I Like to Watch Too

by Barebacker

Copyright© 2017 by Barebacker

Sex Story: I encourage my wife to cheat and while watching I get caught by my daughter and she open's up about a stuff I had no idea was going on.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   ft/ft   Consensual   BiSexual   Fiction   Wife Watching   Father   Daughter   Grand Parent   Bestiality   Cream Pie   Masturbation   Voyeurism   .

My wife had complained for years that she didn’t fool around enough as a single girl. So when we invited a neighbour we knew over for dinner while his wife was away I thought it was a good time to let her scratch her itch.

My wife, Kim, and I were out for a bike ride on the greenway trails behind our house, our yard backed on to the trail and I put a gate in the fence, like most of the neighbours, for easy access. On the ride we bumped into a casual friend that we had met at neighbourhood parties for the last couple of years and my wife obviously appreciated his shirtless and shorts appearance. His wife was away for a couple of weeks visiting family and I invited him for a BBQ that night.

After we peddled off, my wife asked me why I invited him without checking with her first, and I tossed her: “You were drooling all over him and I thought you could get a better look if he was in our hot tub. Anyway, he’s been on his own for a week and probably getting pretty lonely.” With that I arched my eyebrows a couple of times and yelled: “Race you home!” She laughed and scorched by me, always ready for a competition.

We have two children; Tim, 6 and Ellie, 14. Tim was at my parents hobby farm for the weekend and Ellie was at her best friends for the weekend. The girls didn’t see each other as much as they’d like and often stayed at either our house or Susan’s for weekends. This weekend it was Susan’s house as her aunt was expecting a baby and her and her mom were going to go help out when the baby came. Perfect.

After lunch Kim headed to the grocery store and I went to the electronics store to get a long cable for our video camera, I had an idea I wanted to try.

I got home before Kim and hit the bedroom right away; our walk-in closet backs onto the family room where the TV is so I drilled a hole into the wall at the back of my shelf and fed the cable down the wall cavity to the cable outlet receptacle on the family room side, drilled a hole in the plastic cover and voila! a second cable to attach to the TV.

We had a good quality HD camera with excellent low light recording but where to aim it, hot tub or bed? I opted for indecision; the closet door faced the side of the bed and beyond that was the sliding glass doors to the hot tub right outside, so I centered the camera between the two; with the hot tub in the top half of the frame and the bed in the lower half then double checked that the camera and the power cord were well hidden.

The last thing I had to do was make sure that the closet door stayed open. The two double bifold doors occasionally stuck and needed adjusting so with a screwdriver I pre adjusted the one on the camera side to jam and not be able to close. Sure enough when Kim went to change before Jeff came over I got the call: “Jonathan! The closet door is stuck again.” “I’ll get it tomorrow.” Done.

Dinner went well and Jeff was easy company, a few glasses of wine sitting out on the deck and Kim winked at me cheekily and said: “What a nice night for a dip in the hot tub.” I knew my lines by heart; “Hey! that sounds good.” Jeff said that it sounded great to him too and he’d zip home and grab his bathing suit.” I expected that and headed him off at the pass: “We usually skinny dip and if your okay with it, so are we?” Kim gawked at me! “If it’s okay with Kim?” Kimmy recovered and smiled casually: “Sure it’s fine with me.” She got some big towels and Jeff went to the bathroom to undress while I took the lid off the hot tub.

“After we’ve been in the tub for a bit I’m going to say it’s too hot for me tonight and head for the family room until Jeff leaves, have fun.” Kim looked at me puzzled: “I don’t understand, what are you saying?” Without looking at her I replied: “You’ve always missed not fooling around more when you were single, well, nows your chance to make up for it and the only thing I want is for you to have a good time. You can tell Jeff it’s alright with me and when he leaves I want you waiting for me just the way you are, okay?” “I don’t know. Are you sure about this?” I smiled and pulled Kim into my arms: “Very.” She searched my face for a minute before replying: “I’ll have a quick shower when Jeff leaves.” I shook my head: “Uh uh, just the way you are. Okay?” Kim nodded. “I love you.” “I know it and trust you or I wouldn’t be able to do this.”

We all relaxed after we were in the tub for a bit and every once in a while one or another of us would sit up on the edge to cool off. It gave me the opportunity to check out Jeff’s physique: good looking guy with wavy dark hair and dark green eyes, nice medium build, five ten, a bit of chest hair with a small, trimmed pubic bush, nice circumcised cock, in fact a very nice cock. I’m not bi or anything but it was a good looking one, well proportioned and hanging straight down, no curves.

The heat of the water had it stretched out and when I looked down at mine I realized it was maybe an inch longer and a chunk fatter than what I’ve got; a medium thick, uncut, six and half incher. I have a furry stomach and chest so this will be really different feel for Kim, skin to skin.

Just thinking about what we were about to do was giving me butterflies and I knew if I didn’t leave soon I would lose my nerve so I made my exit and headed for the family room. First thing I did was plug in the camera cable and with the zoom on the flat screen I had a way better view of them in the hot tub than I hoped for.

They were still sitting across from each other and it looked like Jeff wasn’t going for it, but when Kim glided over to him and pressed her lips to his, he gave in and the show was on. I was on the couch, naked, sitting on my bathrobe with my cock in my hand and the TV stand rolled right up to the coffee table. Kim was really giving him her hot kisses, man he must be smoking.

Her hot kisses absolutely fry me; she has a way of using her tongue so it tantalizes, not a big open mouth dog kiss, but hit and run with her lips moving on yours so you can’t quite lock her in, teasing, leaving you hungry and hot for more, deeper. Jeff was feeling the heat, he grabbed a fist full of her hair and pinned her mouth to his so he could french her deeply, take her mouth fully. She sagged against him, submissive, while he had his way with her mouth. Fuck it was hot!

I ran for the garage to grab a few joints from my stash and in two minutes flat I was back on the couch, smoking a doobie, and slapping my drooling buddy. What a great night. Kim and Jeff kept necking as he moved up to sitting on the rim of the tub, his fat cock standing straight up, had to be seven, maybe seven and a half inches and thick to match. She didn’t even break the kiss when she stood up wrapping her fingers around his cock like a golf club and started getting the feel of the shaft, from balls to head. Practising her grip.

Every time she caressed the crown his stomach sucked in and I could see her polishing it with his juices, running her palm over it like it was a stick shift on a hot car. Kim stepped up onto the tub seat between Jeff’s legs, breaking the kiss and letting go of his meat to pull his mouth to her breast, feeding him a nipple. Her head whipped back when he inhaled it and I could see him rolling it with his teeth. Her mouth opened with a gasp I couldn’t hear.

Shit! I wish I had thought of cracking the sliding glass door to our bedroom so the camera’s mic could pick up their voices, I know her moan when he chomped on her nipple would have put me over the edge, I was drunk from the wine and hot water and thoroughly stoned on the powerful smoke but mostly it was the lust that was wrecking me.

Shaking like a leaf and totally fucked up, my cock had a steady stream of lube running out of it, coating the head as I fisted it towards my first cum. Grunting, I was close, man, really close, it was going to be a gusher! I leaned back into the couch to hit the home stretch, arching up to my manic masturbation when I caught some movement out of the corner of my eye: turning my head I looked straight into the eyes of my daughter Ellie! Oh fuck!

She stood in the doorway, her eyes going from the TV to my penis and back again, I had stopped stroking but still gripped my undiminished hard on in my fist, like I said; I was absolutely stoned and crazy with lust. “How long have you been here?” “A little while. Susan’s aunt had the baby early and they had to leave.”

In hind sight I would have expected myself to leap up and cover the joints and shut off the TV but I didn’t do any of that. The room was hazy with dope smoke and she’d been watching long enough to see everything: “Is that a DVD?” “No. Uh. They’re in the hot tub right now.” and I turned back just in time to see Jeff’s hand squeeze and pinch it’s way up Kim’s thigh to her crack.

Contact! and she pressed his face tighter to her breast, putting her foot on the hot tub rim to open herself up to his fingers. Ellie and I could see her pussy lips hanging open as he slipped just the tips of his fingers into her gash, slowly dragging them from anus to just about her clit but not quite, causing her to follow his hand with her hips trying to get some action on her jewel. I forgot myself and pumped another dribble out of my gaping piss hole when Ellie asked me: “You’re okay with Mom doing this?”

I took, what my debauched state of mind thought was the high road; “Your mom didn’t date a lot before we were married and wanted to experience more of life. So, ya, I’m okay with this. We tell each other everything and have no secrets between us, and well, I like to watch.” My hand had stopped moving again but still didn’t let go of my happy friend and Ellie’s eyes moved from it to her mom getting sexed. With a slight nod she came to some kind of decision:

“That is so cool Dad.” She hesitated for a second, then said: “I like to watch too.” Of course the internet, no naive kids anymore. “I usually do what your doing when I watch.” I drew a blank, she’s only fourteen, pot smoking? Holy shit! Masturbate!

“Can I sit with you Daddy?” Her whole life those words have always got a smile and a welcome from me and I went on auto pilot and moved over to make room on the couch for her.

Shit! What the hell am I doing! No fucking way! and I turned back to tell her: ‘not tonight’ when I really got fucked in the head. Both heads. The small ones single eye popped open even wider and dribbled more lube. Ellie had bent over to pull her overnight bag into the room and was wearing those too small, short shorts that I told her mother to burn. Stretchy, clingy material, with seams just on the sides so they cupped her cunt and ass so snugly that I told her mother that she can’t be wearing any underwear to show a camel toe like that, you could even see the shape of her clit. Kim just brushed it off as lots of girls dress like that and stop fretting: “She’s a good kid.”

Ellie pulled out a sleeveless guys tee shirt that she used for a nighty and turning her back to me slid her shorts down her legs. Well, good kid or not, when she bent over at the waist to take the shorts off I was looking at a bare, tight little ass above a plump beaver, shiny with pussy juice and peach fuzz. No underwear! She stood up to pull her shirt off over her head and I was treated to a completely nude rear view of a gorgeous adolescent girl. Holy fuck she was beautiful. Slim hips, long legs and a high tight little ass with a bulge of plump labia beneath, golden tanned flawless skin topped with a head of curly, dirty blond hair.

I have never, ever, had even the smallest sexual thought about Ellie but with her back to me she wasn’t my daughter anymore but beauty incarnate, the birth of Aphrodite and I jacked my cock a couple of hard strokes almost blowing my load. Her perfect ass had the tan lines of a thong bikini; I didn’t remember my daughter having a thong bikini, in fact what the hell is my little girl doing with a thong bikini! I pictured that ass in a thong at the beach and drooled all down my chin. Another couple of hard pulls on my baby maker.

Ellie snuggled up beside me, sitting cross-legged and we gave each other the usual ‘glad your here’ smile and turned back to the show in time to watch her mother sink back into the water and suck the crown of Jeff’s fat prick into her mouth. My mind went blank and I groaned, forgetting who was beside me I started moving my hand up and down my shaft again. Ellie sat beside me not moving for a minute, then put put her feet up on the edge of the coffee table and slid her butt down. We both watched her right hand slip under the bottom of her night shirt.

Without a glance at me she laid one bent leg on top of mine and the other one flat on the couch and started a firm rub of her labia with all four of her fingers held flat together, everywhere her fingers went they left a sheen of girl cream. Oh My God, where did she get a pussy like that! Fat outer lips with petite petal like inner labia and a clit any woman would envy. None of the women I have ever been with, including her mother, have had a clit as plump as my daughter’s and she’s only fourteen.

Ellie’s clitoris was so swollen that it pushed her labia apart and with the rest of her vulva being so petite it was insanely erotic. She was watching her mom and Jeff but I couldn’t tear my eyes off of her and when her free hand went under her shirt to squeeze her little tits I had to look away or I would have sprayed her with a gallon of cum right then. It was her turn to lean back and groan.

Her shirt was twisted a bit so she arched her back to straighten it and as she stretched upwards it was pulled tight across her, oh so sweet, barely a mouthful, puppies. Oh God, her little breasts were soo cute with their stiff little nipples. There was nothing left of my brain or conscience by this point: “Here, let your dad help you.” and I caught the hem of the night shirt pulling it up over her head and tossed it on her bag exposing her physical perfection completely. “That better?” She smiled shyly at me, rubbed her forehead on my arm and kissed my bicep so sweetly that I couldn’t help but lean over kissing the top of her head, running my lips through her hair, inhaling her scent. We both let out a soft moan and turned back to watch her mom giving Jeff an excellent blow job.

Without looking at Ellie I asked her: “You said you like to watch, what’s your favourite?” Wondering what kind of porn she liked, the thought of her at her computer frigging her big clit could cause me seizures. Her first reaction to my question was to give herself a little aggressive fingering. I almost cried. “My, ummmm, my favourite is Mom and Jeff and Mr. Thomas at the same time. She really gets off with Mr. Thomas’s long skinny penis in her bum and Jeff’s big one in her vagina. Ya, thats my favourite.” Then she hunched forward to finger herself harder and deeper, still clutching her tiny tit.

I stopped jacking off and just sat there trying to make something coherent of what I just heard. I knew I was fucked up but I could clearly hear her words in my head; “my favourite is Mom and Jeff and Mr. Thomas at the same time.” I innocently said: “I just set the camera up today. When did you see that?” Ellie’s eye’s went back to the TV and mine went to her hand in her goodies: “Last spring when I sprained ankle and had to skip gym for the whole final term. It was my last period on Wednesday and a girl in my class went to physio instead of gym, so her and her mom gave me a ride home. I went around to the back yard and they were on the bed doing it with the sliding door open. Mom saw me but she didn’t say anything and I made sure the guys didn’t see me.” “Did she say anything to you after?” “Just that trust is important in a family and I said she could trust me. That was it, she never mentioned it again.”

“Every Wednesday when Karen left early for her appointment I got a ride home and would watch them from behind the hot tub. Sometimes its just Jeff or Mr. Thomas and sometimes both of them.” Wednesday it’s my day to be in our other office across town and I almost always work an hour or so over, pretty well guarantees that I’m not likely to show up at home unannounced or early. I noticed she said Jeff and not Mr. Graham. “Did the guys ever catch you?” Now she fidgeted and looked at me sideways for a second. I kept watching the screen to let her sort it out. “Jeff did.”

I waited as long as I could: “Tell me about it, you know you can tell me anything.” My voice sounding like a soprano when I said that. We just sat there, side by side, jacking and jilling, not talking, while we watched her mother start to power stroke Jeff’s cock, pushing him to cum in her mouth. Jeff arched and his stomach did a crunch, Kim felt the change and took him deep, then her throat started swallowing and kept swallowing until he convulsed and gently pulled her off his spent prick. Fuck could he cum. As he softened Kim looked up at him, keeping eye contact, and licked all the wet off of his cock with big long sweeps of her tongue finishing with a light suckle on the tip. I thought maybe it was over. But Ellie knew there was more coming, literally: “He always cums twice.”

“What?” “Jeff. He always cums twice and the second one is bigger.” “Oh. Your lucky mom.” Ellie had leaned back again was still fingering herself but less vigorously with occasional clit rubs that that always made her mouth sag open. “Sometimes when they do it the curtains are closed so I sneak into the house and just listen to them from the hallway. One time when Jeff and Mr. Thomas were here I was leaning against the wall listening to them when Jeff came out and caught me. “Were you, you know?” A vigorous clit rub later: “Yes.” “Naked?” “Noooo! but he was!” Ellie giggled and said: “My shorts were around my ankles and I couldn’t even run to my room.” “What’d he do?” “He laughed and said it’s fun to spy and he always liked doing it. Then he said he’d help me with what I was doing and put his hand on me down there.”

Ellie paused fingering herself and cupped her mound as she raised it up to indicate to me where Jeff had touched her: “He rubbed your pussy?” “Yes! and kissed me.” I was trying to sound calm but inside I was ready to talk in tongues and close to having an out of body experience: “That must have been hot!” My words were encouraging Ellie and the memory was adding to her heat: “We both listened to Mom and Mr. Thomas doing it while he felt me until I had an orgasm and asked me to suck him so he could feel good too.”

I had to let go of my buddy or it would have rained tadpoles in the TV room. “Holy shit! How was that for you.” Ellie sped up her clit frigging and started biting her bottom lip, I guessed it was a good memory. I had an epiphany! “Is that when you found out he always cums twice?” “Yes! Oh yes!” and she came all over her fingers, with her mound arched up in the air and her chin on her chest, finishing by jamming two digits up her pussy and working her clit with her other hand, up and down went her hips until she collapsed gasping. Could she ever cum, I didn’t even know a kid her age could cum, never mind like that. I was now seriously masturbating, needing to join her.

After a few moments to catch her breath she rolled her head towards me giving me the sweetest, goofiest, grin, making her eyes go cross eyed and hanging her tongue out. I laughed and smiling I asked: “So how did you like getting a mouthful of Jeff juice?” I was pretty sure seeing how Jeff was with Kim that he wouldn’t accept anything less. This time Ellie looked straight into my eyes and unconsciously licked her lips as she answered: “I liked it.”

That was it, I knew at that moment I was fucked and going straight to hell, rolling slightly towards Ellie and switching hands, I offered my cock to my daughter. She looked at me, then at what I was offering, then again at my face, I smiled and shrugged a ‘why not’.

A long moment later still cupping her cunt with her right hand Ellie leaned over and with her left hand led my penis to her mouth, running her tongue around the head, licking off all my drippings. I tried to hold back but I didn’t have a chance and a loud groan escaped my lips.

She was a loving cock sucker, laving the crown with her tongue, sucking little love bites on the side of the shaft and all the while steadily pumping, her tiny hand pushing a roll of skin up to the helmet then back to the root, going the distance every time. Her other hand left her cunt to squeeze my nuts, I almost died when I saw her fingers with wet webs of her pussy juice between them. I was mad to taste her and guided her hand to my mouth so I could gently suck each finger dry of her ambrosia. Ellie lifted her eyes to watch me clean each digit and moaned as her long middle finger slid over my tongue deep into my mouth where I suckled on it until I got all the good stuff, then, leaning over I kissed her with the taste of her pussy still on my lips, lightly tonguing her mouth.

Ellie was as fucked up as I was by now and had that heavy look in her eyes I had only seen in truly lusty women before, and then, only when their cunt’s own them. When we finished our kiss she turned back to my cock and looked at it for a long moment, studying it, giving the crown a couple of darling kisses then gripping the shaft hard she pursed her wetted lips and suckled on just the leaky tip, then slowly eased half of the head into her mouth as she drove her tiny pointed tongue into the eye, widening it, forcefully wedging it more open.

Jesus! I had never, ever, felt anything like that, her tongue was the only one that had ever been on my prick that was small enough to get in the hole. Every time she pushed it in I spasmed like I was getting a shock, it was as if she was trying to gape the piss hole so the cum could empty from my balls and she did it so well. When I arched up to her mouth she clamped my nuts in a tight grip, squeezing them hard and that was it for me, I started yelling and came like a cannon, shooting into her mouth. Fuck! did I cum! The strongest orgasm of my life and Ellie didn’t ease up sucking and swallowing and tonguing the cum pipe until I was over sensitive and went spastic. My softening cock slipped from her lips without a drop of cum left on it or in it. She didn’t learn that from one blow job.

As soon as I could talk again I looked lovingly at my daughter: “Ellie, sweetheart, this is the most incredible experience I’ve ever had and I’m so glad it’s with you.” Then leaning over I gave her a sexy kiss on the lips that she returned with enthusiasm and the residue of my orgasm. I had never hot kissed a mouth that dainty, so lively, and boy! could she ever kiss. Just like her mother. She leaned her head on my shoulder and wrapped both her arms around my bicep, pressing her breasts into me as we turned our attention back to her mother and Jeff.

They were out of the hot tub, towelling each other, smiling, with a couple of friendly kisses then the first sound came out of the TV: the patio door sliding open. Kim was carrying their wine glasses and the bottle over to the night table where she filled them handing one to Jeff. They clicked glasses and stretched out on the bed snuggling with quiet whisperings that we couldn’t make out. They actually looked very good together, comfortable with each other, nice. Ellie echoed my thoughts: “They make a good looking couple.” “Ya, they are, I was just thinking the same thing.” “You don’t have to worry though, I’ve heard them talk about you and Jeff’s wife Carmen. Mom really loves you and Jeff really loves his wife, they just like having sex together.” “How does Paul Thomas fit in to this?” Ellie’s brow creased as she thought about her answer.

“I’ve only picked up bits and pieces but it sounds like one time when Jeff was here the Thomas’s cockatiel escaped and they followed it to our back yard. Mrs. Thomas rang the front doorbell while Mr. Thomas climbed the fence with a net to catch it and also caught Mom and Jeff doing it on the back deck. He gave the bird to his wife to take home and then he joined them; I think they didn’t want you or Jeff’s wife to find out so they let him.” “So how are they with him now?” “I think fine. With just Jeff, Mom is playful and having fun but when Mr. Thomas is here it’s more serious, Mom has big orgasms with the two of them but it’s always about doing it. Like I said; more serious.”

I asked her if the whole neighbourhood knew about the: “Wednesday good times at our house?” She shook her head: “No, they come in from the Greenway cause no one else can see in our yard.” Finally the light went on in my head: “Of course! It’s perfect.” Ellie looked up at me a bit surprised: “I thought mom told you everything?” and I replied: “I never thought to ask how they keep it a secret.” Looking at me skeptically I got an: “Oh.” and it didn’t sound all that sincere.

Has Mr. Thomas ever seen you watching?” “No! and I wouldn’t do anything with him if he did.” “You don’t like him?” “He’s okay, he’s not mean or anything and he’s careful when he does it with Mom that he doesn’t go too deep when he’s in her vagina. He can get the whole thing in her bum though.” Christ! what are we talking about here? “How big is this monster?” Ellie giggled and rubbed her face and tits on my arm. “About this long.” She held her hands about nine inches apart. “And about this big around.” She made a circle with her thumb and forefinger about an inch and a bit in diameter. I was astounded, I have never even seen pictures of one of that length that was so skinny. “And you say Mom can take the whole thing in her butt?” “Ya. I think thats why she likes him coming back. She really gets off on the two of them at the same time; Jeff in her vagina and Mr. Thomas in her bum. Boy does she ever make a lot of noise when she cums like that!”

The memory brought a big smile to Ellie’s face. Sometimes I’m not too bright, I had to ask: “Do you ever think you’d like to try that?” She looked at me blushing, guilty. Hiding her face, then quietly: “Sometimes.” A loud sigh pulled us back to the screen, round two was starting. I put my arm around my daughter snuggling her in close and said: “We need some popcorn!” She broke into fits of laughter and when she could she got up on her knees and cradled my face in her hands, staring into my eyes: “I can see why Mom loves you so much.” and gave me a long, steaming french kiss that put love in my heart and bone in my cock. Our round two was starting.

Ellie’s tiny tongue was still exploring my mouth when my hand started the slow climb from her knee to her hot little cunt. I ran paisley patterns with my fingers on the delicate skin of her inner thighs, Oh God, to run my lips on skin this soft. I groaned into her mouth and kissed her with passion. I was caressing her leg with my finger tips when the back of my fingers first touched her wet lips and we both moaned on each others tongues. I wondered if she was a virgin, she’s an accomplished felatrix, knows her way around a hard on and can kiss like a banshee. I started lightly caressing her lowest hanging labia, just slightly, barely touching the wetness, with just the tips of my longest fingers. Ellie grabbed my face hard and sobbed into my mouth, trying to hump my fingers. I was so solid it hurt. We went at it like this, hot and heavy, still I teased her, barely tickling her pussy. A loud groan from the TV called us to watch.

Jeff was doing the same thing with Kim, except with his fat boner, spreading her cunt with the blunt end of his prick but not penetrating her, driving her crazy, using his hand to drag it up and down her split with a stop at her anus to rub the juice in and open it to half the head. Kim squeezed her eyes shut and gave a grunt each time Jeff forced the head of his cock in her anus. He was too thick for her there but it was obvious she would have let him wreck her ass and loved it. He finally relented and we watched him feed about half his hard on into Kim’s tight snatch, listening to her moan with ecstasy, absolute ecstasy. Ellie was in need as well but before I could explore her pussy with my fingers and check her cherry she pulled away and swung her leg over mine, reverse cowgirl.

With her right hand she nestled my wet cock head in her pussy lips and ploughed the furrow from her little pink anus to her clit till everything was wet and slippery. Oh God! the tightness on the tip of my dick was to die for as it speared the most fabulous feeling pussy hole it has ever stretched. Up on her knees rocking back and forth, easing down a fraction at a time, Ellie obviously knew how to work a hard cock into her pussy, tight, but no cherry. Christ! How could she be anything but tight. Ellie was watching them fuck but I couldn’t see anything but her magic butt rotating on my stiff prick, each cheek could fit in the palm of my hand. I almost died when she leaned forward with her hands on my thighs rocking her split wide open ass to reveal her tiny anus, stretched thin from the thickness in her other hole.

My cock is not Jeff’s but it looked monstrous going in and out of her immature pussy, dripping with fuck lube. Where was she putting it? I was going insane, reaching down under her bum I brailed her taut pussy lips, taking moisture from myself on the out stroke and massaging it into her clit and labia. That got her way more serious and she put a lot more down pressure into her rocking, parallel to the action her mom was getting on the screen; Jeff was almost balls deep into my very happy wife and her daughter wanted more of me as well but she was taking too long, way too long. I couldn’t take it any more and lost it!

My hands came out from between us and sitting up I wrapped my arms around Ellie gripping her little tits in my palms. Then with relentless pressure, I forced her down, powering the last two inches of my prick past her flaps, deep in her oh so tight cunt! I’m going to hell anyway. My daughter yelped: “Da deeee! ... Oh Daddy! ... Oh Daddy please! It’s too deep, please. Daddy it hurts!” Trying to escape, pushing on my arms with her hands, gasping little sobs, crying, trying with all her strength to lift off the pole splitting her and still tunnelling deeper, opening her hole right to the end. I was too strong and her struggling to escape fired a lust in me to drive in deeper and harder, all my restraint gone and I held her to me as I fucked my cock all the way into my daughter.

For the first time in her life her father was knowingly hurting her and not only wouldn’t stop but selfishly drove himself deeper into her; giving her more pain and cock, lengthening her young pussy to better fit him. I had to get in all the way right now, closer to her womb, just fucking had to! Her pussy moulded to the spike piercing her, form fitting like it was custom made for my prick. I gasped and shuddered and squeezed her back to my chest, tightening my grip on her little boobies, sinking my teeth into her neck. My mouth was making unintelligible sounds and it was absolutely the most exquisite fuck of my life. I will hate myself tomorrow but right now I was as close to nirvana as I’ll ever get in this lifetime. Sorry Honey.

My hands wandered.

Ellie was moaning in some agony now, grimacing, and still trying to pull away from me when my fingers found her clit and took its measure. What a beauty, it felt wonderful to roll in my fingers, it had that firm resilience like a silicone dildo has, I wanted desperately to get it between my teeth and gently nibble on it. She got happier and gave up trying to roll off me but she was still grimacing from the depth of my penetration. I almost felt bad, if my cock wasn’t so happy I would have felt terrible, but I didn’t.

My left hand had both of her nipples standing up, they are so cute; tiny pink nubs on twin cupcakes and my work on her clit was starting to show results. Shutting up is not my strong point, I asked: “Who was your first? Jeff?” Between moans she gasped out: “Susan.” Her best friend! “How did you two accomplish that?”

Ellie had almost adjusted to my full penetration and was cautiously starting to lean back against my chest still watching Kim and Jeff on the screen while I softly massaged her clit and gently cupped her tits, her hips rocking to the rhythm of Jeff’s fucking her mom. “When we were ten we found her mom’s toys and Susan and I were each others first.” I had to say something supportive: “Nothing could be better than your best friend being your first. I always noticed you came home from Susan’s relaxed and happy.” She laughed a bit and rocked firmer, putting more pressure on her clit. I pushed back; pinching her clit between my cock and fingers, Ellie began huffing as she rode me. “Who was your first man?”

“I don’t know if I should say...” “We’ve gone this far and who am I to judge. In case you haven’t noticed what I’m doing with my lovely daughter right now.” A moments hesitation: “Susan’s dad.” “Mitch?” “Yesss!”

Ellie ground her cunt down forcing every bit of me into her hole. Another good memory. “I can tell you’ve got another story to tell me.” I gave her clit a quick frig coaxing a moan from her. “Susan’s mom was out and we were on her parents bed doing each other with her mom’s dildos when her dad walked in. We all looked at each other in shock then Susan freaked out and screamed, then I screamed and we covered our faces with our hands. When I opened my hands her dad was standing beside the bed naked.”

I eased up on her clit and she compensated by grinding harder on my prick. I wasn’t going to last much longer. “He just smiled and said: “A real one is much better.” then he leaned over and kissed both of us on the lips: “You won’t need this right now.” and he pulled the dildo out of my vagina. He was really gentle, Mitch kissed me on the lips again then kissed my breasts and tummy and slowly, real slowly he pushed his penis inside me.

When it was all the way in he kissed me again and asked me how I felt and all I could do was nod and we did it. It was way better than the fake ones. I liked it right away. He’s always gentle, you know when guys get close to cumming they do it harder, he never does.” “Did he do Susan too?” “Ya, did he ever. She was squealing and jumping around the bed wanting us to finish so she could do it. Susan was so excited that Mitch pulled out of me to give Susan some and then went back and forth between us. When he orgasmed in me it was the best feeling ever. He’s been doing it with us both ever since. Uh Dad?” “Yes sweetie.” “I’ve been wanting to be with you ever since Susan and I started, I had my first orgasm thinking about you.” “Oh baby! That is so sweet. If ever I would be with anyone other than your mother I knew it would be you.” Absolutely true, I just found out.

Ellie teared up a bit and I kissed her tears away and gave her a little fatherly french kiss and we got back to the serious business of orgasms. The fucking dummy that I am asked: “Who was your second?”

“Grampa Jim.” “My father!” “Ya.” “How the hell did that happen?” “You’re not mad are you?” I had to think for a second; mad? No. Shocked? Yes. I put my hands on her hips and held her down while I arched my pelvis up. She flung her hands down to my hips to restrict my depth but it was too late and I was in a bit deeper with my knob rubbing on the end of her cunt, probably a little painfully. “Not mad, but I want to hear the whole story.”

“It first happened when Susan and I stayed at Gramma and Grampa’s last summer. Gramma was in town for the afternoon and Grampa gave Susan and I a chore to do. We went in to change into our old clothes and when Susan was digging in her bag for her work clothes she found the dildos she brought from home. You can guess what happened next and a little later Grampa walked in to see why the chore wasn’t done he caught us both using the dildos.

You know Grampa: ‘I see you girls think you should play instead of working! Spankings for both of you for shirking your chore.’ He sat on the bed putting me across his lap. Five good slaps. My butt stung! I think he just wanted to feel our bums.” “You guys were naked?” “Oh ya! I could feel Grampa’s boner the whole time he was spanking me.” The dirty old bugger! she was only a kid!

“Susan had never been spanked before and started crying. After he gave her her spanks old softy Grampa said: ‘there, there’, and stroked her little red butt until Susan started to wiggle on his lap and rub up against his hard on.” Ellie giggled again and told me: “I remember the look on Grampa’s face as she humped his lap and when he pulled her up she straddled him rubbing her bare pussy against his hard on. She was so hot I thought she was going to cum right then. Grampa was sort of startled but he got into it right away.” Not thinking of my father at all I was picturing Susan naked and knew I would do whatever it took to get a shot at her.

“What were you doing while this was going on?” Ellie moaned quietly and arched her back moving my dick in her pussy. “I was watching them and rubbing myself. When Grampa saw me I think that’s when he really gave in, he pushed his shorts off and pulled Susan down on his dick. When he walked in on us Susan had a dildo in her so he pretty much knew she wasn’t a virgin. They did it until Grampa came and then we laid on the bed and talked about it, I think he wanted to make sure he wasn’t scarring us for life or something.”

We talked for a long time and when Grampa got up to go he said: ‘you two still have your chore to do’ and I yelled: ‘hey! what about me’, he laughed and kissed me as he put it in me for the first time. You’ve got a bigger one than either your dad or Mitch. He took a lot longer to cum with me and after he did he...” Ellie paused for a long moment. “He what? Come on don’t stop now.” “He kissed my vagina and put his tongue in me and I had my first orgasm while he was doing it. I was thinking of you when it happened, I think that’s what did it for me. Susan had her first the next day when he kissed hers.” Holy shit my father ate his own cream pie from his granddaughter!

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