Really Being the Boss

by uksnowy

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Sex Story: A white domineering CEO visits his weak brothers family and has sex with the black wife and daughter

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Teenagers   Coercion   Fiction   Cuckold   Wife Watching   Wimp Husband   Incest   Niece   InLaws   Interracial   Black Female   White Male   Anal Sex   Big Breasts   .

(By Charlie the Drifter, edited and abridged in 2005 and abridged again to be within the SOL rules)

I still don’t know why Carl married his wife, the lovely but simple Mabel. We were from a comfortable conservative county town yet he decided to marry the house cleaner. She was good at it and she turned us both on when she bustled round the place in her tight short skirt and low cut blouses, which our Mother hated, but our Dad secretly enjoyed. Carl married the cute black trash Mabel seven years ago, and they had a daughter, Blossom, now fourteen years old. She was the spitting image of Mabel, thick black hair, huge pink rubbery lips that never seem to mask a huge white smile and skin as black as coal, except she was small, slender and graceful, aimed to be a dancer.

God knows how that genes thing worked because we are of pure English stock but seeing Mabel’s family at the wedding, I wasn’t surprised that Blossom turned out black, because every damn one of them was black as the ace of spades.

I hadn’t visited them for close to three months having been abroad on a major construction project. I did pay them annual visits, business and other stuff got in the way too. They had moved to a desirable property part of town since his part of our business empire was so successful and I, who lived two hundred miles away just happened to be travelling through the area and decided to stop to visit them. I was the CEO of the group and in theory, Carl worked for me, in fact I had funded his setup, but after he got it going I didn’t interfere. Being family, I did not think it warranted any call to inform them, we had always just dropped in on each other in the old days. Besides it would be a surprise. When I pulled up to their charming house, it was about nine in the evening. It was getting dark in the late summer. There were a couple of lights on in the house, but when I rang the door bell, there was no answer.

I could see a dim light down the path to the rear of the house past the double garage which would house their two cars, Carl being the type that garaged his expensive motors every night, unlike most of the other folk who lived round here, so I decided to check the back door, which is what we usually did at each of the family residences. Walking round noting the six foot high board fence I guessed it would be as private as all of the family homes. This one had quite a few specimen shrubs and trees, following Carl’s business as the owner of a chain of garden centres. Like most of the other houses in this quite decent area there was a swimming pool in the back garden and I could see the surrounding lights were still on, but I could not hear the noises of swimmers. I knew the layout from when he bought the place from a bankrupt contractor for a good price. He had proudly sent pictures of it round the family. The closest neighbours were about fifty leafy yards away, such was the spacious aspect of the quality houses befitting residents with a bit of cash. I reached the side gate, carelessly left unlocked and opened it and went in. My trainer-clad footsteps were muffled on the paved walkway.

As I reached the corner of the building I could see figures on the vast lawn, fairly near the conservatory door. That was not unusual, it was a hot evening, but instead of sitting around eating and drinking, Carl and Mabel were on blankets spread out on the lawn. I stopped dead in my tracks at the scene. They hadn’t heard me and had continued with what they had been doing. I stood there without moving, or making sound, transfixed on their activities. My brother was laying on the blanket stark naked. Mabel was kneeling beside him also naked and her glossy sumptuous nigger rump was towards me. On the other side of him, was their little daughter, fourteen year old Blossom and fucking hell!! She was naked too. What really shocked me was that Mabel was holding his cock and Blossom was also holding it looking quizzically at her smiling and nodding Daddy. “Just do what I do darling,” murmured Mabel in low and husky tones.

With that she dipped her head and started licking his cock head. That was fucking hot to watch. Blossom stared intently as her Mum expertly gobbled his knob, occasionally dipping her head lower and taking most of his cock in. Now and then she spoke. “Just do what I do and suck daddy’s thingie like it’s a lollipop.”

Shocked to immobility, I watched as Blossom slipped her open mouth down on Carl’s cock head taking it into her sloppy lipped mouth. I could see without hearing, that Mabel was telling her how to slide her Daddy’s cock in and out of her mouth. Blossom dutifully did as her mother told her. It wouldn’t be difficult for a fourteen year old. Carl and I were not blessed with big dicks, but we knew how to use them. Then I noticed my brother’s arm was moving behind his child and with a giggle she lurched, not letting go of his hard cock and I guessed he might be rubbing Blossom’s cunt. I sucked air as I found myself tensing my groin and inducing a hardening cock as I suddenly thought of how nice that would be to have the pleasure of feeling a little girl’s twat. But where had that thought come from?

Playing with a minor had never entered my head before, although I did lust after the tenth year school girls, in my own area in their short skirts, long legs and budding breasts beneath pristine white shirts. Child sex wasn’t on my agenda, but was it far away from teen sex with fifteen year olds that I lusted after but never had achieved?

The gentle scene being played out in front of my still prying eyes conjured up all sorts of scenarios and I wondered if this was a first for them, sort of initiating the kid or was he fucking her already and this was early foreplay? Studying them and the way that Mabel was watching and instructing Blossom, and he was fingering her youthful cunt, I believed that as of yet little Blossom was still a virgin, but what did I know. I turned my attention to the naked body of Mabel. In the kneeling position her huge hanging tits swayed near touching the blanket, which must be titillating her stiff swollen nipples. I couldn’t see her crotch in that dim light but I could guess that her cunt would be glistening with her own wetness. How many times had I tried to peep up her skirt or down her front when she cleaned our house, all with very little success.

OK I saw ample cleavage and shapely blue black thighs and that terrific contrast of orange pink colouring of the soles of her feet and hands. Now I was seeing her naked and it looked good. Judging by her expression, she was turned on watching their little daughter suck her Daddy’s cock and play with it. I thought about the situation, my current hidden snooping and how I had lusted after the black cheap woman, my rich brother had chosen for a wife. Yes trailer trash maybe, but one hell of a fucking hot woman, but one who was meek and mild, compliant and had never flaunted herself and was totally under Carl’s thumb in terms of family life. Meeting her family at the wedding was an eye opener and I had managed to have a shag against the toilet wall with her younger sister during the reception party. Being in awe of black women and I had plenty over the years I travelled as an unattached wealthy male, I had always harboured a desire to fuck Mabel and I wondered if tonight might just be the opportunity.

How could they stop me after what I was watching? I knew that my brother would try to bluster his way out of it and try to reason with me, but I knew that it was not going to work. I was not going to be intimidated and I knew that he would back down, because he was at heart a coward and always had been. As kids I had fought many battles for him. He would start it and I would have to wind up protecting him, because he wouldn’t fight back. Equally I bullied him at home and at school. Secondly I had a lever over him. It was my money that helped set up his business and I had left the door open for when he paid me back. I was loaded and didn’t even charge him interest, but it was a considerable sum and he was in no doubt that I wanted it back. Thirdly, Mum and Dad didn’t know I had funded him, believing Carl has secured pukka business loans. They didn’t agree that we should spoon feed each other.

I wondered what Mabel would be like as a fuck and watching the enthusiasm that Blossom was now putting into her fellatio I wondered what she would be like to fuck. Shit Ray, where did that come from. You can’t fuck a fourteen year old, I chastised myself for such wrong thoughts, but they kept nagging at me as I continued my peeping. I don’t fuck about on decisions and decided that I could find out these worrying things on this visit and I could return at my will.

Before I left, Carl and Mabel would both know that whenever I visited from then on I would be fucking both his wife and his daughter, filling their cunts with my cum many, many times because I wasn’t going to use any protection, I hated those damned rubbers and never used them. Little Blossom was sucking her Daddy’s cock in and out of her mouth for a full couple of minutes. Mabel spoke.

“Don’t cum in her mouth darling,” she murmured, but I could hear every word in the still summer night air. “Remember this is the first time and we said you could use her minnie to take the first load as it won’t effect her. Minnie, minnie? What the fuck, then I realised that’s what they called her teeny cunt. How fucking stupid is that? She told her child to pull her mouth off Daddy’s cock and then she said to my amazement, “Blossom lay down because Daddy is going to put his big thing in your minnie like we told you, for that extra pocket money. You know how you watched Daddy put his thing in Mummy’s minnie, down here, well Daddy’s going to put it in you down there now like he’s going to try and make a baby in your tummy, like he did so that Mummy could have a lovely child like you.”

“But I won’t have a baby, will I Mummy?” lisped Blossom, her lips and cheeks wet with saliva and Carl’s precum. “No sweetie, of course not,” answered Carl, grinning at his wife. “Just do as Mummy tells you.” The kid quickly lay down and spread her shapely strong legs and I watched as my brother moved between his daughter’s legs and began rubbing his cock head up and down her little cunt lips. I would be damned if I was going to watch him fuck his little girl and take her virginity. If it was going to happen and they had obviously planned it, but God knows how they got to such an advanced state of family incest I didn’t know and didn’t care at the moment, that was going to be my prize. I broke cover and walked over to them.

“What the hell do you think you’re going to do? I demanded. They both froze. Mabel squeaked - her eyes wide in horror and Blossom grinned and waved. Then as usual my brother, started his bluster. “What the fuck are you doing here?” he answered, his hands automatically over his groin as if to hide his genitals. “It doesn’t matter. I’m here and I can see what you’re trying to do. Both of you. You’re not going to fuck her,” I told them. “What, what do you mean, this is my family, my house?” he snapped. “You heard me.” I snapped back at him. “You are not going to fuck your little girl and take her virginity. Carl you can’t bluff me. I know you inside out and you know it. Now get away from her. I don’t know how you and Mabel got into this incest thing. I am stunned and shocked, in fact mystified, but I can see a way out of this. “What do you mean, out of this? I can do what I like,” Carl insisted. “Maybe you can, but I think if you want to fuck her I think we could negotiate something that would benefit all of us,” I said firmly.

Mabel and Carl glanced at each other. He gulped, she stood up and it was then I noticed how she lacked any pubic hair. Her knockers ballooned out, still supporting glossy black nipples the size of grapes. Her belly was fully rounded and had started an extra crease just above where her her pube line would be but she was what you would still call hourglass shape, if a little full. I reckoned I was going to enjoy myself. “What do you mean Ray?” asked Carl, also standing up and helping Blossom to her feet. “Oh you can fuck her but not now because I’m going to fuck her first,” I said slowly and winking at Blossom who wandered to my side. I smoothed my hand through her wiry mop and cuddled her bare shoulders. “Hello sweetie, it’s such a long time since Uncle Ray has seen you. Haven’t you grown up to be a pretty little girl?”

She smiled her beautiful Jamaican smile back as I ran my eyes down her flat, gleaming, black chest with just the sign of puffy nipples bloomimg.” My, she was slender. “You can’t Ray, that’s not right,” blustered Carl. “Just try me bro. You owe me and it’s part pay back time. In benefit in kind as they say. Part goods part cash, but that can wait. It’s a good deal,” I said pleasantly. “But but b b,,,, “ his voice tailed off as Mabel spoke up. “Listen Carl, Ray is not stupid. He is offering us a deal in exchange for keeping quiet, that right Ray?” she simpered. There was the slightest flirty smile and tiny jiggle of her enormous tits as she looked at me quizzically. “Dead right darling. He is so fucking thick sometimes your old man, God knows how he keeps that business going I don’t know.”

I did, because for all his wimpish ways, he has one hell of a business brain on him - once I had set him up. “Yes, Carl, I’m going to fuck her and then Mabel, I’ve always fancied your wifes’s black cunt and you’re not going to stop me.” Mabel grinned widely and preened, licking those huge pink lips. Fuck me, she was up for it, no hard bargaining there then. “You won’t be disappointed Ray,” she chuckled. “Shut the fuck up Mabel. You realise what he is saying?” Carl’s last protest stuttered out as his wife slunk to my side and stood behind her little daughter. My brother’s face was a picture as I spoke. “I’m going to fuck Blossom, I assume she is a virgin and take that from her, unless you’ve been doing it before?” I got fervent shakes of both their heads. “Then you can fuck her after me if you want. In fact Carl - from now on I’m going to be fucking both Mabel and Blossom anytime I want to and you can watch and wank if you want but don’t try to stop me,” I told him firmly. Both he and Mabel just stared at me, not believing how I was suddenly in their - yes, let’s call it evil plan, telling him what I was going to be doing to his wife and daughter from then on. Mabel’s face was much happier than Carl’s though and he blustered again. “Wha, what do you mean, you’re going to fuck both of them anytime you want?” He just didn’t get it. “You heard me Carl, it’s clear, I told you I was going to fuck Mabel and Blossom, any time I wanted to from now on.” I told him. “Well, I mean over the next couple of day or so. I intend to stay a while and enjoy your hospitality.” He stood opposite me, and my newly formed little tribe, his flaccid cock wobbling between his legs. He didn’t even try and cover it now. “You, you can’t take over my family like that,” he whined. “Please Ray, let’s work something out?” “I can and I will and it’s worked out. My plan,” I told him. “Now get your hair brain in gear. You know what I can do and you know you can’t stop me. You’ve never had the guts to tangle with me and you know it and I know you’re no different now. He was a real fucking wimp as a kid Mabel.” His wife took in my sneer and glanced at him. “I didn’t know, but he is a good husband and father R

I noticed the bright red of her nail varnish. My favourite, especially on black women. “Mabel, how many men have you fucked?” I asked catching her by surprise. “Er, um ... just ... er just, just Carl,” she stuttered without thinking. “I believe you too. Good because soon you are going to experience another man. Your husband’s own brother, me, so we can keep it in the family.” I chuckled. “However I am surprised in a way you haven’t shagged around knowing your trashy background and that dirty hovel you came from. I fucked your sis Clarrie, at your wedding.” Carl whimpered and rubbed his hands through his hair in despair. Mabel grinned. “Im not surprised, she is a real slag. Presumably you didn’t pay her?” “Fucking hell Ray, let’s see she would only be fift ... no sixteen then you bastard,” argued Carl. “You know she is a hooker Carl. Don’t be fucking stupid,” Mabel admonished him. “But not then,” he muttered sulkily back. “Ray fucking her probably started her off.”

I just grinned and shook my head, gesturing with my hands in an unknowing way, realising my plan had sunk in. “Never mind - in the past, now are we going to get things going? I’m horny, my dick is bursting to get out, I think we should go for it here in the nice garden you have. These blankets will do,” I reasoned, taking off my shirt. Carl didn’t try to argue with me. He stood as Mabel budged the little girl to the tartan blanket. “Carl,” I said, ordering him. “Sit there and you can watch me fuck your wife and daughter.” Looking at Mabel and getting an assertive nod and frown from her, he finally did as I told him. He knew he couldn’t stop me. I had the power. As Mabel, Carl and Blossom watched I stripped and stood naked, letting them see my semi stiff cock. I was proud of my cock. I was at least an inch to an inch and a half longer and almost three quarters of an inch thicker than my brother was, but in all it was just under six inches long. We had always been that way. Even when we were kids and masturbated together with porn magazines, my cock had been bigger than his and still was. I could see Mabel staring at my cock, she never having apparently sucked and fucked anyone but him. Blossom was also staring at my cock, her Daddy’s cock being the only one she had ever seen and sucked. I looked at Mabel.

“Mabel come here and suck my cock. I want Carl to watch you suck your first cock other than his. It’s bigger than his too but not hard yet,” I chuckled, kneeling down on the soft and expensive rug. She was so in tune at the turn of events she moved right over to me and grasped my cock and with Carl and Blossom watching. She licked then sucked my cock into her mouth. All he could do was sit there and watch as his wife sucked his brother’s cock. I slid sideways for more comfort and she moved in tandem with me never letting her lush lips exit my knob. I lay back, propped on my elbows and watched as her great tits swung low and heavy. I will say one thing about my brother’s wife. She sure did know how to give a blow job.She fucked her mouth on it, finally sucking it right down her throat and I nodded at Carl in a way that suggested I knew he must have had some great blow jobs over his married years. He grimaced with embarrassment, but his eyes were glued to her actions.

As Mabel gobbled me, I could see her eyes glance over to look at Carl. He just sat there and watched his wife suck his brother’s cock as Blossom sat on his lap. His hands were on her side and thighs but he didn’t attempt to fondle her. After Mabel fucked her mouth on my cock for a couple of minutes, I told her enough. She pulled her mouth off of my cock and sat back on the blanket. I looked at her then Blossom. “Blossom, come and suck my cock like you did your Daddy and like Mummy has just done, there’s a clever girl,” I told her.

Confident and keen as her Mummy had demonstrated, Blossom eagerly came over to me and instantly wrapped her tiny hand around my now stiff and upright cock. Like with Mabel, I loved the contrast of her very dark skin against the paleness of my skin. She licked her tongue around my cock head which was already leaking precum, then like her mother, she slipped her mouth down over my big knob filled her small mouth. She tried to suck my cock, but could only suck a little bit of it into her mouth. That was fine with me, I just enjoyed her sucking on it and seeing it in her fourteen year old mouth, her big lips wrapped around my white shaft. She sat beside me when I eased her mouth off it. Decision time. I sat back, looking at the two of them. Which one of them should I fuck first? I asked myself. Finally I made up my mind. “Mabel, because I am desperate to get off, you’re going to fuck me then you can help me fuck Blossom like you were going to help Carl fuck her,” I told her. “That way I won’t hurt the kid by blasting at her.”

Mabel looked over at Carl, who nodded with an almost appreciative expression that I was actually thinking about the first assault on a virgin twat. Glancing back at me and lowering her eyes, as if in submission, she nodded and licked those big rubbery lips. I could see beads of sweat on her forehead and nose. Hell this was working out better than I actually expected, I thought. “OK Mabel,” I told her softly. “Lie down there, I’m going to shag you quick and hard.”

With that she quickly lay back and spread her legs wide, with both her husband and daughter watching. I didn’t even try to make love to her or even explore her luscious black body. Her boobs slid sideways towards her armpits in the way natural ones do. Peering between her thighs I could see that her cunt had thick bulging lips, wet and was well lubricated. Because of the way I was going to fuck her, as if I was her master, I wasn’t going to hug and kiss and fondle her. I was just going to ram my stiff cock up inside of her and fuck her until I filled her greasy snatch with my hot sperm. I didn’t care if I would get her pregnant or not. Maybe eventually, I would make sure she did have my baby, she was capable - being only thirty three years old.

Right then though it was just a matter of fucking her and making my chicken shit brother watch his wife take another man’s bigger cock, his own brother’s cock up into her married cunt. But, what was this? As I ran my fingers up her gash, out popped a little white string that had been curled hidden in her multi folded pussy. Mabel realised I had found it and calmly reached down and pulled the tampon out. It was clean and she tossed it to one side with a smile. “You’re timing is perfect Ray. I’ve just come off and that was just to tidy up so to speak, but I didn’t need it,” she murmured. “Fuck! That wouldn’t have put me off darling. I’d either have rammed it in further or shagged your arsehole,” I chuckled getting a grin from her.

I moved between her legs and guided my rigid cock up to her freshly revitalised and renovated cunt. She reached down and wrapping her hand around it rubbed it up and down her hot wet cunt. As I watched her, I could see that she was disturbing those not inconsiderable pair of thick labia flaps. I love those and hated the pretty little neat ones a lot of the porn stars have. I remembered reading an article somewhere about women having labia-plasty to remove their cunt flaps because they didn’t conform with the simple slit that the porn stars have. Urgh! What a waste of a good suckable fanny. As Mabel’s flaps lazily parted and allowed me a glimpse of pearly pink inner membranes, she finally guided it to her hot wet snatch and as her lubricated cunt opened she murmured up at me.

“Oh god yes, hurry Ray, I don’t want it soft and gentle, yes fuck me, fuck me hard,” she said loud enough that Carl had to hear her and I heard him squeak in anguish. My cock head was lodged in her cunt entrance, but I hadn’t thrust yet. She was also looking down at her cunt and my cock being held at her opening until I lunged and drove my cock up into her mature fanny. She cried out with a combination of pain and pleasure as her cunt was violently assaulted all of a sudden and my dick plunged in one stroke up her, ramming hard against her cervix. Her balloon like tits wobbled deliciously. I didn’t hesitate and began fucking her sloppy cunt hard as Carl sat watching his brother fuck his wife. I made sure I didn’t let up with the vigour and banged at her groin furiously. I fucked and fucked her, giving her - I think an orgasm, but I didn’t care, before I rammed it deep and spewed my cum up into the nigger hole.

It was the fact that she cried out with the pleasure before I climaxed that clued me she had had an orgasm, just before she felt my sperm coating and filling her cunt with my hot fertile sperm. As we lay there panting, my cock buried and softening in her, I could see Carl staring at us, obviously thinking this was all a dream and his wife’s pussy was not filled with incestual verdant sperm. I finally pulled my cock out and leaned back on my knees as Mabel’s satisfied body heaved below me. I loved the way her pink and purpleish coloured labia was so messy and starting to leak my cum over its crinkly surface as the flaps gradually melded together. “Ok, Mabel suck my cock clean,” I ordered her. Carl didn’t even try to argue or deter her. She quickly knelt up and began licking and sucking it as Carl and Blossom watched. “Look Daddy, I can do that?” squeaked the delightful child to Carl’s obvious anguish.

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