After we were pretty sure about that, we would bring a picnic lunch, swim naked, and screw on a blanket. Judy and I both got real turned on being natural in nature, so to speak.

One day we will never forget. We were snoozing after a nice leisurely coupling when I heard a rustling in the bushes near us. I casually got up and walked to an area not far from the source of the sound to take a piss. When I finished I quickly moved to the place the noise came from and discovered two teenage boys behind a bush peering at us.

“What are you doing spying on us?” I bellowed.

They froze and one stammered lamely, “We wondered who was here.”

I ordered them towards our blanket where Judy was trying to cover up. “Sweetheart, they’ve already seen what you’ve got so don’t bother.” I winked at her and she smiled and dropped the towel.

We had fantasized about going to nude beaches and other exhibitionistic scenes so here was our chance for some new fun. She took over the scene and I just watched for a while.

Questioning revealed that they were twins, sixteen years old and thus legal in our area. They lived nearby and were often in this woods.

Judy asked them if they’d ever seen a naked lady before. When they said not in real life, she told them if they wanted to see more (she had her legs together) they’d have to get naked too. That happened quickly and two five inch erections were pointed skyward in front of my wife. My shaft was stiff again too. I moved to the side for a better view.

Standing up, Judy announced, “I have to pee. Wanna watch?” Two nodding heads. She strode to the edge of the clearing and turned to face them with her legs spread wide. “Squat down for a better view” she ordered, then let go with a beer-filled bladder full. Her stream bounced off the leaves and splashed on her legs and the boys too. I caught a glimpse of my cum beginning to ooze out too. When she finished she said, “Let’s rinse off” and took their hands to lead them to the pool.

They dried each other off and everyone was clearly enjoying the playing around so far. Judy sat the boys down on the blanket cross-legged and she sat cross-legged in front of them. I watched to see what she’d do next. She glanced at me and I gave a big smile of encouragement.

“I’d like to teach you some things about women. Are you good students?” They smiled and nodded. “First of all, you must always have good manners. That means be respectful and make sure you have permission before you do anything. Let’s try an exercise. Move closer.”

They scooted up so that Judy’s knees were right against their legs, not far from their peckers. They could all reach each other easily. She continued, “Now politely ask me if you could feel my breasts.”

They were startled but managed to do so. She replied, “I like that but be gentle.” They tentatively reached out to the nearest one and began exploratory fondling. Her nipples went hard as rocks. After a bit she suggested, “If you would like to suck them you need to ask.”

They did and leaned over with busy mouths and hands. Now it was her turn to play. Politely she asked them, “May I touch your cocks?” The sounds were muffled by tits in mouths but they were clearly affirmative. She reached out with a hand for each boy. A few strokes later they erupted, the forceful young prostates splashing their contents on her tits and belly. She grinned and rubbed it into her skin. Time for another dip in the pond.

As they returned to the blanket she looked at me for affirmation. I mouthed, “Go for it!” We had gotten lots of erotic mileage from bedroom talk about our sexual activities while apart. That had led to the fantasies of fucking others as a couple but a good situation had never arisen. I was thinking that this might be one.

Lying back on her elbows, Judy arranged her young students on either side of her knees with them kneeling. Taking the hand of one of the boys she described the part of the female sex organ he was touching. She showed him what felt good where. After the other twin had his turn she announced, “Now my husband is going to show you a very special way to make a woman feel good.”

I put my head between her thighs and they watched intently as she described how it felt as I explored her pussy with lips and tongue. Then each of them had a turn and she had her first climax with each of them. They were thrilled to make that happen and she kissed each of them, commenting how good they tasted.

Looking intently at me, she asked if they were ready to give her their virginity. I nodded as did they. I flipped a coin to decide who went first and she guided the ready rod into her soaked snatch. I was as fascinated as the other twin since I’d never seen her fuck anyone else, only heard about it.

It was amazing to watch another shaft disappearing into the pussy I knew so well. Seeing her labia wrap around the invader and cling to it on the out strokes. Watching and hearing hanging balls slap against her buns. Judy was enjoying it too. Besides her moans of pleasure, I could see how reddened her pussy had become as she humped back against the thrusts. She held the boy’s hips as she guided him how to move. He held out pretty well since he’d cum not too much earlier. I almost shot off myself as I saw his buns and nuts tighten and knew he was putting his sperm deep in my wife.

The first twin rolled off and the second one was in there in a flash. Judy was building to an orgasm so he took over where his brother left off and in a little bit they both went off together. The first twin and I watched the action and noticed how this second cock churned the first one’s semen to a whitish froth around the outside.

As soon as he could roll off Judy beckoned to me. My God it was silky slippery in there! The feeling and the thought of what I was dipping my dick in set me off really quickly. Judy just purred.

We had a dip in the pond and shared some food we’d brought. The boys said they had to get home soon so Judy asked them if they had time for a quickie. She got on her hands and knees and each boy fucked her while the other one laid underneath and sucked and fondled her hanging tits.

After agreeing to meet here in two weeks since next week was her period, we all headed for home. She was still dripping cum as I stripped her on the living room carpet and gave her my cock doggy too.

Later that night after our last fuck of the day, Judy worried that I would think she was a slut. “I got laid eight times today. That’s more than our honeymoon.”

I replied as I shoved my semi-hard cock into her juicy pussy, “I had some help today and they’ll never forget it either. You sure as hell are a slut and I love it. If you want to stay married to me then this pussy better keep on being so sexy.”

She looked at me and said, “You really mean that?” I nodded. She continued, “Well then, there is this guy at work...” I came again.

Two weeks went by fast, especially with Judy teasing me every day about the “guy at work” who was responding to her subtle “come-ons”. That fantasy, along with the anticipation of the next visit to the pond, never failed to get me hard and her wet so we screwed a lot more than usual.

Even though we were sorely tempted, we didn’t fuck that morning, building our lust. We had time for a dip in the refreshing water before the boys showed up. To our surprise they had a girl with them. She was introduced as Cora, their older sister. She explained that she knew something was different the day they came back from the pond after being with us.

Using her wiles and some sexual tempting she got them to admit what had happened. She was between boyfriends so her hornies took over. She’d made them get naked and show her what they’d learned. Penetrative sex wasn’t OK so for that part they got “sliders”.

Judy asked what that was so Cora asked to “borrow” me. I was hard already so she stripped and mounted my waist as I lay on my back. Pinning my shaft between my belly and her twat, she undulated her hips, sliding the outer part of her pussy along my erection to stimulate both of us in an “almost fuck”. It felt almost as good as being inside and I soon shot my juice on my belly. Cora slid forward and ground her pussy in the puddle until she got off too.

Judy copied her with each of the twins as we all watched. Time for a swim to clean up and then some refreshments as we visited. Cora was nineteen, a tall slender short-haired blond with firm b-cup breasts and a lightly furred crotch. She’d been on contraception since the age of consent but had only three serious relationships since. The last guy she’d fucked was six months ago.

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