Mrs. Jackson

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2017 by Tony Tiger

Sex Story: A wonderful neighbor shakes up my life in many ways.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Cheating   Sharing   Polygamy/Polyamory   .

I was sitting at my desk naked, since it was summer, stroking my rod to the screen image of a young man putting the meat to a blond MILF. My fisting was synchronized with the thrusts into her hair-topped hole and I was trying to time my ejaculation with his.

Movement in my peripheral vision stopped me and I swiveled my head to see Mrs. Jackson, my neighbor lady, standing in the doorway only six feet away holding a cardboard box. Her gaze was plainly fixed on my erection. Without a word she put down the box and peeled her cotton top off. Quickly she unfastened her sports bra and two beautiful breasts hung free. They captured my gaze as they swayed while her jeans and bikini panties followed the rest of her clothing to the floor.

Wordlessly she straddled me in my armless chair and I felt the indescribable warmth of a wet woman descending down my skyward pointing shaft. I was still paralyzed until she reached for my hands and put them on her magnificent mammaries. Then she gave a kiss so hot that I momentarily didn’t feel the puss and boobs that the rest of my body was occupied with. She moved up and down slowly, rocked her hips forward and backward, and rotated them once in a while. I’d NEVER been fucked like this! And then there were things happening inside. When I’d start to get close to exploding the grip would loosen. And then snug up again just enough to keep me at a nice level. Finally, she rubbed her clit on my pubic mound and I could feel her orgasm as well as hear it. Mine hit right then too.

We clung together for a few quiet minutes and she raised off me then bent down to clean my wet pecker with her mouth. Hell, that was enough to almost set me off again!

She said the first words, “That tasted good. Haven’t had any man juice in either end for WAY to long!” She gave me a taste of my own cum in a short tongue kiss. My wife had liked to do that too.

“Let’s get comfortable until you recover,” she requested. I led her to my bed. We lay side by side and caressed each other as we talked. Or rather, as she talked.

“I’m SOOO glad this happened. I’ve been wanting to do this with you ever since your wife left. What’s it been, six months? [I nodded] You know how Ron [her husband] has been putting on weight for years. He won’t take care of his diabetes either. He hasn’t been able to do what we just did for a very long time. I’m 37 and horny all the time.”

Carol was about ten years older than me. They’d been married in college and no kids had arrived. My wife of four years and I had purchased this house shortly after our marriage and become friends, although not close, with our neighbors. Mimi, also a blond like Carol, had without warning, decided that she preferred girls and moved in with a woman from work. I had resisted divorce, hoping this was just a phase, and hadn’t dated.

My willy was ready to get wet again so I moved on top of this lovely woman. Her tits stood up proudly even on her back and the light blond fuzz patch on her mons was nice to run my fingers through. Wouldn’t get caught in my teeth when I had a chance to taste those lips.

She had the sweetest smile and made the most appreciative sounds I’ve ever heard from a naked woman. Not that there have been very many, but I didn’t know how these could possibly be bettered. I was in LOVE!

She relaxed her sheath until I reached bottom then squeezed me briefly before I began stroking half way out and back in. I could feel her cervix kiss my cock head when we meshed pubes. I alternated nipples with my mouth. They stood up begging to be kissed and nibbled and sucked. This erotic fantasy come true didn’t just lay there like my wife or the porn doubles of her. She matched my thrusts with her own pelvic action and kept her hands busy caressing and fondling me. Her climax didn’t take long and she urged me to put my seed into her womb. God damn, who could resist, and I sure didn’t want to. It felt like my testicles were trying to be excreted through my seminal tube and stay inside her. I yelped with the intensity of and she asked me what was going on. It took a while before I could try to tell her. She absolutely beamed. I realized that she didn’t know how incredible she was.

Carol asked if we could shower together since she had to get her husband from work. He wasn’t allowed to drive. You bet. I loved that. We both got hot again so she asked if she could come over tonight after he went to bed at 9pm. I kissed her nipples and said I’d be disappointed if she didn’t. She hugged me, dressed and left.

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