April Fools Bigamy

by Severusmax

Copyright© 2017 by Severusmax

Incest Sex Story: Was it an April Fool's joke, or did Jack Cameron really take mother and daughter to wife in one night? He was about to find out, wasn't he?

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Incest   Mother   Daughter   InLaws   Group Sex   Harem   Polygamy/Polyamory   Analingus   Cream Pie   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   Squirting   Nudism   .

What in God’s name was going on, I asked myself as I came to in the shower, a hot jet of water hitting my face. It was ... what day again? Monday? Tuesday? Wednesday? I struggled through washing my face and body, before stumbling and nearly tumbling on my out of the shower. I reached vainly for a towel, only to have one rather suddenly used on me by a distinctly feminine hand.

“Lauren?” I assumed that it was my fiancée, the same one that I was set to wed Saturday night (after the Sabbath ended) or was it a new week and did I miss it somehow? I knew that I was on vacation from work, but damn!

“Guess again, honey. It’s your favorite cougar, baby. How about a kiss?” Connie, Lauren’s mother, was friendly as ever, even flirty as she tended to be in a way that my fiancée seemed to treat as a joke.

“Okay, but... ,” I started to say that it had better be a family kiss, because I didn’t want to cheat on Lauren, when Connie planted a lip lock on me that definitely wasn’t a family type.

“Jesus, you used tongue! Do you kiss Lauren that way?” I laughed and Connie snickered.

“Honey, not yet, but I’ve been very tempted at times. If I ever committed incest, she would be my first pick,” Lauren’s mother winked at me.

“You’d sleep with an engaged woman?” I asked Connie with surprise.

“Well, first off, I’d make it up to you, and secondly, you’re not engaged anymore. You’re married now. Lauren couldn’t wait any longer, so she got you drunk and convinced you to tie the knot. I love that sort of thing about her. Impulsive and daring. Of course, she still wants to go through with the second, public wedding, but the deed is done. You’re a married man, just have to make it public next Sunday,” Connie explained to me, even while her hands roamed my body.

“Wait, if I’m married to her early, what day of the week is it, and secondly, why are you fondling your son-in-law?” I asked with considerable shock.

“Because she’s out for the count and I want to pinch-hit for her. She drank a bit herself to celebrate your marriage, fucked you so loudly that I could hear it in the other end of the house, and then fell asleep. Don’t be too shocked. I’ve helped her other boyfriends in the past, just never a husband. Lauren’s a great lover, but she gets a bit hammered at times and that makes her doze off for hours at a time. I even warned her, ‘Honey, if you get so drunk that you doze off, your man’s likely to get horny once his hangover wears off, and I’ll have to take care of him for you.’ She seemed to find it hilarious for some reason, not sure, even though I basically confessed to fucking her boyfriends while she slept it off,” Connie shrugged, while sliding her soft, fair, freckled hands down to my crotch.

“So ... she was warned in advance that you were going to do this and didn’t heed the warning?” I chuckled.

“Yes, so I figure that gives you a hall pass this once, at least, don’t you? Guess what else? I’m fertile. Think that we should give her a baby brother or sister as a wedding present?” Connie smirked as she went down on me.

“Well, unless I missed that day in sex-ed, I don’t believe that fellatio produces babies,” I reminded Connie teasingly.

“Not directly, but it puts a hungover man in a better mood for it. Why do you think that I woke you up? I had designs on your fidelity. Wicked ones,” Connie told me, winking as she slurped on my cock.

“Damn, woman, you really do want me that way! This is going to make for some very interesting family get-togethers, knowing that I’ve fucked both Lauren and you. How will you explain that to Lauren or your boyfriends if the sexual tension between us becomes noticeable?” I laughed, even as my dick stiffened greatly in her mouth and I started to play with her lovely, crimson hair a bit.

“Oh, I’ll tell Lauren the truth and remind her that I warned her ahead of time and that she shouldn’t get mad at us for me relieving your needs after she fell asleep on the job. I was just a substitute, a relief pitcher. As for the boyfriends, well, they’re a dime a dozen. None of them last long enough to worry about it. Truth be told, I was waiting for you,” Connie said as she bent over the vanity and invited me to take her from behind.

“Waiting for me? So that Lauren could get married and you could then focus on yourself? That’s admirable, if probably unnecessary. I don’t think that Lauren ever asked or expected you to do that,” I remarked as I began pounding her pussy in earnest, unable to resist her in her present, warm, domestic goddess mode.

“No, I think that what she meant was that she waited for you to come along so that we could share you,” Lauren spoke up from behind us, forestalling my panic by coming up behind me and putting her arms around my waist, “Do me proud, baby. I didn’t fake getting that drunk just to have you half-ass this job. It’s okay, Mom’s sexy as hell and downright insatiable. She needs this. So do you. So do I.”

“Wait, was this a plot? Some kind of April Fool’s Day gag, just to mess with me?” I asked Lauren, even as I kept pumping in and out of Connie, and both women worked together to keep me as far inside her as possible.

“Well, the fertility part was April Fool’s, babe, as was my getting drunk, but you are married now and it’s time to enjoy the fringe benefits. Chief perk being my mother, of course,” Lauren laughed as she began some real ass play meant to drive me wilder and get me to bottom out inside Connie.

“It’s a two-for-one special. Come for the daughter, stay for the mother. You get two Rothsteins in one package deal. Like mother, like daughter. You’ve heard that saying. Well, now we have something else in common: you. Right now, my libido is uncontrollable and she only wants the best man to satisfy me. Who better than you, the best man that she knows?” Connie now encouraged me as her daughter fingered my butt.

“So, this is a sort of honey trap, then?” I joked as I continued plowing Connie’s juicy twat.

“Hell, yes, and you fell for the honey, so now you get both queen bees. Drones never get that lucky in an actual beehive, so count yourself very fortunate, babe,” Lauren told me while playing with my asshole and kissing the back of my neck.

“How the fuck did any fool ever pull out of you long enough to leave you, Connie?” I groaned, but also laughed a bit as I plundered Connie but good, enjoying the warmth of her cunt on my dick.

“God, you’re a fucking stud! And as for why, the guy was unable to satisfy Mom, so she proposed an open marriage, one which would allow both of them to try others. He got disgusted and walked out, more fool him. She later found out that he wasn’t really my Dad, thankfully in time to keep his name off my birth certificate and avoid any such entanglements. He was free of child support and we were free of him. Apparently, Mom had already started cheating, but she honestly planned to make it up to him, right, Mom?” Lauren explained to me as her mother squirted and moaned from my assault on her slit.

“I was. I honestly was. I would have lined up so many women to seduce and pleasure him that it wouldn’t have mattered after a while. He would have been hip deep in pussy and happy as a clam!” Connie assured me, “I honestly do try to make it up to a man when I’m weak and do him wrong. Well, what he missed out on, you now shall receive, a lifetime supply of mother and daughter booty on tap. Granted, he would have had to wait for Lauren to come of age, but in the meantime, there were lots of women ready to satisfy him with my blessing.”

“And plenty of other women for you, too, dear. Just give your consent for a little ... openness between us, that’s all I ask in return,” Lauren chimed in, even as her fingers reached my prostate and really got me aroused in the extreme.

“So, you want an open marriage, then? Well, this is a damn fine start to one,” I chuckled, but I couldn’t hold any longer and I shot spurt after spurt of my hot jizz inside her mother.

“I hope that you don’t feel too ... manipulated, but that’s how it is with me and my mother. We’re both horny she-devils, almost succubi in terms of our powerful sex drives,” Lauren told me while kneeling to suck my dick, “I hope that you can get it up again, this time for me. Maybe breakfast will revive you. I wager that you’ve just burned a calorie or two ... or a thousand, knowing Mom.”

“Breakfast does sound rather nice, now that you mention it and my stomach has had a little time to recover from the hangover,” I smiled, even as my sweet bride licked me clean.

“Oh, I hope that you don’t mind me putting off the purchase of the home with so many excuses, but to be honest, I kind of hoped that we would just move in with Mom. She needs a man around 24/7, plus you’d always be the man of the house, and she misses having me constantly around. Apparently, empty nest syndrome is a very real thing, especially now that she’s forty-three,” Lauren assured me, even as her mother joined her in slurping on my cock.

“Another little trick, but I guess that it doesn’t bother me, given that it means daily access to both of you,” I confessed with a grin as they pleasured me.

“Mmmm ... Mom, you really don’t taste half-bad! Maybe I should try some straight from the source. He’s still got your spunk in him, right? I’ll leave enough to do the job, I swear,” Lauren teased us both.

“Do what job? I thought that the fertility part was a joke,” I asked them now, quite unsure whether I heard Lauren right.

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