Paul's Inner Feelings

by Rodav

Copyright© 2018 by Rodav

Fan Fiction Sex Story: A fan fiction story of Nick Scipio's Summer camp Universe. Where for the first time Paul and Gina were permitted to stay and don't have to leave the room when their parents starts their private swing party. The parents made rules that there should be no sexual contact between parents and children. This was the part where what Paul felts as he watched his Mother having sex.

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Fan Fiction   Sharing   Incest   Mother   Son   Father   Daughter   Group Sex   Swinging   Nudism   .

Synopsis: This addendum to “Summer Camp” is a fan fiction story. Thanks to Nick Scipio for encouraging me to write my own imagination added to the story.

Some of the words are taken directly from Nick Scipio’s Summer camp book 2 (Gina) chapter 32 and book 3 (Kendall) chapter 22.

This is from book2 (Gina) chapter 32 around 60% through the chapter when Paul and Gina were finally permitted to join their parents private party. (That was due to Gina’s constant bickering why they can’t join while Kara can.)

In that Salt Lake City, Utah. After Christmas ski trip, they stayed until the New Year. There were nights things were relaxed and casual, someone would just do blowjobs. Or just lounged around the chalet in it’s big private tub or the large downstairs living room.

Other nights things really heated up and it seemed like everyone was fucking and sucking someone else. And by that time Erin and Leah were already in bed and asleep.

This story came in those nights when it got heated up.

Though they already joined them on those previous nights. They were also busy doing their own thing with each other that they didn’t get much a chance to pay attention to their parents having sex. Though from time to time they enjoyed the view when they glanced at them doing their own thing.

But this time, as if for the first time and out of the blue reality sinked it. That Paul focused on his mother that as if seeing her for the first time having sex openly.

So, this was the very first time that Paul and Gina really watched their parents having sex openly right before their very own eyes. And they almost can’t believe it was happenning. He thought of pinching himself to make sure that this thing was real and not just a dream.

For the most part, it was Paul who really thinks it is surreal as he watched his very own dear Mother having sex. And to think she was doing it with another man not her own husband.

As Paul realizes, his dear mother that he adores is having sexual intercourse with a man right in front of them. And to be explicit, his mother and her lover, her swinging partner were fucking. His girlfriend’s father was fucking his dear mother right before his eyes.

On their right side, his father David was lying on his back as Elizabeth rode his cock and Kara sat on his face.

Just thinking about it, Paul has to deal with his own internal feelings and struggle about his taboo attraction to his own Mother. Still he thinks it surreal to be here right now joining the swing party of their parents, and to top of it all, his own mother is allowing him to watch her engaging in a very immoral, adulterous, sinful act with another man not her husband. ( That would be according to other normal righteous people if they see or known about this, but not for them). But still weird for him to see it in reality. But it makes him very excited. His very hard and pulsating cock can attest to that.

His mother knew that her son could clearly see her very own wet pussy was stretched and wraps around a hard cock of a family friend, and that of the father of her son’s girfriend.

It looked so intimate to see them having intercourse in a missionary position. He and Gina could clearly see their own parents genitals connected as his girlfriend’s father’s penis sliding slowly in and out of his dear mother’s vagina. Paul can’t help but glued on it. Beside him Gina very slightly carrassing his pulsing very hard cock with her hand.

Gina lovingly whispers to him as she was also glued to their parents, “ Oh, Paul ... they looked so lovely.” As his cock pulsed on Gina’s hand.

When Paul and his mother’s eyes met, they held it for a while, then saw his mother’s shy smile as if suddenly she felt self conscious of what they were doing when she noticed that her son’s eyes kept coming down and glued at their bottom. She blushed when she realized that his eyes were glued at the cock sliding in and out of her pussy. And when his eyes went up again to meet hers, she seemed embarrassed and quickly looked away. Then she held her fornicating partner tightly and tried to press and hide her face on the other side of her partner’s cheek as if trying to hide her embarrassment a bit from her dear son’s eyes. And as Chris kept on thrusting on her and she meet his thrust.

To the people of their community the Hughes and the Coulter families were everything they presented themselves to be. Actually Beth and Elizabeth were so praised by the other ladies of their volunteer group for being so generous and models of their community. Beneath the surface though, the incestuous or taboo sex they practice was totally different from the mainstream society accepted as normal.

Society will see their swinging parties as immoral, their families didn’t see the parties as anything wrong as long as they are not hurting anybody. In fact this secret lifestyle had brought these two families closer together.

They don’t regret their decision to engage in what society think is reprehensible relationship.

What they were doing would seem inappropriate to others but it’s appropriate to them.

Then after a while Gina held his hard cock and tiptoed in front of him guiding his cock in her opening then impaled herself to him while standing up.

His mother watched it happened as Gina impaled herself to him.

When he looked back to their parents, his mom met his eyes again, then she lowered her eyes and saw her son’s cock connected to his girlfriend’s pussy. The very girl who’s father is on top of her who’s cock is also connected to her own pussy.

When his mom looked back up and met his eyes again, she smiled and looked away shyly.

Paul can’t help to glance back down again on Chris and his mother’s genitals. This time it was buried balls deep inside her.

As their eyes met again, his mother lovingly mouthed to him, “ I love you.” He felt the love of his mom and mouthed back “ I love you” to her in lovingly response.

Gina saw the exchange and was so enthralled at what she witnessed between her boyfriend and his mom.

Then Gina jumped and wrapped her arms around Paul’s neck and her legs around his waist and kept herself impaled in him.

Then Paul slowly walked and came closer to their parents and stood just almost in front of them.

His mother can clearly see in almost a close up view of her dear son’s balls as his cock buried deep inside his girlfriend.

Then as in a whisper, she lovingly said, “ It’s so beautiful.”

Paul glanced down to his mother, smiled and responded lovingly, “thanks mom.”

Then Paul looked at his mother’s spread legs and could clearly see in a closer view of Chris’s cock sliding in and out of her pussy. “ that’s so beautiful too, mom.”

Beth looked down on their own coitus, then looked up to her son, smiled and sweetly said, “thanks honey.”

Then Gina’s father looked up and saw the beautiful view of his very own daughter’s pussy streached and wrapped around the cock of her boyfriend who is the son of the woman who right now is under him and who’s pussy is also stretched and wrapped around his own hard cock.

“Your son is fucking my daughter.” Chris smiled and whispered to Beth as he continued gently thrusting into her.

“Yes, and at the same time you’re fucking his mother.” Beth sweetly responded.

When Beth and Chris looked up again, Beth said, “Looks like you daughter is really enjoying Paul’s hard cock in her.”

“You mean your son’s big hard cock? Chris teased smiling.

Beth hesitated a bit and softly said, “Yes, my son’s big hard cock.”

Chris continued to tease Beth and said, “Did you ever imagine how it will feel inside you?”

“Oh, hush about your dirty thoughts and just keep fucking me.” Beth smiled. And then she asked in return. “How about you, did you ever imagined about you inside your daughter?”

“I think you’re right, we’ll just have to keep on fucking.”

And they both laugh softly.

Then after a while they felt Elizabeth’s presence who sat beside them. She obviously just finished riding David.

Paul and Gina took a glance on their right side and this time saw David and Kara fucking in a missionary position. They can also clearly see David’s cock sliding in and out of Kara’s pussy.

Elizabeth kissed Beth on the lips and looked down to where her husband and Beth were joined and saw her husband’s cock sliding in and out of Beth’s pussy. Then she looked up and smiled when she saw Paul sliding his cock in and out of her daughter’s pussy.

After a while, Paul laid Gina down parallel to his mom and Chris, with Elizabeth sitting in between them.

As they continued fucking, Elizabeth’s right hand held Beth’s left hand while her left hand held her daughter’s right hand.

They all smiled then chuckle when they heard the squelching wet sound from their intercourse. And with all the three pairs of cocks and pussies making a squelching wet sounds, they all noticed that the room started to be filled with the smell of sex. They made some funny faces with each other and flared their noses and laugh about it.

Elizabeth noticed the loving exchanged of glances between the mother and son. As if Paul would like to be in Chris’s position.

When Elizabeth met Paul’s eyes, she grinned and arc her eyebrows to him.

Paul suddenly smiled as if embarrassed that he got caught.

And when Elizabeth met Beth’s eyes, she also grinned and arc her eyebrows to her, and Beth looked embarrassed too.

After several minutes of continued fucking, one after another they started to have their climax.

After the party, while still nude together, Beth said to Paul and Gina that she was a bit embarrassed and became self conscious because she did not realize that Paul would really stare and watch her having sex, because normally in a swing party everyone are busy doing their own thing and would just glance at others and not glued to a particular couple having sex.

Paul smiled and in a joking manner said, “ Actually you were fucking mom, oh, I mean actually getting fucked.”

“Ouch!” Paul suddenly jumped and exclaimed, as his mother pinched him on his sides as she rolled her eyes to him. “ You were fucking too!”

Elizabeth overheard it as she came and said, “ everybody were fucking.”

Then Elizabeth said to Beth that Paul was really glued to the part of her and Chris’s bodies joined.

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