Feeling Wicked

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2017 by Tony Tiger

Romantic Sex Story: Repressively raised woman gets sex thrills and guilts

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   .

Rachel Ray’s emotions were in an uproar. She’d only been married about a year and was finally getting to where she enjoyed sex but never initiated it.

When she learned about it in school her biggest question was how she ever got conceived since the subject seem to be taboo at home. Her mother was overly religious and overly protective. Thank God her five-year-older husband had hidden his limited experience from her parents so somebody knew how to make the wedding night anything but a disaster.

It took a while to show her naked body to her husband and sleep without nightgown and panties. She took seriously the stern biblical injunctions about being obedient to her husband however, and he was able to guide her in “the ways of the Lord in conjugal relations”. He was also wise enough to slowly lead her to variations in the basic theme.

That, at least, was what her husband Bobby saw. Deep down inside, in very private moments, she thrilled a little at these things that were happening to her body and she occasionally overcame her conditioning to rub some pleasure into her pussy. Anything she tried other than the “missionary position” made her feel wicked. That feeling, however, was producing less and less guilt and more enjoyment as time went along.

The present issue was a new one, and something she had never considered, even in her limited fantasies.

An older male cousin who she knew from family get-togethers came to their town seeking work. He had no money and they felt obligated to take him in for a time. Roscoe was a good old country boy with only limited manners and not a lot of other skills either. Bobby gave him some leads to go looking for employment.

Bobby was not thrilled with the situation. The tiny trailer they rented had no other place for their visitor to sleep but in their bed. He had just persuaded his wife to sleep naked some of the time so that couldn’t happen for the time being. And until Roscoe worked he’d be hanging around all the time so how are they going to screw?

That got a little bit solved by sending Roscoe to the store or just telling him walk around for a while. Better than nothing.

A fast food restaurant within walking distance was desperate enough for help that they hired Roscoe. He’d be working evenings so that gave them a little bit of privacy since Bobby worked days.

The sleeping arrangement was still problematic. When Roscoe came home from work the married couple were usually sleeping. Roscoe came to bed quietly on Rachel’s side since Bobby wasn’t going to sleep next him.

Bobby was a very sound sleeper and Rachel had to really work on him even to awaken for work. She slept very lightly and was always quite aware when Roscoe joined them. The first few days Roscoe kept some distance from her but as he got used to sleeping there he would sometimes roll over against her. That would wake her up but she usually went right back to sleep. She slept on her side facing her husband when he came to bed.

Then one night she felt an erection against her back. As she was drifting towards consciousness she thought it was Bobby who had done that a few times in the past. As she came more awake, she realized it wasn’t her husband. She was paralyzed. What should she do? Roscoe was snoring slightly so she didn’t think it was intentional but should she wake him? That might be more embarrassing than just trying to ignore it.

That chosen course of action was more difficult than she anticipated. The feeling of the long hard object against her back was a wicked thing. Especially when Roscoe moved a little. “Were those little thrusts he was making?” she wondered. Her hand drifted down between her legs and rubbed herself in tiny motions that she hoped no one would notice.

Her feelings were all mixed up the next day. She was afraid to tell her husband which could upset their arrangement for a family member. Would it happen again? In that short time when Roscoe had gone to work and Bobby wasn’t home yet, she sat on the toilet and rubbed herself, feeling very wicked. Bobby was horny that night and his vigorous joining relieved some of her tension.

Once again she was awakened in the night by Roscoe’s stiff organ up against her. He seemed to be sleeping and her uppermost hand slipped down between them to touch it. She had learned to fondle Bobby’s the way he liked it and it was wicked to touch a different big man thing. She very carefully and slowly moved her hand along it outside his boxers. It seemed different than Bobby’s but she wasn’t sure in what way.

Through all of this Roscoe didn’t seem to act any differently towards her. That was a relief, and she hoped her husband didn’t notice any change in her arousal when they screwed at bedtime. She felt hotter inside though.

She could hardly get to sleep waiting for Roscoe to return from work. Sure enough, when he moved up behind her when he got in bed, he was erect. She waited motionless until his breathing sounded like he was asleep and then she reached around for further explorations. This time she found the opening in his boxer shorts and discovered why he felt different. The head of his shaft was wrapped in skin, unlike Bobby’s. She remembered in her class about circumcision and wondered how this looked. Would that feel any different inside?

As she was carefully exploring, Roscoe’s arm came over her shoulder and a hand cupped her breast through her nightie. She stopped, paralyzed, then gently withdrew her hand but Roscoe’s remained were it was. She fell asleep that way and when she awoke it was still there. She had to push it off so she could get up to start coffee and let her husband sleep in because it was the weekend and he didn’t have to go to work. “What was that all about?” She wondered. “Maybe he did that with a girlfriend.”

Bobby and Roscoe were going fishing that day so she’d have some time to herself to sort out her feelings. Twice during the day her hand went between her legs and she felt deliciously wicked. Roscoe wasn’t working that night so they got some beer and all watched a movie and went to bed at the same time.

She was kind of disappointed when Roscoe stayed on his side of the bed and also again on Sunday. Going to church caused some guilt to surface and she had to struggle with that. It was not enough, though, to make her want any changes in the sleeping situation.

Monday night was a bit different. When Roscoe joined them under the covers, he rolled over against her already erect and she thought his pecker might be outside his boxers. His hand reached around for her breast and tweaked her nipple, making it erect also. She now knew he was aware of what was going on. “What the hell, I might as well enjoy it too,” she thought as her hand went down to discover that fleshy pole.

This time she stroked it like Bobby had taught her. “Ooops! I’ve caused a mess!” she thought when it spurted on her nightie. Roscoe eased out of bed and went into the bathroom and she slipped out to find another nightie to put on. Roscoe turned the other way the rest of the night but it took her a while to get to sleep. It had been wicked of her to taste that white creamy stuff that was on her hand. She’d never done that for Bobby’s.

Still no open reaction from Roscoe during the day except for some glances that she made towards him and some that she wasn’t sure of in the other direction.

It was clear that Roscoe was getting more bold and purposeful in his actions but he was an older family member and she didn’t want to cross him or possibly have him talk to her husband either.

She gave an awful lot of attention to her husband that evening and Roscoe stayed turned away from her all night. She wasn’t sure if she was pleased or not by that. The next morning she told her husband that she wasn’t feeling well and did the bare minimum to get him out the door to work then headed back for bed. Roscoe usually slept in for couple hours past that time. She slipped quietly in on her husband’s side and laid on her back, wondering what might happen.

After Bobby’s truck drove away, Roscoe rolled over and up against her. First his hand went under her nightie for the first time and fondled her breasts. That made her pussy tingle but she didn’t have long to savor that before his hand moved down under her panties, through her full bush, and searched for her slit. She bit her lip to keep from saying anything as his finger explored but when it touched her button she gave a small yelp.

His hand pulled her panties down as far as they could and his foot pushed them the rest of the way. He grabbed her knees and raised up her legs scooting his hips under them. He hadn’t even taken off his boxers when he pushed his cock into her wet opening. She closed her eyes and held still, not resisting but unsure if she should act like she enjoyed it.

He didn’t move in and out nearly as many times as Bobby when she felt those pulsings and the hot spurts deep inside. “I’ve been truly fucked now,” she thought, using a word that was barely in her vocabulary. Her invader made no attempt at her climax, unlike her husband, but withdrew and rolled away to go back to sleep.

Holding her hand over her opening to prevent leakage, she waddled to the bathroom and let it drip out, peeing for good measure. She quickly got dressed and left the trailer.

Walking a block away to a fast food restaurant, she got a cup of coffee and sat in the farthest corner with a lot to process. She wouldn’t return until she was sure the Roscoe had left for work. Even then, all that thinking time had not resolved the conflicts raging inside her but she did sit on the toilet and diddled herself feeling what she thought were remnants of the nonmarital cum still oozing out. She was surely wicked with a capital “W” now!

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