Guys in the Woods

by Jax_Teller

Copyright© 2017 by Jax_Teller

Sex Story: This is a stand alone story with characters and story line from Guys with Trucks. While reading Guys with trucks is not necessary it has background of characters. Carri brings a friend out to the woods for a extended visit.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   Petting   Voyeurism   .

From: Guys With Trucks

There was a picture attached and when I opened it I about drove off the road because it was her with a strap on cock fucking a younger woman from behind as the other woman was eating yet another woman’s pussy. I texted back that I was looking forward to her visiting and by all means bring your friends along. Carri had always managed to surprise me and our reunion had been no different.

Carrie and I kept texting back and forth throughout the week, the old sexual connection coming back strong. I was surprised at the frankness of her conversations and the width of her sexual exploits, even though I really should have known. Keeping in touch through face book had led me to think of her in a benign way, that wasn’t who she really was. It wasn’t like she’d hid her real self from me, but the limitations of internet filtered out who she really was.

I mentioned a couple of charities that would come in and take anything left with out charging because they would re-purpose or sell the items. That would only leave the actual clean up and with the house being sold it would not have to be spic and span clean. She took my ideas and made them work for her. The sale of the house went through on Friday morning, and by noon she was texting me about directions to my place. I was thrilled that she was coming out and she asked if it was private enough for nudity. I told her inside the main house yes in the back yard yes, in the woods where the cabin was being finished yes, but out front of the house near the road not so much.

I told her that at the cabin in the woods, and there were out door beds near a social fire pit out side. She was excited thinking about sleeping outside under the stars and asked if I was serious about the guys and a party this weekend. I told her that Mark and Bob were working on the cabin as we spoke and that they had asked a couple times a day if I thought it might come true. Carrie said in that case she and Miko would be leaving out of Chi town after she got off work around five and would be at the house by dark.

It was just after seven pm when I got the next text from Carrie saying she couldn’t wait to get here, and there was a picture attached of a naked female. The woman in the picture resembled the woman she was fucking with the strap on in the first pictures she sent me. This woman was in mini van turned to the driver fingering her pussy, I immediately recognized the van as Carri’s van. The next picture was the woman’s butt as she hung out the window, Carrie texted that is Miko and she is excited to meet us guys. I showed Mark and Bob the pictures, and they decided to knock off work and get cleaned up.

It was starting to get dark when I saw the head lights of Carri’s van coming in the driveway. We all went out to greet them, and we all hugged and introduced our selves. Bob and Mark helped grab their bags and carry them inside. Bob went out to the back patio deck, and we all followed, grabbing beers as we went. I followed Miko and she had on skin tight shorts that really looked painted on. Her tee shirt was tied in a knot in front, leaving her belly exposed. We drank and ate until well after midnight, until Bob’s pager went off signally a fire call. He took out like his ass was on fire saying he’d be back in the morning.

Miko and Mark were getting close touchy feely and it was obvious they were pairing up. Mark stood up shortly after Bob left and said that he and Miko were going to bed. We all said our good nights and Carri told Miko not to have too much fun, which we all laughed at. Carri said So, and I said you want to see the stars? And she said sure. I took her over to the Gator and I drove out into the woods to a place along the lake front parking near the edge.

We sat and talked and pointed out stars and I helped her get her directional barrings. We rode on to the cabin and I showed her to the bed room as we were both starting to stagger some. She took her clothes off and climbed in bed, and I followed her. We hugged and talked some about why we never dated, and fell asleep mid sentence. The morning sun was early and loud as the birds and critters scurried about the woods. As my eyes opened Carrie slid her hand on my morning hard on, and said oh look a woody. We laughed and then she began to suck my cock, stroking and slurping, she really knew her way around a cock.

I wasn’t going to last long and she seemed to know exactly when I was about to come as she pulled her mouth off my cock and slid her body up mine, like a snake. She straddled me and before I knew it my cock was buried in her pussy. She rode me until she felt my orgasm and then paused until the feeling passed and she began riding again. After several times, she slid off of me and got up from the bed wandering over to the window looking out. The sight of her naked form in front of the forest view out my window was almost enough to make me come.

Carri said don’t be angry, that she had something in mind, and told me how Miko was her life mate. They shared an apartment and had been in an open relationship for years. She told me that Miko had only had sex with men a few times and that she’d never really felt a large amount of come in her pussy. Miko had been come on, had come in her asshole, but never really had a big in her pussy because she didn’t want to get pregnant back then. The light in the back of my head went off as to why she’d been denying my orgasm. I said ok them I get it, but what about Mark and last night what if he came in her?

Carri said she had ordered Miko to give him the blow job of a life time, and to swallow every drop of him. I asked, Ordered? And she said yes Miko was her submissive, that she was Dominant to women. I asked just women, and she said yeah she liked men to be dominant of her, but she would play with a submissive male, it just didn’t really work for her. By this point my hard on had subsided, we got dressed and went back to the house. Bob was in the kitchen making breakfast as he liked doing that. Just after we came inside Miko and Mark came out of the bedroom both still naked.

Miko asked Bob about the call last night and he said it was a Brush fire, that was put out quickly. After we all ate I said let’s move out to the cabin, and we all packed up the pick up, and Bob went ahead with it. Mark and Miko took a Gator, Carri and I took another Gator, and headed for the cabin. When we got out to the cabin the women started stripping off their clothes and us guys did as well. We started the fire pit going and moved the food inside. It was a glorious day of hanging out at the cabin, a lot of sexual innuendo and playful teasing went on.

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